How to Compliment Your Girlfriend

Compliments are little yet a vital necessity in a relationship. Compliments are as important as love, affection, and trust in a relationship.

Compliments make a person feel special about themselves, and being in a relationship, it is your priority to make your girlfriend feel special. Here are 100 tips to compliment your girlfriend, which will melt her heart.

Tips on How to Compliment Your Girlfriend

1. Treat her like your best friend, and at times, apart from all the ‘I love you texts, send her a ‘You’re an awesome friend’ text which will make her day. 

2. She is no less than a gift. Make her feel special by saying, ‘You are a gift to the people whom you know.’

3. Tell her how awesome and cool she is. This is simple; just say ‘You’re awesome’ whenever you see she is feeling low.

4. Every girl likes to get compliments about the way she presents herself to others. Whenever she dresses up for any occasion or even casually, just a simple ‘, I like your style can melt her heart.

5. All girls like a compliment about their smile or laugh. ‘Your smile is therapeutic’ can make her day!

6. Always be grateful to her. A simple ‘I appreciate you in my life’ can melt her heart. 

7. Make her feel empowered and strong. Always make sure that she never feels weak about herself. Whenever you see she is feeling low just say ‘You’re the strongest woman I have ever known.’

8. Accept the way she is and make her feel good about herself. Just say, ‘You’re perfect to me.’

9. Always acknowledge her perspective too. Be a good listener and listen to what she has to say and if you like her way of seeing things, just say, ‘Your perspective is unique.’

10. Tell her she is like a breath of fresh air. A simple ‘You light up my world’ can do wonders.

11. Make her feel proud of herself. Whenever she achieves anything, just say ‘You should be proud about what you have achieved.’

12. Always appreciate how helpful she is. ‘You have no clue how helpful you are’ can make her day.

13. Hug her! Hug her whenever you can; and if she asks why did you hug her, just say ‘You deserve it!’

14. Appreciate her sense of humor. Just say ‘I like your sense of humor.’

15. Compliment her bravery. This might sound vague and unnecessary but a simple ‘You are brave and courageous’ can make her feel special and good about herself.

16. Be cheesy and say ‘I can’t rank you within 1-10, you are much more than that!’

17. Let her know how beautiful her soul is. Physical compliments are good but a simple yet deep ‘You have a beautiful soul’ can work wonders.

18. Appreciate her positivity. Tell her ‘you are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.’

19. Tell her how important she is in your life. ‘You are the missing piece that I have been looking for’ can do wonders.

20. Appreciate her presence. Make her feel important and special with a simple ‘Thank you for being by my side’ compliment.

21. ‘You’re an inspiration to me’ can be the best compliment a girl can ever ask from her boyfriend.

22. Appreciate the way she contributes to society. ‘You should be proud of yourself for bringing out the best in other people’; a compliment like this will make her love you more.

23. Let her know how understanding she is by saying ‘You’re a great listener.’

24. Compliment her beauty by saying ‘You even look pretty in your pajamas; how do you even manage to do it?’

25. Appreciate how understanding she is. ‘You are a great listener’ can mean a lot to your girlfriend.

26. Compliment every small detail about her. A compliment like ‘The color of this dress suits you’ can mean a lot to her!

27. Be subtle and cheesy and say something like ‘You sweat glitter for sure.’ This is bound to make her blush.

28. Let her you love spending time with her. A simple yet lovely compliment like ‘Spending time with you is always fun’ can mean a lot to your girlfriend.

29. ‘You bring happiness to my life’ is one of the sweetest compliments, every girl long to hear from her boyfriend.

30. Compliment the way she dances. ‘You are the most graceful and amazing dancer I have ever come across’ will make her blush.

31. Tell her how valuable she is in your life. ‘I feel better when you are around me’ is a very sweet compliment.

32. Let her know how lively and fun she is. ‘You are much more exciting and fun than a jar filled with gummy bears’ can be a great compliment.

33. Be cute and a kid at times. A compliment like ‘You have cute elbows’ is bound to make her blush.

34. Let her know how sweet she is! A cute and simple compliment like ‘You are sweeter than two scoops of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce.’

35. Let her know how wonderful she is. And, this is simple; just say ‘You’re wonderful.’

36. Compliment of how funny she is. ‘Your jokes are really funny, and even funnier when you tell them’ can be an amazing compliment.

37. Tell her how she encourages you every day. A simple yet meaningful compliment like ‘You encourage me whenever I am down and I grateful for that’ can do wonders.

38. Always respect how kind she is. Always respect the small gestures she does for people. A compliment like ‘You are always kind to people around you and I admire that’ will not make her feel special but she will respect you even more.

39. Let her know how much she has contributed to your development. Girls like to hear a compliment like ‘You bring out the best version of myself.’

40. Thank her more often. ‘Thank you for all that you have done for me and are still doing’ can mean a lot to any girl.

41. Admire her ideas. A simple compliment like ‘Your ideas are amazing!’ can mean a lot.

42. Admire how she finds happiness in the smallest things. The sweetest compliment can be ‘You find something special in the trivial of the things.’

43. Admire her positivity. A lovely compliment can be ‘You light up the room like a candle lights up a dark room.’

44. Let her know how much she means to others. A compliment like ‘You’re an example to others’ can be a great compliment.

45. Encourage the way she never gives up. A compliment like ‘I admire the way how you never give up and keep going’ can mean a lot to her.

46. Admire how she is considerate about things. A compliment like ‘You know what is the right thing to say according to situations’ can melt her heart.

47. Compliment her voice. ‘You have a soothing voice’ can mean the world to her.

48. Admire and trust her instincts. ‘I trust your instincts and I know you can never be wrong’ can mean a lot to her.

49. Admire her determination. ‘I like how you accomplish everything once you have made up your mind.’

50. Compliment her name. ‘Your name suits you to a T’ will make her blush.

51. Be kinky at times. ‘You must have been a heartthrob in high school’ will not make her blush but also make her feel confident about herself.

52. Let her know how she is loved by everyone! ‘There is something about you that makes babies and small animals love you’ can make her day.

53. Let her know how amusing and fun she is. A compliment like ‘You are much more fun than a bubble wrap’ will make her feel cute about herself.

Compliments Are a Must in A Relationship. and Not Just Girls but Even Guys Deserve to Be Complimented. Here Are Tips on How to Compliment Your Boyfriend

54. Compliment her smell. Girls find it sexy when their boyfriend compliments the way they smell. A compliment like ‘You smell sweeter than spring’ will make her heart melt.

55. Be vocal about how she makes you feel. ‘You make me butterflies inside my tummy whenever you are around’ will make her blush!

56. Let her know how she always is in your mind. A compliment like ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’ will make your girlfriend feel special.

57. Admire the way she understands you and your thoughts. A compliment like ‘You always understand my thoughts even before I tell them and I love that’ can mean the world to her.

58. Compliment her eyes. ‘Your eyes are deep and filled with intelligence’ is the best compliment you can ever give to your girlfriend about her eyes.

59. Compliment her aesthetics. A simple compliment like ‘Your creativity and sense of art and fashion fascinates me’ can melt her heart in seconds!

60. Compliment her lips. A simple and sweet compliment can be- ‘Your lips say the sweetest things and I love the shape it takes when you smile.’

61. Let her know how precious she is. ‘You are like a precious diamond which I want to treasure forever’ is a very deep and sweet compliment.

62. Admire her personality. A meaningful and special compliment can be- ‘You are like a garden in full bloom.’

63. Compliment her natural beauty. ‘You don’t need makeup to look pretty; you were born pretty’ is the compliment that all girls long to hear!

64. Let her know that she is loved by your parents. Your girlfriend will want to be accepted and loved by your parents too. The best compliment to make her feel loved by your parents will be ‘I know you are the right girl for me because my parents love you.’

65. Admire her for being a friend to you. A sweet and deep compliment will be- ‘I don’t think I would have made it so far without your support.’

66. Compliment the small details about her. A sweet and cute compliment will be- ‘You have no idea how beautiful you look when you sleep.’

67. Admire the way she cares for you. The sweetest compliment to tell her how much she cares for you will be- ‘Thank you for always caring for me, it means a lot to me.’

68. Let her know that you both are perfect for each other. ‘We are perfect for each other’ is the one thing which every girl long to hear.

69. Let her know she completes you. A simple compliment like ‘You complete me’ can melt your girlfriend’s heart.

70. Tell her you to feel safe around her. ‘You have my heart and that is why I feel safe,’ is the most special compliment you can give to your girlfriend.

71. Let her know that you are having the best time of your life. ‘My life has become better after you came into it,’ is one of the many compliments every girl wants to hear.

72. Let her know she has blessed your life. The sweetest compliment can be- ‘You have been a blessing in my life.’

73. Compliment her cheeks. A cute compliment can be- ‘Your cheeks are like tomatoes.’

74. Admire how supportive she is. A lovely compliment can be ‘Thank you for being so supportive of everything I do.’

75. Admire how modern yet traditional she is. ‘I love the way you balance between being a progressive woman and also maintaining our traditional values’ can be a really special compliment.

76. Let her know you are fortunate to have her in your life. A beautiful compliment can be- ‘I am fortunate enough to have you in my life and I find solace in you.’

77. Love her unconditionally. A really deep and romantic compliment can be- ‘For the rest of my life, I want to start my day seeing your smiling face and I want to end my day seeing your face too.’

78. Let her know she is exciting. ‘No one will ever get bored with you around’ is the coolest compliment you can give to your girlfriend.

79. Compliment her for not being pretentious. ‘I love you because you do not pretend to be someone else in front of strangers or others’ is a meaningful compliment which she will love to hear.

80. Admire her makeup skills. ‘It is not that you need makeup to look beautiful but I like the way how never overdo your makeup’ is a cute and sweet compliment that will make her blush for sure.

81. Compliment how she is confident in her skin. ‘I love how positive you are about your own body’ is a really powerful compliment.

82. Give her time. A compliment like ‘I’d rather spend time with you than spend time with my friends tonight’ is what every girl wants to hear once in a while.

83. Compliment her fitness. ‘I admire how you keep yourself fit even after doing the daily household chores and your office work’ is a compliment that every girl wants to hear.

84. Compliment her shoes. A simple compliment like, ‘You look sexy in those shoes’ will melt your girlfriend’s heart.

85. Compliment her skin. ‘Your skin is softer than rose petals’ is a compliment that every girl wants to hear.

86. Admire her sensuality. ‘I love how sensual you are’ is a compliment that will make your girlfriend feel sexy about herself.

87. Compliment the way she kisses. Every girl wants to hear how good they kiss from her boyfriend. The best compliment is- ‘You have the softest kisses.’

88. Compliment her curls. ‘I love your hair because they have the perfect curls’ is an amazing compliment to give.

89. Admire the way she looks in person. A compliment like ‘You look way prettier than in a picture’ is one of the best compliments you can give her.

90. Tell her she is cute. Just a simple compliment like ‘You are cute’ can mean a lot to her.

91. Tell her how mesmerizing she is. A simple compliment like ‘You are mesmerizing’ can melt your girlfriend’s heart.

92. Admire how she is good at remembering things. A compliment like ‘I admire how you remember even the smallest details and incidents’ will make her feel special about herself.

93. Let her know that she is special. ‘You are one of a kind’ is one of the best compliments you can give to your girlfriend.

94. Admire her cooking skills. A compliment like- ‘I am lucky to have such a talented chef in my life’ will melt her heart!

95. Let her know she is a part of your future. ‘I see my future with you’ is one of those compliments every girl wants to hear.

96. Respect her love for you. ‘Your love is the most precious thing in my life’ is a compliment that every girl wants to hear.

97. Let her know that she is your best decision. ‘I am grateful to have chosen you or else I would have regretted for a long time’ is a compliment that will make your girlfriend feel good about herself.

98. Compliment how elegant she is. A simple compliment like ‘You are the most elegant woman I have ever seen in my life’ will melt her heart.

99. Compliment her leadership qualities. ‘You are a great leader because you lead by example’ is the best compliment you can give to your girlfriend.

100. admire her communication skills. A simple compliment like ‘You have impressive communication skills’ can win her heart!

Tips To Compliment Your Girlfriend

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