How To Connect Intimately With Your Partner: 19+ Tips

Once you have spent enough time together, things might start to get boring and mundane. It often becomes difficult to keep the initial spark alive in a relationship. Well, worry not, as we are here to help you spice up your relationship and give you well-thought tips to connect with your partner intimately!

Tips On How To Connect Intimately With Your Partner


Exercise. Go for a workout with your partner every day, this would increase the heat between you and your partner.   

Buy gifts more often. Surprise your partner with gifts not only on occasions but also on random or normal days. 

Write paragraphs. You can write romantic paragraphs for your partner for them to read. 

Give compliments. Giving compliments to your partner in front of their friends and colleagues can make her happy. 

Try to say “I love you” in different languages to her. Learning to say “ I love you” to your partner in different languages will be very lovely. 

Bring back childhood memories. You can bring your partner the things that they love as a child. It could be chocolate, a cold drink, etc. 

Share or Tell her about your thoughts that you had when you first saw her. You can share the feeling that came to you the first time saw your partner. 

Organize a beautiful date. You can plan a date with your partner at home with her favorite music and wine. That would give a spark to your relationship. 

Organize A Beautiful Date

Tell her how much you miss her when you are at work. Leave her texts or short videos to tell her how much you miss her.

Do charity work together. You and your partner can do some good deeds like charity or take part in donations together. It will help you connect more deeply.

Code words. Come up with code words that you and your partner can use in public places. It will be your special private language to connect with.

Discuss your future trips. You can sit and discuss with your partner the places you and your partner want to go after they retire. Plan a well-thought trip and ask her to help you in doing so.

Cook a dinner. Surprise your partner by cooking a dinner for them at home, especially something that she enjoys.

Dance with your partner. You can ask your partner to dance with you on occasion. This will make you fall in love with your partner again and hopefully vice versa.

Dance With Your Partner

Crack jokes. Often crack jokes and make your partner laugh this will help you to connect with your partner. 

Take your partner’s opinion. You can ask your partner for their preference in some of your work. Take, for example, shopping, buying gifts for your friends, etc.

Discover your hobbies. You can help discover the hobbies of your partner and give them company while they do it. 

Ask about their day. Make a habit to ask about your partner’s day at work and discuss it.

Visit the house of your partner’s parents. You can plan to visit your partner’s parents’ house for dinner or lunch. 

Give massages. You can give a massage to your partner when they are tired or have had a bad day at work.   

Give Massages

Go for long drives. Take your partner for a long drive to a beautiful place. Hitting the road always makes things better. Have a change of air. 

Forehead kisses are the best. Give your partner a forehead kiss before they go to bed or whichever time you like.

Getting wet in the rain would be lovely. If your partner likes to get wet in the rain then you and your partner can go out in the rain and have a perfect bonding session.

Appreciate your partner. You can tell your partner about how lucky you are to have them in your life and you want them till the end. 

Give hug. When your partner is upset or they are in low spirits hug them, nothing will comfort them more than a warm hug.

Give Hug

Celebrate even if the reason is small.  Always find a reason to celebrate with your partner no matter if it is big or small.

Go for a drink. Take your partner to their favorite place for a glass of their favorite beverage. 

Discuss your fantasies. You can discuss the fantasies that you have and can ask your partner about theirs. Make things spicy in bed.

Hill stations are the best place to intimately connect with your partner. You can go to a hill station to spend a romantic weekend with your partner. 

Flowers are the best way to create a connection. You can send flowers which your partner loves to their workplace.

Tell them about the qualities you like in them. You can tell or open up to your partner about the qualities that you like in them and the things that you think are attractive about her.

Go for a movie. You can take your partner for a movie of their choice or a common movie that you both would love to go to.

Go For A Movie

Share your moments with your partner on social media. Post stories on social media about how great your relationship is and the moments that you have created with your partner. 

Pickup lines are very useful. You can often come with some romantic pick up lines for your partner that would impress them. Be as creative as you can.

Do shopping for your partner. You can surprise your partner by shopping for them. It could be clothes, shoes, or even groceries from time to time.

Use nicknames. You and your partner can keep nicknames for each other and use them whenever you want to call your partner.  

Notes of love. Write small notes of love for your partner and leave them on their table or you can hide them in the pocket of their coat for them to read. 

Go for trekking. You can go trekking with your partner because that could be adventurous and thrilling. 

Go For A Drink

Evening walks are lovely. Going for a walk with your partner holding each other’s hand will be very romantic.  

Hold her hands while walking. If you hold your partner’s hands while walking would be very romantic. 

Try a French kiss once in a while or any other methods.

Dance. While you are at home you can suddenly ask your partner to dance with you. It will be a great surprise for and who doesn’t like to shake a leg. 

Share your mischiefs that you did as a child. You can share your mischiefs that you did when you were a child, your partner may find it funny or interesting. 

Get a pet. If your partner loves dogs, cats, or birds, then get them one which they would appreciate. 

Get A Pet

Poems are the best to steal hearts. You can write a lovely poem about your partner and read it out for them. 

Go to the concert shows. Going to concert shows with your partner will be a good idea to have a lot of fun together and just go crazy.

Do Crazy things. Do some activities with your partner for fun, it could be crazy or weird but it will surely be fun. 

Apologize for your mistakes. If you make any mistake then make an apology to her.

Dance for her. You could dance for your partner, if you are a boy you could do a striptease, that would be fun and might just sweep her off her feet. 

See the sunset. Take your partner to a place where you and your partner can sit and watch the sunset.

See The Sunset

Buy her perfume that she would love to wear. If you can buy your partner a perfume in which they would smell very good, they will be a lot grateful to you. 

Make your partner feel special in front of their friends. You can intimately connect with your partner by making them feel special in front of their colleagues, friends, or their family.

Do something different. You and your partner can go for doing pottery together or anything along those lines that stand out. 

Get a mug for her that states that she is the world’s best partner. Getting your partner a mug that has writing on top of it “the best of the word” will woo her heart away. 

Make them a cup of coffee or juice in the mornings. You can make a cup of coffee or a glass of fruit juice for your partner when they get up from sleep. 

Assist her in her work. You can always help your partner if they are stuck in a problem regarding their work. Your partner will appreciate that. 

Assist Her In Her Work

Do household chores. Surprise your partner by doing all the household chores, they will love it a lot. 

Tell her that she looks beautiful at regular intervals. You can often tell your partner hoe beautiful they are. 

Shower together. you and your partner can take a shower together, saves water, and excites intimacy.

Have sex. You can initiate sex with your partner because it is the best way to reconnect with your partner. 

Create a habit to hug or kiss your partner when you reunite. You can give a hug or a kiss to your partner when you meet with them after staying apart.  

Cuddle. If your partner loves to cuddle, and everyone does, you can cuddle your partner while you are in bed.  


Made for each other. Tell your partner that you were made for them and that they were made for you. 

Respect each other’s perspective. You should give respect to the perspective of your partner instead of making them agree to your opinion all the time, be more sensitive and understanding.

The message of love. often send your partner some love or romantic messages when you are free. 

Discover art. If your partner is a lover of art, you can go to various art museums or even galleries with them. Art always helps to connect people.

Go through your wedding albums. You and your partner can sit on the balcony and go through your wedding album or maybe even a short clip to rejoice in your love.

Go Through Your Wedding Albums

Play a board game. You and your partner can play a board game at night. 

Be a gentle partner. You can always open the door of the car when your partner gets down or pull a chair for them and make them sit before you do. Always be a gentleman and be chivalrous. 

Make a sketch. You can make a sketch of your partner or even a doodle if you aren’t good at it.

Assure them that you are there for them. Make your partner feel assured that you are always there for them in every situation or problem. 

Do a photo shootout. You and your partner can go to a couple of photoshoots. Click a lot of pictures and make amazing memories. 

Go to the beach. Take your partner to a beach for the holidays.

Go To The Beach

Arrange the bed. You can arrange the bed for your partner in the way they like.

Be romantic. You can pick up your partner on your way back if they are tired of walking and if they are missing you. 

Appreciate everything your partner is doing for you. Notice and appreciate the little thing that your partner always tries to do, to make you happy and even try to reciprocate as much as possible.

Throw a surprise party. You can often throw a surprise party for your partner at home or any other place outside. Who doesn’t like surprises?

Learn a musical instrument. You can learn to play a musical instrument so that you can play different melodies for your partner. If you want to connect with your partner, write her a good love song.

Take some lessons together. you and your partner can take lessons together, for example, dance, yoga, etc.

Take Some Lessons Together

Take care of the things that she loves. Taking care of the things that is loved by your partner will make her very happy and it will help you to connect intimately.

Thank your partner for their help. You can give thanks to your partner for making you a better person.

Make your partner follow their passion. You can help and support your partner in following their passion.

Clean your partner’s closet. When you have free time, you can clean or organize your partner’s closet for them. Make it nice and clean for them.

Share a blanket. Share a blanket with your partner whenever you are together watching a movie or enjoying the weather. Get cozy and get warm.

Share A Blanket

Tell them you love it when they stay near you. Tell your partner that you want to wake up with them every morning and you feel very happy and positive when they are around you. 

Flirt with your partner. Flirting is said to be very healthy for a relationship. 

Be dramatic. You can flirt with your partner in public places like you are meeting them for the first time. 

Listen to music together. share an earphone with your partner and listen to romantic music together.

Promise that you love your partner forever. Tell your partner that you will live with them forever, whatever may happen. 

Bring little tokens of love. You can bring little things for your partner that could bring a smile to your partner’s face.

Tips To Connect Intimately With Your Partner

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