How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

In our day-to-day life, we come across many people. This is the beauty of life. Everyone influences the lives of others. In this way, we gather experiences. And during this phase of life, we may find friendships and love in a meaningful manner. 

Sensitivity doesn’t define that your partner is insecure or wants undivided attention from you.

Dating a sensitive person means you have a great companion who likes to tune into their zone and opens up if they trust you wholeheartedly. 

Here are Tips On How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Don’t play a blame game. Whenever you and your partner are in any heated argument never try to turn the tables on them. Playing the blame game is such a big no for your highly sensitive partner.

Don’t make them feel like a victim. Usually, whenever any couples fight, they tend to point their fingers at them.  But this should not be executed on your HSP. This may make them feel disturbed and feel uncomfortable.  

Try not to pressure them in their stressed situations. This point should always be kept in mind that you should not pressurize them in any stressed situation. They are already going through a difficult time. This is your responsibility to calm them down and assure them you are always with them.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Try to calm down if you both have any heated arguments. Arguments are a part of a relationship. Every couple goes through phases of difficulties. But if you are a good partner, always make sure to calm them down and make them understand. 

Try to be sympathetic towards the hardships they go through. Every person has their own personal stories. Every successful person goes through ups and downs in their life. If your partner shares his/her hardships stories, lend your ears to them. They will feel better. 

Never threaten to hurt your partner or yourself. This is such a big no when you are in a relationship with an HSP. If you both are facing any kind of problems, never dare to say ” I will hurt myself if you don’t listen to me” or make them go through suicidal thoughts. Try to be with them in their difficult situations. 

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Don’t try to layer up the facts. If you and your HSP find out any mistakes, don’t try to lie to them. Tell them the truth that you committed the mistakes. Don’t try to hide things or cover those incidents.

Don’t act stupid around them. Being funny and stupid has a fine line. Don’t act stupid around them. It can make them feel irritated and annoyed. Try not to piss them off with your stupid acts.

Give more time to your HSP (HIGHLY SENSITIVE PARTNER) to get adjusted to changes. Every person needs some time to get adjusted to new situations. Don’t expect them to accept changes overnight. Give them their space and time to get adjusted to the changing environment.

Try to be very careful while watching movies with your HSP for the first time. The taste of movies tells a lot about a person’s personality. If you plan to watch a movie with them, try to know their taste and pick the favorite movie. If you choose any wrong movie, it may trigger them and causes emotional pain.

Don’t try to sneak them up. Don’t try to sneak them up. Be practical with their thought process and try to support whatever decision they make. 

Don’t be surprised by their behavior at times. An HSP goes through severe mood changes. It’s not an easy task to tackle anyone’s mood but at least you can try to offer your shoulder to cry on. Don’t hurt yourself by seeing their different shades of moods.

They crave being alone. At times, staying alone helps people to structure their thought process. If they ask to be alone for some time, give them their personal space to think and spend time with themselves. Don’t complain about being selfish. 

They engage themselves to a deeper level. Whenever you date any HSP, you will notice they are the most caring and compassionate person. They engage with people’s thoughts at a deeper level. 

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

They are well aware that most of the time they are misunderstood by people. An HSP is not a good communicator. They are often misunderstood for their words. So, don’t judge them on what they say, rather try to communicate and understand them in a better way.

Don’t dare to use these two labels. Let me aware you before you think of dating an HSP. There are two things that an HSP hates to hear. First, don’t ever judge them with their thinking process because at times they want to left alone and you can end up calling them selfish. Second, they doubt a lot. If they see any different behavior of their partner, they can doubt them. 

Environment plays a big role in their mood. An HSP is highly affected by their environment. So, they always act according to that. If they dislike any person, their mood automatically changes. So try to provide them with their preferred environment so that they can stay calm and lead a peaceful life.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Other than conflict nothing takes a bigger toll on their life. If you see your partner continuously being countered by lots of problems, ask them to share it with you. Don’t be angry with them if they do anything wrong. Try to be a support system and solve it together as a teammate.

An HSP feels great when they are being accepted by their favorite person. Who doesn’t like to get accepted by their favorite person? Make them comfortable with your life patterns. 

They get happy and sad more quickly than others. Mood swings are sometimes very difficult to tackle. But if you are mature enough to tackle, you can easily make them feel good. 

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

HSP is more likely to see those things which others easily overlook. It’s a fact that an HSP is an over-thinker too. If you see your partner freaking out or overthinking with minor things, don’t rage on them. Try to be patient enough to solve the problem and make your partner lead a peaceful life.

Try to be empathetic towards them. It needs a very powerful and strong mindset to be with an HSP. If they tell you any sort of problems regarding their life, don’t throw your decisions on them or advise them. Try to be soft with them.

They need time to prepare their mind to go out somewhere.  An HSP is an introvert. They take lots of time to mix with people. Tell them beforehand if you plan to take your love somewhere so that they can make their mind to go out.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Research before you think of dating an HSP. If you plan to date a person and you find out your loved one is an HSP, it’s better to research about their basic stuff and prepare yourself to deal with them.

They are very intuitive so always go with what their gut feeling says. As an HSP is an introvert and an over-thinker, they observe minute details about anything. So if they warn or suggest you do something try to go with their words. They have an excellent gut feeling. 

They go crazy when they are hungry. It’s funny how an HSP goes crazy when their stomach is not full. If they act weird or crazy, just understand they are hungry and feed them with food. 

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

They can’t bear with HSP partners. An HSP can’t bear with another HSP. They feel irritated when they meet someone like them. So try not to introduce them to another HSP.

Never try to lie in front of them. They may be very sharp with their tongue. If you ever dare to lie to them at any cost, the situation may just go in the opposite direction. If they find you lying, just accept your mistakes and tell them you are sorry for your deeds.

Compromise is a way of loving them. Every great relationship works with compromise. If anything bothers your partner, try to solve it together. And compromise those things, which are causing harm to your relationship.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

They are great at loving, supportive of their partners if they are treated right. An HSP is great at loving people. They don’t demand anything more from their life if they are treated rightly. Don’t disrespect them, and try to be friendly with them.

Avoid calling them when going through their sensitivity phase. If they are going through any hard times in their life, just don’t irritate them by calling them again and again. Try to give them their space to evaluate situations and trust them. 

Try to be careful while you make fun of or joke around them. By the word sensitive, you can understand they are no easy-going people. Try to be very careful, if you want to joke or make fun of them. It may hurt and feel depressed about it. 

Don’t force them to do something when they say NO. If they disagree with what you say, don’t force them to do such activities. They don’t like to get pressurized with anything. 

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Support them if they are crying. If they want to cry over any topics, don’t be a lecturer to advise them not to cry and all. Be a support system in their lives and assure them you will stand beside them no matter what you both face. 

Don’t be vocal with their triggers. If you know your partner’s trigger point, don’t be a filthy person to attack them on their trigger points. 

Be patient with them, don’t rush them. If they tell you “I don’t want to commit any relationship with you, I need time to think,” give them their time to think. Don’t tell them to develop feelings for you. Don’t make them rush to fall for any situation.

Be a support system in their life, don’t discourage them. Never discourage them with their decisions. If you find that their plans are not enough, be soft with your tone and make them understand softly.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Be soft while you point out their mistakes. As your partner is an HSP be very careful while you point out their mistakes. They can misunderstand you and your relationship may get ruined.

They never judge people, be careful what you say on their face. An HSP is a very good person by heart. They never judge people at any cost. If they don’t know any person, they won’t dare to tell anything bad about them. If you try to talk about others, they tend to defend them and want everyone to be happy. And another point to keep in mind is to be very careful about what you deliver while you are having a conversation with them.

Try to get to know their likes and dislikes. If you want to date an HSP, you must know what they like and dislike. Don’t dare do anything stupid.

Understand their way of loving. An HSP has a different way of loving people. If you find them awkward or weird with their loving pattern, tell them openly that you are not liking it. 

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Try to get familiar with his/her body language. You will find that if your partner is uncomfortable with any situation, their body language changes automatically. So, try to understand their body language and act accordingly.

Be subtle regarding what you say.  Be very polite about what you say on their face. Don’t be rude to be them. It may hurt them at an emotional level.

Try to apologize.  If you commit any mistake and they get to know about it, don’t act as if you don’t care. Try to say sorry to them and ask them to forgive you.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Never dare to repeat the same mistakes with them. It’s a complete no if you try to repeat mistakes. They won’t give you a second chance and if they give you, they may be different from others.

Try to give a sneak peek at your world. If you are seeing your partner is constantly doubting you, give them a glimpse of your world. So that you can make them trust you at a deeper level.

Give them time to adapt to changes. Don’t rush them with anything. Give some time to your partner to get adjusted to the changing situation.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Let your HSP open up. Provide your HSP with a comfort zone to open up. If you find them not being enough vocal with their confusion, try to make them understand. 

Make them understand that relationships work as a team, not by being egoistic. At times we end our relationship by being egoistic. Tell them being in a relationship is all about sacrifice and comprising things. 

Try to know each other more. Try to spend time together and get to every corner of your partner. Try to discover every shade of moods they go through. 

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Think of growing old together. Tell them you want them to be their forever and you are thinking of growing old together. Such a cute gesture will make them happy

Make them comfortable with your vibe. If you find your partner is being uncomfortable with your vibe, try to make them comfortable. Open up with your secrets, tell them about your embarrassing stories, make them meet your parents. This creates a sense of assurance in their heart.

Try to give them a signal, which makes them comfortable when your HSP is with you. Always provide them with signals, which makes them super comfy around you. Take care of their needs.

Assure them that you are never gonna leave their side.  Who doesn’t like to get prioritized? Everyone loves that. Remind them, again and again, you are never gonna leave their side.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

Surround your partner with positivity. Make your partner’s environment filled with positivity. 

Don’t create any emotional walls. Don’t tell any emotional stuff, which makes them more confused with their feelings.

Plan healthy habits for your HSP. Try to plan a healthy routine for both of you. It can help your partner gain confidence and avoid problems in their life.

Don’t smother their sensitivity. Don’t try to poke them about their sensitivity. 

Be kind enough to point out their mistakes.

Give them time to settle down with their decisions.

How to Deal with A Highly Sensitive Partner

If your HSP is being messy, don’t be rude to them.These points may help you to deal with your sensitive partner. And, practice is the key. Nobody is perfect but we try to fit in the shoes of the so-called perfect world. Be patient with your highly sensitive partner. 

Tips To Deal With A Highly Sensitive Partner

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