How To Find A Good Boyfriend: 20+ Tips To Attract A Man.

If you have a crush on a guy and are looking for ways to attract him, we bring you a list that solves all your doubts. Be as genuine as possible and make them feel loved and appreciated because that’s what an honest man wants from a girl he loves.

Tips On How To Find A Good Boyfriend

Never play games. Don’t pretend to be uninterested and then get mad when he doesn’t make an effort to communicate with you. If you want to take things further with the guy, speak clearly about your emotions. Always express yourself and let them know how much they and this relationship mean to you.

Give him a real chance. When you realize things are getting serious with someone, clear things in your mind first. Don’t try keeping your options open and experimenting with different people because you will lose the person you want in life. Skip your choices and only focus on having a healthy relationship with one person.

Maintain privacy. Don’t post pictures online only meant for the person you are in a relationship with.  That is no way to grab someone’s attention. Provocative posting just makes you an insecure person and ruins your chances of having a happy relationship with the one person that matters to you the most.

Respect yourself. If you want a guy to respect and validate you in a relationship, you have to do so yourself first. Know your worth and never settle for anything less than the best. If you don’t take yourself seriously, you will never attract a person who wants you for your personality.  

Be open about your feelings. Always speak what you feel, not what the other person wants to hear. A relationship only works out well for two people when both parents are on the same page. Therefore, have a standpoint and make sure your partner is aware. Don’t make compromises to continue with an unhealthy relationship.

Be vulnerable. We all have the burden of the past. But rather than holding on to it, discuss it openly with your partner. Let him know that you want him always to be there and love you unconditionally. This will dignify you and bring the two of you closer in the relationship.

Don’t compete with each other. If you try to compete with his words and actions, you can never expect to have a happy relationship. If they have been hurtful to you, try resolving the conflict instead of returning the hate. Always ensure that there is no scope for the ego to come into your relationship.

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Reasons to Never Compare Relationships/your Lover:

  • Any comparison is unrealistic.
  • It creates toxicity in the relationship.
  • You miss out on the great things of being together.
  • Learn from others instead of being jealous.
  • Know that it’s okay to feel jealous.
  • You end up having unattainable expectations.
  • You are unsatisfied with what you have.
  • You are rude and hurtful towards each other.
  • It gives you a constant bad feeling.
  • You forget that everything is not perfect in life.

Respect him and his priorities. Remember that they are not always obligated to make time for you if they have other priorities in life. Respect them and let them know that you also validate their emergencies and duties. Appreciate their effort but don’t grovel for their attention constantly. Have boundaries and never disrespect each other.

Don’t let him suffer for your past experiences. Even if you have been hurt by many people in the past, don’t think that he will do the same thing to you. Don’t let that baggage come in the way of having a healthy, loving relationship with someone. Have faith in love, and never be afraid to take risks.

 Be honest. Loving someone doesn’t mean changing yourself to meet someone’s expectations. Embrace yourself as a unique individual and let them see the real ‘you.’ Faking something will never help you get closer to someone. Everyone appreciates a genuine and self-confident partner. Changing yourself will not make you more desirable to someone.

Make him feel comfortable. Treat him like a date if you take him out. Let him feel that you genuinely appreciate his presence and that he makes you happy. That way, even when you are not together, they will remember these moments, and there will be no hard feelings between the two of you.

Be compassionate. It never hurts to be nice to someone, especially your partner. Compassion and warmth are important between partners; they make you know and understand each other better. So, if he is having a rough day, make sure you stand by him, promising to help him get over all his problems.

Create loving memories together. Instead of bringing up your experiences in your past relationships, try creating loving memories in your present relationship. This will help you overcome the burden of the past, and you will not end up making your partner uncomfortable. Live in the moment and enjoy your life as much as possible.

Have a life of your own. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to do everything together all the time. Give each other space so that you don’t mentally suffocate the relationship. Take a break and go on a solo trip. Even if you have the best boyfriend, learn to enjoy life by yourself first.

Be confident. Always have enough confidence in yourself, your partner, and the relationship. If you let your insecurities overpower you, you will never have any authority in the relationship, and the guy will have the opportunity to exploit you. A confident woman with dignity is everything an honest man wants in life.

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Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence:

  • Acknowledge that you are a unique person.
  • Put in your best efforts.
  • Persevere.
  • Have the courage to overcome adverse situations.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments.
  • Don’t hold on to your failures and insecurities.
  • Face your fears.
  • Don’t focus on your looks.
  • Take care of yourself, physically and emotionally.
  • Give yourself a pep talk now and then.

Here are some other ways to approach a guy psychologically. They will not even realize how you are doing it, but they will be attracted to you. They are very useful methods if implemented properly and will help you grab the attention of someone you like and want in life.

Wear red more often. As you know, red symbolizes sexuality and passion. So be it your lipstick, a dress, or high heels, try wearing red more often, for example, when you are out on a date with your partner. Unconsciously, that attracts men to a great extent, and they will come closer to you. 

Go for no makeup looks. It is best to have a natural look. Don’t overdo your efforts to impress your partner. Yes, makeup is okay for a special date, but you don’t always need to be dolled up. Embrace your natural self and let your partner love and appreciate you for the person you are.

Take care of your hair. Your hair is also an important factor to consider while attracting a man. Different people have different preferences regarding it. So, know the kind of hair your partner loves and would want you to have- long and shiny or short and wavy hair. Maintain yourself to make a better impression.

Stop chasing. A needy and desperate girl is a big turn-off for any man. If you realize he is not interested in you, protect your dignity and move away from that person immediately. Always make sure you have the respect, compassion, and love you deserve from the relationship. Never settle for less.

Keep them waiting. Men love it when they have to fight for a woman’s attention. So, even while in a relationship, make him wait. For example, don’t always share his enthusiasm for sex or cuddling. Not having you will make him want you more, keeping the spark and mystery in your relationship alive.

Don’t reveal everything. Don’t blabber everything about life in the initial days of your relationship. Keep your boundaries and protect theirs too. When someone knows you very well, they have the scope to misuse your vulnerability. Also, many guys scare off easily when you are too open with them during the initial stages.

Be interested. Learn to be a good listener. If he takes an interest in your shopping and hobbies, make sure you are concerned about his sports and sneakers. Never let him feel like you are oblivious to his interest and feelings. If he ever feels that, he will move away from you.

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Reasons to Be a Good Listener:

  • It builds trust.
  • It helps you avoid misunderstanding.
  • It eliminates conflicts.
  • It makes you empathetic.
  • It builds romance.
  • It helps you in other fields of life.
  • It strengthens your friendships.
  • It makes you productive.
  • It helps you learn new things.

Be humorous. A sense of humor never goes wrong. Make sure you are friendly with each other enough to share a good joke now and then. This makes you feel more comfortable in each other’s presence and brings joy to your relationship. Make an effort to make him laugh out heartily.

Be optimistic. Everybody is attracted to a positive, fun-loving person. So when a guy sees you are independent, social, and happy, and you cheer everyone around you, they are drawn to your personality. Let them feel that you’ll always be there to cheer them when they are sad and share their happiness.

Flirt like a pro. Attracting a man is an easy game if you are adept at flirting. But, also, it is not very easy. The way to reach a man’s heart is to know what turns him on. Understand him better and know what to do or say to draw his attention towards you.

Present yourself as girlfriend material. To attract a guy, you must make him understand that you are perfect as his girlfriend. Support him, respect his family and friends, and be self-dependent and kind. The guy will know that you are the one for him, and he is bound to chase you and want you more.

Have attractive friends. There is no harm in making your lover a little jealous by letting them know you have other options, but you choose him. When you have other friends who will also not miss a scope to be with you, they make extra efforts to keep getting your attention and love.

Never act desperately. If you are trying to attract a guy, you will want him to feel like he is winning a prize when he gets you. So, if you keep chasing him, you just appear desperate and clingy. Nothing feels better than a guy trying to woo you and win your love.

Keeper scores. They say never hide anything from your partner when you are in a relationship. But sometimes, you should have your secrets. Let them realize that there is still something that they don’t know. This builds curiosity in the relationship, and they are attracted to you to know more about you.

 Boost his ego. Compliment him so that he knows you are proud of him. When you tell him you feel good to be with someone who has achieved so much, this helps them appreciate themselves and work hard to improve themselves. Also, you must be subtle so they don’t turn into selfish egomaniacs.

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Ways to Control Your Ego:

  • Do something nice for others.
  • Share a secret with someone.
  • Let others talk while you listen.
  • Pay attention to others.
  • Step down when needed.
  • Complement others.
  • Put yourself in their position.
  • Stop complaining about everything.
  • Learn to let go.
  • Try to avoid focusing on the ‘I.’


We hope you now know the different ways to reach a man’s heart. Being honest, communicative, and understanding are the best ways to let someone know you are attracted to them. Also, if things don’t work out, don’t force yourself. Love yourself first and accept things the way they are.

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Tips for A Clean Breakup:

  • Know if this is actually what you want.
  • Give it some time.
  • Be empathetic about it.
  • Know that you will have control over how they react.
  • Remind yourself that you are doing the right thing.
  • Do it face-to-face.
  • Choose an appropriate time and place.
  • Be sober the whole time.
  • Know that it may be painful later on.
  • Be direct about it.

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