How To Get Your Crush To Notice You

It’s the best feeling when you like or have a crush on someone. But at the same time, it can be frustrating if they don’t know your feelings exist for them. Every girl or boy has many crushes in his/her entire love life.

But a point comes where the feelings are very deep for the Close Connection, and you want him/her genuinely in your life.

It can be difficult for some to be vocal about their feelings. Getting cold feet is very common when you are around them. But I would suggest having some patience until they get to know about your feelings.

Tips On How To Get Your Crush To Notice You

Dress to impress

Dress up appropriately to impress your crush. What is the first thing anyone notices when you arrive somewhere? It is the way you dress up. Dressing well and decently sums up the character of anyone. Dress elegantly so your crush just can’t remove their eyes from you.

Get a good look. Getting a decent look creates a good impression in the eyes of anyone. Carrying yourself with confidence tells a lot about you. Create a good impression in front of your crush so that he/she falls for you.

Have pearly white teeth. When you talk to a person, teeth are the first thing anyone notices. If you have bad teeth or it looks unhygienic, it creates a filthy look. So always keep your teeth clean.

Initiate a subtle way of flirting with your crush. Whenever you see your crush, try to approach him/her with a subtle way of flirting. Try to pull cheeks or tease with any random topic.

Eye contact on the checklist. This is a good way to convey to your crush that you hold strong feelings for him/her. Whenever your crush arrives in front of you make him/her comfortable with your eye contact.

Eye contact on the checklist

Smile and laugh when you see your crush. 

Maintain a good posture. A good posture creates a good impression. Try to flaunt your fit body in front of your crush. But make sure that you are not overly confident with your looks. It can make things go worse.

Initiate a conversation with your crush. Try to initiate a good conversation with your crush. Try to ask about his/her likes and dislikes. Don’t say any awkward things that can make the whole conversation uncomfortable.

Look best to get noticed by your crush. Be in your best looks to get noticed by your crush. But be yourself, and don’t try to fake your personality just to impress your crush.

Listen to them attentively. When your crush tells anything, lend your ears to them. Be attentive. Don’t try to give your own advice to them when they share their problems with you. 

Listen to them attentively

Get to know your crush‘s friends. Try to mix with your crush’s friend. Hang out with them more often. Try to ask them about your crush’s likes and dislikes. 

Ask them to do things together. If you and your crush are in the same class, then you have a wonderful chance to do class projects or any other activities together. In this way, you can get to spend much more time together.

Break the touch barrier. If you both sit next to each other, your legs may touch each other. Pay attention to the way they react. If your crush allows you to continue to touch, it’s a sign they might be interested in you.

Don’t forget to be yourself. Liking someone or having a crush can make our hearts dance. In order to make them fall, you will force yourself to do many things that you never did earlier. 

Ask for small favors. If you get stuck in any problem, it’s a good way to introduce yourself. Ask for little favors from them. In this way, you can get to know a little about him/her.

Laugh when they crack any jokes. When you both hang out with mutual friends, if any kind of jokes is being cracked by your crush, try to laugh your heart out. Make that person realize that you pay attention to each and every word your crush delivers.

Don’t be awkward around your crush. It is very normal to have butterflies in your stomach when your crush is around you. But don’t do anything awkward that can make the whole scenario awkward. Don’t say anything off-topic that makes him/her feel uncomfortable.

Follow them on social media. Today everyone is there on various social networking sites. Try to follow them up on their social media platforms. In that way, you can get to know many things like which pages they follow, what are their favorite sports, movies and many other kinds of stuff.

Follow them on social media

Plan to watch movies/series with them. Ask your crush what is their favorite movie or series. Plan a day where you and your crush can watch.

Have a warm drink to warm up your winters.  

Try copying things your crush does. This is a very cute way to impress your crush. Whenever you both hang out with friends or you are spending time alone, try to mimic their characters.  

Twin with the same colors. Try to find out what kind of colors they like to wear.  Try to wear the same kind of clothes when you both go out somewhere. In this way, you can express your feelings for them.

Twin with the same colors

Trick them with your quirky ideas. Try to pull off some quirky ideas to trick them. But try to keep it light and don’t try to overdo it with your trick ideas.

Try to find unusual similarities. Try to know them more by knowing their similarities. Talk with them to know about their likes and dislikes. This is the way you can initiate to know their feelings for you.

Don’t be afraid to get a little touchy. When you both sit together, try to initiate touch. Observe their reactions when you get a bit closer.

Try to enjoy their company when you are around them. When you are spending time with them, try to enjoy their company. Try to have a conversation about any random topic. Engage your crush with interesting topics. Ask them about their favorite stuff and what they love to do.

Try to enjoy their company when you are around them

Make his/her jaws drop when you appear in front of your crush. Make yourself look confident when you arrive where your crush is present. Try to dress up elegantly so that it makes your crush fall for you.

Smell superb. The smell of the perfume you wear can play a big role in capturing his/her attention. Wear your favorite to smell fresh and clean. However, make sure that the perfume is not too strong. Because at times, a strong perfume may annoy people.

Wear a smile every time you get a glimpse of them. Everybody is stressed with work and has several problems. People are much attracted when they see a positive outlook from the other person. Whenever you feel low and you see someone looking at you and smiling it feels good. Smiling at your crush when you see them, would definitely make them feel good and will make them think you might like them. It creates a sense of friendly nature towards them. 

Wear a smile every time you get a glimpse of them

Try to excel in something. Physical attraction is not everything a person notices. There should be something different about your personality when their eyes meet yours. For example, if you are good at dancing, ask them to join your shows where you can show how much you are good at your skills.

Be friendly with the friends of your crush. Friendship is the best way to build a good bond. If you think of coming into a relationship with your crush, try to build good terms with your crush’s friends. They might help you out to reach your feelings to them.

Get to know your crush’s interest. If you want to have a smart talk with your crush, try to gather information regarding what they like and dislike. You might discover similarities in terms of interests. When you find you both share similar interests, there will be an automatic connection.  

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Show care and concern for your crush. If you want to create a good impression in your crush’s eyes, try to create a sense of care and concern for them. Asking questions about how they had spent their day or being concerned about their life is great. It really creates a strong connection between your crush.

Show care and concern for your crush

Give praises and appreciation frequently. Be kind to deliver praises and appreciation to your crush. Appreciate your crush when they achieve anything in their life. In return, your crush will feel good and thankful towards you.

Try to play mysteriously. Don’t try to put all your feelings in front of them. Don’t share unnecessary things about yourself unless he/she asks you. Saying everything about you will make them disinterested and the thrill of getting known will be erased.

Don’t be too cringy around your crush. Try to spend time together. Ask them about everything you are concerned about. But don’t try to be over smart, rather; don’t be cringy and ask them anything off-topic.

Don’t be too cringy around your crush

Put your best version in front of their crush. Whenever you are around them try to be yourself. Don’t try to fake anything in front of others. It might make them disinterested in you.

Listen to what your crush says. Lend your ears when your crush says anything to you. Listen to their problems or when they share any moment of happiness.  A tip I would suggest is not to give any unsolicited advice until they want it.

Don’t be afraid to confess your feelings. It can make you feel good, as well as, afraid at the same moment. The sense of rejection can hold you back and scare you to confess your feelings. Be brave enough to confess your feelings to them

Be yourself. Fakeness is such a mood turn off. Never try to portray someone which you are not. Keep up with your originality. People love to see the original character as compared to a fake one.

Avoid using your phone often. This is very bad when you use your phone when someone is around. If it is your crush then definitely you should not use it. It gives a sense that the opposite person is not interested or feelings of ignorance come into their mind.

Talk to your crush’s friends to know him/her better. Get in touch with your crush’s friends to get to know him better. Try to gather information to know his way of thinking or what he loves to do.

Talk to your crush’s friends to know himher better

Never try to talk about your old crushes. Never try to initiate any conversation about your old crushes. It might hurt them and they would not be able to express feelings towards you.

Appreciate your crush in front of others. Try to say good things about your crush in front of others. Point out their good characters and develop a positive image in front of others.

Never forget your self-worth. Falling for someone can make your heart dance but in the meanwhile don’t lose your self-control.

Dress to impress. Try to dress up your best when you meet them. Don’t overdo or experiment with dresses that make you look completely different. Keep it simple and elegant.  

Dress to impress

Don’t be afraid to ask them out. Don’t be nervous to ask them for a date or spend leisure time with them. Break the barrier of shyness and be brave enough to ask them out. 

Send fun texts. Send funny quotes or memes to make them laugh.

Keep things light.  Don’t try to rush things. Nothing works when you try to force or implement feelings. Stay calm and patient. Give some time to make things work.

Having a crush on someone is very normal, but it can turn awkward when you become too clingy. If your crush doesn’t accept your proposal, don’t be heartbroken. There is definitely someone who will respect and care for your feelings.

When you are trying to get noticed by your crush make sure you don’t feel shy around them. Just try to be yourself and show your best version. Last but not the least, be transparent with your feelings and never try to fake them.

How to get your crush to notice you? :

● The first thing anyone notices about you is the way you look, that is, your appearance. 

● Look good, dress decent, but don’t overdo it.

● A simplistic approach is often more prolific and efficient when you are on the way to impress your crush.

● Remember to smell good, and have a fresh breath every time you are with your crush or going to meet him/her. 

● Wear your best cologne or perfume to school/college, and be irresistible.

● Always wear a smile. It is your most attractive asset, so never forget to accentuate it. 

● Your bright disposition might seek your crush’s attention. 

● Have a set of goals and aspirations, and work towards them. 

● A concerned and hardworking individual is always more attractive than one who doesn’t care about his/her career. 

● Be friends first, and slowly try to know your crush’s interests. 

● Show concern about him/her and portray that you genuinely care. 

 Tips To Get Noticed By Your Crush

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