How To Have Fun With Your Sister: 20+ Tips

There are several ways sisters can bond. It might not be easy for an older sister to make friends with her younger sibling, but here Re some ways to help her choose the correct path. Similarly, if the sisters are of equal age, it comes with a list of dos and don’ts.

These tips can help you find various ways in which you can strengthen the bond between the sisters. Sisters may fight and yell at each other, but they also return to the other sibling since she is always safe.

Tips On How To Have Fun with Your Sister

Go to the movies. If your sister enjoys movies, sometimes both can go out on little outings to freshen up the mood. Both can enjoy a similar genre and can laugh or cry your hearts out. It will be fun and eventful.

Play a board game. Board games can be fun and competitive. You both can lock horns against each other, fight, and then again patch up being best sisters. Playing board games requires brain and patience, so it is the ultimate way to bond with each other.

Have a spa day and other relaxation activities. A quick relaxation is all that strengthens the bond between two sisters. Or, if you want to keep it lowkey, just paint each other’s nails with your favorite colors, give each other an oil massage, and just get pampered.

Write a song or sing together. If you have got musical genes, do not be afraid to flex them. Sing at full volumes, even when the lyrics are not entirely correct. You will enjoy this more than anything and keep your motivations soaring.

Go for a long walk. A long stroll in the nearby park or down the street can rejuvenate our minds. If you are facing some issues, this is the best time to sort them out and start afresh. Or else, you can take a look back in your memory lane and have a hearty laugh.

Shopping helps. Shopping is one of the best relaxing scenarios. Two sisters shopping can be pretty exciting and you guys can turn into best friends.

Shop sometimes even when you have no reason but make sure you are reasonable. This way, you can invest in things you like and enjoy time together.

Order food from your favorite restaurants. Pizza or any other favorite meal can enhance the mood. Whenever one or all of you are feeling bad, munching on your favorite food can release stress. This way, you two can bond, while enjoying your favorite delicacies. Keep both your favorite menus in mind.

Cook a meal. Cooking together is intimate and fun, two sisters can help each other whip up amazing dishes and surprise the family. The family will be pleased and both the sisters can feel proud and confident of each other. Cooking is relaxing when there is a perfect partner.

Play outside and have fun. Outdoor games are fun and have a large variety. Play outside like it is an adventure, no matter what your age is. Ask your younger or elder sister to teach you the rules, and try planning a hunt or a treasure trove.

Go on bike rides, learn to have fun running in the yard. Make sure to take permission from parents.

Plan a special activity. Do something unique and fun activities together. Spend time hiking, exploring, or doing anything that gives you an adrenaline rush. Find a common interest and pursue it together.

Sign up for something interesting like art museums or karaoke. This will help you girls bond.

Cook together for the family. Cooking, baking cakes, are relaxing and making fun-shaped delicacies can impress your parents and let you explore each other’s interests. Once you are your sister is safe, you can even use the kitchen gadgets to prepare something for your parent’s birthday. Your cooperation skills will also improve this way.

Make art, crafts, and funny games. Use almost anything you can find and turn it into a fun game. Use blankets, logs, recycled items, to make games, or just a treehouse up in the tree.

Get creative and look up at DIY videos and start building forts, candles, miniatures, puppets, and so on. Little or no mess is appreciated.

Enjoy music together. Your sisters may have a fascination with similar genres or bands, listen to them and discover underrated music.

Attend concerts or shows together depending on each other’s choices and groove to the music. Even if there is a cold war between the two, music is bound to sort everything up.

Go shopping at local markets. Out shopping in local markets can be adventurous if both are near the same age. Try going out with your mutual friends. This way, no one will get bored and you can have the latest fashion advice from your mates.

Offer each other to pick an outfit, or an accessory and flaunt your bargaining skills while having fun.

Catch the movie from your favorite franchise. If there is a movie releasing and you both are a fan of the leading actors, go watch it. Otherwise, plan a movie marathon once in a while where you can finish your favorite film or web series from beginning to end. This will be exciting and binge-worthy.

Make sure to keep in touch. If the sibling is moving out for higher education or you are moving for a job outside, make sure you give a little more effort to keep the relationship close-knit. 

Now that we have numerous ways to connect virtually, try to stay in touch and be involved like you used to. Text each other every day and try to exchange good morning texts. Have phone chats regularly and share gossips about each other.

Understand the changing relationship equations. Relationships are bound to change over time. Siblings will develop new tastes, interests, and new friends. Accept the fact that their social circle will change and they might drift away.

Try to understand the reason behind the distance and have a little faith in them. everybody needs to grow as a separate independent individual.

Find a common ground. Search for things that both can enjoy and be grateful to have a younger or an elder one to take care of.

Think about the wisdom you get to share. Look closely and make it clear that both of you are always a team. It is you against the problems. Look up to the elder one as a mentor and narrow down some common points of interest.

Take turns choosing activities. You two might be close but it is not possible to juggle everything singlehandedly.

Be considerate and fair, and try to share the jobs. Compromise and discuss to find a way to make everything better and smoother. Mae sure both if you get equal chances to work and play. If you are older, allow them to make more selections and learn to prioritize.

Be yourself. Remember that both are independent individuals and allow each other to excel in different fields.

Do not force them to mold according to your choices. If they are good at something, give them their due respect and space. Enjoy spending time with your sibling doing things you both love.

Work on trusting each other. Do not cause unnecessary troubles. Try not to complain about every little disagreement. Understand the gravity of the situation before picking up fights.   If the sibling is behaving badly, let them know your concerns and what bothers you. If they still repeat the same things, then only seek help from elders.

Do not compare with other sibling relationships. Try to avoid using equations from other families as your model. Every relationship is unique and special in its way.

They all have their fair share of negative aspects. So, communicate and show affection that shows you value your relationship. Work on the less attractive aspects and mend the ways instead of judging them.

Recreate a classic childhood photo. Some old photos are probably weird and quirky in their way. Nothing is amusing than recreating an old photo where you have probably lost a tooth, or your sibling wore something lacey and weird. Walk through memory lane, and relive those memories.

Party hard. It is your right to party hard when you get a chance. The easiest way to beat out the blues is to bust some nice moves, go to a girl’s night out, or simply compete in the game zone. Public appearances as siblings assure you that you have got each other’s back.

Surprise your parents. Coordinate time with your family. Pick a time when both the siblings are free and plan a surprise for the parents. Go on a surprise trip, or wash the car for them, mow the lawn, or cook for them. anything special will make them love you more and they will feel special.

Take a lesson together. Come out of your comfort zone and learn new skills together.  Sign up for classes and channel your inner artist or athletes.

When both of you will learn something together, it will be a healthy competition with lots of encouragement from each other.

Shop together for special occasions. When a special day like a birthday is in the corner, trust the styling sense of your sister and hand her the responsibility. she will be an honest critic who will push you to look extra nice and sexy.

She will not spare a single detail and will make you look fabulous. This should work the other way round too.

Explore a hidden gem. Your sister is your best travel partner. Research for a hidden place and explore it together.

You can be a good researcher while she can be a terrific navigator. Whenever both of you are in the same place, do not hesitate to head for a lesser-known place and try it out. Maybe it will rank number one on the hanging-out list for both of you later.

Organize a sister sleepover. Order tasty foods, stock up on your favorite desserts, and have your favorite movies ready.

The sisters can curl up together on the couch, wear matching pajamas and watch their childhood nostalgias coming to life. These little things will never outgrow and will always carry fond memories with them.

Go out on an outdoor adventure.  Take a walk around the route which you usually would not take. Go skydiving even if you are skeptical of the heights. Book a rafting spree or go kayaking.

This way, you will overcome your fears and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. There is nothing like it to have your sister by your side.

Host a family meal. It is time for you big girls to cook and shock the world. It feels nice to return the favor by inviting your close relatives and organizing a family brunch or a dinner. Both of you can prepare a meal together and set up the table for the arriving guests.

You can woo them and make your family proud at the same time. Just make sure, things do not burn.

Play the T-shirt walk or the pillow sumo. This is a fun game where both of you can just slide back into the past and enjoy. You both will be wearing a single t-shirt and do the assigned jobs while trying not to fall.

Make sure there are no sharp objects to cause any harm. Also, you can play pillow sumo till you cannot catch your breath.

Balloon pop or balloon walk is always a good idea. These two are some loud activities that are perfect for siblings and cousins. Tie the balloon to the right leg of each player and everyone has to pop the balloons without tripping.

Balloon walk is also a similar game where the balloon is placed between the hips. Games are fun and worth playing.

Go to the beach. Grab towels, shovels, buckets, and plan a short trip to the beach. Let the family unwind while you and your sister can play beach ball or the towel game to destress. Boredom will go away and you can feel the fresh energy from within.

A trip or a long drive to the beach can help you unwind and loosen the knots you were holding from the past.

Let your minds explore different options. Do not restrict your mind to certain things. Limiting yourself or confining yourself within boundaries can cost you options.

You and your sister can form a great team and work towards something that is entirely out of your comfort zone. Learn new things, and do not be hindered to innovate new kinds of stuff.

Play treasure hunt. Blindfolding your sibling and telling them to find hidden treasures can be very exciting. Make sure all the precautionary measures are taken. You can take help from mutual friends or your cousins to guide them to find treats. This will ensure you have all the fun even in dire times.

Bake/ whip up confectionaries. Every age group enjoys baking. Both the sisters will get a kick out of it. Follow the internet, or refer to some booklets while baking up confectionaries.

It may not be a fancy treat, but the fun you will have to make it has no comparison. The joy that comes from cooking a meal from scratch is pure, and the fulfillment from the exercise can strengthen any bond.

Play card games together. Board, card, or any other indoor games unleashes the competitive side as well as the team spirit. It is a great way to destress and vent out the frustration. If not, then you two can pair up and show the opponent moves you got.

Karaoke or lip-sync together. You may be a fan of any pop or rock singer. Channel the energy and your singing talent to rock a karaoke party.

Make a lip sync battle where you both will be impressed at how good or bad your talents are. Singing can be relaxing and you can enjoy your heart out.

Watch a horror movie. Watching movies, exploring various genres can be an exciting way to spend time with your sibling.

Horror films can make both of you shiver. You can jump and huddle together in fear and have a great laugh afterward. Stand-up comedy is equally fascinating and enjoyable.

Bring out her dinner set and have a mock tea party. If your sibling is younger, you can have a cute picnic in your backyard. Pretend to be one of the invitees and sit among her dolls and enjoy the food she cooks in her tea set.

She will be thrilled and will be a proud host serving you things you haven’t even heard of.

Indulge in a hair and spa treatment. Spoil each other by treating your hair, having a manicure, or a facial together.

This activity is relaxing and feel-good. Both of you will feel rejuvenated after a relaxing massage or a deep cleansing. You will look good and feel great.

Solve puzzles. Puzzles stimulate the brain and help the siblings spend considerable time with each other.

Solving jigsaw puzzles together solidifies the bond and elevates the team spirit. Two sisters can team up together and work towards the solution pretty easily. It is a clever and effective way to bond with each other.

Mask together. Search the internet and find some amazing homemade face packs. Make them together and indulge in a beauty treatment at home.

Try it out where you can be the beauty guru or vice versa. It is good for both your skins and is an effective way to spend boring afternoons.

Having sisters can feel burdensome, but it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. A sister can be a best friend with whom you can share your deepest darkest secret and still feel safe. You can cuddle with her on a bad day, and laugh when things are looking up. A sister is a treasure and we must know the correct ways to cherish the bond. 

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