How To Keep Your Boyfriend Entertained: 25+ Ways

It’s always sweet on your part to make an effort to keep your boyfriend happy. But how legible is it to go out of your way? You should try to keep your man happy and charming but with no sacrifices that kill your self-respect. So here we go with 100 tips that will keep your Man entertained.

Tips on How to Keep Your Boyfriend Entertained

Express Your Love

Give him importance even when you are with friends. It’s always good to make him feel special even when you are surrounded by other male friends.

Help him to sort out his daily chores. Boys try to act independently but they always look upon someone to help them out. Be that help to sort out their mess!

Use those three magical words often. Frequently tell them how much you are in love to let them fall head over heels in love with you.

Don’t accommodate too much which simply means that if you go out of your way and start doing things then he will take you for granted. Let him know your worth.

Take his opinions while taking personal or professional decisions as it will make him feel important. His opinions should be observed and implicated.

Express your love even when you are in public. You can hug him right and hold his hands when guys are out.

Express Your Love

Express your love by cooking his best meal. Serve it with love and they would love you hosting it.

Give his space and take yours. Guys have their own set of friends and interests so you need to give them time for that. Don’t cling on when they have plans.

Support them on their professional goals and motivate them to reach higher. It gives your man immense energy to thrive better.

Treat his family with respect and love. If they reciprocate the same then he will be forever entertained.

You have to be fun-loving and outgoing as your man would like to have good adventures and activities with you.

Make a note of what he likes most about you. It may be your hair or your body or your sense of fashion. Make sure you keep that intact to keep him entertained.

Never insult your guy in front of others, not even when you are in a good of banter. Guys have loads of ego so they like to be treated well especially around people.

Don’t compare him with other men. He likes to be different and your appreciation is mandatory so don’t try to push him on behaving like another person.

Watch funny episodes of a comedy show together. You can enjoy a common stand up comedian to keep the laughter alive.

Watch Funny Episodes

Have good communication where both of you can share your thoughts and time. This escalates the spark of your relationship and keeps you and your partner entertained.

Have a little fun time with each other. Play around, laugh, and giggle together. You can pull each other’s leg and make fun of each other.

Go out shopping with your man and buy him something of your choice. He would love to wear something that crosses your mind.

Watch a football match or a cricket match together. Men love to follow a particular game and if they have a companion who follows the same then it’s superb entertainment.

Appreciate his efforts and sacrifices to keep you happy. He might be late but if he takes out time for you then acknowledge that.

Positivity in your relationship will keep both of you interested. Don’t be a boring pessimistic person who spoils the mood but rather is a source of encouragement.

Set a fitness regime together. Hit the gym or a morning jog together. Encourage each other to stay healthy.

Learn something from your man. He might be an excellent swimmer or a voracious reader. Take his help and gain some interest in his liking.

The twinning of clothes is quite interesting. You can wear the same colored t-shirt or the same sort of shoes.

Experiment with excellence in bed. It’s good to have your man in grip with your playful skills in bed. Learn that and be sorted.

Drink together as it provides an opportunity to speak out and have a memory together. Be spontaneous in your fun activities.

Drink Together

Build a language of love which means your news to be playful and seductive. Men love to watch your playful attitude so speak and dress to turn them on.

Be a happy person who does not need to prove one’s worth. Don’t be desperate for the relationship but try to make it a happy one.

Appreciate your man when he makes an effort to improve or kick a bad habit. He may want to quit smoking because you don’t like it, so appreciate what he’s trying to do for you.

Be friendly with his friends. It’s good if they like you too.

Don’t love him more than yourself. You are a priority so make sure you take care of yourself as men always stay interested in women who are confident.

Care for your man when he’s not well or not eaten. Your genuine concern will be unstoppable and irresistible love for him.

Plan his birthday in a theme that he loves. Bake a cake all by yourself and invite his friends.

Plan His Birthday

Nurture your man like a mother. Don’t act like his mother but show compassion and love.

You can express your love with good and confident words, use adjectives to praise him.

Kiss him when he is lying next to you, your random gesture of love will be irresistible for him.

Share his tension and do provide comfort if not a solution. Your kind words will lessen his burden.

Let him take a nap and allow him to rest. This will be another sort of joy for him as he may be in desperate need to have his time.

Make a fancy breakfast for him and give him coffee in bed in the morning. This is a gesture of pampering him.

Make A Fancy Breakfast

Leave your phone when he wants to speak to you. There may be something worthwhile that he wants to share so let him know that he is your priority.

Tell him you are proud of him. He will put his best effort to keep that up.

Share your secrets and be the best keeper of those secrets. It’s good if he finds a companion in you.

Meet his family and greet them with respect. He would love to see you getting along with his loved ones.

Apologize when you are wrong and don’t always expect him to run behind you when you are angry. You can be the partner who realizes the mistake and admits it.

You are not a rehabilitation center so make that clear to him. Help him to bring him out of his bad habits but don’t slog yourself while doing it.

Be an intelligent person who understands him and his work. Let him have you by his side while taking decisions.

Plan a trip together where you get to spend time together and go for adventurous activities to keep the fun alive.

Plan A Trip Together

Text your man and leave small notes to express your love. Your concern and constant messaging will make him inclined towards you.

Look good and feel good as guys love to see their girls attractive and sexy. They like to secretly admire you so give them the opportunity. 

Compliment your man on his looks,  his efforts at the gym, or his work life. He will remember that.

Be a little mystery for him. Let him guess you and your good. 

Select a TV show that both of you love to watch together. The curiosity to watch new episodes can be felt together.

Call out your man with a lovely nickname. Let him have a skip of his heartbeat when he hears the name from you.

Feed your man before you start your meal. It may sound cheesy but what if you try giving him a bite first before you start to eat. 

Plan a couple of spas that are fascinating and relaxing. What could be more entertaining than lying side by side with your boyfriend and getting a massage together?

Plan A Couple Of Spas

Clean the house together and settle the household chores together. You have so many things to do in the house which can be done together to make it exciting.

Always ask him if he’s hungry or he’s in a mood to grab something light. 

Keep pampering your man with the little things that u can do for him. Even if your man is tough from the outside, there will be a boy within who likes to be cuddled.

Be a great stress buster where he should be relieved from all his problems as he sees you. Your kind words should do wonders.

Praise him after a haircut and let him feel handsome. Your compliment should be important to him.

Plan to eat your meal together at least once a day. This will increase the bonding to its interesting to wait for each other.

Write down affirmations in the mirror. It sounds silly but he would love to read those lines that praise him.

Pack him lunch which he can eat later after a tiring morning at work. He will appreciate your gesture and love u more for that.

Pack Him Lunch

Ensure that you are super excited to finally see him after a long day. Your smiling face will have a positive impact.

Send a random message with a note ‘I love you’. 

Give him a nice facial massage as he may not be a guy who takes care of his skin. Ask him to stop and slightly stroke your fingers on his face. 

Plan a lazy afternoon together. Stay home and do nothing just cuddle around the bed and tug in speaking about silly things.

Help him when he’s in hurry. Small things that you do to make his day easier will have a greater impact.

Talk about your future together. It could be just growing old together going interest g stuff.

Wear the dress that he gifted you. He would appreciate you for his voice and would love to see you dressed for him.

Stop fighting over petty issues and ignore unnecessary arguments. Come to a mutual understanding.

Hold his hand and make it a habit. It displays warmth and comfort.

Hold His Hand

Be loving but assertive as your relationship moves forward with respect for each other. You should have your own stand and you shouldn’t sway away with his opinions.

Express your gratitude and always try to appreciate the sacrifices that your partner makes for you. 

Discuss your dreams with each other and try every way to fulfill those. Make an effort to support each other in reaching those aspirations.

Surprise your man with an unexpected gift or a small get together. Do what he likes most.

Make sure you have your Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year together as it gives you momentous pleasure.

Stay apart for some time to realize the value of missing each other. Let your man crave to have you around.

Appreciate the art and culture so visit a museum together.

Plan a visit or date to a zoological park or an amusement park together. This will help you share your interests and have quality time together.

Plan a cocktail date at home. Try a new drink and juice it up together.

Plan A Cocktail Date

Buy books together if both of have a craze for reading. Recreate a mini library at home and fill that in with a nice gallery of books.

Share a common interest in gardening. Plant a sapling together and let it grow.

Be honest with each other and speak out about the reason that brings distaste. Be a critique and an admirer.

Ask him to paint your nails once in a while. It will be an activity for him.

Plan to have a pizza party at home and stand together to make it the yummiest one.

Turn off your Wi-Fi and stay offline for the whole night. Spend quality time playing games like monopoly or cards. 

Readout each other’s horoscope especially the love life. This will be a fun activity to make silly comparisons.

Let him dye your hair with a new color. Ask him how you look and thank him for it.

Don’t leave him angry before he goes to bed. Sort out your differences and give him a peck.

Trust him And don’t bombard him with questions. He would love to be a reliable source of faith.

Camping together would be full of adventure. Your man would love to see your part of the adventure. And it’s a good experience to walk and lie down watching those stars.

Camping Together

Flirt with him whenever you get a chance. It never goes out of fashion.

Plan a vacation together. It could be a nearby beach or a hill station but a wonderful opportunity to be with each other.

Keep your boyfriend informed about your personal and professional decisions. Let him know your plans.

Let him be the source of inspiration. Express him how he stands as a source of strength.

Appreciate his choice in fashion and decision making. He will stay happy when you praise him.

Go for a long drive together without much planning. It could be an early morning drive.

Get tickets for a rock concert to watch the show of his best artist. It could be a surprise.

Try to find reasons to be with each other without disturbing his work. Express your love often and have fun together! 

Tips To Keep Your Boyfriend Entertained

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