How To Make First Date Less Awkward: 15+ Ways

A first date always seems to get most people nervous. This is one of the reasons most first dates have some awkward moments and this is something that most of us would not want to face.

Here are some tips to avoid awkwardness on your first date and also make things go smooth, flowy, and romantic for you and your partner. 

Tips On How to Make Your First Date Less Awkward

Ask Questions To Connect Emotionally. If it is your first date, one of the first things that you would want to do is to connect with your partner emotionally. You need to ask more intimate questions to help you two lay a foundation for your relationship. Emotional attachment is necessary at every stage of a relationship. 

Pick up topics from the preceding context. If you have a moment of awkward silence, one of the best ways to avoid it is by asking questions about things you have been discussing previously. This will help keep the conversation going and allow you two to have fun on your first date. 

Do not be negative. If a topic comes up where you have had some bad experiences in the past, try not to be too negative and end up whining and complaining. This will result in making you look like a whiny person. Do not crib over work-related matters or things that you have to deal with in your life. Everyone has their own set of problems. 

Have a tendency to summarize what they say. Summarising whatever they say is a great way to keep the conversation going. You can give them an affirmation that you have heard them properly, and you get their point. Summarizing is also a great way to tell someone that you pay attention to them and have listened to them minutely. This will increase intimacy.

Keep your phone aside. This is probably one of the most important things you must remember when you are on a first date. You need to put the phone away. Phubbing is disrespectful and especially very annoying if someone does it on a first date. Your partner will feel neglected and will soon be bored with you.

Do not make it a Q&A session either. It’s not an interview. One thing that makes first dates go wrong is asking too many questions just to ask them and kill time. Make sure you are not one of those people who asks questions just to please your partner. Ask genuine questions that interest you in knowing your partner better.  

Small Talk – Talk about things that involve the place you are at or the weather outside. They can be great for keeping up the momentum of your conversation.  Sometimes, small talk can do wonders. Do not overdo it, though, or you will come across as immature. 

Don’t overthink. When on a date, remember to take things easy. No one wants to date a weeping philosopher or one who is always acting seriously. Don’t overthink every other thing your partner says or does. While you are at it, your partner will already feel uncomfortable. 

Read their body language. At times, body language or non-verbal communication has a lot more to say than normal conversation. You need to take hints and make moves accordingly. If they lean towards you, it’s a plus. It means that they are interested in you. Do a little research; it will definitely help you understand better. 

Ask questions that really spike an interest. You need to ask questions that really make you curious about your partner. It could be anything – where they work, where they have grown up, or their life objectives. This way, you might find some more mutual areas of interest too.

Ask about their families. A first date is a great time to learn about each other’s families. This will also initiate a feeling of belonging and safety. Also, you could have a good background check for your new-found crush.

Be an empathetic listener. Always be keen to listen to your partner. Try and comfort them with what they say. You need to pay attention. No person will want to be someone who doesn’t care or pay attention to them. This cuts out the attraction.

Smile. A LOT. We always like faces that are positive and gleeful. Science has proven that we as humans tend to get attracted to people who smile a lot. Do not try to act too serious, or your partner will feel intimidated.

Emit positive vibes. While on your first date, it is very important to show the most positive side of yourself. We love people who spread positivity. This will also make your partner comfortable around you and also make the first date less awkward.

Plan an interactive first date. Things tend to get awkward when they fall out of place. If you do not have a plan and don’t stick to one, chances are things will become monotonous and also become awkward – any of which you would want to avoid.

Do something adventurous. It is a great idea to do something fun and adventurous with your newly found crush. This is a great way to connect and will also help in building fond memories. Go to an amusement park or something different.t Your partner will surely love you for it. 

Be spontaneous. You need to know how to act and react to a particular situation on a first date. You need to respond almost immediately to most things. This will show how existent you are on the date. This will also result in making things exciting and fun. No one likes something mundane. 

Cut off any monotony.  As your two do not know each other too well yet, it will be difficult to be as free and frank as possible. This may cause things to become a little monotonous. Try and be as quirky and engaged as possible. 

Do not go unprepared. Even after making a plan, try and do some research about the place you go to. It could be a really upscale restaurant, and there might be a dance floor. If you go prepared, you might be able to shake a leg with your love interest. They will surely love you a little more for going prepared. 

Evoke passion in your conversation. When talking with your date, you need to evoke a sense of passion in the conversation. You need to build that engagement in the conversation and spark that fire between you and your partner. This will make them want a little more of you too. 

Bring up topics that will get them excited. Having solid info about your partner’s likes and dislikes will allow you to bring up topics in and around their fields of interest. Try and introduce such topics here and there within the conversation. This will make them want to speak more and converse a lot as they will be free to express their opinion. And most people love doing that.  

A little risk here and there is good. If things do get awkward, you can take a little risk. You could ask them to shift to another place and spend the rest of the time. This will help in making things a little mysterious and unpredictable. This will keep your partner hooked to have some more of the first date. 

Ask quality questions that will help you understand each other better. You need to have similar views to build a lasting relationship with one another. Talk about your general principles in life, your goals, and also things that you two want to do together. This will help us connect a little better emotionally and understand each other better.  

Feel confident. You can tend to get a little nervous on your first date. Remember that being nervous will cause you to behave weirdly and make things awkward. Thus, you need to feel confident and take the lead when required to keep the first date going smoothly and as fresh as ever. 

Do not be a bore.  If you tend to be boring, try and be interesting on your first date by doing the opposite of what you normally do. If you settle for too little, you will get too little. Try and be spontaneous and also make things fun and exciting. Have a laugh, crack some jokes and order some drinks. This will be enough to spice things up a little. 

Keep things short and crisp. When talking on a topic, however engrossing it may be, do not overtalk it. This will saturate your words and thoughts, and you will tend to fixate on the same topic. This can also lead to awkwardness. Keep every topic short and crisp. 

Make eye contact. Since it is your first date, keep things a little playful. Be flirty and also maintain eye contact. Maintaining good eye contact shows involvement and reduces any tension at the table.

Break the touch barrier. If you two are uncomfortable but sense the vibe of getting a little up-close and personal, break the touch barrier. Touch your partner in a non-sexual way – maybe on their shoulders or hands, etc.  This will help you get a little closer to your partner and bring down the formality meter. 

Give in to your partner’s responses. Follow the lead of your partner. If they feel uneasy and do not want to hang out in the same place or order something else, sense it and act accordingly. The key to any relationship is understanding each other. Ask them what’s wrong and if something could be done to have a better date. 

Do not be conscious.  If your partner responds in a way you least expected, do not be all about that one small thing. This may lead you to think a bit too much and bring about nervousness inside you and thus making things a little awkward between the two of you. 

Go with the flow. The flow of the date is something that you need to stick to. Let things go according to their own pace. This way, you won’t be doing something weird and spike up either of your emotions. Take small steps and keep them simple.

Break any tension. If you feel overburdened or suffocated, try cooling things off a little. Try changing the topic subtly or shift focus to something more light-heartened. Ask them what cartoons they used to like when they were young. Questions like these are personal but also keep things sweet and subtle.

Be curious to talk more.  Genuinely be interested to know more. Be curious to know how your date is as a person. Watch how they behave with people around you. Know if you two connect on the grounds of mutual views and a general approach towards life. 

Compliment them. A great way to cut awkwardness while on your first date is to compliment them suddenly. This is a great way to make them blush. Genuinely compliment how your lady looks in that dress or your gent’s wristwatch. This can also be a great conversation starter as to what your preferences are when it comes to clothing. 

Be courteous to the staff around.  Chances are they will notice how you are as a person on your first date. This is why you need to be gentle and courteous to the venue staff. Treat everyone with respect. If you are a man, open the for your ladylove. 

Avoid potentially awkward topics. Topics that tend to generate dismay among people and topics with contrasting views should be avoided as much as possible. We’re talking about politics, religion, society, etc. here. You two may have contrasting views, which may lead to a bias, and the whole tone of the date seems to go haywire. 

Remember to breathe. When on your first date, you will have a mix of emotions. If you like the person a bit too much, then be prepared that all these feelings will get heightened when you plan your first date. This will make you nervous. To avoid that. Breathe a lot and take small steps. Remember that you are here to have fun and get to know each other properly. 

Relax. Do not try to control the date. Let things take their own course. If you try to control it, you will come across as insecure, and the nervousness will show. This can make your partner feel suffocated and uncomfortable. This will also lead to awkwardness. Try and stay cool and calm throughout. 

Don’t worry too much about the future. If you feel things are not going too well, chances are that you can also go on a second date. Do not fixate on the first one going bad or not as expected. Certain circumstances in each of your personal lives may also be the reason not to be in the best of spirits. Thus, keep things simple and be positive. Do not unnecessarily create a scene and vent out. Ever. If you are not ready, tell them. 

Engage in some fun activities.  A great way to kill awkwardness is to plan out an activity-oriented date. Let’s say a trip to the amusement park or a museum, attending a theatre, etc. This way, you will be engrossed in experiencing the moment and engaged throughout the whole time. This will help in cutting out monotony as well. 

Avoid any kind of controversy. When on a date, do not try to fight with your partner. If you have a moment of disagreement, take a step back and change the topic so that things o not get heated up for no reason. Many people tend to push the mercury levels, resulting in a very bad date. 

Be polite and gentle. When on a date, ask your partner about all things, however small they may seem. Communication is key in all stages of a relationship. You must be polite and gentle with your partner and be the best of your manners. They will see how you are as a person. We all want to be with someone who is caring and willing to do anything to make things work. 

Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. More often than not, just to please your partner, you will feel an innate need to behave like the person you are, not just to match up to certain standards. This is a big NO because you will end up behaving in a completely different way, and you might just feel nervous since you aren’t being comfortable in your own skin. 

Wear some white clothes.  White is a symbol of positivity, and it is a great color choice for a first date. We are often attracted to white clothing as it emits a vibe of positivity. Since you don’t want to explicitly steam things up on the first date, go or a safer color. And if you really stand out, you never know; you might just get lucky as well. 😉

Have some fun. Awkwardness arises as a result of monotony and moments where things don’t remain spontaneous, and people force themselves to make things go right. To avoid this, keep things fun. Have some fun. Tease each other a little. Be flirty and romantic. Things like these will keep things light-hearted, and you will soon get attached to one another because you are having such a good time together. 

Make plans ahead of time. If it is your first date, you might think that you don’t need to make plans before you get together really well, but you need to understand this the first impression or the first date is always the most memorable one in the relationship. Thus, make plans to the best of your knowledge and plan things to make things go right. Do not make last moment plans where neither you nor your partner will feel comfortable. 

Wear something comfortable. Wear the right fit of clothing. This way, you will feel comfortable. Don’t wear skimpy or tight clothes to show off your assets. That will eventually look non-sexy and stupid because you will not be comfortable wearing those, and you will eventually make a fool of yourselves. Stick to your most comfortable and breathable clothing so that you can chill out. 

Let them have an opinion. Whether it is the order or whether it is where to go afterward, let your partner give an opinion on them. This will make them feel involved in the first date, and you will not come across as arrogant or dominating. It’s a date with two people involved – remember!

Feel the vibe. You need to understand the vibe on your first date. Do you connect emotionally? Are you two having a good time? If not, spice things up a little, or if you two are going too fast, slow things down a little. This way, you will be able to balance things and pace the first date.

Have realistic expectations. No matter how much you like your date, it is quite possible that you two won’t end up together. Whatever it is, you need to remember something – HAVE FUN! Do not think too much or feel that they are the only ones made for you.

This will make a date go even worse. Take things easy. See where things go and where you two are standing after the first date. This cool attitude itself might just help you win a second date with your crush.

While it is very difficult to make things go perfectly on your first date, it is very easy to make things go well, if not perfect, on your first date. Maintain pace and be the best version of yourself and always remember to have some fun. Happy dating!

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