How To Make Girlfriend Smile: 89+ Tips

A relationship comes with various challenges, and it is important to ensure transparency in the bond you share with your loved one.

Giving time to one another in a relationship sometimes becomes difficult, especially when you and your partner lead busy lives. But, amidst all your work commitments, making your girl feel special and not unwanted is very important.

Tips On How To Make Girlfriend Smile

1.  Get her favorite flowers on your way back home from work. Flowers are a great way of showing love and affection. 

2. Cook a lovely meal on weekends. Give her a break from the household chores and cooking for her will definitely make her smile.

3. Take her for a movie at least once a month. Watching a good romantic or an action filled thriller movie together is an amazing way of spending time.

4.  Sing her a song, it doesn’t matter if you are a bad singer. It will make her feel special.

5. Make her a playlist of the songs that you both listen to together. Songs bring back memories and listening to a playlist that you both like are a great way

6. Leave behind cute messages on sticky notes and paste them on the refrigerator before leaving for work. This will make her day special.

7. Share funny memes with her. Laughter and smiles are very important in a relationship.

8. Wake her up with a good cup of coffee and breakfast on weekends. This is bound to make her feel special and loved!

9. Open the door of the car or the restaurant for her, it will make her feel special. Showing such courtesy will not only make her smile but she will respect you more.

10. Watch her favorite movie or favorite show on Netflix along with her and make her a good bowl of popcorn. Watching movies or web-series are a great way of spending time together and chilling too!

11. Buy her favorite chocolates. Girls love chocolates; a box of chocolate will definitely light up her face.

12. Go shopping with her. Remember, she will not dress for herself but also impress you.

13. Dance with her to her favorite song. Dancing together is a great way of showing affection to each other and will make her smile too!

14. Let her take rest once a week, and clean the house by yourself. This will not only help her relax but also make her happy seeing that you are working on the relationship too.

15. Gift her something on your anniversary that she has been longing for a long time. A gift on the special day will make her feel ecstatic.

16. Take some time off from work and go on a trip with her. Spending time together is very important and going on a trip with her will make her realise that despite all your work, you still have time for her.

17. Hug her for really long. This will make her feel secure and safe.

18. Plan a surprise birthday party for her. Surprises like this will make her feel very special and loved.

19. Spend time with her family. She will realise that you care for her family too and you take into consideration her happiness too.

20. Listen to her attentively. Being an attentive listener will make her feel special because she will realise that you respect her opinions and they matter to you.

21. Find out any excuse to cuddle with her. You don’t need a reason to cuddle with her, do you? Sudden cuddles will make her feel loved!

22. Compliment her via texts when in a get-together. This is an innocent gesture and yet very cute which will make her blush.

23. Hold her hand while walking. Holding hands makes a person feel safe and important.

24. Take her for a candlelight dinner. Candlelight dinners are very romantic and intimate. This will make her feel very special.

25. Spend time with her if she is having a rough day, and do the things which will make her feel better.

26. Respect her opinions. This will make her feel important and she will also understand that you really care for the relationship that you share with her.

27. Make a collage of her favorite pictures and put it up in the bedroom. Every day she wakes up, she will have a smile on her face.

28. Kiss her on the forehead. It will make her feel secure. Forehead kisses are a great way of showing affection.

29. Write her a love letter. Love letters will always remain the best way of expressing love and affection. And, a handwritten love letter is the best way to make her feel special.

30. Keep all the gifts that she gifts you carefully. This will make her feel that you care for her happiness and the little things she does for you.

31. Tease her by sending dirty messages when she is at work. A little fun during her office hours will make her want you more.

32. Give her a massage. A good massage is a great way of showing love and it will let her relax too.

33. Gift her a customized coffee mug. A customised mug with a picture of her or a special moment will bring a big smile on her face.

34. Talk about something funny that had happened to her or you. It might be embarrassing and amusing but she will realise that you do remember all the cute little incidents and that is a sign of a good boyfriend.

35. E-mail her sometimes, in the time of WhatsApp, Instagram and emojis. It is a really sweet gesture.

36. Paint her on a sunny Sunday morning, if you are a painter. This is a great way of spending the weekend carefree.

37. You do not need to be a poet to write poems. Write to her one, which will make her feel special.

38. Make her feel beautiful. A girl always wants her boyfriend to make her feel beautiful in whatever way possible. She doesn’t want the moon and the stars but little things like a kiss or a compliment to make her feel special.

39. Be proud of her achievements. Being transparent about your emotions is very important in a relationship. Always show interest in her achievements and make her feel that you are proud of her.

40. Always be honest with her. Honesty is one of the major pillars in a relationship.

41. Tell her how important she is to you. This will not only make her smile but will make her realise that she is your priority too.

42. Be there for her, when she asks for your help. Remember, she trusts you the most.

43. Bring her closer to you and wrap her in your arms when she is afraid. Always remember to make her feel safe and secure. These little things are the building blocks of a relationship.

44. Make sure she doesn’t feel unwanted, when you are with your friends. I know it is not possible to give her your entire attention when you are with your friends and colleagues but that doesn’t mean you will make her feel like a stranger.

45. Introduce her to your colleagues when at a conference or an office party. This will make her feel that you are proud to have her in your life and you care for her too.

46. Always discuss decisions with her before finalizing them. Always remember that a relationship is made by two people. Your decisions might differ with her so it is always better to discuss any type of decision with each other.

47. Be her driving force to reach her goals in life. She considers you to be her best friend too, so make sure you motivate her when days are rough and that will also have a positive impact on her.

48. Learn something new from her. This will make her feel that you are serious about her and the relationship. 

49. Cherish her as a woman. This is very important. Accept the way she is and respect her as a woman.

50. Don’t pressure her to do things which she doesn’t like doing. If she feels uncomfortable in doing something which you are aware of do not force her to do so. This will make her feel that you respect her space too.

51. Treat her with respect. Treat her like your queen and she will treat you like her king.

52. Be clear about your feelings and share if something is disturbing you. If something is bothering you, do share it with her. Always be vocal about your likings and dislikings.

53. Make her feel that you truly trust her. Trust is one of the major pillars of a relationship. 

54. Plan your future with her and let her know that she is a part of it. A girl always feel special if she is a part of your future too.

55. Be a patient listener. She might have had a rough day and she might vent out all her frustration on you. Be patient to what she has to say and console her.

56. Go the extra mile for her. Do something which she might never expect of you to do and will also make her smile.

57. Let her know that you don’t take her for granted. Never make her feel unwanted or taken for granted. No matter how long you have been with her, treat her with the same request and importance.

58. Pay attention to little details. Even the little things matter to a girl, so be attentive about the little details about your girlfriend which she won’t tell you but expect you to discover.

59. Respect her family the same way you respect yours. This will make her realise that you are just not wasting your time with her but is serious about the relationship.

60. Defend her against others. Always support her and never undermine her in public. Defend her from all negativities.

61. Do not invade her private space. Let her breathe and don’t make the relationship suffocating for her.

62. Be a gentleman. Every woman wants a gentleman in their life. 

63. Keep your phone aside when you are with her. When you are with her, give her all your attention and do not make her feel less important by continuously checking your phone.

64. Wear the shirt that she had gifted on special occasions. A sweet gesture like this will definitely make her smile.

65. Spray her favorite perfume on the bed. Fragrance and smell bring back specific memories which will make her heart melt for sure.

66. Be childish with her at times. It is okay to not act your age and indulge in childish activities with her. She will find it cute.

67. Ask her lots of questions to make her know that you care. Being aware of her daily routine and her life will make her feel that you really care for her.

68. Allow her to win the argument at times. This will make her smile because she will have a feeling that no one can replace her!

69. Know all the ways to lift her mood. She will feel loved and will also realise that you care for her.

70. Be romantic and make her feel wanted. Don’t make her feel that you are boring. Be romantic and keep the fire in your relationship alive.

71. Do your best to get along with her friends, even though you don’t like spending time with them much. Remember, even she is adjusting according to you in the relationship and you should do too.

72. Make her feel safe. Girls want to feel safe around their boyfriend. 

73. Show her unexpected affection. This is a great way to make her blush and feel special about herself.

74. Make her feel loved not just by words but by your actions too. This will make her love you more.

75. Tell her that she is your source of motivation. Small and sweet compliments like these can work wonders.

76. Pay close attention to her likes and dislikes. This will not only make her smile but she will also feel that you really care about her.

77. Make her feel that she means the world to you with your actions. This will make her feel that she is your priority and the reason behind your success is also her.

78. Tell her that she is the first one you think about in the morning. A cute way to brighten up your loved one’s face.

79. Pick her up from her workplace and drop her home. After a tiring day at work, she will feel really special if you pick her up from her workplace and take her for a small snack before you finally drop her home.

80. Give her a piggyback ride or take her in your arms after a tiring late-night party. A beautiful way to make your girl feel loved and secure.

81. Get her a cute pair of pajamas. A girl loves when her boyfriend gifts her cute clothes.

82. Make a travel bucket list with her. This will make her realise that whatever you are planning in the future, she is a part of it too.

83. Let her fidget with your hair and beard. Don’t get irritated and let her play with your hair and beard. 

84. Surprise her at work with a gift. A simple yet cute way to brighten up a dull day at work.

85. Let her nap in your arms. That is the safest place a girl considers to be.

86. Give her a foot rub after a stressful night or a romantic dinner. A foot rub is warm and welcoming and helps to relax too.

87. Workout together. A lovely way to spend time together and also motivate each other during the process.

88. Post cute pictures of her on your Instagram feed. A girl loves when their boyfriend shows her off to the world.

89. Let her decide what you’ll wear while heading out for a get-together. She has better fashion sense than you and she being a keen observer, she will know what will look good on you

90. Keep her picture as your wallpaper on your phone. A cute way to say ‘I love you.’

91. Tuck her hair behind her ear. This gesture can melt a girl’s heart.

92. Flirt with her in public. A sexy way to make her feel loved in public.

93. Give her a cute nickname. Nicknames are a great way of showing love and affection.

94. Help her get dressed. A fun way of being intimate with each other and also showing how much you care for her.

95. Get something for her when you go to the store. Gestures like this will make her realise that she is always in her mind.

96. Design the house with her. This is a great way of building the relationship and also a great way of creating memories that will last a lifetime.

97. Don’t joke around when she has something serious to talk about. It’s okay to have fun but when she has something serious to talk about, participate in the conversation.

98. Stare at her in public in awe to make her blush. A sweet way to keep the spark alive in the relationship.

99. Show that you are working on yourself and this relationship. She will understand that you want a future with her and you are serious about the relationship.

100. Make something for her, may it be a card or anything. Girls love handmade gifts and especially cards can never go out of fashion!

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