How to make long-distance relationships work: 95+ Best Tips

Long-distance relationships are challenging and there are times when couples tend to fall out of love.

The most important thing to make a long-distance relationship work is trust; trust is the foundation of any relationship, but it plays a much more important role when you are miles away from your loved one. If you want to make your long-distance relationship work, here is a list of 100 tips to do so!

Here are how to make long-distance relationships work

1. Watch movies simultaneously together. Watching movies together is a great way of connecting emotionally.

2. Send flowers for your loved one along with a cute card. Flowers are a symbol of love and affection. The smell of flowers can connect with your partner emotionally even if you are far away from each other.

3. Play the game of 1000 questions and get to know each other better. In a long-distance relationship, it is necessary to know each other properly, so this game can be a good way of connecting.

4. Send an e-card on his/her birthday or without any reason to make him/her feel special. Cards can never go out of fashion, so send an e-card to make your loved one feel at home even if miles apart.

5. Share an e-journal and share them to learn about each other’s thoughts. This is a great way of knowing each other’s emotions.

6. Video chat at least once daily. This is very important. Communication plays the most vital role in a long-distance relationship. Facetime at least once a day and spend time together.

7. Play multiplayer games online not only to have a fun time but also to connect. A great way of connecting and also having fun together.

8. Enjoy a virtual karaoke night together. Sing your heart out and have a gala time admiring each other’s singing talents.

9. Read an e-book together and later share your thoughts about the book with each other. Books help connect in intellectual and emotional ways.

10. Make a playlist together which you both can listen to together. This will give you an idea about each other’s music taste and also help you assess your partner’s mood.

11. Send gift coupons and vouchers. This will make your partner feel special and make him/her feel that you care.

12. Send an e-kiss via A sweet gesture of showing affection and wanting each other.

13. Send your loved one a handmade cookie. Cookies are a great way of showing love and affection. A single cookie can be sufficient to express your love.

14. Send a handwritten message or a love letter. Handwritten love letters can never go out of fashion and it is proven that you can judge a person by their handwriting.

15. Enjoy a virtual vacation together using This will make your partner realize that you look forward to a vacation with him/her.

16. Enjoy surfing the web together and finding out cool stuff. A great way of connecting and also learning new things.

17. Cook and eat together over video calls. A simple dinner over a video call is a great way of connecting.

18. Send virtual hugs using A cute way of showing affection to one another. Give the comfort of a hug via

19. Enjoy a personal crossword puzzle. Solving crossword puzzles can be amusing and can be a great way of spending time together.

20. Send video messages to light up his/her mood. A small video massage can make your partner’s day and can also make him/her want you more.

21. Write a poem for your loved one. You do not need a poet to write down a poem. Write down your feelings and dedicate a poem to him/her.

22. It is very necessary to apologize for something you did in any relationship especially long-distance ones where you can’t meet the person physically to give comfort.

23. Talk as much as you can. Make sure there is no communication gap with each other. The communication gap in a relationship is the major reason behind an unsuccessful relationship and especially a long-distance one.

24. Make a list of all the things you want to do, once you both meet. This will keep the spark alive in the relationship and make you want each other more.

25. Get a Mizpah Charm for you and your loved one. This will always keep you both connected and whenever you see the locket, you’ll be reminded of your loved one.

26. Set a countdown to finally meet your lover. These are small things that will keep the spark and excitement alive in the relationship which is very much important in any relationship.

27. Encourage your loved ones to set goals for one another. Motivate each other and whenever your partner feels low, be there to boost him/her up and remind him/her of the goals that you both have set.

28. Enjoy playing charades. A fun way of finding out each other’s acting skills and also spending time with each other.

29. Do not make him/her feel uncomfortable or jealous. Jealousy can ruin any relationship and especially a long-distance relationship when you are not present physically.

30. Sort out all your misunderstandings that very day itself. Don’t let the problems linger on to the next day; always clear the air that day itself.

31. Go out on virtual dates. Set up your room like a date night and spend some sweet and romantic time over a video call drinking wine and expressing love for each other.

32. Start saving together for a better future. If you want a future with your loved one, you both should learn to save together.

33. Try and predict your future together. This might sound a bit absurd but in a long-distance relationship, it is important to know whether you both are on the same page or not.

34. Working out together is a great way of spending time together when you are far away from each other. This can be like a fitness routine for you both and can also be a great way of spending time together.

35. Treat your relationship as an opportunity for a better future together. Never take your partner for granted and always be grateful to your stars for giving you this opportunity.

36. Set a list of ground rules to adhere to your expectations. While you do not want to boss around your loved one but you should let him/her know what you prefer.

37. Communicate regularly and make communication interesting and not boring. Try out new and fun ways to communicate with each other.

38. Indulge in some dirty talks at times. The sexual tension in a relationship is natural but it is difficult in a long distance it is difficult.

39. Avoid situations that can’t be solved over phone calls. Do not do anything that will make your partner doubt your integrity.

40. Enjoy doing similar things. Do the things that you both like doing which will help you both connect.

41. Pay a surprise visit to your loved one, if possible. This will be unexpected and your loved one will enjoy this surprise. 

42. Be honest with each other. Honesty is the base of any type of relationship and especially in a long-distance relationship if you are not honest with each other, it can never work.

43. Have a thorough idea about each other’s daily schedule so that you both don’t interfere in each other’s private time. Giving each other space is very important.

44. Install a good messaging app with cute GIFs, emojis, and text styles. Express your love by sending cute GIFs and emojis. This is a great way of expressing your emotions.

45. Positivity is the key. Long-distance relationships are challenging but at all times you should be optimistic and also channel your positivity to your partner.

46. Keep each other up to date about their friends and families. This will show that you care about each other.

47. Give each other cute pet names. Pet names are a great way of expressing love and affection for each other.

48. Don’t rush and take it slow if you haven’t met yet. Long-distance relationships take time to develop and you should be patient. Do not take any important decisions unless you met your partner in person.

49. Decide on a date and try and meet as early as possible. The sooner you meet each other the better you will have an idea about each other’s view on the relationship.

50. Give each other virtual space too. Whether you are together or miles apart, you should always give your loved one space to breathe and spend time with himself/herself.

51. Keep the spark alive by asking questions to each other. Do not make the relationship and always ask questions to each other to know each other more and better.

52. Never let go of the tough questions. Never neglect important questions. If your partner wants to know something, do answer instead of going past it.

53. Don’t make your partner feel that he/she is taken for granted. If you do make him/her feel so, he/she will feel unwanted and end up being apart from you.

54. Talk to a friend who was in a long-distance relationship and is now settled with that person. Always take suggestions from people who have been in a successful long-distance relationship to help you a guide.

55. Talk about how you deal with pressure. This will give the person an idea of how would you like to be dealt with when you are under pressure.

56. If you disagree upon something, never talk about it over texts. Meet in person and talk about those things.

57. Don’t use silence as a weapon in long-distance relationships. This will make the situation worse and it is not a healthy thing to do in a long-distance relationship.

58. Try and respect your partner’s perspective towards things too. This will bring along mutual respect and trust for each other, which is very important in a relationship.

59. If you are going through a financial crisis that is forcing you not to travel often, talk about it, and make it clear to your partner. Your partner will most likely understand your situation and might make alternate arrangements.

60. Look for efficient and low-cost ways to communicate and connect. Communication can be costly if you both are living in different countries or continents. So, look for mediums that are cheap and will keep you both connected most of the time.

61. Being jolly is the key to a good relationship. So, don’t compromise on that and laugh together.

62. Always be thoughtful of your partner. This will gradually develop a sense of responsibility within you which your partner will also respect.

63. Make sure you don’t limit your communication to your partner and connect with other friends of yours too. Do not compromise on your communication with your family and friends because of your partner. You will have to sort out your time accordingly.

64. Stay away from situations where you have a feeling to cheat. Do not get too drunk or meet up with your ex which will give you a feeling to cheat.

65. Make sure that your visits are well balanced if situations favor. This is important. Your visits should be well balanced because once you start meeting your loved one, remember that your partner will start keeping expectations and wait for your return.

66. Make sure that goodbyes are less painful. This is hard, so make sure you look for ways that will not make the goodbyes too much emotionally exhaustive.

67. Don’t be harsh on yourself when it is time for your partner to go away. Always be positive and help your partner to be so too.

68. Try and identify the source of the problem, if you feel that something is not right. Everything needs to be clear in a long-distance relationship because you have to completely rely on the person’s honesty.

69. Try and get some counseling, if you are confused about how to make your long-distance relationship work. This can be of help if you are serious about your relationship. 

70. Don’t force yourself to be in the relationship, if you aren’t comfortable in it. Learn to let go, if you feel the relationship is not helping you grow.

71. Be mentally prepared to learn more things about each other when you both are finally together. There are a lot of things yet to discover about your partner, so do not be surprised when you meet him/her in person.

72. Stay away from haters or people who think long-distance relationships don’t work. Believe in yourself and your partner, and leave the rest to fate.

73. Plan a trip together to know each other better. This is the best way to get to know each other better.

74. Try exchanging voice notes, if you haven’t met each other yet. You can say a lot about a person by their voice, so get to know each other better by exchanging voice notes.

75. Don’t spend more than three months apart. This can be difficult but try and make sure you spend as much time as you can.

76. Make sure you are in a relationship with ‘the one.’ The earlier you realize, the better it is, as you cannot meet the person in real life.

77. Fighting is a good sign in a long-distance relationship. But make sure you do not fight that often.

78. Always remember that not everyone is perfect. Embrace the imperfections of your partner and accept the way he/she is.

79. You can opt for an open relationship too. This is a good option too if you are not ready for a commitment right away.

80. Make sure your calls are short yet sweet. Make each minute count and make every phone call special.

81. Stop making assumptions. Live in the present and do not worry about the future. Do not assume things because that will depress you.

82. Gift LDR bracelets to each other. This is a cute way of showing love, trust, and affection.

83. Play online games together and get competitive with each other. This can be fun and relaxing too.

84. Share recipes. This is a great way of getting to know each other’s tastebuds. 

85. Make a Joint Pinterest Account. This can be a lovely way of staying connected always.

86. Exchange perfumes with each other so that every time you miss each other you can sniff the perfume. Perfumes bring back memories too.

87. Pen down your love story and share it. This will be an inspiration to other long-distance relationships and couples and you will also feel good about it.

88. Keep a Couples App on your smartphones. This will help you stay connected with your loved one 24X7.

89. Be transparent about your feelings. Do not hide anything from each other and be vocal about your feelings and emotions

90. Make an e-photo album. This will help you keep all your special moments safe in one place.

91. Have a thorough knowledge about your partner’s time if you both are living in different time zones. This will help you coordinate with each other better.

92. Share your daily successes. Your partner will feel good about it when you will share your success with him/her. 

93. Try drawing each other over a video call. This is a fun way of spending time together and also laughing over each other’s drawing skills.

94. There should be a mutual effort in the relationship. Do not compromise on your effort because remember your partner is giving his/her effort for this relationship to be successful.

95. Plan on Skype dates. If you cannot go on dates like every other couple, set up your room with candles and have a date with your loved one over a skype call.

96. Share your diet. This will help you both to know each other’s diet and also keep a check on each other’s fitness.

97. Maintain an e-coloring book. A fun way of de-stressing and also spending time together.

98. Have an origami competition. Be creative and challenge your partner for an origami competition. The results can surprise you!

Tips To Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

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