How To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected: 20+ Ways

Making a man feel loved and respected in a relationship is very easy. All you need to do is put in some genuine effort and let him know how blessed you feel to be with him. Your constant validation and care make him respect and prioritize this relationship even more.

Give him a special welcome home.

If you want to make a man feel valued, always start with minimal effort. For example, try giving him a special welcome home when he comes back from work. He has had a rough day, and your effort to make him feel comfortable and special will surely win his heart.

Always think about how you can make his life better.

Every day, ask yourself, “How can I make things easier for him?“ For example. If they are stressed with something at work or if they are sad, think of what would instantly put a smile on their face. Your attempts to release his negative feelings will make him feel loved.

Make an effort to look good.

We all try to make a good impression all the time during the initial days of dating a guy. But what we don’t consider important is doing it later on. Dressing up for your man once in a while will let him know you care about their love and appreciation.

Give him honest compliments.

Guys enjoy a good compliment as much as girls do. So, be it their appearance or achievements, don’t forget to tell them how great they are and how proud and happy you are for them. Getting mindful complaints from a partner is everything a man needs to feel extra loved.

Ask for his opinion.

When you see guidance and advice from your man, he feels more loved than anything else. It gives them great joy to realize that you value their thoughts and opinions and you are comfortable sharing your problems with them. See how he helps and guides you with all his heart.

Respect his alone time.

Being a couple doesn’t mean you always do everything together. Respecting each other’s privacy is very important in any relationship. Your partner will feel special when he sees that you don’t mind him watching a movie or dining alone, or playing video games with his buddies once in a while.

Respect his friendships.

Guys are very serious when it comes to their friendships; best buddies mean a lot to them. So, don’t try to be a bossy wife/girlfriend who always has a problem with her partner spending time with his friends. See how happy he feels when you support his friendships wholeheartedly.

Accept him for who he is.

You cannot change a person, no matter how comfortable you are with him. So, instead of focusing on your man’s flaws and trying to change them, try being amazing yourself first. Remember that he also sees flaws in you, but his love for you is more precious. Do the same.


Reasons to practice acceptance:

  • It helps us learn to be more humble.
  • It helps us experience things as they are, not how we want them to be.
  • It makes us better problem solvers.
  • It is beneficial for our physical and emotional growth and well-being.
  • It helps us develop healthier relationships.
  • It is very useful when we face a challenging situation.
  • It improves our self-understanding.
  • It doesn’t let negative feelings resurface later.
  • It helps you forgive others easily.
  • It stops us from going in circles over the same thing.

Be patient.

Every man wants an understanding and composed partner. Even if your partner is wrong about something and you are having a dispute, don’t lose your patience. Yelling or bad-mouthing each other unnecessarily will not solve your problems. Instead, treat him with love and respect and handle the matter wisely instead.

Be a good listener.

A great way to make your partner feel loved and respected is by being a good listener. When you hear him out with patience and empathy, he knows his feelings are important to you. Avoid being judgmental or harsh, and let him know that you support him, no matter what.

Take out time for him.

To feel loved and respected, all a good man needs to know is that he is a priority in your life. So, no matter how busy you are, spare time for him. Plan a quick date night at the weekend or spend a quiet afternoon watching a movie on holidays.

Don’t stay on your phone.

If you are on a date with your man or you are in bed, don’t keep scrolling through your phone. It is rude and also makes him think that talking to him or spending quality time is not important to you. When you are together, give all your attention to him.

Get something for him when you are buying stuff.

If you are out buying groceries, get some chocolates for your man. If you are buying clothes or shoes, get him something. This little gesture will let him know that he is always in your mind and you don’t forget about him even when you are shopping for your needs.

Be curious about his life.

A man will feel loved and respected when he notices your genuine interest in his life. Be eager to hear about his life, ask how things at work are, if his family is doing okay, etc. This curiosity lets him know that he is an important part of your life.

Prioritize eye contact.

You can never underestimate the importance of eye contact in a relationship. That longing look at a man, maintaining eye contact while talking about random stuff- these little things can be very good for your relationship. Your attention towards him and prioritizing of this relationship are easily expressed through it.

Trust him.

You already know it. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. If your man knows that you think of him as a responsible and trustworthy person to be with, it is enough for him to feel respected. Always be vocal about how much you trust and honor his constant presence.

 Be his biggest fan.

Your man must know you are his biggest fan; you will always be there to support and encourage him even when nobody is there beside him. Always be supportive of his goals and passions, feel proud of his accomplishments, and help him achieve success and happiness in every way possible.

Prioritize hugs and kisses.

Physical intimacy is very important if you want your man to feel loved and respected. For example, a peck on the cheek before he leaves for work or a long hug when he is upset can work wonders to make him feel special. Be spontaneous and playful regarding physical intimacy.

Be physically intimate but not necessarily sexually.

Being physically intimate with your partner doesn’t always mean you must have sex. If you are always eager to have sex, your partner might think of you as needy. Instead, enjoy evening coffee, read a book, sit together on the balcony, or cuddle up in bed while watching a movie. 


Ways to build intimacy with your partner:

  • Show verbal affection by praising each other.
  • Surprise each other with little gifts and sweet gestures.
  • Always ensure your compliments are genuine and from the heart.
  • Always speak words of affirmation.
  • Hold hands more often.
  • Practice staying silent while being together.
  • Share your dreams and aspirations.
  • Give each other a big, long hug.
  • Do more things together.
  • Have sex.

 Do fun things together.

Find out things to do that are interesting for both of you. For example, if your husband loves jogging, do it together. This way, you get to spend time together, and he knows that you are always eager to do things with him. Doing something together will strengthen your bond.

Celebrate him.

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to celebrate your partner; do everything to make him feel extra special whenever you can. Throw parties to celebrate his achievements, have joyous celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries, appreciate what he does for you, and always express your love and respect for him in public.

Be responsive to his sexual approaches.

As already discussed, physical intimacy is very important in a relationship. If your man is trying to woo you sexually, appreciate his efforts. Respond to him and reciprocate his sexual advances to let him know this also means a lot to you. If he’s flirting with you, always flirt back.

Be gentle with criticism.

If you are having problems in your relationship or you don’t agree with your partner on something, don’t be harsh while dealing with him. If you are reasonable, he will understand your point and accept his mistake. This strategy of constructive fighting helps you avoid unnecessary disputes with your partner.

Understand what life means to him.

If you are thinking of a future with your partner, you must be clear about his perspective on life. Know what makes him happy, things that excite him, and his trigger points. Understanding his expectations from life will help you deal with him more easily. Feel his emotions with him.

Be clear about his boundaries.

If your man keeps telling you how something you said or did hurt them, it expresses their dissatisfaction and uneasiness and also means that they don’t feel loved and respected enough. If he opens up to you about his boundaries, always keep a mental note and never cross those lines.

Never mock him.

Nobody is perfect. So, don’t take it lightly if you know your partner’s weaknesses or what makes him vulnerable. Never make fun of him, even jokingly, or say something offensive or harmful. Before you let your man realize that you love and validate him, show how much you respect him.


Ways to deal with someone mocking you:

  • Confront them directly.
  • Don’t be rude but tell them to stop.
  • Be confident while you talk to them.
  • Don’t lose your calm while dealing with them.4Try to cut off all contact with such people.
  • Take it lightheartedly and laugh at it with them.
  • Think about something else.
  • Think of a clever comeback to teach them a lesson.
  • Go with the teasing flow.
  • Just shake it off as if it never happened.

Appreciate him.

A simple ‘Thank you or ‘Thank you for being so awesome can be super helpful in making your partner feel loved and respected. bIf he has helped you with household chores or never forgets to show his adoration for you through sweet gestures, express your gratitude and appreciate him wholeheartedly.

Always be who you are

Your partner will feel loved and respected when he sees you, don’t bother pretending who you aren’t, and always try to be your authentic self. This will make him love you for who you are, and he knows that you are always genuine in your efforts to make him happy.

Know his love language.

Every man has a different love language. Understand what your partner expects from you. Randomly making efforts just to show you care is useless. Be mindful of his preferences and dislikes, know his taste, and then think of unique things you can do to make him feel loved and respected.

Support him.

Even if your man is wrong about something, take his side. You can always help him realize his mistake later on, but if you are in public, it is your duty to protect his honor. When he sees your unconditional support, he knows that all you care about is him.


Seems pretty easy, right? Well, these are some easy and effective ways to make your man feel loved and respected. Men feel great when they have a caring, mature, and understanding partner who knows exactly what they want. Put in your efforts, and he will be lucky to have you.


Signs your partner is madly in love with you:

  • They stare at you a lot.
  • They always try to get closer to you.
  • They never get involved with anyone else. Even casually.
  • They are not afraid to express their vulnerability to you.
  • They always interact with you via texts, calls, video calls, etc.
  • They are silly and funny when they spend time with you.
  • They are always saying something funny to make you laugh.
  • You always see a big smile when you are together.
  • They have told all their friends about you.
  • Their families are well-aware of your relationship too.
  • They keep showering you with emotional and materialistic affection.

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