How To Make Your First Date Memorable

Dates are always unique. No matter how old you are, the first dates with your crush need to be memorable and are an excellent opportunity to keep a long-lasting impression in your partner’s mind.

If you do not know where exactly you should start and how to make things go more than right on your first date, we are here to tell you exactly how you can sweep your partner off their feet!

Tips on How To Make Your First Date Memorable

Prepare yourself well. If you want to form a lasting impression on your crush, you need to make preparations for it. Planning out things is a great way to make sure that the proceedings of the date follow a specific pattern.

Dress to kill. If you want to make the first date memorable, be very particular about how you dress. You need to dress according to the situation. You need to analyze how much you need to go on the dapper scale. Pay attention to detail and try to be the best version of yourself.

Fix a great first-date location. Choose your location wisely. You need to fix up whether it is a movie date or a lunch or dinner date, etc. Ask your partner. Whatever you choose, make sure it is not too basic and has an edgy aspect to it.

Be great at conversation. Be an empathetic listener and also pay enough attention to what they are saying. Ask them questions. The first date is a great time to ask a lot of questions and get to know each other well. It will also tell you how much you two are compatible.

Listen to your partner. You need to listen to what they are saying. Do not be all about yourself. Give them enough chances to speak. This way, both of you will be very engaged in the date. 

Have a balanced conversation. Talk about what you like and also what is in common between the two of you. This will make you two understand each other better. Make sure the traffic does not keep going one way.

Have a positive approach. Whatever happens, always be positive. Do not crib, whine or complain about stuff happening in your life. The challenge here is not just facing problems but showing how you react and handle problems. Everyone wants a partner who is cool, calm, and composed. 

Avoid topics that may strike a conflict. You two are bound to oppose in some areas or certain topics. Make sure that you don’t bring up and avoid topics that may strike controversy and conflict. Politics, religion, society, et. These are topics where most people tend to be biased. Simply avoid them.

Take their name as often as possible. Psychology has shown that we tend to like people who take our names often. We, as humans, like to feel wanted. So, whenever someone calls our names often, we tend to like them more. It is all about the subconscious.

Feel confident. Breathe. Many people seem to get tensed with the pressure building on the first date. Many people thus portray a nervous and not-so-confident self. We are automatically drawn to people who send over a signal of absolute confidence.

Make them feel wanted and special. You need to make them feel special. Don’t treat them as you would treat your friend. In the course of trying to be cool and extra confident, you may give out the wrong vibe. Thus, keep things in balance. It is all about gelling along with each other and building sexual tension to some extent. 

Be caring. You need to show them that you are a kind and gentle person. In order to do this, you need to be caring towards them. Know what they like and order accordingly, ask them if they feel comfortable and also ask them if they want to go somewhere else as well. 

Don’t try and play stupid games. Many people will tell you to do some stupid mind tricks to make the first date memorable and leave a lasting impression. Believe it or not, although it may work for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. This is because most people are different and have different principles.

Be Flirty. You need to be flirty and tease them as and when possible. Don’t go overboard and overdo it to the point that they feel that they are being insulted. Keep things light-hearted and fun. Have a good laugh. They will like you more.

Do not follow any pickup artist techniques. A lot of pickup artistry is available on the internet. Most are marketing gimmicks, and how much ever good and successful they sound, don’t blindly trust them and go by their tactics. The first date could eventually turn into the last date. 

Don’t get bothered by little things. If you disagree on some things with your partner, do not see it as a big red flag. You may feel you don’t like certain small things about them. But with those, you can talk it out later and understand better. Maybe they are a little loud sometimes or may eat a little too much, but that’s all okay. Don’t bother about little things. Focus on compatibility. No human is perfect, and you aren’t, either. 

Have realistic expectations. Have realistic expectations from your partner. At first, you may think that they are the best person in the world, but gradually, you will understand that they are not all that perfect. Don’t be disheartened. Everyone is different and will have shortcomings. 

Have some fun. A great way to enjoy your first date and make your partner remember it would be to have a blast of a time. Do things that will make you want to relive these moments. Have a good laugh or go have a mini (but safe) adventure together. 

Be the best version of yourself. You need to present the best YOU. To do this, do not try to bring out your vulnerabilities and secrets all and lay them on the table at once. Your partner may feel suffocated and might want to take a step back from being with you. Also, try and show the best possible things about yourself and why they would want to be with you. 

Do not discuss too much about work. There is a line you have to draw when you are on a date. Do not bring out your work stress on a first date. You could share some positive experiences but don’t whine about work. Remember to keep your work in its own place and not bring it in between relationships.

Prepare topics to have an engaging conversation. Make sure you list out an interesting set of topics to not create an unnecessary moment of awkward silence. Make sure the date is always engaging, and you two are on your toes and in the highest spirits. 

Don’t make mistakes from the past. If you have done things that have caused your past dates to go wrong or cause some trouble, try and avoid making those mistakes. Take things easy and take a deep breath every time you feel uncomfortable.

Do not bring up the topic of your ex. This is one of the worst things that you can do on a first date – talk about your ex. This will show one of two things – you are still hanging on to the past and also that you are mean, and if things don’t work out well with your new partner, you will be complaining about them to others later. Any of these things are not positive, and you would want to avoid them as much as possible.

Pay attention to small details. Pay attention to the small details. For guys, match your leathers. For women, wear the best dress and appropriate makeup. Don’t go overboard. Remember that less is more. Try and be as clean and hygienic as possible, and before leaving, don’t forget to put on some perfume.

Have positive body language. Having positive body language helps a date in a number of ways. Firstly, the other person instantly feels comfortable on the date if the body language is positive plus does not hesitate to open up and make the conversation more interesting if the other person is showing all the right signs. 

Break the touch barrier. Making initial contact may prove to be very difficult and tricky. You do not want to send a wrong signal but also want to start the date on the right foot with this one. Breaking the touch barrier can help them break the awkwardness, and anything from a little handshake to escorting them to the door would make things better. 

Mirror their actions. Mirroring their actions would not only amuse them, but you would naturally be able to connect better and have a great time. They would begin to see a lot of similarities between you and the other person and it would make things easier in a second. 

Lean towards them. Leaning toward them in the conversation or during any part of the date would let them know that you are truly interested in them and are inclined towards them. It immediately shows attraction, and they would be delighted to see such a positive response. People are usually great at reading body language and this will surely do the job.

Keep your phone aside. Do not keep looking at your phone or be busy with it unless absolutely necessary. It is a real turn-off if the other person is busy with their phone while on a date and keeps ignoring them or making them wait. You need to give them the attention that they have come from, and the first step to do that is to keep the phone aside. 

Make eye contact. Making good eye contact is the best way to break the ice and start the date on a good foot. People can know a lot about a person by looking into their eyes, and if you manage to make true eye contact, it becomes a lot easier for them to engage in a deep conversation and make a date memorable. 

Try and be interesting. Ask them about their hobbies, their interest, and their aspirations in life. Try to know more about them and encourage them to talk. Be a good listener but also remember to add to the conversation and not stay quiet all the time. Be very respectful yet fun towards them and get them to open up to you. 

Narrate stories well. Everyone enjoys a good story, especially if it is narrated well. Tell them various stories from your past experiences, your travels, and even some of your childhood memories. Be you, be natural, behave with them just like you behave with your friends and be comfortable in your skin. Keep them interested through these stories and ask them a few of their stories too. 

Don’t strive to achieve perfect compatibility. Do not run after perfection or look for everything in a single person. Get to know the person better, and compatibility will develop over time rather than trying to already look for it on the first date. Give it time. 

Be honest. Be honest with them, be yourself, and be natural rather than trying to create an image of your perfect self in front of them. Sooner or later, that illusion is going to break so it is best to let honesty be the building block of this relationship rather than pretense. 

Don’t try to fake yourself. Be genuine and real, and do not overthink what the person would think about you. All of us have our fair share of insecurities; the other person is just as anxious as you are. Be who you really are in front of them and find out if they are willing to accept it. 

Have a framework of questions. It is always better to show up to a date prepared than not. Have a few sample questions ready that would help you get a conversation going and help you get to know the person better. Questions like these could be just about their upbringing, education, and dreams; all of them are a good place to start. 

Let them have an opinion about the order. It is always a better option to let them order the food. You get to know a lot about a person from their food orders, and you would also avoid ordering something that they might be allergic to when you let them decide on ordering the meal. Let them order what they like because if the food is great, they will automatically be happy about their decision to show up to the date. 

Don’t just be all about yourself. Everyone loves to talk and be heard, but real people know that listening is just as important, and at the end of the day, all of us are just looking for a person who would sit down and listen to what we have to say. Listen to them carefully and with full attention, and do not just keep waiting for your turn to speak. 

Be yourself. Let them be attracted to your real personality and not just an image that you would like to create in front of them. Behave in front of them as you would behave in any given situation and be the version of yourself that everyone around you loves. Show them what they are dealing with him, and they will really appreciate your honesty. 

Don’t be a bore. Always try to make things interesting. Don’t just sit around asking boring questions but make things more interesting by telling them fun anecdotes or even asking them to tell them a few, if they feel comfortable. Be fun but do not forget to not cross the line as it is only the first date, and things could go south anytime. 

Be open to exploring new places. Picking a place for the first date is always difficult. You could go to your tried and tested place, but that would kind of be a boring option. Be open to going to new places that neither of you has been to make things more interesting. Try new cuisines, new activities and most importantly have fun on the date together. 

Do something adventurous. Keep the word boring at home whenever you go out on a date with an adventurous person. Explore new places, do fun things like going skiing, going to Water Park, skating, cycling or even trekking would be a great idea for a first date to take things to the next level in the natural environment. 

Don’t crib. Do not make them awkward or feel disinterested by cribbing about all the things going wrong in your life, and do not even mention your past love experiences; that is a major turn-off unless they get to know you better. Be very positive in your appeal and talk about the good things in life so that they would want the date to go longer. 

Be courteous to the staff of the date location. Misbehaving with the staff or the attendant at the place of the date is a major turn-off. Be very respectful and courteous with them not only on the date but in general is it reflects the kind of human being you are, and they already work too hard to not be treated with respect. This is the only right thing to do. 

Make the first few moments memorable. The first impression is really the last, and the first few moments might prove to be the deciding moments of the day. Be very cautious in whatever you choose to say or do. Be very respectful, courteous, and humble in your approach and treat her the right way and the date is bound to be a success. 

Make them laugh. Be funny. Making them laugh is the ultimate way to start a conversation, make the other person comfortable, and just have a really good time together. It is not only a great ice breaker but the easiest way to connect. Moreover, everyone appreciates a good joke when they hear it, and having a good sense of humor always helps. 

Greet them with a hug. Greeting them with a hug would help you break the contact barrier and take away the initial awkwardness that most people face on first dates. Plus, they get to smell the perfume that you have put on, and they would know that you have come prepared and would create a great first impression. 

Be a little teasy. It is true that compliments are always welcome, and they make a date very easygoing. But you could try and make things a bit spicier and more interesting with a bit of teasing without crossing the line. Be playful in your approach, and they will enjoy it. 

Touch appropriately. Everyone knows the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. Be very respectful and appropriate whenever you choose to make physical contact and make sure that they do not feel uncomfortable because of it. A little handshake, a small hug, or even a pat on the back is good and safe to start to see where it goes. 

Enjoy yourself as well. In the process of making sure that they have a good time, do not forget to have some fun yourself. The very reason behind going on a date is to have some fun and enjoy yourself. Talk to them, crack a few jokes, and enjoy the food or the activity and the time of your life. 

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