How To Make Your Husband Feel Appreciated: 70+ Tips

Your husband is the most important man in your life, and it is your responsibility to treat him that way. You should appreciate him for everything he does for you and let him know how big of a blessing he is in your life. 

Tips On How To Make Your Husband Feel Appreciated

Cook his favorite food– The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and if you really wish to make him feel appreciated, cook him something that he would enjoy every bite of and he will ask for nothing more. 

Bring him a present– You do not need a special occasion or a particular reason to get him a present. He is the most valuable person in your life and if giving him a little token of appreciation makes him happy, then you should get him the best gift possible. 

Get him breakfast in bed– Waking to something hot and delicious served right on the bed without even having to move a muscle would be a dream start of a man to any day. Prepare him a great breakfast and serve it to him before he gets off the bed. 

Prepare his clothes– Pick his outfit for the day, be it an office day or a casual one. Mix and match the different colors and styles in his wardrobe and get him something exciting to wear every single time. No more dressing plain, he’ll appreciate the effort. 

Wait for him to come back- Imagine him coming home to see you at the door and greet him with a kiss or a hug. All his stress and worries would vanish even before he steps into the house and you guys can have a great evening together. 

Give him a massage– All that hard work, all those long and tiring hours take a big toll on his health and body. Make sure his muscles do not become stiff by giving him a relaxing massage to the best of your abilities and he’ll feel grateful. 

Sort his office bag– Save him a few extra minutes in the morning by keeping everything in order in his office bag. Make sure all his tools and accessories that he needs to get through the day are in his bag and that he is not missing anything or getting late. 

Pick him up from work– Show up to his working place just when he is about to head home and greet him with a smile. He’ll be delighted with the surprise and would love to see you make such an effort. You guys can have a great time coming back home. 

Go on a date– Dates become less frequent as a couple gets older but nevertheless, you should try and go out on such dates whenever you can. A change of environment and some exclusive couple time helps keep everything in its rightful place. 

Write him a note– Leave him a little note in his bag or his lunch box, or maybe even a text during the work hours telling him how much you love him and that you miss him. He would know how much you appreciate him in your life. 

Choose his clothes– Choose the kind of clothes he wears. From picking the colors to the style. He likes it when you make efforts like these. Plus, you guys can set a few couple goals when you match your outfits and look super cute. 

Go out shopping with him– Take him out whenever you go shopping and encourage him to pick your clothes once in a while too. He will feel much more important in your life if you allow him to make such important decisions and he would be grateful. 

Go on a trip– Go on a trip which you guys have been wanting to go for a long time. Visit an exotic location or a place that has been on your bucket list for a long time. Such trips bring you guys closer than you already are and make you appreciate each other. 

Go hiking– Go on a hiking trip with your husband and take care of him just like he takes care of you. When surrounded by nature, we appreciate even the smallest of things let alone when you are with the love of your life, you would not stop appreciating him. 

Buy him a gadget– Make Christmas come early and give him a new toy that will keep him busy and feel appreciated. Get him anything from a new gaming console, a new tablet to even a new smartwatch, anything that would make his eyes sparkle. 

Wake him up with a kiss– The morning cannot get any better than waking up to a kiss from the love of his life. The morning sun might even fail in comparison to how his face will light up when you wake him up with a kiss early in the morning. 

Cook him a tasty lunch– You can take care of his breakfast but there is no guarantee about the lunch as he would usually be working. Pack him a tasty lunch which would help him stay focused on his work and will keep him healthy at all times. 

Plugin his gadgets– Make sure his gadgets never run out of juice but always have enough charge in them. Small things like that prove how much you really care about him. Make sure to plug in his laptop and tablet too. 

Call him during work– When he is caught up in work and feeling stressed, a call from you might help him in calming down his nerves and be more level-headed. However, do not go overboard with it is it might get disturbing after a few times. 

Talk to him about his day– When he comes back home, ask him what he did throughout the day and if anything interesting happened. Sharing things like that helps in improving the connection and makes him feel lighter and stress-free. 

Enjoy a few drinks with him– It is okay to sit with him over a few drinks and discuss what has been going on. It helps the brain to relax and makes communication more fluid. Once in a while is okay, not every single day, remember. 

Take him for a haircut– Accompany him whenever he goes out for a haircut and help him pick something new and fresh. You should try experimenting where you can and if you are skilled enough, you could give him a cut yourself. 

Remind him about his medication– He couldn’t care less about the medicines that he has been taking. It is your job to keep nagging him to take all his medicines on time and in order. He will feel much appreciated when he sees the amount of effort and care you put in every time. 

Force him to join the gym– His health is of utmost importance to you and forcing him to join the gym is one step closer to making him healthier and fitter. Plus when he looks good, he will have that extra boost of confidence that might be lacking. 

Learn a new hobby together– Anything from learning a new music instrument, to painting to even baking or cooking, start learning a new hobby or do a new activity together. When you include him in your life like that, he feels more valuable. 

Make the house smell good– When he enters the house and finds out that it smells exactly the way he wants it to, his mood will lighten up and he will feel relaxed the moment he sits down. Things like that make a huge difference in daily life. 

Sing him a song– When he is having trouble sleeping or is too stressed out because of any specific reason, sing him a song to help him get his mind away from things and make him feel better. Little efforts like that are much appreciated. 

Hug him often– Hold him in your arms and make him feel warm, cozy,, and at home more often than not. A hug is an ultimate way to show love without words and when you hug him tightly, there is nothing else in the world that he needs. 

Prepare him a hot bath– Prepare him a hot bath or maybe even a bubble bath to help him relax and cool off after a tiring and stressful day at work. He is not himself when he is in the office and he needs it to come back to his normal self. 

Give him a break– Encourage him to take a break, take a day off once in a while to break him off from his daily monotonous routine that might be draining his energy. Help him relax and enjoy a day with his friends and family. 

Tell him that he is the best– Always remind him that he is the best husband in the world. Tell him that he is a great son, a responsible father, and an amazing husband and you could not even imagine your life without him. 

Post beautiful pictures on social media– Post pictures with him on social media and let everyone know that you have the best husband in the world. Do not forget to add some cute and romantic captions, in the end, to make it better. 

Be grateful– Always be grateful towards him. Let him know that you feel extremely to have a man like that in your life and that you will not be able to spend a moment of your life without him in it. Tell him the truth. 

Try to be a better partner– Be more understanding and empathetic towards your husband. Try and understand what he wants and where he is coming from when he says or does anything. Be his partner in everything that he does. 

Play games with him– Play fun games with him. Could be a board game like monopoly or even a video game that he loves. Games like Jenga or Uno are great too when looking for a fun game to play with your partner. 

Play him some great music– When he is mentally down or too tired to do anything, play him his favorite tracks to live his food and make him feel better. You could try singing some love songs yourself if you can catch the scale. 

Dance with him– Dance with him when he needs to let off some steam and get into that party mood. Away from the work stress and anxiety, just staying to the beat makes you feel grateful to have someone as amazing as that with you. 

Get him skincare products– Take care of his skin and he will know how deeply you care about him. When his skin starts glowing, he will feel like the man he should and you would fall in love with him more than you already are. 

Get him multivitamins– Get him some multivitamins to keep his body strong and away from any deficiencies. He is the strongest man that you know and you need to appreciate his presence in your life by making him as healthy as you can.

Take a walk with him– Go on walks with him whenever you can. Just hold his hand and start talking about all the things that you have ever wanted. Just pray that the road never ends and you guys keep walking like that holding on to each other. 

Experience the sunset– Experiencing the sunset is not only super romantic but also tells us that no matter how dark it gets, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to hold on to each other and appreciate them being with you. 

Watch movies with him– Watch all the movies that he loves with him and make a million memories with him. Watching movies that make him feel emotional and staying there with him, holding him when he needs it will make him feel appreciated and loved. 

Go to a sports event– Even if you do not enjoy much sports yourself, accompany your husband to a sports event and let him know that your likes and dislikes do not matter when it comes to him and that you will always be there with him. 

Get him a book– Get him a book that will inspire him to do greater things in life and maybe even get him to cope up with his daily workload. A good read at the end of the day helps in relieving the mind and sleep better. It is a great escape from reality. 

Make him a portrait– Even if you cannot draw one yourself, get one custom made and hang it somewhere where you can see it daily and see it as frequently as possible. When he sees that you want to keep looking at him, he’ll know his place in your life. 

Tidy his workspace– Keep his workspace neat and clear to help him focus on his work better and make it a little bit easier for him. Small things like that make a huge difference in the long run and you should keep making such efforts. 

Be a good listener– Keep your ears and eyes open for any kind of messages that he might be unable to tell you directly but wants you to understand all by yourself. All that he wants from you is to understand him better and the only way to do it is to be a good listener. 

Wear a perfume he likes– Wear cologne or a fragrance that makes him go crazy. When you do something so subtle to impress him, he will not be able to help himself from noticing it and feel appreciated. 

Support him in everything he does– Be the pillar that he can rely upon, be the foundation of his empire, and do not ever shy away from telling him that you always believe in him and would continue to be there for him. When he knows that he has someone like you, the journey of his success gets a lot easier. 

Motivate him– Motivate him to aim higher in life and reach a position which he totally deserves to be in even if he does not believe in it himself. Tell him all the right things that he needs to hear and he will know what place he has in your life. 

Give him space when he needs it– Being a life partner does not mean that you need to take part in everything that he does. Allow him to be all by himself and give him space when he needs to figure out things on his own. 

Allow him to go out with his friends– No matter how old he gets, no matter how many years you guys spend as a couple, the time that he spends with his friends and the happiness that he gets from it will always be unmatched. Do not stop him from spending some time with his boys. 

Attend a concert together– Attending a music festival or a concert together will make you guys connect on a deeper level. When the music is great and the crowd is amazing, he will notice how happy you are to be with him. Could he want anything more?

Encourage him to follow his passion– Even if he has been doing alright in his current job, you know deep down how he wants to pursue his passion. Encourage him to give it a shot and he’ll know how truly you care about him without being selfish or worrying about consequences. 

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