How To Make Your Partner Understand You: 79+ Tips

People experiences ups and downs in a relationship. The commitment and willingness to stay together are what make every relationship unique and soulful.

There are ways to maintain a healthy relationship where both partners work towards a common goal and adapt to certain changes.

Tips on How to Make Your Partner Understand You

1.   Focus on understanding your partner. A person should prioritize learning his/her partner inside-out. He/she should understand what the significant other has to say and evaluate the statements accordingly.

2.   Using certain “I “statements can ease a conversation. When you want your partner to understand you, you should be crystal clear with your points. You take the responsibility for what you say and mean. This might increase the comfort level while talking.

3.   Keep it short and sweet. The last thing a person wants is to drag certain contexts. If you want to make your partner understand your point, explain it compassionately and just point out the main areas of discomfort.

4.   Keep the voice calm. You must not shout and land on arguments. Being polite costs nothing and the other person will listen to you if you explain it calmly and not shout.

5.   The body language should not be intimidating. Ease out and make the atmosphere comfortable. No one likes to be monitored about how they should feel. Your body language should not be very stiff.

6.   Make emotions a part of the daily conversation. When both of you will be emotionally available, then comes the point of understanding. You should not hide the vulnerable sides from each other and be transparent.

7.   Maintain a connection between you two. Make each other feel loved and accepted. Peaceful coexistence can make or break a relationship. Both the partner should be involved in the relationship.

8.   Do not be afraid of logical disagreements. The key to a strong relationship is not to be fearful of disagreements. Conflicts are normal and both partners should feel safe to open up.

9.   Do not humiliate each other. Make your partner understand that humiliating or taunting is not the way out. Both should not disrespect or degrade each other when there is a conflict.

10.   The partners must keep outside relationship interests alive. Do not expect too much from your partner. No relationship is perfect and it is important to sustain your own identity outside the relationship.

11.   Preserve connection with family and friends. One person cannot meet all your needs. Maintaining your hobbies and interests outside makes it easier to communicate with each other and not nag all the time. This increases understanding.

12.   Communicate openly and honestly. When both people know what they want from the relationship, they communicate without any inhibitions and can be open without any fear or grudges. This strengthens the bond.

13.   Be attentive. Listen to understand and not to answer. When the other person is ranting or opening up, it is important to listen to him/her patiently and then think and answer to them. If you are not attentive, you might miss out on the main motive.

14.   Relive the early fond memories together.  When you spend time like the early dating days, you get a clearer picture of what has changed and needs attention. This way you understand things that social media interactions do not suffice for.

15.   Make sure to spend quality time with your partner regularly. No matter how busy a person is or how occupied the schedule is, make it a point to at least meet each other regularly for a few minutes. This just relaxes the stress and the couple makes the most of it.

16.   Find something that you enjoy doing as a couple. The couple can develop a common hobby or join a class or just have some beverage together. This can help open new avenues for your partner to understand you clearly,

17.   Try something new together. Doing new things together can bring back the excitement and help you connect on a deeper level. This urges you to sort the differences and understand each other.

18.   Focus on having fun together. Both of you should maintain playfulness in your relationship. Humour is very important and can help sort issues during tough times. Challenges become easy when you both can act goofy.

19.   Tell your partner your needs. Do not make them guess. A partner is not a mind reader and should not make you feel embarrassed or vulnerable. It will be easy for the significant other to understand you clearly when you explain your point of view.

20.   Take note of the partners’ nonverbal cues. Much of the communication between couples is what they do not say.  Notice their tones, postures, and body language to actually understand how they feel. You can then respond accordingly.

21.   Tell your partner when he/she is wrong. This will not build up resentment and anger grows. Misunderstandings will be solved and this habit will help both the partners understand each other.

22.    What you say must match your body language. Do not pretend. Your body language signals many things and clear signals will increase the ability to communicate with one another.

23.    Be a good listener. The other person should feel valued while talking. Listen to the subtle information when the person is talking. This will help communication skills to grow. You may disagree but still, reach a fruitful conclusion. 

24.    Find common points of view. You might disagree but do not head to arguments. Finding a common point can help you resolve conflicts and manage stressful situations.

25.    Manage stress.  Do not get emotionally overwhelmed. This will more likely lead to romantic mishaps and stressful conditions. Learn to quickly manage stress and stay calm in odd situations.

26.   Keep physical intimacy alive. Touch is a very integral part of any relationship. Regular, affectionate contact increases oxytocin levels and influence attachments. It is not always sex but also casual touches.

27.    Learn to give and take in the relationship.  Do not always expect 100% of a person. Relationships are based on compromises and both the partners have to work towards a healthy future.  A reasonable exchange is always welcome.

28.   Do not overdo. It is important to be sensitive. But unwanted touching or inappropriate gestures that a partner might not appreciate can make him/her retreat. Give time to heal and then talk.

29.   Carve out some couple- time.  With children and pressing workloads, life can be difficult. Squeezing some regular couple time can help the romantic interests grow and both of you can discuss issues calmly.

30.   Recognize what is important for your partner. This can go a long way to build a strong relationship. Do not constantly burn yourself out to give it all to your partner but understand what he/she needs and act accordingly.

31.    Do not make winning your goal. The approach should not be to win but to respect the other person’s viewpoint as well. Unnecessary conviction leads to resentment and the partner might feel left out.

32.    Respectfully resolve conflicts. Conflicts cannot be avoided but both the partner should respect each other while arguing. Disrespectful comments can kill the vibe and break the bond.      

33.   Make sure you are fighting fair. Maintain the focus on the issue that needs to be changed.  Do not start over every petty issue just to fight.

34.   Do not attack someone directly. Use passive voices to make statements. You should not use hurtful comments to demean your partner. He/she will then fail to understand your actual point.

35.    Do not drag old arguments. Holding past grudges never works. Focus on the current scenario and do not assign blame to each other.         

36.   Be willing to forgive.  Take time to understand each other. But never turn your back on the relationship. Both of you should stand together and fight. 

37.    Take a break when angry.  When temper flares, it is best to relieve the stress and not take decisions that you will regret.  The mutual love must be respected.

38.    Know when to let things go. If the argument is heading to a dead point, agree to disagree. This disengagement will help both of you to feel valued even after fights.    

39.   Be prepared for ups and downs.  It is very important to recognize the struggles. Both cannot always be on the same page and the coping mechanisms may be different too.

40.   Do not vent your problems on your partner.  The stresses might reduce but differences will increase. Do not snap at your partner to release your own stress. Find other healthier ways.

41.    Do not try to force a solution.  Every person has a different perspective. There should be unity when both of you continue to get through the dark stages. Teamwork is necessary.

42.   Recollect the sweet memories. Share the moments that brought both of you together as a couple. Examine your strengths and rekindle the lost spark. This enables a better understanding.

43.   Be open to change.  Flexibility is essential and you should acknowledge the fact that change is inevitable. It allows the couple to grow together through every obstacle. 

44.   Reach out for outside help, together.  When you face complex problems that cannot be solved as a couple, seek therapy. Couples therapy can release stress and calm overwhelming situations.

45.   Self-analyse.   Identifying a need to be present in the relationship and contribute to it is essential. Figuring things out need self-realizations, and also to analyze situations.  

46.   Catalogue your thoughts.  Listing your thoughts improves a relationship. You study your behavior and regulate your thought process. This builds a strong base for the relationship.  

47.   Mediate.  While you meditate, you reflect on your own thoughts and develop certain skills. You realize the obstacles between you two and develop a stronger connection with your partner.

48.    Start over. A productive relationship will again start to build from scratch after both realize their mistakes. This is very essential since the partner will then be happy to understand the problems and solve them.  

49.   Develop and share a hobby. Initiate comforting activities together. This stimulates good vibes in the pastime and you get a chance to engage with the significant other. it is exciting and fun.

50.    Engage in self-growth together. New activities challenge you physically and intellectually and the partners grow and flourish together. This deepens your understandings and you fight as a team.

51.    Institute screen rules. Pour more time and energy into the relationship. Cut down on the screen time and discover new things about your partner. It will be a crazy and rich experience and you will know him inside out.

52.   Keep the texting banter alive. Be mindful to send cute and positive texts when away from each n other. This increases the relationship satisfaction and you have more materials to keep the spark alive.

53.   Change upon how you initiate sex. Once you are familiar with your partner’s seduction repertoire, you may change things a bit or spice it up with some additional tactics.

54.    Nudge kinky conversations. You know the sensitive points of your partner.  See how he/she responds when you initiate to be intimate in places the person did not imagine.

55.   Build anticipations and get flirty.  Practice foreplay before rushing into something very intimate. Change the routine a bit and keep the curiosity levels in your partner alive.

56.   Do not speak in a high voice. A high pitched voice sounds defensive and immature, these negative patterns might confuse your partner and he/she may never be able to understand what you are trying to say.

57.   Get excited about your appearance.  Push yourself to look beautiful. Improve your grooming style and be optimistic. Even if it is a long-term relationship, often this effort goes a long way.

58.   Get ready for a date night. Treat your relationship like it is new. Deck up before going to dinner and flirt while you are enjoying the date. This is a tried and tested way.

59.   Share your secrets with your partner. Share every life update, opinion, and reactions with your partner. The mood of the relationship is set right and transparency assures better understanding.

60.    Be present in the relationship.   Prioritize your romantic partner before everyone else. Give your time and effort and see the relationship flourish. When your partner gets the attention, he/she automatically understand you better.

61.    Be honest and open.   Do not hide things. Whatever it may be. When both of you share secrets without the fear of getting judged, you earn respect and start understanding each other in a better way.

62.   Determine if your partners’ needs are being met. Understanding should be a two-way process. You also have to recognize what your partner wants and whether he/she is happy with the relationship. You need to discuss your needs clearly.

63.    Certainty is important. Both the partner should make sure that the significant other is feeling safe in the relationship. There must be a sense of comfort and surety between them. This will enable a better understanding.

64.   Identify your communication skills. There are various ways a person finds comfortable to share uneasy situations. Learn about how your partner wants to sit and touch and talk when he/she is overwhelmed by some situations.

65.    Read the same book. This is an example to spend time together, know the different perspectives, and understand the mindset of your partner. It widens your scope of understanding better. 

66.   Acknowledge good intentions.  If you shout when things go wrong and keep shut when the partner tries to do something for you, it damages the relationship. You should always be happy and proud of your beloved.

67.    Refuse to debate every time.   There is no need to start quarreling. You can hint at things very subtlety, and make him/her realize the fault.  Hold them close and make them feel the problem.

68.   Kiss more.    Kissing is not only an act of intimacy but it also reassures safety and security. Kissing often makes both happy and content about their relationship. You will feel loved and valued and understand your partner better.

69.   Be punctual. Stay on time as much as possible. Do not test the patience deliberately every time. This might disrupt some surprise and plans and piss your partner off. Being on time makes him/her feel important and both of you make the most of the available time

70.   Plan something ahead of time. Do not always get gobsmacked with demands for attention. Feel excited to figure out something unusual together. This will be something unique and different from the monotonous chores.

71. Ask for intentions. Do not always assume the motivation of your partner. You ask him/her relevant questions before arguing or judging the person. This eases out the stress and makes it easy to believe each other.

72. Avoid accusations. Do not blindly blame your partner. There might be a completely different story that is unknown to you. Listen to what he/she has to explain and then come to a conclusion.

73. Practice saying no while you maintain boundaries. Oddly enough, this is a very important way to let him/her know the boundaries. Start with fewer stakes and explain your opinions very clearly. The other person should respect that.

74. Thank your partner every day. These little gestures will remind your partner how lucky he/she is to have you. He/she will feel appreciated and do their best to impress you. This will entirely change the equation.

75. Ask the day-to-day questions. You need to ask your partner about the daily struggles and know what is going on in his/her life. It is important to be a part of each other’s lives and support them in good and bad.

76. Do something thrilling or scary. Ride a roller coaster or do bungee jumping together. You will be strongly bonded after both of you survived a nerve-wracking experience. It is something which you will cherish forever.

77. Cuddle and sleep together. Sleeping with your partner comforts you a lot. Spooning your beloved refreshes your mind and enables a good night’s sleep. To increase the understanding skills, this is an important step.

78. Let your other options fade away. Orbiting around is not okay. Go out with other people but do not escalate to flirting or engaging with other people. This proves how fickle-minded one can be.

79. Go grocery shopping together.  When both of your divide and celebrate the household responsibilities, it becomes easier for you to maintain the relationship. You get to know the taste of your partner and understand your feelings.

80. Keep trying. When the couple stays invested in the relationship, they understand each other sooner or later. It is all a matter of time and effort. Both of them try their best to make the relationship a happy one. 

Tips To Help Your Partner Understand You

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