How to Overcome Jealousy in A Relationship: 70+ Tips

Jealousy is a very cruel feeling that if enters into one’s relationship then it can destroy even the healthiest relationship.

If you assume that jealousy has entered your relationship then you should take action to help yourself or your partner to overcome it as soon as possible to keep your love and bond strong forever. 

Tips on how to overcome jealousy in a relationship

Clear your doubts. As long as you have doubts in your head your jealousy will increase day by day and you will do something bad to your partner. So, stop your doubts that are hitting all around your head and clarify your doubts. 

Communicate. You will never have any solutions in your relationship if you do not talk it out with your partner. Conversation can solve any problem that arises in a relationship, conversation can bring people together. 

Get to the roots. Everything comes from a small, tiny act that one would not think also will grow into something like jealousy. So, if you are the one who feels jealous of your partner instead of doing anything stupid your first and foremost action should be to find the cause of your jealousy. 

Change your perspective. One might get jealous because from the perspective which they are looking at it would be wrong, and it will grow if you do not change it. if you are getting jealous in your relationship then you should try to look at the situation from a different angle which can give you a positive fact.  

Go for therapy sessions. Jealousy is a feeling which is very hard to overcome because if the cause of your jealousy is always in front of your eyes it will do nothing but will make you more jealous. There are sessions for people to overcome these types of feelings and you could join one of them. 

Think before you answer. Words or sentences that can hurt your partner’s feelings can come out of your mouth when you speak out of jealousy. So, when you are jealous you should think twice in your head about what you are going to speak. This would help you hurting your healthy relationship. 

Do not lose your patience. This little act works in many situations and to overcome those. Patience is the key to everything. So, you should try to be patient when you are getting jealous to overcome it. Because you never know when jealousy and turn into anger. 

Ask for opinions. It is always a wise act to ask for an opinion when you cannot find any solution on your own. You might know people who are older than you and have experienced the same. You can refer your problem to them and take methods to overcome it. 

Be open-minded. Most of the relationship does not last long because of their narrow-minded mentality. In this age, many things have advanced and so mentality should also. If you are jealous broader your mind and you will see that you were just getting jealous without any reason. 

Tell them about your bothering. Most people try to keep their feeling buried in their minds. You should never do this to yourself because it will start eating from your inside. So, a better to overcome your jealousy is to tell your partner about it in a pleasant method. 

Wait for the moment. It is always not the right time to say what you are feeling. You have to first understand the state of the other person because you can make their situation even worse by sharing it. So, be calm and wait for the right time and tell them. 

Put yourself in their shoes. You might observe a situation in the wrong way or from your point of view, it might make you feel jealous. There’s always a method to overcome such feelings by putting yourself in the shoes of your partner and from their point of view observe the situation. Your feeling of jealousy will automatically go away. 

Go with your instinct. Instincts act as a guide for most of the people around you. They do not think about the consequences that will come they just do it. In this case, you can also go with your instincts to overcome your jealousy. 

Adjust your expectations. Expectations from your relationship that cannot be done in reality or having high expectations can also make you jealous. You should know the difference between the dream world and the real world. Have expectations that are achievable and in turn, your jealousy will not be there anywhere. 

Love yourself. if you don’t know how to love yourself then you are bound to get jealous of others even if it is your partner. Your first love should be yourself. If you start loving yourself the feeling of jealousy will never enter your mind. 

Build trust in yourself. Trust is a feeling of surety that you have on someone who will never fail you or leave you in a bad situation. It is good to have such people around but first, you should be able to trust yourself because if you do trust yourself and you might get jealous by seeing others. Learn to trust in yourself first then the others. 

Do not compare. This s one of the major reasons for one getting jealous of another person. If you compare yourself to your partner you may find that they are better than you in somethings and this gives rise to jealousy. To overcome jealousy, you have to stop comparing yourself because everyone is unique in their way. 

Do not play games. Jealousy can make you play mind games with your healthy relationship to satisfy your feelings and it can become a way to overcome it. But it will badly affect your relationship, do not play games because it will make you more jealous. 

Do not act by your feelings. This feeling does not strike at you by giving a message beforehand. It can come into you at any point in time. So, when it comes to you do not act with your feelings because it will openly show that you are jealous. Instead, try to enjoy that to overcome it. 

Be vulnerable. Do not be afraid to show your vulnerability at least to your partner. Instead, when you are with your partner be vulnerable, your partner will understand and will also help you to come out of it even if it jealousy. 

Heal yourself. Just because your last relationship was not a good one and it had hurt you more and have made you jealous. You have to realize that you are in a new relationship and everything is new. So, try to heal from your previous one and overcome your jealousy with help of your partner. 

Go out with friends. You should never forget that there’s a world outside of your relationship. Plan outings with your friends and send your partner also with her friends. These outings will help you to overcome your jealousy. 

Trust them. The core of every relationship is trust and if this is not strong then it can fall anytime. Jealousy arises even from trust issues in your relationship. To overcome your jealousy, you should have trust in yourself more than anyone. 

Stop hanging onto jealousy. As long as you let your jealousy hang around with you it will start to make you grow even more jealous, and it might turn into anger. Take immediate actions when this hits to overcome your jealousy. 

Look on the positive side. If you are a person who looks at the negative side of your relationship first, then there is a possibility of you getting jealous. Always try to keep yourself positive and have a positive perspective this will you overcome your jealousy. 

Take the help of a friend. A good circle of friends will always be there for you to help whenever needed. In this case, also you can ask one of your friends who have experienced the same to help you overcome it. They are bound to give you great ideas.  

Focus on your insecurities. This is a long chain that builds jealousy. If you do not have trust in your relationship it rises insecurities and if insecurities rise it gives birth to jealousy. So, you should try to work on the insecurities you have and overcome your jealousy. 

Do meditation. This exercise brings peace to your mind and allows positivity to enter your head by releasing toxic feelings. To overcome jealousy in your relationship you should meditate every morning with your partner. 

Spend a day with family. Families are the most beautiful group of people who cares for each other and never leave their members alone. If you cannot overcome your jealousy on your own, then you can visit your family for a day.

Spend quality time. Getting jealous of your partner? Then take them with you to a beautiful place where you two can spend quality time together and the love that will be in the air will make you forget your jealousy.  

Never stop loving. Love is the solution to every problem, and nobody will deny love when it is shown to them or they feel it. whenever jealousy hits you show more love to your partner and by this you will get lost in the love of your partner and jealousy will get out of your head.  

Get yourself busy. Your jealousy is getting more because you are wasting time concentrating on the matter. Get up and prepare a busy schedule for yourself and stick to it. if you do not get time to think about it you will automatically overcome it. 

Tell it in writing. If you feel very skeptical in confronting your partner about your jealousy, then you can write it on paper and leave it on her desk. As soon as they read it they will clear your worries and your jealousy will be gone away. 

Do not sneak in their phones. This act will bring trust issues in your relationship if get caught while sneaking your partner’s messages or calls to assure your reason for jealousy. If you are that concerned, then you can ask your partner directly and you will overcome your jealousy after getting a satisfactory answer.  

Have control over your emotions. This is a very hard one, but, surely, you will come out of your jealousy. You should have control over emotions on what to let out and what to leave it inside. If you can control you can even get out of your jealousy. 

Question yourself. When this feeling comes in you the first thing you should do is to ask yourself why you are feeling in this way for the person you love the most. You will automatically find that your jealousy s going away when you do not have a definite reason. 

Take your time. It is a feeling that one cannot come out of within few minutes to few hours. It may take days for some to come out of it. So, do not rush to get rid of this feeling, overcome it slowly and learn from it.   

Accept you are jealous. It’s very obvious of people to deny that they are jealous when people find out about them. This is the problem where it gives water to the plant of jealousy. Accept to yourself that you are jealousy because this acceptance can help you to come out of it. 

Do not overthink. This is s root of many of the problems that arise in a relationship. The more you think about the stuff that is making you jealous the more you will be. Stop overthinking about it and enjoy your relationship. 

Show more affection. This could be a beautiful way to overcome your jealousy in your relationship. When you are feeling jealous try to convert it into affection and be more affectionate towards your partner. 

Do not get immature. One often starts to act immaturely in these kinds of situations. Do not forget that you are a responsible adult, and you have to stop acting like an immature one. This will help you to overcome your jealousy. 

Do not take decisions out of jealously. Decisions should be only made with a calm mind and a lot of thinking about the consequences. Your jealousy can take you to a point where you start taking wrong decisions out of jealousy. When this happens try to take long breathes and calm yourself down. 

Give freedom. If you feel jealousy in your relationship, then you will try to restrict their restriction to reduce your jealousy. But the more you limit their freedom the more they will try to escape from you. To overcome your jealousy let them be free and just be in touch with them every time. 

Beware of toxic people. It is not possible every time that you feel jealous on your own. There are people around you who are jealous of your healthy relationship and will also try to make you jealous of your own partner. So, it’s better to stay away from people like that and never listen to what they tell you. 

Be supportive. Do not try to be unsupportive if you are jealous in your relationship because it will drastically take down your relationship to an end. Instead, try to overcome your jealousy by supporting your relationship more than before.  

Make it a joke. Looking for an interesting and fun way to overcome your jealousy? You can tell your partner that you are jealous by framing it in a joke and they will automatically console you that there’s nothing for you to get jealous of. 

Get involve. Do not just stand at a distance from the thing and get jealous. The best and the easiest way to overcome your jealousy is by getting involved with the reason that is making you jealous. You will get to know that you were getting jealous without any reason.  

Go to religious places. These are very beautiful and holy places far from the noise and haste. Make a schedule to visit a religious place every day because it will help you to achieve peace of your mind and will also help you to overcome your jealousy. 

Go for a vacation. Take a break and go for a vacation with your partner in some new and exciting place. This break will help you to overcome your jealousy in a better way and could make some beautiful memories too.  

Compromise. At some point of time in a relationship both of you have to compromise something for your partner. So, when you feel that some kind of activities done by you is making your partner feel jealous compromise it. It will be the best way to help them overcome it. 

How to overcome jealousy in a relationship?: 

● Acknowledge that you are jealous of something, and openly discuss it with your partner.

● Don’t hide your reason for being jealous, as it will only increase your emotional burden and take a toll on your mental health.

● Maintain a relationship journal where you can vent out your feelings and express what your jealousy feels like.

● Make sure to voice everything that concerns you. For example, maybe your partner’s actions or someone else’s actions towards your partner.

● Don’t make decisions in an instant; rather, have patience and wait. Instead, talk it out, and decide calmly and collectedly.

● Visit a therapist and take couples therapy. You may even consult a relationship coach.

● It is essential to design healthy boundaries and respect each other’s space.

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