How To Overcome Pride In A Relationship: 64+ Essential Ways

It is normal to have ups and downs in your relationship as long as you and your partner both love each other.

But not all days are the same and your partner may end up hurting your pride either intentionally or unknowingly.

If you have no control over your pride, the results can be extremely bad causing the relationship to end. So, here are some ways that you can follow to overcome pride in a relationship ?.

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What Is The Meaning Of Having Too Much Pride In A Relationship?

Having too much pride in a relationship means placing excessive importance on one’s ego and refusing to compromise or admit fault.

It can lead to an unwillingness to apologize, a lack of empathy, and a constant need to be right.

This can strain the relationship and hinder effective communication and resolution.

How Pride Can Ruin Your Relationship?

Pride is often considered a negative trait that can indeed have detrimental effects on relationships.

While it is important to have self-respect and confidence, excessive pride can create barriers and strain in a relationship. Here are a few ways in which pride can potentially ruin a relationship:

Refusal To Apologize Or Admit Mistakes

Refusal To Apologize Or Admit Mistakes

Pride can make it difficult for individuals to acknowledge their faults or apologize when they have hurt their partner.

Instead of taking responsibility, pride may lead someone to become defensive, deny their wrongdoing, or shift blame onto their partner. This lack of accountability can erode trust and create resentment.

Stubbornness And Unwillingness To Compromise

Stubbornness And Unwillingness To Compromise

Pride can manifest as stubbornness, making finding common ground and compromise in a relationship challenging.

When both partners are too proud to give in or meet halfway, conflicts can escalate, leading to a breakdown in communication and understanding.

Lack of empathy and understanding

Lack Of Empathy And Understanding

Pride can make individuals overly focused on their own needs, desires, and achievements, making it difficult for them to empathize with their partner’s perspective.

This self-centeredness can lead to a lack of emotional support, invalidation of feelings, and an overall imbalance in the relationship.

Difficulty in seeking help or guidance

Difficulty In Seeking Help Or Guidance

Pride can hinder one’s willingness to seek help or guidance from others, including relationship counselors or therapists.

The belief that seeking outside assistance is a sign of weakness or failure can prevent couples from addressing underlying issues and finding effective solutions.

Maintaining a defensive and combative attitude

Maintaining A Defensive And Combative Attitude

Pride can lead to defensiveness and a desire always to be “right” in arguments or discussions.

This can create a hostile environment where healthy communication and constructive problem-solving become challenging.

It becomes about winning the argument rather than resolving the issue.

Is Pride In A Relationship Good Or Bad?

Positive AspectsNegative Aspects
Self-esteem and confidenceEgo-driven behaviors
Relationship satisfactionInflexibility
Mutual respectComparison and competition

Proven Ways To Overcome Pride In A Relationship

Overcoming pride in a relationship is crucial for fostering healthy communication, resolving conflicts, and maintaining a strong connection with your partner.

Here are some proven ways to overcome pride in a relationship:

1. Accept the flaws that you have:

Accept The Flaws That You Have

To overcome pride in a relationship, it’s essential to accept the flaws you possess. Acknowledging and embracing your imperfections allows for humility and genuine connection.

It fosters empathy, understanding, and a willingness to grow, promoting a healthier and more harmonious partnership.

2. Let The Truth Come Out To Everyone:

Never try to suppress the truth irrespective of anything. Let the truth come to light not only to your partner but also to your inner self.

3. Ask Yourself If You Are Really Trying:

You will be able to overcome your pride but the process will be difficult. So, it is best if you assess yourself and not depend on anyone else for judgment.

4. Try Learning How To Apologize To Your Partner:

Try Learning How To Apologize To Your Partner

One of the biggest steps to overcome your pride is to apologize to your partner.

Overcoming pride in a relationship can be achieved by learning how to apologize sincerely and genuinely to your partner, acknowledging your mistakes, and taking responsibility for them.

5. Accept when you are wrong:

Once you have known your flaws, admit the mistakes that you have made. Rather than trying to justify them, try to rectify them.

6. Never give up on trying:

Never Give Up On Trying

Overcoming your pride is going to be difficult and the situations may be hard for you. But never give up on trying to overcome your pride.

7. Always think of the positive sides of overcoming your pride:

Think of the good things that will happen to your relationship once you are successful. It is always best to look at the bigger picture.

8. Ask yourself whether your pride is worth it:

Is prioritizing your pride better than accepting your partner saying that the earth is not flat? Every time a situation comes where your pride comes into play, ask questions yourself.

9. Communicating continuously is one of the best ways to overcome pride:

Communicating Continuously Is One Of The Best Ways To Overcome Pride

Once you talk to your partner, the issues will be solved even without knowing it. So, never seize communication with your partner.

10. Good communication can lighten up the situation:

There is no guarantee that communication will always enable you to overcome your pride. But good communication with your partner will enable you to take a step ahead.

11. Being serious always is not the best for the relationship:

Being Serious Always Is Not The Best For The Relationship

Once you are not very serious, your pride will not come into play. As a result, you will not even need to overcome your pride.

12. Try to be less competitive:

You and your partner are not in a competition. So, try to avoid competition as much as you can and you will not have any issues with your pride in the relationship.

13. Learn how to adjust:

Being in a relationship requires a lot of adjustments from you and your partner. Once you start adjusting slowly, you will see that your pride is not affecting your relationship anymore in any way.

14. Be happy about your partner’s achievements:

Be Happy About Your Partner’s Achievements

You should know that you and your partner are together and one person’s success is equally important to the other.

So, learn to be happy when your partner achieves something instead of trying to achieve the same thing.

15. Being overly competitive can ruin a beautiful relationship:

Try to achieve success but never try to get into a race with your partner. This is one of the steps that you need to take to overcome your pride.

16. Instead of starting a race, try to grow together:

Instead Of Starting A Race, Try To Grow Together

If your partner achieves success, you should also try to grow so that you two are equal. Never try to be a step ahead of your partner.

17. Praise your partner for small things:

These small gestures are very important when you want to let go of your pride in your beautiful relationship.

Once you start praising, your partner will also understand that you are happy for him or her and the question of pride will not appear at all.

18. Praising your partner will make you more humble:

Praising Your Partner Will Make You More Humble

A humble person is never boastful and thus, can help you deal with your pride issues. So, try to praise your partner and try to be humble.

19. Never stoop down to your partner’s level:

Once you choose to not stoop down to your partner’s level, your relationship will not be ruined due to your pride issues.

20. Learn to ignore as soon as you can:

If you know the art of ignoring, you will never have to bring your pride in between. Ask yourself whether your involvement is worth it.

21. Let go of minor issues in the relationship:

Let Go Of Minor Issues In The Relationship

Learn to decide whether your pride should even come into play at all. If the problems are minor, let go of them.

22. Be understanding as much as you can:

Your partner might have had a day full of stress and frustration for which the words he or she used were inappropriate.

So, try to understand your partner’s situation before you start taking things too seriously.

23. Did your partner really use the words to hurt your pride?

Before you start arguing, always ask this yourself. Not everyone is good with words; you must explain them to your partner.

24. You need to be cheerful to be able to understand your partner more:

You Need To Be Cheerful To Be Able To Understand Your Partner More

Try to engage yourself in the things that make you happy. Once you have a new mood, you will be more understanding.

25. You may seek help from a counselor if need be:

It is often difficult for a person to judge himself or herself mainly on sensitive issues. So, any help from a professional can be of immense help.

26. Talk to your mutual friends who will act impartially:

Talk To Your Mutual Friends Who Will Act Impartially

Talking to such people about your pride issues will be of great help. Their judgments will be neutral; hence, you will be able to decide better.

27. You may take suggestions from an elder who is more experienced with relationships:

You may ask the elders in your family to help you out when you think situations are hard for you. They can help you in a way better than anyone else.

28. If your partner is the one with pride issues, confront him or her:

If Your Partner Is The One With Pride Issues, Confront Him Or Her

It is not always the case that you are being prideful. So, talk to your partner if you think he or she needs to work on his or her pride issues.

29. Please be patient after you talked to your partner:

Your partner might not have been pointed out to be prideful before. So, be patient while he or she tries to work on the issue and meanwhile, try to adjust.

30. Try to be more empathetic:

Try To Be More Empathetic

If you did not like the words of your partner, then try to find out the reason behind the usage of those words. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and analyze the situation afterward.

31. The choice of your words may give a bad impression:

Even if you do not have any pride issues in your relationship, your words may send a different impression. So, think before what you say.

32. Do you really have pride issues or are you being manipulated?

It may so happen that you are wrong in deciding who the one with pride issues is. So, before you reach a conclusion, make your judgments properly.

33. Remember that no one is perfect.

You are a human being and you are not perfect. There is no harm in accepting this; the sooner you do, the faster you learn to deal with your pride issues.

34. Once it goes out of your hands, let others know.

Once It Goes Out Of Your Hands, Let Others Know

It is not always possible to solve everything on your own. So, there is no shame in disclosing the issues in front of others.

35. Are you putting honest efforts into trying to work on your pride issues?

This is a big question because often people fail to do so. So, you need to ask yourself constantly whether the steps you are taking to work on your pride issues are even real or not.

36. If you apologize to your partner for your mistake, you are not becoming anything less than what you truly are.

If You Apologize To Your Partner For Your Mistake

There is no shame in apologizing when you realize your mistake. Apologizing rather makes you a better human.

37. The process of working on your pride issues is a lengthy process.

Never seize trying to work on the issues. You may fail initially, but you will definitely succeed if you have the tenacity.

38. What is the harm in accepting your mistake in front of the person you love? 

So, never think twice before apologizing when you think that you have committed a mistake.

39. Always be hopeful about the future.

Think of the situations from a different scenario when there will be no issues with your pride in the relationship. Once you think of the positive sides, it will be easier for you to overcome your pride.

40. Learn to be forgetful.

Learn to be forgetful

Once you master the art of forgetting, you will not even need your pride to come in between you and your partner.

41. Be honest to your partner and to yourself.

Once you are honest, you will not need to argue, so your pride will not be there in the relationship. So, try to be honest to the fullest extent.

42. Are you a control freak? 

If it is so, you need to work on this attitude of yours. Everyone is independent and no one can be controlled thus, you need to change yourself in such a case.

43. Never let the communication between you and your partner vanish.

Never Let The Communication Between You And Your Partner Vanish

Even if you two have argued, do not let the communication seize. This is one of the most effective ways to deal with your pride issues.

44. Ask yourself whether it is worth arguing with your partner.

If you think that it is worthless to argue with your partner, then simply do not start arguing. This way you will be able to deal with your pride issues.

45. Learn to judge whether your partner is joking or being serious.

Learn To Judge Whether Your Partner Is Joking Or Being Serious

If you misjudge a situation, you will unnecessarily be hurting your pride. If it is a joke, it should not be a matter at all.

46. Understand that you and your partner are not competitors.

So, never try to compete with your partner, and do not bring your pride issues into the relationship.

47. A relationship always requires adjustments.

A Relationship Always Requires Adjustments

So, never think you can do well by not adjusting. You and your partner should adjust a little so the relationship works just fine.

48. Do not compete but try growing at the same pace.

You two are lovers and not competitors. So, when your goals are to grow together, the issue of pride will not arise at all.


In conclusion, overcoming pride in a relationship is crucial for its growth and harmony. By cultivating humility, practicing active listening, expressing vulnerability, and embracing compromise, couples can build stronger connections.

Recognizing the destructive nature of excessive pride and committing to personal growth can lead to a more fulfilling and lasting partnership.


Why is pride a problem in relationships?

Pride can lead to defensiveness, stubbornness, and an unwillingness to admit mistakes or apologize, which can strain the relationship and create barriers to resolving conflicts.

How can I recognize pride in myself?

Self-reflection is key. Look for signs of defensiveness, unwillingness to compromise, a constant need to be right, or a lack of empathy toward your partner’s feelings or needs.

How can I communicate with a prideful partner?

Approach discussions with empathy, patience, and understanding. Use “I” statements, focus on specific behaviors or situations, and encourage open dialogue without judgment or blame.

How can I apologize sincerely when pride gets in the way?

Acknowledge your mistake, take responsibility for your actions, express genuine remorse, and make a sincere effort to change your behavior. Avoid making excuses or deflecting blame.

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Tips To Overcome Pride In A Relationship

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