How to Overcome Rejection: 30+ Tips

Finding the right person for your life is a long journey and just like any other journey, it is going to have its fair share of ups and downs.

It is only natural to face a few rejections before you finally land on the correct person and the only way to push forward is to overcome the contradictions headed your way.  

Tips on How to Overcome Rejection

Go out and have some fun– Rejection is an inevitable part of your journey when looking for love. There are things that you have no control over and rejection is one of them. Just go on out and relax, cool off and it will get better. 

Pamper yourself– Take care of yourself and treat yourself to your favorite food, maybe a pair of shoes that you have been wanting for a long time, or maybe even a much-needed vacation. Pamper yourself to get back to normalcy. 

Look for new prospects– You cannot change what has already happened but you have complete control over what is headed your way. Try and look for new and interesting people that you can connect and form a bond with. 

Focus on yourself– Rather than pitying yourself and getting depressed, focus more on what you might be lacking and improve on it. Try and be the best version of yourself so that such rejections never get repeated. 

Be more confident– Believe in yourself and be more confident the next time you step out of the house. One rejection should not change you as a person and you need to keep walking towards self-development and discovery. 

Acknowledge the rejection– The first step towards overcoming rejection is to acknowledge it. Most people choose to completely ignore it as it hurts their ego and it keeps eating them from the inside out. Acknowledge it and move forward. 

Train your brain and body– Be mentally and physically fit for any situation that might occur. Train your brain and the body to be calm and unaffected in any situation and it will help you to deal with such situations much easier. 

Read a new book– Start discovering more about yourself and what you like more. Read a new book, dive into the world of literature and draw inspiration to move on and move forward from there. It develops your personality too. 

Enjoy some music– Music is said to be the best healer and there are at least a billion songs that can help you cope up with rejection and get you back on the track of love again. Put on your favorite playlist and you’ll feel better soon. 

Go partying– It is time to blow off some steam and let go of all that emotional baggage that you have been carrying in your heart for a long time. Call in a few of your friends, put on some groovy music, and have a blast. 

Cook something special for yourself– Bring out the cook in you that has been sleeping for a long time. Cook your favorite dish and enjoy it alone or maybe even with a few friends, whatever you think will make you feel better. 

Treat yourself– Treat yourself to a great meal, to something expensive, or maybe even an accessory that you have been wanting for a long time. Overspending is a sin but no amount of money can compare to your happiness so it is alright to spend a few extra bucks once in a while. 

Gift yourself something special– Buy yourself a gift that you want. Do not think too much, just go out or order something that you think will bring a smile to your face. Do not forget to get it wrapped when you buy it. 

Talk to your friends– Talking about the rejection will help you deal with it better and you would be able to take it a bit easy on yourself. Your friends would give you the right kind of advice right now or at least tell you the things that you want to hear right now. 

Find a new hobby– Find out more about the things that you enjoy doing end love spending your time and energy on. It could be anything from painting to music. Anything to keep your mind occupied and distracted from the rejection. 

Do not think about it too much– Treat it as just a part of life, like passing out of school or getting a new phone. Do not clutter your mind with a million thoughts that revolve around it but take it easy and let it go. 

Accept and move on– Accept what has already happened and move away from it as fast as you can. Holding on will only hurt you more and will bring your life to a standstill. Think that the worst has already passed and it’s only forward from here. 

Believe in yourself– Believe in yourself and your abilities to find love in the right person. Accept that either the person or the time was not right and that better things are headed your way. You will find love very soon, hang in there. 

Start meditating– Meditation helps you in more than a million ways and there are no downsides to it. It helps you get a better grip over your head and will allow you to move on from such situations easily. 

Increase your focus– Shift your focus towards building your career and developing yourself rather than thinking too much about the rejection. When you are successful, rejections like that will not even be able to touch you. 

Get into sports– Sports is a great way to inculcate discipline in your life and be a better individual in general. Sportsman mentality is all about facing rejections and failures day in and day out and rises from there without doubting yourself. 

Learn a musical instrument– Music is the ultimate healer and if just listening to music is not helping you, try and learn an instrument. Not only will it help you impress a lot of people but you would be able to appreciate good music more. 

Watch a movie– Watch an inspiring movie that would help you get the motivation that you are lacking right now and get your fighting spirit back. It could even be one of those classic feel-good movies that make you feel warm and cozy. 

Develop a tight schedule– Developing a tight daily routine will not allow you to have any spare to think about things like rejection and keep your brain occupied in productive things at all times and you would be over it pretty soon. 

Take a day off– Take a break from your daily and boring schedule and have a day all for yourself where you do not have to do anything that you do not like. Just lay back and relax. Get your energy back and be ready for the next day. 

Enjoy a few drinks– Getting drunk every day is a serious problem but it is completely alright to let loose and get wasted once in a while to handle such things. Just remember to be in the right company and it’ll all be fine. 

Get on a binge-watching train– Watch all your TV shows, all your movies, and all the drama that has been filling your watch list but you have not found time to watch any of it. Complete the list now and feel a lot better. 

Desserts are always a life savior– Who does not like a good old bite of a cake or maybe a pastry. A cookie would not hurt too. Eat anything that would satisfy your sweet tooth and will calm your nerves down. 

Go for a family get-together– Even if you might have been rejected by someone else, your will family will always accept you just the way you are because that’s what families do. You will always find a home there and they will always make you feel better. 

Sleep-in– Sleep in for a few extra hours and get that extra bit of warm and cozy feeling that might help you push through with the day. You need all the energy and positivity that you can get and sleep in helps you rejuvenate. 

Go shopping– Visit your favorite mall, your favorite store, and just browse through all the fresh stock and all the new things that you might want to take home. Some window shopping does help you in getting your head off of things. 

Discover a new eating place– Find yourself a new restaurant so that you can have a change of mind. When you keep going back to the same place over and over again, it brings back all those dreadful memories and stops you from overcoming them.  

Visit the salon– Get a fresh cut, maybe even something new and different, to make you feel great and stand out more than you normally would. A fresh cut always helps you moving on, scientists are still researching why. 

Get a massage– Give your mind and body some much-needed rest and treat yourself to a spa session. It will rejuvenate your mind and body and will help you put yourself at ease and just relax for as long as you want. 

Go for a foreign trip– Visit a new country, meet new people and get to know a different culture. It helps you get a new perception in life and lifts you emotionally. 

Plan a camping trip– Go out camping and hiking. Mother Nature will take all your worries and stress away. When you are in the heart of greenery, things like mere rejections will seem meaningless to you and you’ll be a new person. 

Go to the beach– Visit the beach and your mental peace will be in your arm’s reach. The waves will take all your sorrow away and the grains of sand will make you feel light and free and you’d be flowing with positivity in no time. 

Try adventure sports– Something extreme to take you out of your misery right now. Anything from bungee jumping to diving will give you enough adrenaline rush to take the sadness of rejection and throw it miles away. 

Believe in love– Just because you have been rejected once, do not fall into the rabbit hole of thinking that love has forsaken you and that you are not good enough to find love. You have a long life ahead of you and remember that love knocks when you least expect it. 

Read some poetry– Poetry brings out all the love and pain that is trying to make a permanent place in your heart. Read or write, either way, it is a beautiful medium to express yourself and you would feel a lot lighter when the words come together. 

Bake a cake– Baking has proven to be a major stress buster. It takes your mind away from the sadness and could it get any better when you get to eat a delicious cake at the end of it. A win-win situation for you. 

Visit a museum– Visit a museum and get connected with the history of the world. When you experience all that, which has happened before you and all that, which is still going on, a small rejection will cease to feel important. 

Try a few dating apps– Treat rejection as an opportunity to focus your energy on finding someone more compatible and someone who would be more interested in knowing you. Dating apps would be of great help here. 

Post your story on social media– Post how you feel on social media and you will find a lot of people that sympathize or empathize with how you feel right now. There are a lot of people who have gone through the same things and talking to them will help you feel better. 

Attend a standup comedy show– A few laughs is a great way to spend a great evening. Now that all hope is lost, a stand-up show guarantees you a great time and your morale will be up the moment the first wave of laughs kick in. 

Let go of all their belongings– The more objects that remind you of them are closer to you, the harder it will be for you to overcome their rejection. Throw or donate everything that you have which could remind them of you. 

Delete all their pictures– You need only positivity and good memories in your life right now and their pictures do not fit in any of the aforementioned categories and they need to be deleted from your phone right now. 

Be ready for a fresh start– Accept that you have faced the worst thing possible and that it is only roses from here and that you should accept everything coming your way with open arms. 

Be optimistic and hopeful– Be very positive about love and have good thoughts about your future. We shape our future and if we even fail to think about good things, there is no way good things will even find a way into our lives. 

Adopt a pet– A pet is the only friend you need right now and the best thing about having a companion like that is that they will always accept you no matter what the situation. Are you a dog or a cat person? 

Buy your favorite game– Buy your favorite video game and zone out from this cruel reality for a while and come back to it when you have completed all your objectives and you are feeling like yourself again. 

Visit an art gallery– Art has no language but what it has is a lot of positivity and a source of motivation at any given point. Draw inspiration from it to get your life the way it previously was and overcome rejection as you should. 

Rewatch your favorite tv show– When you are running out of things to distract yourself and nothing new comes to mind, you will always have that one show which reminds you of the good times and it is the perfect time to visit it.

Do not be delusional– Do not have any false expectations about them changing their answer and stay waiting for them to come back. They have made it clear how they feel and the only option that you have is to move on. 

Be very open-minded– Take this rejection in a very grown-up and practical way. There is nothing wrong with you but you are just not the right person for you and vice versa. Do not hold any grudges but be very understanding and open-minded about it. 

Do not give up– no power in this entire world can stop you from finding love and there is no reason for you to give up and stop looking for it. You will find love and giving up is not an option. 

Buy a new gadget– Buy yourself a cool new toy that would keep your brain distracted and hooked in with all its amazing features and specifications. It could be anything from a smartphone to a smartwatch or even a music player. 

Attend a concert– Attend a concert of an artist or a brand that you love listening to and have always wanted to experience live. Experiences like these overwhelm you and make you almost forget about any sort of sadness. 

Go for a road trip– A solo road trip or even a road trip with friends would be a great way to take a break. A change in the atmosphere will take your dejection away and there will be a million new fun experiences on the trip to make you feel better. 

Enjoy an exotic meal– Let go of all the normal and food and try a cuisine you have never tried before. Something interesting and exotic will change your palate and your state of mind and you’ll be feeling great soon. 

Join a club– Join a productive club, like a nature club or a book club where you can find people who share the same interest and would be a breeze to talk to. Making new friends is a great way to overcome emotional problems. 

Visit the library– Pay a visit to the library and get lost in the world of books. It is the only good escape that you need right now when nothing else seems to be working. You will find all the motivation that you need right here. 

Start gardening– Get a few plants and take care of them like they mean a lot to you. When you are so caring and devoted towards something so beautiful, you will find no time and room for any kind of negativity or sadness. 

Rearrange your house– Turn your house into a new place signifying a fresh start in your life. It would make you feel like a new person and you would want to come back home being happy. 

Get your wardrobe in place– Sorting and arranging your wardrobe is a great step towards getting your life in order. When your clothes are kept right and cleanly, you would want to make things better naturally. 

Get yourself a tub of ice cream– There is no problem or no sadness that cannot be resolved with a bucket of your favorite ice cream. Get a few flavors now and spend the night well. 

Plan a karaoke night– Gather a few of your closest friends and sing your heart out to the most romantic or heartbreaking tracks that you know of, whichever you prefer. 

Look at old photo albums– Go through your old photo albums, look back at the times when you were happier and would laugh without a care or worry in the world. Try and get that version of you back into the world. 

Be grateful– Be grateful for whatever has happened as it is better to get rejected than stay with someone who does not love you. Respect their honesty and move on with your life. Be very thankful. 

How do overcome rejection? :

● Don’t suppress or ignore your emotions and pain. Learn to acknowledge them and let others know when you are feeling down, disappointed, discouraged, embarrassed, and so on. 

● Face your rejections head-on. Trying to dominate it, and thinking it is not a big deal, will only prolong your emotional burden. 

● Observe your rejections as evidence that you are doing everything in your power to achieve your goals and pushing yourself to the limits. 

● Treat your negative thoughts with a more affirming and compassionate reply. Don’t let the act of rejection be a permanent resident of your brain. 

● Learn from your rejections, and don’t ever let those define you or who you are. Try to figure out all the positives from rejection and work on them more efficiently and dedicatedly.

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