How to Prevent husband low self-esteem

Self-esteem is one of the most desired traits women search for in a man. Women are more inclined toward confident men who can contribute more to the relationship. But sometimes, they end up with partners with low self-confidence and self-esteem due to uncertain circumstances. 

     Not to worry, as every problem has its solution and this article mainly covers those specific areas on how to prevent the low esteem of your husband and save your relationship from turning upside down. 

Why is the self-esteem of the male partner a predominant factor in a relationship?

Women love men who have great personalities and confidence. It gives them the firm belief that they can build a healthy relationship with them. Not just any relationship but a real association with goals to achieve and ambitions to fulfill. It is also to be noted that women also find it easier to make crucial decisions when their partner is driven by high self-esteem. 

On the contrary, the relationship gets highly threatened if they are stuck with someone with low self-esteem and confidence because such persons are neither motivated to achieve their own goals nor bring any vibrant energy to the relationship. 

  So, the self-esteem of the male partner becomes an essential factor of the longer continuation of a relationship.

What are the common signs of a low self-esteem male partner?

A man’s self-esteem not only drives the relationship but also helps it reach greater heights. But sometimes, it can get influenced by internal or external factors. These common signs will make you understand that your man is suffering from low self-esteem. 

1. When he suddenly starts saying depreciating things.

Women like a person who is very humble and down to earth in every approach. But things can get tricky when your partner suddenly starts depreciating his value on every occasion in front of you. 

You may see it as a normal form of compliment in the initial phases. But underestimating his capabilities at every instance may indicate that your partner is suffering from severe low self-esteem. 

2. He starts criticizing you for simple reasons

Arguments and quarrels are a very common sight in a relationship. It is very evident that to grow a relationship, you must accept the uglier side of each other. 

   But things can get rough when your partner explodes on simpler issues. You might be confused at first, but soon, you will realize that your guy is trying to cover his low self-esteem by putting you under the bus for every wrong thing happening in the relationship.  

3. He starts getting concerned about the perfectness of the relationship

Some men just chase perfectness in their relationship. However, perfectness is itself a concept that is yet to be pre-defined. So in common terms, to attain complete perfectness is almost impossible.

But still, these men get concerned about whether they are providing the perfect life, house, and commodities to their partners or not. When you find that your man always remains worried about the lifestyle he is trying to provide, you will understand that he is having a hard time with low self-esteem. 

4. He starts getting negative about everything

Negativity is termed as a state of mind concerning the surrounding. Negativity in a relationship works almost like cancer. It grows slowly and then slowly spreads to other parts with time. 

    If your man starts to get negative in every discussion, then you must realize there is a strong possibility that your man is suffering from the case of low self-esteem. A negative mindset also puts a blindfold in your partner’s eyes, degrading his ability to pull himself out from the darkness of low confidence. 

5. He starts getting jealous

It is said that a little jealousy is healthy for your relationship. But this can turn into a nightmare as casual jealousy quickly escalates into possessiveness. 

    When you find that your partner is starting to get jealous of your male friends and accuse you of cheating with them, you must understand that he has fallen under the trap of low self-esteem and low confidence and always thinks he is going to lose you to your friends. 

6. He starts getting over-possessive about you

It is a dream for every woman that their partner should be a little possessive about them. Because a little possessiveness shows that your partner cares about losing you. But sometimes, this creates a deep impact.

As an individual, you also want to hang around and spend quality time with them. But when your obsessive partner stops youth from spending time with them, you must realize that he has low self-esteem. 

7. He thinks that he is always correct

Listening to each other’s views and perspectives is the most elementary thing in a relationship. This is not only healthy for your relationship but also helps you to grow individually too. 

      But this is not the scenario when you find that you are in a relationship with a partner who is showing low self-esteem signs. Because for them there, every decision is correct irrespective of the situation. It brings toxicity into relationships and depletes it to the core.

8. He starts believing all the rumors about you

Do you know what the biggest weakness of a low-esteem person is? That he believes everything that he hears. 

So you must understand that living in a relationship with a low self-esteem person is not only hard but irritating too. So when your partner starts to question you with everything he hears on the road about you, then you must understand that he is under tremendous low self-esteem. 

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Steps you can take to prevent your husband’s low self-esteem from ruining your marriage

If you find the sign mentioned above in your man, you must understand the gravity of the situation. Because a low self-esteem man not only ruins his own life but also disrupts the relationship. 

These common steps will help you re-establish the lost confidence and esteem in your partner and also help the relationship grow in the right direction. 

1. Make your husband more independent

The better way to instill confidence in someone is to make them independent. So you must stop doing all the work for him. Starting from arranging his clothes to writing important documents. He is a well-grown man who can do his stuff. By doing this, you will observe a great change in his attitude and morale.

But this process should be implemented in a planned and effective manner because bombarding your husband with too much workload in the initial phases can negatively impact his mindset and break his self-esteem forever. 

2. You must bring in the creative side in him

One of the primary causes of low self-esteem is the lack of creativity. Practicing creativity daily can uplift the mental capabilities of a person. So it is your prime responsibility to bring out his creative side so that he can get rid of his lack of self-esteem. 

   The best way to do that is to make him perform certain tasks for you. These tasks should make him use his creative side. You can ask him to find you certain gifts according to the situation or get you something to eat.

3. Make him cheerful

Low self-esteem is just a mental condition and can be easily treated with a positive mindset. The best way to make someone feel good is by making him happy. You can make your husband happy and feel good about himself in numerous ways. 

    You can either prepare your husband’s favorite dish or just take a trip to his favorites. Making your husband happy is the first step towards uplifting his overall spirits and improving his self-esteem quotient. 

4. Try your best to motivate him

Struggling with low self-esteem is a real issue and should be considered like any other personality disorder. Motivating your husband with kind words is the best way to beat this condition because these simple words have the power to heal a person internally. 

So, whenever you see your husband struggling with low self-esteem and unable to put things together. Then just sit beside him and motivate him with thought-provoking words to uplift his morale.  

5. Give him the idea that you always trust him

Trust is a word of only five letters but greatly impacts mindset. This word gives people superhuman capabilities to achieve anything. So show your husband that you always trust him and his decisions regarding the relationship. 

  This simple gesture will fill his heart with the required confidence that his better half believes in him. This is sure to do wonders to alleviate his low self-esteem to high self-esteem. Sometimes simple things solve the toughest barriers. 

6. Always be true to him

It is often said that dealing with harsh truths is better than being comforted with lies. Because in the long run, truth unveils in the end. So keeping honesty at the beginning may be difficult but it is essential to save the low self-esteem problem for the better good. 

    You should converse with your husband regarding his low self-esteem issue and try to find the best possible solution. Because only through conversation would you be able to get deeper into the problem and increase your possibility of the perfect answer. 

7. You must show your appreciation for his simplest achievements

Appreciating your better half is one of the steps to improving his morale and spirit. Appreciation brings the required confidence back and rebuilds the relationship from the core. You should not look towards the thing that is accomplished but rather focuses that your low self-esteemed husband did it all by himself.

    So, you must try to appreciate your husband even on his simplest achievement because your piece of kind gesture will create the magic that will transform his state from low self-esteem to high self-esteem. 

8. Greet him with a proper smile 

Many people don’t understand the power of a single smile. Smile is the perfect medicine to dissolve all your mental disorders. It also gives the confidence to accomplish the impossible. 

So, when your husband is struggling with low self-esteem. Then give the much-needed boost of a smile. Give him a smile when he is about to leave for the office or other work. Because as mentioned above, it has the power to heal someone internally and give him a positive attitude to overcome all the difficulties. 

9. Show that he is physically capable

Physical needs also play a crucial role in uplifting or downgrading a person’s self-esteem. And in the case of men, the problem is much more severe because men have the constant pressure to deliver all the goods in the bed and satisfy their partner to the fullest. But when he is unable to achieve this. He feels disgusted and low in confidence.

    So, you must show him that there is nothing to worry about and things will certainly get better with experience. Your motivation will make him understand that he is doing the right and keep trying to achieve better.

10. Converse with him regarding his problems

The most efficient way to find out the root of all the problems is by having long hours of conversation. Having conversations helps a person to identify the real cause and the solution to fix them.

So to find out the real deal, you must conduct a friendly conversation with your husband to learn more about his low self-esteem problem and arise with solutions that can be helpful for the future.

You can do these things to prevent your husband from having low self-esteem and disrupting your relationship.

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