How to Propose Your Boyfriend: 90+ Tips

The tradition of a man proposing to a woman has been in our patriarchal society for ages, but in recent times the rule has been disregarded, and women can be seen proposing to men.

A man never expects a woman to propose to him, and that is what makes him feel special. An unexpected proposal can work wonders!

Tips On how to propose your boyfriend

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

1. The best way you can propose to your man is on holiday. Your boyfriend would never see this coming, and the proposal would be like a cherry on the cake. Make good use of the beautiful location and speak your heart out!

2. Plan an unexpected treasure hunt without telling him what the ‘treasure’ is. Make those inside jokes that the only two of you know as clues to the treasure. Wait till he finds out.

3. Nothing can be more unexpected and sweeter than an airport proposal. He would expect you to be at the airport but would never expect the proposal. When he arrives, stand with a ‘Will you marry me?’ placard in front of the airport.

4. Propose to him in a very sweet way while playing Pictionary. This is one of the most popular ways of proposing and will make his heart for sure!

5. If you love trekking, propose while on a trek. This will leave him awestruck and nothing can be better than enjoying this moment amidst a dense forest or overseeing a beautiful mountain range.

6. Family proposals have always been special. Involve both the families and propose to him once he is back home after work.

7. Propose to him on a rainy day while sipping a cup of hot coffee. Monsoon has always been considered to be the perfect setting for romance and a proposal on a rainy day is always memorable.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

8. Say the special words with an ice-cream. This is a very uncommon way of proposing. Pre-plan with the ice-cream maker to write down your proposal with chocolate sauce on a vanilla ice-cream bar. Wait for your boyfriend to arrive and see his reaction!

9. Use your pets to propose a fluffy affair! Add a proposal tag to your dog’s collar and wait for him to come back home from work. This will leave him stoked.

10. Make your proposal a silver screen moment! Arrange for a friendly movie screening at your place and at the end of the movie, make your proposal pop on the screen. He would never expect this.

11. Breakfast in bed proposals are known to be romantic and will never go out of fashion. Make his day special by popping the question while having breakfast at the bed.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

12. A marriage proposal flipbook is a unique way of proposing to your boyfriend. The flipbook can contain animations of your relationship and also some of the memorable moments shared with him and in the end, draw a caricature of you with a placard that says ‘Will you marry me?’

13. Say it with a customized kite! Organize a kite flying competition with your friends and family and while midway release the customized kite which has ‘Will you marry me?’ written on it. This will catch him off guard and will make him feel special.

14. Say it with CROSSWORDS! If you are one of those couples who solve crossword puzzles together then get a customized crossword puzzle for him and solve together and wait for him to solve the clue!

15. Say it with cheese! A very popular way of proposing to your boyfriend. This will capture the natural emotions of him and he would be clueless about it!

16. Say it with a box of memories! Create a box with both of your pictures and also with cards and tie some of the pictures with Helium balloons. Fix a secret camera in the room to record his reaction.

17. Go paragliding and say it while sailing amidst the mountains! If you both are adventure sports-driven, then this can be a memorable way of proposing. Talk with a paragliding agency and customize a parachute with the words written on it! Wait till he catches you flying!

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

18. Proposing on top of a Ferris Wheel has always been considered to be romantic and cute. He wouldn’t even expect you to do that for him.

19. Sing your proposal to him. Organize a concert along with your friends for him on his birthday; hit the stage and call him up to sing along with you and in the middle of the song go down on your knees and propose!

20. Pop the question at a planetarium. If you both enjoy stargazing, visit a planetarium and while watching the star-studded sky, say the magical words and see him awestruck.

21. Plan a weekend trip to a beach and propose to him in front of everyone. Leave him stoked and make the trip the best one of his life.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

22. Say it with fortune cookies. This is one of the most popular and adorable ways of proposing to your boyfriend.

23. Say it with glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling. This will be cute and intimate and a perfect end to a tiresome day. 

24. Get a customized coffee mug to say beautiful words. Light up his day with a beautiful ‘Will you marry me?’ cup.

25. Say it in the middle of a vast desert. This particular type of proposal is considered to be very picturesque and cute. He will remember this day forever and be very memorable.

26. Pop the question in the middle of a golf course. If you both are golf lovers and enjoy playing the game, this can be a unique way of proposing. Write down your proposal on the golf ball and wait for him to find it out.

27. Gift him a bouquet of roses. Place the ring with a note inside one of the roses and wait for him to find it out.

28. Say it with a cupcake! Go down on your knees, with a ring placed on the cupcake.

29. Say it with a customized puzzle. Wait for him to solve the puzzle and find out the hidden proposal.

30. Give an ad in the newspaper. Coordinate with your local newspaper delivery person and place an ad in between the newspaper. Wait till he comes over it while sipping his morning tea.

31. Contact your local radio station and ask the RJ to take you on the air, so that you can say the proposal on air.

32. Say it in the middle of an amusement park. Plan it with the authorities and let them announce the proposal on the loudspeaker. 

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

33. Nothing can be more romantic and cuter than proposing in Disney World. Go to a Disney World and make him feel like a fairy tale come true.

34. Say it in Hawaii. When you both get off at the airport, pre-arrange for locals and dancers waiting with a ‘Will you marry me?’ sign. 

35. Back to square one! Nothing can be better than reliving the very first date you both went on. Take him back to the same place and take him by surprise by popping the question.

36. Send him a text message to meet you at a secret place. Do not disclose anything beforehand; even if he calls do not pick up his calls. Make his rush to the location and finally, when he reaches, go down on your knees and propose!

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

37. Make a short film narrating the story of the relationship of you both. Write down the proposal instead of the credits in the end.

38. If he is a sweet tooth, propose to him with an engagement ring inside a box of chocolates.

39. Take him to a desert parlor and while he chooses his flavor, get hold of the shopkeeper to change the name of a flavor to ‘Will you marry me?’ Wait till he finds out!

40. Customise a web page with your proposal! Text him the link to the page or leave behind a hint for her. This proposal is very unique! Wait till he finds out.

41. Make a podcast for him featuring your proposal. Hide a camera somewhere to record his reaction.

42. Say it with an Easter egg! Gift him a special Easter egg with the ring hidden inside the Easter egg. Record his reaction when he finds out the ring!

43. Propose him on Halloween! Carve a pumpkin which reads “Marry me” and keep the ring inside it! Keep the pumpkin at the doorstep and wait till he comes back home from work.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

44. Say it on the yacht. Book a yacht ride and go for a sail with him just when the sun is about to touch the horizon. Set up a table on the deck and propose to him when the sun finally sets!

45. Say it on New Years’ Eve! Take him to your local firework show and just when the fireworks are about to start telling the announcer to announce the proposal!

46. Go for a vacation on a beach and ask him to join you for a walk on the beach at night. Propose him under a star-studded sky.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

47. Use a drone to propose to him. Ask him to follow the drone, and as the drone enters the room, go down on your knees and propose!

48. Get hold of a band and ask them to play his favorite songs while you dance along with him on the subway. And, when you feel it is comfortable, go down on your knees with the ring and say the magical words.

49. Gather all the beautiful moments that you both shared in an album. Put the ring in between the pages and while flipping through the pages, wait till he discovers the ring!

50. If you both enjoy skiing, then take him skiing on a weekend. Make your proposal a warm one while having fun in the snow.

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51. Plan a trip to Paris and propose to him on a rainy day in front of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is known to be the most famous romantic destination for couples.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

52. Say it in the middle of a valley. Let your proposal echo in the middle and this will leave him surprised!

53. Replace the bookmark of his business magazine with the ring and wait till he finds out. This will be the best start to a new story!

54. Propose him at a beautiful photography exhibition. Make it an artsy affair and make him feel very special.

55. Carefully decorate with beautiful scented flowers and light up the room with scented candles. When he enters the room, slowly comes from behind and whispers the proposal in his ears.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

56. Make your proposal cinematic by proposing him on a movie set. This will forever be etched on his mind.

57. Spray paint the walls of the streets saying ‘Will you marry me?’ The whole locality will know about it and he will be awestruck for sure!

58. Make your proposal a global affair by posting a video on youtube. Ask his friends to forward him the link when he is at work and wait till he finds it out.

59. Set the wallpaper of his phone with a template of the proposal. The very first thing he sees in the morning would be the wallpaper and it will make his day!

60. Throw a karaoke party and when it is your turn to sing, read out your proposal and watch him get emotional.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

61. Say it while skydiving! This is for sure, the most adventurous way of proposing. Let the open air and birds witness the sweet moment!

62. A romantic way of proposing can be on a hot air balloon! Express your feelings while watching the sunset on the horizon.

63. Propose to him while reading out an original poem. This will not make the proposal an emotional one but will also make him realize how much you love him.

64. Contact a proposal planner and plan a fairy tale style proposal to make it an event to remember. He will be stoked!

65. Propose him while scuba diving. He will remember the proposal forever and it will leave him breathless, for sure!

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

66. Dress up a snowman with a coat and tie in the front yard of his house and when he comes home, stand behind the snowman with the ring popping from the side. 

67. Put the ring on his pillow and wait till he finds out before going to bed. This is the best way of ending the day on a special note.

68. Propose him while playing a game of ‘UNO!’ When the last card arrives, exchange the card with the card which has the proposal written on it.

69. Go bowling with him on a weekend. Talk with the manager from beforehand and when you both arrive, ask the manager to show the proposal on the points’ table.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

70. Order him a pizza and get it delivered by one of your friends. He will be surprised to find the ring right in the middle of the pizza when he opens the box. Be around to see his reaction!

71. Propose him with a puppy. Leave a puppy in front of his doorsteps and write the proposal on the nametag of the puppy. Wait till he finds out!

72. Pitch a beautifully decorated tent in the garden. Welcome him for a drink and while you both enjoy the night while listening to music, propose to him.

73. Book a treehouse and propose to him in the middle of a dense forest. This is a lovely way of proposing if you both are nature lovers.

74. Proposals on a gondola are a thing! Go on a trip to Venice and make your proposal a memorable one for both of you.

75. Proposals on an ice-skating ring are as famous as proposing in a stadium. Propose him while skating.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

76. Go trekking and propose to him in front of a beautiful mountain range. This is one of the prettiest ways of proposing.

77. Say it under an umbrella. Propose him on a rainy day in a beautiful alley or a street. One of the most popular ways of proposing.

78. Plan a flash mob in front of his office. Request his colleagues to help you organize it. This will leave him stoked!

79. Enjoy a weekend fishing on the outskirts of the city. While he is busy setting up everything, tie the ring as the bait on his fishing rod and wait till he finds it out.

80. Propose him inside a museum. This particular type of proposal has started to become famous in recent times and is also very pretty.

81. Greenhouses are a pretty place to propose. While you both watch the beautiful trees, bonsai and plants, go down on your knees and propose.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

82. Propose to him in his favorite restaurant. Restaurants are a great place for proposing and it can be a very pretty affair.

83. Take him on a boat ride and propose to him in the middle of a lovely river. Let the silence of nature witness the lovely moment.

84. Propose him on stage after the end of a musical or drama. Let the audience witness the lovely moment and this will make him feel special.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

85. Ask a caricature artist to sketch both of your portraits. Once he is done with the sketch, go down on your knees and propose to him.

86. Say it with customized glow-in-the-dark stickers. This is a very intimate way of proposing and keeping it real sweet.

87. Create a beautiful path with rose petals and candles and let the candles and petals lead to the engagement ring. He will be on cloud nine.

88. Be the cook for the night and cook him a lovely meal and while you are cooking, ask him to help him. While cooking together, pop the question!

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

89. Plan a live stream with your friends and families. Wait for everyone to join, and ask everyone to show the placards that have the question written on them. This will leave him surprised.

90. Propose him in a baseball stadium. This is one of the most famous ways of proposing which will never become old.

91. Say it with a cube of ice. Freeze the ring inside a cube of ice. While having a drink with him, give him that particular ice and wait to see his reaction when the ice finally melts.

92. Christmas proposals are a thing! Dress up as Santa Claus and take him in front of the Christmas tree. Propose him with the ring and make his Christmas a memorable one. 

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

93. Scribble your proposal in the frost of his car’s windshield. This will make his morning a special one.

94. Get hold of a famous barbershop quartet and ask them to sing the proposal for you. This will leave him surprised and he will never forget the day.

95. Propose him while binge-watching on Netflix. An intimate way of proposing for sure.

96. Go for a limo ride with him around the city and make your proposal a gala affair. He will feel like a celebrity.

97. Propose him while paragliding. This is an adventurous way of proposing and this will leave him stoked.

98. Decorate his workplace with a bottle of champagne and balloons. Wait till he arrives at the office, and as soon as he enters, go down on your knees and propose.

99. Propose him while sea-walking. Nothing can be much prettier and more memorable than this. As you both see the underwater life and the beautiful fishes kiss your arms and legs, propose to him with the ring. This will leave him ecstatic.

How to Propose Your Boyfriend

100. Gift him a bouquet made out of his favorite chocolates and cookies. Plant the ring right in the middle of the bouquet and ask one of your friends to have it delivered to him. Be around to see his reaction.

How to propose to your boyfriend? :

● Firstly, you need to make sure to be ready to make your relationship official. 

● Do you still have substantial uncertainties in your relationship? Then work on strengthening your existing bond first.

● Your motives should be honest. Don’t propose to receive good feedback from others or out of desperation. 

● Also, don’t just propose out of fear of losing your man.

● Be sure about your partner’s stance in this case. Marriage is a lifetime bond, and you would undoubtedly want both of you to be on the same page before tying the knot.

● Find a meaningful location to propose to him, close to both of your hearts. 

● Think outside the box while arranging for the moment and buying gifts for him.

● It is advised to keep the entire process very simple and smooth. 

● Don’t let expensive public displays of affection like fireworks distract the main details of your proposal.

Tips To Propose Your Boyfriend

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