How To Propose Your Female Best Friend

If you have a crush on your female best friend, you may sometimes feel uncertain about the feelings. Falling in love with your best friend can make things either go North or South

. At one point, you may want to know about their feelings for you. Alternatively, you might worry about ruining your friendship.

Whenever you are ready to ask them, ensure that you are not making any blunders and elaborating your feelings appropriately.

Tips On How To Propose Your Female Best Friend

-Take tiny steps to learn about the feelings. It can take time to decipher what your lady love feels. And knowing her bit by bit can make things hassle-free. 

-Try to look for signs of attraction. Try to get a hint about what they want to convey with their gestures.

-Don’t get nervous before asking them out. Being nervous may ruin the whole thing.

-Build a negative scenario if things don’t go well. Every time what we want, we may not get them. It’s better to make ourselves ready for rejection if things go in the opposite direction.

-Find a proper time to ask. Try to read between the lines whom you want to ask out. Find a suitable and best time for revealing your feelings.

-Express your feelings directly, do not say it loud over a phone call, that can ruin things.

-Try to discuss the feelings with closed ones. They might help you out with the problems you are facing and give you good advice before you disclose your feelings.

-Keep your feelings real and transparent. This point is very catchy and attractive to any person. Keeping things real and transparent helps to create the best impression.

-Share every moment to make her feel attracted. Making her feel special in every way is not a tough job to do. Share your feelings, thoughts with the person whom you adore the most.

-Act according to her reaction. Situations may alter when you discuss your feelings. If things don’t go according to your plan, you be the mature person and act according to her reaction.

-Don’t try to rush things. Be patient enough to understand every bit of the situation. Take your time to understand what your partner wants and act accordingly.

-Make her believe that you will be her best friend and confidante no matter what. Remember, friends first, always!

-Respect the decision. If things are not in your favor, don’t act recklessly. And respect the decision that your partner takes.

-Pick a suitable place for both of you. A great ambiance can lighten up the mood. Pick a comfortable and best place for proposing your best friend. 

-Don’t try to make things complicated. Try to keep everything simple and easy if you face rejection from your best friend. 

-Don’t hurt her. At times without even intending, we tend to hurt people. Be very careful before you speak anything. 

-Try to lower your expectations. At times it may hurt your feelings when you over expect from someone. So try to be minimal with your feelings and just go with the flow.

-Be open to criticism. If anyhow, she rejects your proposal, never take it too personally. Keep yourself open to criticism and move forward.

-Make sure of continuing and nurturing the friendship. If things do not go well, don’t ruin your friendship. Keep continuing to be the best of friends and nurture the part of being friends together. 

-Do not overthink and act smoothly. At times we tend to overthink the feelings. We get into a loop of confusion and make the situation worse. Don’t worry and act smoothly.

-Pick the right words to convey your feelings. Delivering the right words with feelings can make your partner fall for you. Be intelligent with the words you deliver.

-Ask them about their likes and dislikes. In this way, it will help you to know the person better and will help to reach the person’s heart a bit closer.

-Try to know the person very well. Make sure you know the person very well. Without knowing anything don’t try to make any move. Or else it will just ruin the situation.

-Do not try to impose feelings. If she doesn’t reciprocate, don’t try to force your feelings. Rather be brave and move on.

-Make the person feel special with small gestures. Such cute gestures will make her heart dance and surely, it will make things smooth.

-Try to understand the mental state of the person. At times it’s difficult to understand what a person wants to say. Spend enough time to read what their mind says.

-Don’t let yourself be put into the “Friendzone”. Try to drop hints about your feelings. 

-Try to show interest in your best friend. Developing an interest in minute things associated with what she does can help you to understand her heart better.

-Spend more time with your best friend. Getting to know each other is the prime key to a relationship. 

-Try to compliment her more often. Everyone loves to get compliments. If you compliment your partner it can make her feel special.

-Listen to her and understand what she wants to say. At times listening is better than speaking. 

-Be her personal advisor, you never know when and how you can end up solving even the gravest issues she has.

-Be the support system. Support your partner in every decision they make. Assure them that no matter what the situation is, you will be by their side always.

-Make her laugh, do stupid things together. Small things count for making lifetime memories.

-Keep things light and breezy. Don’t try to force or rush things. Eventually, it may create problems between both of you. 

-Break the physical barrier. This is one step to come closer to your best friend. Try to hold hands when you both walk. Tease her by pulling her cheeks. These cute little things count for a relationship.

-Be confident with your feelings. When you are about to tell your feelings to your partner be confident about what to say and what not to. Don’t act confused

-Don’t be desperate for a relationship. At times, it’s difficult to control feelings. But showing too much attention or being desperate for a relationship can make the whole situation worse. Be patient and go with the flow.

-Try to keep healthy flirting. Flirting is the best way to come closer. You can do simple and cute things like teasing them with funny names.

-Try to know everything about your best friend. Given the fact that the person is already your best friend, you will already know everything about her.

-Be the person whom she can easily trust. Once you build the trust, no one can break the bond between both of you. 

-Take her to surprise dates. Surprises are always loved by everyone. You will know better what your best friend loves. 

-Plan a sudden trip and give her all the love and happiness she deserves.

-Get to know about her relatives. Try to extend your knowledge about her family members. 

-Don’t be available for her 24*7. Making yourself available for your partner always, may take things wrong. Give her space and time to realize the importance and love for you.

-Try to take hints from her gestures. Don’t ignore the hints. Pick up those hints and make your first move to reveal your feelings.

-Take her to movie dates. If your partner is a movie buff then this is such a great way to tell about your feelings. 

-Gifting her favorite chocolates can make her feel special. Sweet tooth lovers always feel great when someone gifts them their favorite chocolates. 

-Surprise her with the materialistic things she loves. Who doesn’t love to get surprises? Make her feel special by surprising with things she has been craving for the most.

-Introduce her to your family, differently, so that she notices. Try to build your girl’s relationship with your family slowly. 

-Give priority over others. Making her feel prioritized in your life can spice up your love life.

-Go for a surprise candlelight dinner. Preparing a romantic dinner for your lover is a lovely gesture. This can make your partner’s heart dance with joy.

-Treat her in a special way. Once you start developing feelings for your best friend, don’t forget to treat her the best. 

-Take for surprise long drives. Long drives are next-level romantic. Going together for a long drive can unfold many hidden feelings for each other. 

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