How to Propose Your Girlfriend: 100 Ways

Planning a marriage proposal is one of the most nerve-wracking moments in anyone’s life. This is such an important and memorable moment in life that you wouldn’t want to mess it up.

If you want to make your proposal a memorable one, we have got your back. Here are 100 ways how you can propose to your girlfriend. 

Here are How to Propose Your Girlfriend

Propose Your Girl On A Lighthouse Beach

1. Propose your girl on a lighthouse beach. A classical way of proposing! Proposing on a lighthouse will never go out of fashion.

2. Go fishing with your girl and tie the ring to the hook and wait till she finds you off the hook! This is an adventurous way of proposing.

3. What can be more romantic than proposing in a park! Proposing in a park in front of hundreds of people has always been considered romantic.

4. Plan a proposal at one of her favorite restaurants. Arrange for a bottle of wine and propose to her over dinner at her favorite restaurant and make it a memorable one.

Plan A Proposal At One Of Her Favorite Restaurants

5. Organise a flash-mob to propose on the streets. This way of proposing has recently come into fashion and is also considered a great way of proposing.

6. Propose in front of a pretty fountain. This will not only catch her off guard but also propose a memorable one.

7. Keep it simple with a cup of coffee and a breakfast-in-bed proposal. This is considered to be one of the cutest ways of the proposal. And this will brighten up her day too.

8. Propose her on a rainy day under an umbrella. This is the perfect setting for a proposal! Rain and umbrella go hand in hand.

9. Plan a proposal on a boat while watching a sunset. A beautiful boat ride with the sun kissing the horizon is very romantic. Do not waste this opportunity and make the setting more special by proposing to your girlfriend.

10. Take a walk through the woods and propose to her in between a dense coniferous forest. Let nature be the audience of something very special!

Take A Walk Through The Woods

11. Take a walk by the lake and propose to her while the sun touches the horizon. This is a classic and romantic way of proposing.

12. If possible, propose to her in the middle of an ice-skating rink. Make the proposal a memorable one by expressing your love for her in the middle of an ice-skating rink!

13. Plan a midnight tour at a museum and propose to her as soon as the clock strikes twelve to make the moment a historical one. A lovely way to make the proposal a memorable one.

14. Propose to her while standing at the doorsteps of both of your’ new house. A perfect way of proposing which will mark the beginning of new things.

15. Keep it an intimidating affair by proposing in a greenhouse. Greenhouses are a great place to propose because they are very quaint and private.

16. Nothing can be more adventurous than proposing on an iceberg. Sounds challenging but if you can do so, your girlfriend will never forget the day.

17. Head to Venice to propose to her on a gondola. The best way to propose, indeed! Venice is famous for proposals on a gondola.

Head To Venice To Propose To Her On A Gondola

18. Propose her amidst the lap of nature in an open field. This will be an intimidating affair and very special too because it will be just you both and nature.

19. Propose her in your home in a romantic setting with drinks, pictures, and flowers. This might be just the cutest way of proposing.

20. Proposing in a treehouse amidst a dense forest is very romantic too. If you are a nature lover and also adventurous, then this can be one of the romantic ways of proposing.

21. Recreate your first date and propose to her. Relive the memories and make the day forever special for your girl.

22. Go for a simple proposal by planning one while overseeing the bridge. This has always been considered very romantic.

23. Go camping and find a quiet spot in the middle of a desert and propose. If you are adventurous, this is one of the romantic ways of proposing.

Go Camping

24. Organise a private concert for her on a mountain top and propose! This might seem a challenging affair but if you can do so, it will be one of the most memorable days for her.

25. An adventurous proposal idea would be in a calm river bed in front of a waterfall. The sound of it only gives the vibe. A very picturesque way of proposing.

26. Get down on your knees by the sea coast and propose. Maybe this is the loveliest way of proposing.

27. Call your girlfriend up on the stage and propose in front of everyone, if you are an artist or a performer. She will never forget the day.

28. A pre-planned photography session can be a great idea for a proposal. This is a great way of capturing all the moments and especially the proposal!

29. Create a small tent in the garden and decorate it with lights, photographs, and pillows and make the proposal special. This way of the proposal has come into fashion in recent times and is considered to be very romantic.

Create A Small Tent In The Garden

30. Plan for a Disney themed proposal. A cute way of proposing!

31. Go for a long drive and make the drive a memorable special by proposing to her underneath a canopy of stars. Let the stars be the witness of this beautiful moment and brighten up both of your lives.

32. Book a movie theatre for just the two of you. Organize a screening of a montage showing all the beautiful moments spent together and then finally go down on your knee.

33. Get hold of a street caricaturist who will sketch a picture of you both with the message ‘Will you marry me?’ One of the most famous artistic ways of proposing.

34. Take her out for a dance night and propose to her on the dance floor. This is a fun and romantic way of proposing.

35. Propose her on-air by calling into a radio station. Make the world know of the love of your life and let everyone be a witness to something special.

36. Organise an intimidating marriage proposal with your friends and let them wear t-shirts saying ‘Will you marry me?’ This is a lovely way of showcasing your love for her.

37. Put down your proposal with the help of glow in the dark stickers and wait till she finds out! This will catch her off guard and will also leave her awestruck.

38. Set up a romantic atmosphere by creating a path with a candle leading to the ring in a room! Let the candles guide you both to a new beginning.

Set Up A Romantic Atmosphere By Creating A Path With A Candle

39. Hire a professional chef for the night or cook for your loved one and propose to her over dessert. This will make your proposal even more sweet and special.

40. Create a custom jigsaw puzzle with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ and wait for it until she solves it! This too is a fun way of proposing.

41. Organise a live stream with your friends and families and propose to her in front of everyone. Let all your loved ones be the audience of something so special.

42. Gift her a basket filled with her favorite chocolates and cookies with the ring amongst them and wait till she finds out. This is a SWEET way of proposing to her.

Gift Her A Basket Filled With Her Favorite Chocolates And Cookies

43. Go to her place of work before she arrives, write down the proposal on her desk and stay hidden till she finds out! This will make her day at work special and less tedious.

44. Go out and get her cupcakes and while giving them to her, put the ring on the cake. Cupcakes have been considered to be one of the best ways of proposing.

45. Go and contact a newspaper daily to put an ad. Let the world know of your love and this will also brighten up your girl’s morning!

46. Propose her on the big screen in a stadium. Nothing can be better than this! Also, this will hardly go out of fashion.

47. Propose her at the top of a Ferris wheel. She will make her feel at top of the world.

Propose Her At The Top Of A Ferris Wheel

48. Send her a text to meet you at a secret location and propose there. Surprise her with a bottle of champagne and a beautiful bouquet. 

49. Create her a playlist and at the end record a message of you proposing to her! A musical way of proposing to her!

50. Put the ring inside a cube of ice and serve it in a drink; wait till the ice melts and she finds out! This is a unique idea and also romantic.

51. Propose to her on Christmas by placing a ring under the Christmas tree. This will be the best Christmas gift for her to date!

Propose To Her On Christmas

52. Hide the ring inside an Easter egg, if you want to propose to her on Easter. A great way of sealing the deal.

53. Propose her on Halloween, by carving out ‘Will you marry me?’ on a pumpkin. Make her Halloween less spooky and more romantic with this idea!

54. Propose her in front of your friends and family on a Sunday brunch. She will never forget the day and also thank her stars to have met you.

55. Take the help of your friend and organize a costume party on New Year’s Eve and propose to her in front of everyone at midnight. This is possibly the best way of starting the new year on a great note!

56. Leave a puppy in a small box outside her doorsteps and attach the ring to the puppy’s neck. Wait till she finds out, and, stay nearby to propose!

57. Order her a pizza and let your best friend act as the delivery boy; instead of the pizza put the ring inside the box. Make it a cheesy affair indeed!

58. It will be really special if you can arrange for a celebrity to show up at her doorstep and announce your proposal. She will be both awestruck and starstruck! 

59. Take her bowling and as she drops the first set of pins, make your proposal appear on the points’ screen. One of the best ways of proposing if you both love bowling!

60. While playing Monopoly, write down your proposal on a card that she pulls out! This will make Monopoly special for her, forever.

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61. Make a snowman holding the ring if you are planning to propose during winters. Wait till she finds out!

Make A Snowman Holding The Ring

62. If both of you love gardening, plant a rose bush in her garden and put a card on the bush proposing to her! Her cheeks will be redder than the roses!

63. Take her to an underground aquarium and arrange for a diver to hold a board reading ‘Will you marry me?’ This is not that challenging and can make your girlfriend feel very special.

64. Scribble your proposal in the frost of her car’s windshield. This will make her morning a special one.

65. Put the ring on her pillow and wait till she finds out before going to bed. This is the best way of ending the day on a special note

Put The Ring On Her Pillow

66. Plan a treasure hunt and hide the ring and give her hints while she hunts for the ring! This is one of the adventurous and fun ways of proposing.

67. Propose her underwater while scuba diving! Let the ocean be a witness to the special moment!

68. Write a poem for her and in the end go down on your knees and propose! A poetic and romantic way of proposing indeed!

69. Plan a hot air balloon ride and propose to her amidst the clouds! Nothing can be more picturesque than this.

70. Take an appointment with a proposal planner and decide how to make the big day special and memorable. A well-organized proposal can do wonders.

71. Book a local barbershop quartet group to sing your proposal for you! A famous old-fashioned way of proposing!

72. Get hold of her laptop and change her wallpaper saying ‘Marry me’ on it! This will light up her face even more!

73. Write down your proposal on the sand and take her up on the lighthouse till and wait till she finds out. One of the loveliest ways of proposing!

74. Proposing at a zoo is a thing! If your girl is an animal lover, this can be a paradise to her.

75. Spray paint the walls of the streets saying ‘Will you marry me?’ The whole locality will know about it and she will be awestruck for sure!

76. Propose her while binge-watching on Netflix. An intimidating way of proposing for sure.

77. Organise a karaoke night at home and propose to her by singing. This will be a musical affair indeed!

Organise A Karaoke Night

78. Propose to her while on a roller coaster ride. Nothing can be more adventurous and exciting than this!

79. Propose her amidst the clouds while taking a zip-wire ride! An out of the box way of proposing which will melt her heart!

80. Propose her while skydiving, if you both are adventure freaks. Record it all on your GoPro!

81. Go for a morning run with her and as soon as the sun starts to rise, go down on your knees and propose to her. This will be the best start to the day for her.

82. Shoot a proposal video to post it on YouTube and send her the link! She wouldn’t expect this and the best part is that you both can watch the video later and relive the special day.

83. Propose to her while giving her a sensuous massage. Massages are a great way of proposing!

84. Hire a skywriter to write down your proposal in the sky. This can be a costly affair but this will be an unexpected way of a proposal for her and this will leave her awestruck.

85. Take her on a movie set and propose in front of the cameras. Nothing can be more cinematic than this.

86. Decorate your bedroom with flowers and candles and keep the ring in the middle of the bed! A simple yet sweet way of proposing to your girlfriend indeed!

Decorate Your Bedroom With Flowers And Candles

87. Propose her at a beautiful art exhibition, if you both are art lovers. This will be an artsy affair!

88. Replace the bookmark of her book with the ring and wait till she finds out. This will be the best start to a new story!

89. If you both know each other since childhood, propose to her in the same place where you guys used to meet and play. Relive the beautiful memories and make her feel loved!

90. Valleys are romantic places for a beautiful proposal too! Let the valleys be witness to the beautiful moment!

Valleys Are Romantic Places

91. Book a limo for a day and take her for a ride across the city. Then, finally, propose inside the limo!

92. Go on a vacation to Paris and propose to her with the ring on top of ice cream in front of the Eiffel Tower. She will never forget the day and the trip. Paris is known to be a famous destination for proposals.

93. Plan a trip to Barcelona and propose to her in a beautiful city. This is one of the famous destinations for proposals.

Plan A Trip To Barcelona and Propose to Her in A Beautiful City

94. Go skiing and write down your proposal on snow. Make your proposal warm and comforting even at such low temperatures.

95. Make a photo album with all the lovely memories and in the end, place a photograph with the proposal written on it. This will forever be etched in her memory!

96. Propose to her while playing Scrabble. A classic way of proposing and this will never go out of fashion!

97. Propose her while playing Pictionary. A cute way of proposing indeed!

98. Arrange for a group of musicians and propose to her in the middle of a subway. She will be emotional and awestruck after such a lovely musical proposal.  

Arrange For A Group Of Musicians

99. Tie a ring to a drone and help her to control it and as soon as it comes near her, go down on your knees! A modern way of proposing and also capturing the special moment.

100. Make a podcast proposal and play it once she is back home after work. She might not even expect this after a tiring day at work.

Tips To Propose Your Girlfriend

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