How To Resist Temptation In A Relationship: 19+ Ways

The temptation is a feeling that can hit you at any point in time. But resisting it is in your hands and if you are in a serious relationship then it is necessary for you. It can make your life miserable if you ever choose your temptations.

You should adopt many ways and methods to resist your temptations and here are a few for you to consider. 

Tips On How To Resist Temptation in A Relationship

Limit your flirting. If you are a flirty man or woman, you should know its limits when you are in a relationship because you can get weak against your temptation and fall for it. 

Think about your family. If the feeling of the temptation arises in you, then you should try to imagine your family inside your head to cool down yourself. 

Visualize your partner is cheating on you. Whenever the thought of cheating your partner arises in your mind then imagine how you feel if your partner cheats on you. 

Stop noticing people of the opposite sex. You cannot close your eyes and walk when you are out, but you can try not to notice other people. 

Think something disgusting. A weird way to kill your temptation is to think about the things that you feel are disgusting. 

Discuss your needs. Your temptation can arise if your needs are not getting fulfilled. So, instead of cheating discuss it with your partner. 

Make your partner your priority. If your partner is at the top of your priority list, then there’s no chance for temptation in you. 

Picture your partner’s face. Whenever you feel tempted by seeing people of the opposite sex then you can imagine your partner’s face in your mind to avoid the temptation. 

Leave the scene. If it is not possible for you to control the temptation, then you should leave the scene and go. 

Be accountable to your partner. If you tell your partner your daily activities then they can help you out if you are not being able to control your temptation. 

Know when you are tempting.  If you know yourself very well that you can clearly understand when you are going to feel temptation and try to stop it beforehand only. 

Set your boundaries. You should create boundaries with people of the opposite sex to be in control. It will help you to avoid your temptation.

Meditate every morning. Meditation can help you to achieve peace of mind and it helps you to keep yourself in control. In turn, it teaches you to control your temptation. 

Take a cold shower. When the temptation to cheat on your partner arises then if possible, try to take a cold shower it helps you to improve your self-control and self-discipline.

Be very thankful to your partner. you should be happy and grateful to your partner every time because they are there for you and they understand you very well.  

Communicate. If the feeling of temptation arises in you, then you can freely go and talk to your partner about it and they will help you out. 

Forget the person. The best way to keep your temptation in control is to forget and remove the person from your life. 

Keep yourself distracted. If you do not give yourself some free time, then you will not get time to think about your temptation and it will automatically vanish from your mind. 

Take some time off. If you are getting stressed because of your busy schedule then it can raise temptation in you, if this happens then you should take a break and come back fresh and recharged. 

Look for counseling. You can also take the help of professionals who give counsel to people who cannot control your temptations. 

Spice up things with your partner. If your relationship is a spicy one, then you will not be interested in other people. If it is not, then make it. 

Know the line between love and lust. Do not mix up love with lust, they are two different things. Lust can attract you a lot, but it becomes toxic after some time. 

Do not encourage people who support cheating. Sometimes staying with people who encourage cheating will insist you cheat on your partner. Leave the company of people like that.  

Dig into positive books. Books can be your best friends and a great counselor, reading positive books will help you to have control over yourself. 

Love can easily turn into hate. Be aware if you try to cheat on your partner because the love they have for you can turn into hate and you will lose everything. 

Have patience.  Do not panic if you are getting tempted to keep yourself calm and be patient until it goes away. 

Is it important? ask yourself. Before trying to cheat on your partner because of the temptation you have to ask yourself if it is necessary and what it can do to your relationship. 

Consider the results. Having thoughts in your mind to cheat then think about the consequences that will come if you do that, you will automatically avoid it. 

Do not torture yourself. If you are not being able to handle your temptation, then do not torture yourself because it will not help you anyway. 

Divert your energy into the relationship. The best way to avoid your temptations is to divert the energy that you have into your relationship, it will make it strong. 

Do not spend too much time on your crush. Having a crush on someone will automatically raise temptation in you and you will try to know about them more. 

Look for profits by cheating. Before thinking about cheating, you should think about the returns that you will get and whether you will gain anything from it. 

Take out time for yourself. Instead of wasting time on such things take time out from your schedule and spend some time to freshen up yourself.

Tell them about your temptation. If it is uncontrollable then you can tell the person about your feelings and tell them that you are already in a relationship. 

Resist even if it is hard. Resist, resist, and resist, it can be very hard for you, but you have to take heed. 

Read religious books. Religious books can provide you peace and the ability to control yourself. It will help you to get through situations like these.

 Pray to god. Devotion is a pure and divine method to keep yourself away from the temptations that you have or that arise in you. You should pray regularly and be devoted to your god. 

Solve the problem. People often get tempted when some kind of problem is going in their relationship. So, instead of sitting back and allowing these feelings to enter try to work out your problems.  

Be transparent. Sharing your account passwords with your partner will allow them to help you if you get distracted.

Discuss your weakness with your partner. If you open up your weaknesses to your partner it will be easy for them to help you out and make you better. 

Call your friend. A conversation with your friend can take you out or make you forget the feeling and redirect your focus. 

Keep your schedule busy. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to keep yourself far from these feelings because if your mind is not free then it will not get time to about it. 

Meet your partner regularly. If you and your partner do not stay together then you should schedule a daily meet with your partner. It will keep you interested in your relationship only.

Make a Video call to your partner. If you are in a long-distance relationship or you are staying far because of your work then you should talk to your partner daily over a video call. 

Make a plan. If you have no future planned for your relationship, then the temptation of cheating your partner will arise in you. It is very important to make one. 

Do not keep secrets from your partner. if you try to keep secrets in your relationship regardless of how big it is, it will begin to turn your vulnerability into temptations. 

Do not get comfortable with someone of the opposite sex. When you are in a relationship you must keep in mind that you should not share your secrets and feelings other than your partner. 

Do not socialize unnecessarily. If you socialize too much, then you are bound to get attracted to people of the opposite sex. Socialize when needed. 

Stop being too sweet to the opposite sex. You should not be sweet to other people other than your partner it might make them fall for you and raise your temptation.

Be passionate with your partner. In a relationship never let the passion die to try to keep it alive and show them that you are passionate about them. 

Go to therapy sessions. If you are unable to control your thoughts and feelings, then you can take therapy sessions because it will help you to build self-control in you. 

Live in the present. If you think about your exes and the things that you did in the past, then the thought of cheating will start to come into your mind. Instead, be focused on your present. 

Be unapproachable. If you are good-looking then people of the opposite sex might approach you while you are out. To avoid this, you should mind your business when you are out. 

Get busy on your mobile phone. If you are out and the feeling of temptation arises then to distract yourself from that you should start using your mobile phone. It can keep you occupied for hours. 

Use headphones. Research says that people who use headphones all the time make them difficult to approach and this can be a method for you to avoid such feelings whenever you go out.

Modify the situation. If the temptation becomes too difficult for you to avoid then try to do anything that will bring down the heat. 

Change your mindset. If it is difficult for you to avoid then you should try to change your way of thinking about temptation. Instead, you can crave your favorite food. 

Build a plan. If you know that your temptations hit you more often then you should sit and plan about how to deal with different situations. 

Set goals to deal with your temptations. If you give yourself an aim or goal that you can achieve only if you can avoid your temptations, then you are more likely to keep yourself focused.

Be responsible. The thought that you will be responsible for everything that happens if you follow your temptation will automatically keep you away from these situations. 

You have the ability to perform actions at free will – When you have complete freedom to do anything you want; it is often difficult to control yourself and resist temptations. So, keep in mind to not do anything and everything to your whims and fancies.

Do not give up. Temptations are going to be persistent unfortunately and it cannot be avoided by just choosing to resist them. You have to stick to your decision and fight for it.

Temptations are bound to happen. You should know that it does not matter how hard you try to avoid it, but it is impossible. Try to accept that temptation will arise in you at a certain point in life.

Do not take it to be your imperfection. Never hate your-self if you feel tempted because no one is perfect in this world. Do not punish yourself if you feel it. 

Study about temptations. If you know this word then you can easily handle it. So, pick up your phone and read about it.

Follow the footsteps of prophets. Prophets are known because of their purity and the perfection they live their life with. You can follow their methods of resisting temptations. 

Avoid places that will tempt you. The best way to avoid temptations is to stay away from the places of temptation and the people who force you to go there.

 Do not test it. Do not ever try to think yourself to be bigger by testing yourself and putting yourself into a tempting situation. If you might fail to overcome it. 

Be sexually satisfied. Most of these temptations arise when you are not satisfied with your relationship sexually. You should try to work it out with your partner. 

Have hope. No matter what happens you should lose hope in yourself to overcome your temptations because hope can only help you to overcome them.

Avoid consuming alcohol. If you drink too much alcohol, then it might reduce the ability to control yourself. Try to drink more water instead.

Think twice. Do make your decisions on impulse. It can be a bad one, you should overdo it twice before doing it to be on the safe side.

It can raise fingers on your character. If you decide to go on with your temptations, then you should know that your actions can make you lose fidelity.

Stop watching porn. If you watch porn too much, then it can be the reason for your temptations. Throw your collection of porn if you want to avoid it. 

 Masturbate. If your temptations are not controllable then instead of falling for them you can masturbate and release your temptations.

Be with your family. Your temptations will never arise if you are with your family. So, you should be with your family as much as you can.

Take the help of your friends. Your friends can take you out of your temptations very easily, you just have to ask them for help.

 Tell them about your relationship status. When people of the opposite sex try to approach you can simply tell them that you are already in a serious relationship.

Get married. If you and your partner are very serious about your relationship, then you should get married. It will be a good idea for you, and it will also reduce your temptations.

Have sex. You should more often have sex with your partner because it will keep you satisfied and happy. There will be no question of temptations.

Reward yourself. If you can overcome your temptation, you should reward yourself self-something. It will make you strong and help you avoid your temptations.

Be self-sufficient. If you have the greed of getting more in everything then you will go with your temptations. You should be satisfied with what you have. 

 Play games. Games can be addictive, and they can keep you distracted from your temptations. Whenever you feel that you are getting tempted, start playing games.

Learn any musical instrument. Instead of wasting your time on your temptations put it into something or you can invest in learning some musical instrument. 

Talk to experienced people. The best way to find out the consequences is to talk to people who chose their temptation and the people who chose to avoid it. 

Ask your partner. You can ask your partner for their opinion and what they would do if they feel tempted. You can get new ideas to control it. 

Watch a romantic movie. To pull down your temptation you can sit with your partner and watch romantic movies. This will bring down your lust and bring love in you.

Do not make decisions by yourself. If you are not being able to avoid your temptations, then you should let your partner make decisions for you. 

Plan out your day. If your day is planned out properly then only one thing is left and that is to follow it strictly. There’s no chance of you getting distracted.

Believe in yourself. One thing you should always have in yourself is belief. If you believe that you can control, then you can. 

Tips To Resist Temptation In A Relationship

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