How To Respect Your Wife: 21+ Ways

Your wife is the most influential and important person in your life. She has walked every phase of your life holding your hand and always treated you with love, care, and respect. It is high time you did the same and made some extra effort to show her the respect she deserves. 

Tips On How To Respect Your Wife

Talk more to her– Talk more to her about her problems, her insecurities, and her aspirations in life. The first step towards showing your partner respect is to get to know them better, and you can’t know them if you don’t talk. 

Be polite-No matter how furious you are or how tense she is, never let a bad word out of your mouth, and always be polite to her whenever you talk. It is very important to talk to her in the right way if you want her to feel respected. 

Address her as your better half– Make her feel like an equal, which she rightly is and whenever introducing her to relatives or colleagues, make sure to address her as your significant other or your better half. 

Comfort her– Comfort her when she needs it the most or when she is having an extremely bad day. Be the warmth that she needs when the sun seems to be beyond the horizon, and she would know how much you respect her. 

Introduce her to your colleagues– Keep her engaged in both your personal and work life. Do not shy away from introducing her to your office staff and make her feel valued in all aspects of your life, be it home or work. 

How should I introduce her to my colleagues

Keep the house tidy– Always keep the house looking and feeling neat and tidy even when she does not have the energy to do it herself. It will show how much you respect her efforts towards keeping your life healthy. 

Do not criticize her more often– Instead of criticizing her or countering everything that she says, try and be more accepting of her. Understand her perspective and be accepting of it; only then will you be able to truly respect her as a person. 

Be the man she deserves– Be the life partner that she thought you would turn out to be, be the man that she fell in love with and never fail any of her expectations, and even more so, do not do anything that would even slight her. 

How to be the perfect man for her

Be a good listener– Develop good listening skills. Instead of just waiting for your turn to speak, listen to what she has to say, understand it, and then tell her what you truly feel. Listening is a key part of any relationship, and if you don’t listen to her, you don’t respect her. 

Work harder– Work just a little bit harder every day, put in that extra bit of effort every single time, knowing that someone is waiting for you at home and she expects you to be better at everything you do. Show her the respect she deserves and work harder. 

Always make time for her-Even you are too busy with all that is going on. Even if you can hardly find time to catch your breath, remember that all she needs from you is a text saying that you are alright and that you love her. You can do that much, can’t you?

Be her biggest believer– Be the person that constantly tells her that you believe in her to do great things in life and that no matter how big the failure or how impossible the goal seems, there is nothing that she can’t achieve if she puts her heart in it. 

Tell her she is the one– Keep reminding her that she is the woman of your life, that she is the only person that makes you happy, and also that she is the only one and you would not even be able to imagine your life without her in it. 

Make her feel important– Make her feel like the most important person in your life, which she rightly is. Bring her gifts, chocolates and make all the efforts that you can to make her feel like the queen of your life. 

How to make my wife feel important

Take mutual decisions– Before deciding on an outcome, make sure you guys are on the same page and are completely accepting of it. Have her have an equal say in whatever important call you take in your life, and she would feel the respect that she deserves. 

Share your knowledge with her– Let her into your head and share with her all your past experiences, incidents, and all the necessary information that has led to you being the person that you are today. 

Avoid conflicts– Try and avoid any unnecessary confrontations unless needed absolutely. Conflicts occur from a difference in mindset and perception, and instead of fighting over it, try and understand what the other person is trying to say. 

Find out what is absent– Ask yourself what is that one thing or maybe the things that are missing in this relationship which could set up the mutual respect that she needs from you. Ask yourself what you could do to make it better. 

Stop complaining– Stop whining and complaining about all that is wrong and focus on the right things. Instead of wasting your time and energy over making complaints, try and find out what the problem is, and she would feel respected like she should. 

How should I stop complaining

Show your concerns– Be very expressive and let her know when you feel concerned about her. Be it when she is sick or is out all by herself, let her know how much you care about her. She’ll know that it comes from a place of respect. 

Avoid the negative aspects– Try and avoid anything that would take the relationship in a negative direction and cause unnecessary complications. When you show maturity and avoid the things that can be done away with, she’ll know what you truly mean. 

Be very direct– Do not keep beating around the bush but be very straight and direct whenever you talk to her. It shows that you consider the person to be equal, and being straightforward is the best way to show respect to a person. 

Celebrate each other– Enjoy each other’s company and celebrate all the little and big things in life. Do not miss any opportunity to celebrate and have a good time together as it not only strengthens the bond but shows great respect. 

Be intimate– Being intimate shows that you truly believe in the fact that she is the one, and you want to spend your entire life with her and even want to start a family with her. Intimacy is a key part of any relationship, and you cannot be intimate with a person you do not love and respect. 

How to be intimate with her

Console her– Console her when she is feeling low, be there with her when something sad takes place, and be the shoulder that she can rest upon without even mentioning it. Be the person that supports her through the highs and lows. 

Caress her often– Kiss her, hug her, hold her hand and do everything else that would make her feel like you love her and want to be with her no matter what. Small actions like these truly show the love and respect that your partner has for you. 

Give her credit– Give the credit that she deserves and acknowledge all her efforts and sacrifices that she has made for you. Give credit where credit is due, and deep down, you know you owe all that you have to her. 

Motivate her– Keep motivating her, keep encouraging and pushing her to go after all her dreams and do what she has always wanted to do. Assure her that she need not worry about anything else but her dreams as you would take care of everything else. 

How to motivate my wife

Be a part of her story– Instead of trying to be the hero in her story and making it all about you, play an important part in her story and let her write the story she has always wanted to be a part of. Be the Sam to her Frodo instead of being Frodo yourself. 

Share your energy– On the days when she feels exhausted and does not feel like pushing through, lend her your energy and make her feel like herself again. Remind her about all the reasons that got her started in the first place. 

Give her space– Every one of us feels a bit drained, emotionally and physically, once in a while, and at that moment, we do not need any attention or pastries; we need some respect and some time off. Respect her space and give her the time she needs to get back to being her. 

Let her have a private life– Let her have a private life if she wishes you. Respect her decision to have fun and enjoy with her friends and even all by herself if she wishes to. It is the right way to be respectful towards her. 

It is okay to be quiet– Understand that just because she is not in a mood to talk to you does not mean that she doesn’t love you or has lost feelings for you. Understand that they just need to zone out for a little bit, and you have to respect their decision. 

Build better communication– Try and work towards building better communication so that there are lesser conflicts, misunderstandings, and lesser chances for you to ever disrespect her. Keep it in your head, and you’ll be good to go. 

No cribbing or nagging– Cribbing and crying are amongst a few activities that only the kids are privileged enough to exercise, and you are no more a kid, so you better treat her with respect and keep all the childish acts away. 

Do not get offended easily– In today’s time, there is nothing left in the world that at least one person does not find to be offensive. Anything and everything is perceived as offensive these days, and a time like this dissociates you from being offended on small matters and being respectful. 

Help her realize her potential– Help her reach the place that she has the capability of reaching. Motivate her, encourage her to keep pushing her to strive for greatness, and materialize the potential that she holds inside her. 

Do not be contradictory– Do not be contradictory in your actions and words. Do not say one thing and do something else. Also, as a couple, do not try to contradict her and try to be complementary to the kind of person that she is. 

Support her in all her endeavors– Be a constant source of support and motivation for her and be the person that would stand with her in all her efforts and struggles. Respect all her endeavors and try to be an active part of them. 

How can I support my wife

Do not compare her– Do not compare her with any of your past partners or even a person that you know right now. Respect her individuality and respect her as a person. Do not expect her to go east on you should you mistake comparing her with anyone else. 

Don’t look for approval– Do not turn to her when you need approval or validation. She loves you the way you are, and she loves you for the kind of person that you are. You will only disrespect her if you over-push her and act like a kid. 

Give her time and attention– Give her your complete time and attention and always be ready to be there for her and be a shoulder when she needs it. It is your responsibility to always be there for her and give her your absolute and undivided attention. 

Do not let her feel drained– Do not let her feel emotionally drained and exhausted. One cannot fill from an empty cup, and when she gets empty, it is your job to make her emotionally fulfilled and get her back on her feet. 

Be a helping hand– Be the helping hand that she has always wanted in her life. Lend her a hand whenever she needs it and even when she does not ask for it. Be a true partner by all means and help her as a true person does. 

Do not take her for granted– No matter how many years you spend with her or how close you guys get, never make the mistake of taking her for granted and making her feel unwanted. It would be the most disrespectful thing that you can do. 

Remember all the promises– Remember all the vows and promises that you made to her before you guys got together, and make sure to fulfill all and keep up all of them over time and respect her in the same way through it all. 

Be her protector– Be the shield that would protect her from any harm, negativity, and any other bad things in the world from happening. The right way to respect her is to protect her and make her feel warm and secure in your presence. 

Be very calm– Be very calm and composed in your approach whenever you are around her. Even if she has the entire world on top of her head and wants to lash out, you have the responsibility to calm her down, and you can’t do that if your head is on fire. 

Why should I not compare my wife with others

Do not use any bad words– Stay away from using any bad or abusive words during any argument as it might have a severe impact in the future. Forbid her from doing so herself, and you guys can be on the same level of respect. 

Respect her family– Show an equal amount of respect to her family, friends, and relatives, and you would never have to worry about anything else in your life. Even if she does not have any other expectations from you, she surely expects this much from you. 

Do not question her values– Do not ever question her values, ideals, or upbringing if you ever want to have a happy married life. These topics are highly sensitive and might cause heavy damage if dealt with without caution. 

Spend more time with her than normal– Make some extra effort to spend just a little bit more time with her and make a few extra memories as you go. Small efforts like these and those few extra efforts show love and respect. 

Look at her lovingly– Whenever you look at her, make sure it is in a loving, caring, and respectful way so that she knows she has the right man in her life who she can count on in any given situation. 

Make her feel like the queen of your life– Make her feel the queen of your life just like she is the queen of your heart. Let her know that you immensely respect her and that she rules over your life without any boundaries. 

How to respect your wife?:

● Don’t do things that will hurt her. Know her likes and dislikes, and show sensitivity towards her feelings.

● Never yell at your wife. It’s the worst way of talking to her. 

● Always speak with her in a lower tone, no matter what the situation 

● Never argue with her in public or front of your kids and family. Don’t let your way of behaving with your wife influence others’.

● Resolve your differences and conflicts privately.

● Don’t lie to her. Showcase honesty and transparency. It is very important in a relationship.

● Treat her as someone as good as you, and never embarrass her in front of others or the public.

● Give her chances to speak her heart out, and never physically hurt her. That’s the worst thing you can ever do as a man.

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