How To Save A Failing Relationship: 19+ Essential Ways

Few fears compare to the overwhelming dread of losing a cherished partner. When love is deeply rooted, it intertwines shared moments, cherished memories, and hopeful dreams for the future.

However, when cracks appear and relationships begin to crumble, one can feel adrift and uncertain, desperately yearning to salvage what remains. While there are no foolproof guarantees when it comes to repairing relationships, there are several essential Ways To Save A Failing Relationship.

In this article, we will explore a range of powerful approaches to rekindle the flame and save a relationship teetering on the edge.

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Proven Ways To Save A Failing Relationship

Here are some proven ways to save a failing relationship.

1. Feel your partner’s pain.

Feel Your Partner’s Pain

More often than not, when we are in a relationship for a long period of time, we tend to get too comfortable and lose out on understanding our partners.

Your partner might be deeply hurt and thus, you need to understand why they are feeling this way. You might have a chance to fix this. Only when you know the problem, you can understand it and think about solutions with the same.

2. Heal yourself.

If your partner hurts you or you are suffering from trauma, do not let it impact your relationship. You first need to heal yourself before trying to fix your relationship. This is because if you are unhappy, you won’t be able to make the relationship happy.

We often do not understand what we are doing, unless we try to look at ourselves from a third-person perspective.

3. Find out the reason for the problem.

The first step to save your relationship from falling is to counter the root of it falling in the first place.

Then you can figure out ways in which you can resolve the issues that are tearing apart your relationship.

4. Therapy can be a good idea.

You cannot always try to understand and fix things. In the event of trying to fix everything, you may end up doing more damage to the relationship.

This will further aggravate the seriousness of things and your relationship will soon become a disaster from the mess that it is in now.

5. Preserving Relationship: Avoid Harmful Decisions

When making a decision, you need to be thoughtful and not too hasty.

When making decisions in a hurry, we often prioritize emotions over logic and well, that tells us how things will work out anyway. 

6. Emphasize Relationship Positivity

When your relationship is falling, you tend to lose out on seeing all the good and positive moments and things that you shared with your partner and tend to focus more on all the negatives that have been taking place in the past few days.

Try to focus on the positives for a bit and understand how good you felt to walk the world while holding your hands. 

7. Thank each other more often.

Appreciation is something that every human being craves. We lose out to say thanks to the people who matter.

All it takes is a little appreciation and encouragement to lift and cheer the other person up for all the good things that they have done for you. 

8. Love can heal your relationship.

Love Can Heal Your Relationship

When things are tearing apart, you tend to exchange some really bitter word fights with your partners. They sure do hurt. But sometimes you need to do just the opposite.

At times people are so preoccupied with the aura of their own egos that they fail to make the little changes that would actually make a difference.

9. Be kind to one another.

Kindness along with love is one of the virtues that one needs to have to make things work.

To err is only human and to forgive is divine. 

10. Look for new roads.

If you have been walking the same road for too long, it is natural that things have become a little too mundane.

Try and do things that are out of your comfort zone with your partner. Try to spice things up and restart your relationship. 

11. Focus on the things that are sensible.

Be sensible towards your partner’s needs and emotions.

We are so occupied in our own thoughts and actions that we lose out on sensibly understanding and empowering our partner.

12. Save your relationship from failing by forgiving.

Out of the greatest virtues in the world, forgiveness is deemed to be the greatest. The power of forgiveness is extreme. The more you hold on to the negatives, the more toxic you yourself will be.

Things happen. You heard that right, it’s past tense. Thus, let things remain in the past and try to look forward and make things start afresh.

13. You and your partner can go for counseling.  

You And Your Partner Can Go For Counseling

Sometimes getting too caught up in your own spectrum of thought can allow your feelings to saturate and you hold on to the bad things that are happening only.

Sometimes, a third person can help make things easy. A therapist or a counselor will allow you to look beyond what you and your partner are seeing.

14. Needs Of Each Other Should Be Respected.

You need to understand and respect the needs of your partner and vice versa.

The key to building and maintaining a relationship is to be sensible and sensitive about your partner’s needs. 

15. Discuss What Needs To Be Done To Save Your Relationship.

Communicating is vital when solving any problem.

If you do not discuss and talk things out with your partner, chances are that both of you will be thinking and understanding things that are not even close to being true. 

16. Brainstorming Sessions Can Be Very Helpful.

Brainstorming sessions facilitate productive discussions that can lead to valuable insights. Similarly, reflecting on the underlying causes of relationship issues promotes understanding and helps identify the reasons for its decline.

Both approaches contribute to problem-solving and improving the dynamics of the relationship.

17. Go Out For A Date As You Did The First Time.

Go Out For A Date As You Did The First Time

Reliving memories of how you started in the first place can bring back reasons why you found love.

This is a beautiful feeling. This will tell you and your partner how much you love being with each other. 

18. Leave The Past Behind.

As discussed earlier, we need to outgrow the past and start living in the present.

Giving a second chance to make things work is essential. Try living in the present and focus on building a better future. 

19. Explain Your Wants To Your Partner.  

If you are not vocal enough and voice out your needs and wants to your partner, how will they understand? To be understood, you need to express.

Often, things become easier when you give lesser value to your thoughts and give more weightage to words and actions. 

20. Be Calm.

When in a fight you need to be calm. Words tend to hurt more than actions alone.

When in a bad mood, you say things just out of instinct without realizing what you are exactly saying and how the other person might feel about it. 

21. Try To Understand The Situation Of Your Partner.

Understanding is key in any relationship. To understand is to love fully.

Your partner might be behaving in a certain way for pressures and problems that have been arising from other dimensions of their life. 

22. Get Connected To Your Partner Sexually.

Get Connected To Your Partner Sexually

Sexual intercourse is proven to build a better foundation between you and your partner.

We are creatures who directly correlate touch to intimacy. Do the math here.

23. Take Help From Your Family.  

Sometimes our families are our biggest helping hands when it comes to figuring out a problem.

Ask for help from your family to understand what is going wrong. They can definitely give some good advice. Try and turn to your family for help.

24. Encourage Your Partner Through Your Words And Actions.

Sometimes all your partner craves is encouragement.

We often have egos that are too strong to look at another person’s feelings.

25. Loyalty Can Be Medicine.

If you have been cheating or you have a tendency to spread your wings of romance too often, try and take a step back.

You need to keep things in control to really keep things up and running with your partner. 

26. Start Looking Good For Your Partner.

If you have become too comfortable in the relationship, things might just get out of tune here. Try and look good for your partner.

This will keep the attraction in place and bring back that tension – the positive one.

27. Support Your Partner Through Their Hard Times.

Support Your Partner Through Their Hard Times

A relationship is often referred to as a partnership because you do things together. You and your partner are literally partners in crime.

You need to support your partner in case they are having a rough time.

28. Get In The Mood For Romance.

Who doesn’t love romance? Being a little playful and bringing back the sexual tension will definitely keep the love juices in place.

This will also help to rebuild the lost attraction between you and your partner. 

29. Hug Your Partner More Often.

We as humans crave a little love and cuddling. Hugging your partner will make them feel secure. Any person would love to be in the arms of their partner.

This is no doubt one of the best feelings on this earth. 

30. Laughter Is The Best Way To Heal Your Relationship.

Laughter Is The Best Way To Heal Your Relationship

Laughing and having a good time is all it takes to keep the mood happy and your spirits high.

When things get rough, we tend to lose out on laughing together – the reason that got you two together in the first place. 

31. Socialize Along With Your Partner.

Having a social life is great. But your partner may feel left out in the process of you going out and having fun.

Try and involve your partner in your social circles. This will give them a sense of belonging and that they are really important to you.

32. Get Involved In Mutual Hobbies Together.

Find hobbies that can keep both of you happy.

Take dance classes together or start cooking together. You will have a better and more exciting way to connect with each other.

33. Get Organized In Your Relationship.

Try to keep things together in your relationship.

Do try and maintain a schedule to keep things in place and cater enough time to your relationship.

34. You Should Have A Sense Of Responsibility In Yourself.

Remember that you belong to each other and are lucky enough to have found love. Most people are trying to find love but fail.

You need to have a sense of responsibility to come back to each other and cater to the wants and needs of your partner. 

35. Talk To Your Partner More.

Talk To Your Partner More

Talking to your partner is something that should be least said. Talking helps you understand each other better.

Take out 15 minutes from your day and talk to your partner asking them how their day was.

36. Having Fun Is Very Important.

Do not take things too seriously. Sometimes, lift up your spirits and have some fun.

Go out, laugh, and do something adventurous. 

37. Go Out With Your Friends.  

If you have a common group of friends, go out and spend some time together.

This way you can socialize while spending time together. 

38. Compromise For Your Partner.

Compromising and making necessary sacrifices is crucial to building a relationship. You often need to change some things about yourself and compliment your partner.

It takes two people to build or break a relationship. Things cannot always be about you. 

39. Your Expectations Should Be Real.

Try and expect real things from your partner.

They are after all human beings and are naïve in their own ways. You need to be realistic with your expectations. 

40. Allow Your Partner To Convince You.

Sometimes give your partner the liberty to convince you of certain things.

Do not always be rigid and take decisions according to your own preferences. 

41. Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes.

If you made a mistake or you did something wrong, own up and say sorry.

Keep your ego aside and own up to your partner. He/she will surely understand. 

42. Rebuilding Trust: Restoring Lost Bonds

It is difficult to find it again. This results in a lot of distance between two people. In order to gain their trust, you need to prove by actions and not by words.

Try doing things to make up for your mistakes and bring your faith back. 

43. Spend Some Me-Time.

Sometimes you need to spend some time alone figuring things own strategically. This will result in understanding places in which you are going wrong.

Also, you can think about how good the relationship is and how much worth it is being with your partner.  

44. Make Your Decisions Wisely.

Do not decide to let go too soon too fast.

Remember always to decide wisely and think things through before calling it quits.

45. Take Help From Your Friends.

Your friends are your well-wishers.

Often, they will want to help you and understand where exactly things are going wrong and can paint you a picture that resonates with reality – something that you cannot get on your own. 

46. Start Spending More Quality Time.

Start Spending More Quality Time

While having fun and partying is great, spending some time just with your partner is necessary.

Try and set under a starry night and walk down memory lane to relive and restart your relationship.

47. Relive The Happy Moments With Your Partner.

In every relationship, you are bound to have some really special moments. You need to rebuild and relive those moments.

This will allow you to understand and believe in each other once again. These moments will also make you two understand what makes the two of you so special to each other. 

48. Rekindle Belief: Prove Your Readiness

When your partner is in doubt about where the relationship is going, gain their trust and make them believe by actions that you are ready to start and continue the relationship further.

49. Make Yourself A Better Human.

If you are the one who has done something to jeopardize the relationship, realize that you are human and can make mistakes.

This means you need to outgrow and bloom better than your past self.

Stay in a frame of mind that will help you become better. Learn from your mistakes and improve your mental and emotional health. 

50. Stop Fighting For Small Things.

Little cute fights may seem cute but they can turn serious out of nowhere.

Try to avoid silly fights and stop fighting with your partner for small things. 

51. Do Not Point Out Their Flaws.

While letting them know of their shortcomings once in a while is healthy, do not take the liberty to keep picking out their flaws.

This will bring down their self-respect and they will want to avoid you at all costs. Try to sit and talk it out on how the two of you can together become better human beings. 

52. Be Very Careful With The Words You Use.

While in a fight, always think twice before saying something. Y

You might be hurling insults and satisfy your ego in the heat of the moment but if you are not mindful of what you say, you might just hurl unnecessary and hurtful words that may leave a bad impression in your partner’s mind. 

53. Do Not Get Selfish.

While prioritizing your own needs, remember to always think about your partner’s needs as well.

Never get selfish and think that you are the center of this relationship. You should rather give priority to their needs before yours. 

54. Take Some Risks To Save Your Relationship.

When things are on the edge and are soon to tumble off, take risks to fix things.

You are anyways in dire straits with your relationships and you never know whether going the extra mile might just bring things in control.

55. Partner Commitment: Assessing Mutual Dedication

Having open and mature discussions about commitment is essential.

If you sense a decline in attraction and longing, communicate openly with your partner to understand the reasons and determine if you both genuinely desire to be together.

56. Highlight The Reasons You Are Still In The Relationship.

Figure out what makes you still want to continue with your partner.

Think about the things that actually make you happy in the relationship and try to focus on those as strengths to cover up for the weaknesses in your relationship. 

56. Try To Be A Good Listener.

Try and be a good listener.

Be empathetic to your partner when they are telling you something. This will help you understand their points better as well. 

57. Plan A Trip Together.

Plan A Trip Together

If things are too mundane, you need to take a break. Take some time off and plan a trip somewhere romantic or adventurous with your partner.

You are bound to rediscover each other in the process and start loving each other’s company further. 

58. Surprises Are The Best Way To Heal.

The best way to heal and fix things is to bring surprises into your relationship.

Plan little or big surprises to lighten the mood and show that you really do care about your partner. It is all about building the relationship from scratch.

59. Find Solutions To Your Problems Together.

You and your partner will know each other best. Rather than allowing a third person to come and paint a picture for you two, it is always advisable that you and your partner do the thinking.

End of the day it is just the two of you in the relationship. Do not allow external forces to make things right or wrong. A relationship is like a precious string with two ends attached to each other. Do not let anything cut it off.

Important Things To Know

  • Take full command of your words and actions. 
  • Know when you are the one at fault, acknowledge your mistakes, and let it out in front of your partner.
  • Act and think in ways that will help rebuild your partner’s trust in you. 
  • You should practice radical transparency. It involves talking about the things that bother you, even if that appears to make you self-conscious or silly.
  • Don’t fall into the spiral of disappointment and shame. Instead, extend compassion and affection towards your partner.
  • Be honest about your expectations from the very beginning of your relationship journey.
  • Don’t vent your feelings to someone else, which might break your partner’s trust.
  • Seek professional help and have scheduled visits to that therapist or relationship adviser.
  • Fostering closeness is important in a relationship, but know your limits. Don’t let this habit consume you.

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