How To Save A Relationship Over Text: 30 Ways To Save The Day

In today’s fast-paced world, where digital communication reigns supreme, relationships can sometimes be subjected to the challenges of virtual interactions.

When face-to-face conversations are not always possible, we often turn to text messages as a means of connection.

But how can we ensure that our relationships thrive even through the screens? In this article, we present 30 effective ways to save a relationship over text, providing you with practical tips and strategies to navigate the complexities of digital communication and bring your bond back to life.

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1. Let them know that they are always on your mind.

Couples in long-distance relationships must work harder on mutual validation and expression of love.

Let them know every day that they are always on your mind, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Since the only way of communication is texting, you have to reassure them constantly.

2. Appreciate their pictures.

Nowadays, we post pictures of everything going on in our lives on social media.

Since you can’t compliment them directly, react to their photos and text them that they look beautiful/adorable.

This clarifies that you pay attention to things going on in their lives, even when you aren’t together.

Compliment Someone’s Pictures

3. Exaggerate your appreciation.

Sometimes, make your partner feel extra special to make up for the distance between you.

So, spice up your compliments and say something like,” You looked great in that outfit! Can’t wait to meet you. Please wear it the day we meet.” This expresses your eagerness to reunite with them.

4. Make your compliments into questions.

Make Your Compliments Into Questions

The tone of your message changes equations very easily.

So, instead of saying,” You are handsome’ or ‘You are beautiful, try saying something like,” Do you have any idea you looked the cutest in that dress? Or, ‘Do you know I get lost every time I look into your eyes?”

5. Always remind them what you love most about them.

Rather than constantly complimenting their outfits and appearances, make things sensual by saying good things about their perfect attributes that attract you the most.

For example, compliment their beautiful smile or caring nature and say how you miss them every moment. Let them know about your constant adoration for them.

6. Compliment something you remember from when you met last time.

Always relive your memories of the time spent together to keep the spark alive in your long-distance relationship.

Say things like, ‘Do you remember the face you made when I said something funny? I can’t wait to see it again!” In such relationships, holding on to the past is important.

7. Say that they make you happy even when you are far away from each other.

Say That They Make You Happy Even When You Are Far Away From Each Other

Your partner should be your biggest source of strength and inspiration, even if you are in a long-distance relationship.

So, keep telling them how happy you are to have them in your life, and know that despite the miles between you, you are always connected in your hearts and souls.

8. Try to be adorable and childlike.

Keeping playfulness in your relationship is very important and also difficult in case you are in a long-distance relationship.

You have to be spontaneous; for example, say, ‘ You are the Jerry to my Tom.’ These little things work a lot to save a long-distance relationship.

9. Give them a sense of security.

Insecurity and jealousy creep into long-distance relationships very easily.

So, you should tell your partner there is no reason to be insecure about your relationship.

Reassure them, saying, ‘ You will always be the man/woman of my dreams, no matter what.”

10. Look forward to spending time together.

Look Forward To Spending Time Together

To keep things smooth, always talk about the time you are about to spend together. Discuss what you would do when you get back together.

The mere excitement of seeing each other and getting back that personal touch will be enough to keep you hooked to each other via text.

11. Let them know that you don’t take them for granted.

Relationship problems begin when couples start taking each other for granted. You cannot hope for your relationship to grow by itself; if you want to see it flourish, you must make an effort.

Reassure your partner that they are a priority by saying things like,” You will always mean the world to them!”

12. Tell your partner how they inspire you to be the best.

You don’t need to be together to inspire each other. Even when you are away from each other, tell them how they are a reason why you never stop chasing your dreams.

Tell them how they’ve always motivated you to become a better human being and a more generous partner.

Be an Inspiration

13. Tell them how they bring out the best in you.

We all want a supportive and encouraging partner.

So, if you think you are losing touch with your partner in this long-distance relationship, tell them how they have made you a better person.

It means a lot to tell someone you always look up to them.

14. Text them how every day without them is painful.

Text Them How Every Day Without Them Is Painful

It’s very tough not to be able to see or be with your loved one for a long time.

Remind each other of this distance constantly so that reuniting is a rush of emotions. Text them things like ‘I can’t bear to spend another day without you!’

15. Remind them they are your biggest priority.

As already mentioned, constant validation is the key to protecting mutual love and adoration in a long-distance relationship. So, text your partner daily and say, ‘You are so important to me.

I can’t think of a more important relationship to me!” This expresses your genuine emotions.

16. Express gratitude in every way possible.

You should be grateful for everything you do to make each other happy. Say things like ‘Thank you so much for sending me flowers on my birthday.’ or ‘Thank you for helping me out with that bank stuff.”

These little notes of gratitude can be very beneficial for your relationship.

17. Say corny things every now and then.

Say Corny Things Every Now And Then

A sweet message for your partner every now and then can make them feel better about the distance between you.

Know that even the corniest message can instantly put a smile on their face, and they will know that you are ready to make all efforts to see them happy.

18. Let them know that they are your only choice.

If you want your partner to consider your relationship strong based on love and trust, you must assure him that you want nobody else but them.

Text them things like ‘You are my soulmate.” or ‘Nobody makes me happier than you do.

19. Text them at unexpected times.

Don’t wait for your partner to return home from work to text them. Even when you know they are busy, text them something like,” Hi. I know you are at work.

Just popped in to say that I miss you!” This assures them that they are constantly on your mind.

20. Express your love in beautiful terms.

Express Your Love In Beautiful Terms

Sometimes, a simple ‘I love you might not be enough. Say something more beautiful like ‘I love you to the moon and back or ‘My love for you cannot be expressed in words.”

This expresses that you are ready to go the extra mile to make your partner feel special.

21. Remind each other of the good memories spent together.

If you want to stay connected to your relationship despite the miles between you, remind each other of the good times you have spent together.

Say something like, ‘Do you remember the crazy night we had on my birthday?” This will remind them why you make such a good pair.

22. Remind each other that your love is ever-growing.

The distance between you shouldn’t affect your love and respect for each other.

Saying affirmative things like ‘My love for you keeps growing every day.’ or ‘I’m so lucky to fall in love with you every day will remind you that your love for each other grows, no matter what.

23. Keep up the sexual connection.

It’s impossible to achieve physical intimacy through online conversations. You have to try to be sexually attracted to each other even when you are apart.

Sending flirty texts like ‘What’s up, sexy? Or, “I can’t even say the things I want to do to you” will be great.

24. Ask them to come over.

Ask Them To Come Over

Even if it’s impossible, ask your partner to come over and see you immediately. They will realize how intense your emotions are and how much you truly miss them.

Say something like, ‘Please come over right now! I miss you so badly!” Prioritize physical intimacy through your texts.

25. Say you want to cuddle.

Cuddling is one of the most special forms of physical intimacy. So, asking your partner to cuddle with you via text makes them feel special.

Your chats need not be sexual because other forms of intimacy like hugs and kisses, cuddling, and spooning are also very important.

26. Tease each other.

When you say things like, “Imagine me kissing you all over right now!” it pokes their imagination, and they become eager to be with you again.

Teasing your partner, sexually or otherwise, will help you maintain the connection you lack in a long-distance relationship so that you never lose passion.

27. Discuss your sexual fantasies.

We all have sexual fantasies, right? To keep up the sexual longing for your partner and the intimacy that you share, you should often discuss your sexual fantasies and things you plan to do once you get back together. Say, ‘ This time, let’s have sex in the pool.”

28. Say that they turn you on.

Say That They Turn You On

If you say, ‘ Even thinking about you right now is turning me on!” it grows your sexual intimacy despite the distance.

Sex is an important part of a relationship, and it’s important to remind yourself and your partner that you are constantly attracted to them, emotionally and physically.

29. Be mindful of the tone of your texts.

Texts are a great way to camouflage your feelings, but often, the tone of our text might let our partner feel something we didn’t really express.

So, always be mindful of your language and clarify if there’s a misunderstanding. If your partner knows you well, they will recognize your emotions.

30. Avoid arguments through text.

Avoid Arguments Through Text

Solving a dispute over text is very difficult because the chances of having a misunderstanding are stronger. So, avoid having arguments over text.

If you have to discuss an issue, be patient and wait until you meet each other in person. This is an important conflict-resolution skill in all relationships.

How To Save A Relationship Over Text

Key Takeaways

  • Constant communication and validation are crucial in long-distance relationships. Let your partner know that they are always on your mind, and express your love and appreciation for them regularly.
  • Focus on both the physical and emotional aspects of the relationship. Compliment their appearance and attributes and discuss shared memories, dreams, and aspirations.
  • Give your partner security and reassurance by expressing your commitment and loyalty. Let them know they are your priority and that you only have eyes for them.
  • Keep the relationship playful and lighthearted by using humor, corny messages, and spontaneous gestures. These small acts can go a long way in maintaining the connection.
  • Avoid arguments and serious discussions over text. Texting can easily lead to misunderstandings, so addressing conflicts and important matters in person is better to ensure effective communication and resolution.
Long-distance Relationship


What should I do if my partner seems distant over text?

Express your concerns and ask if anything is bothering them. Offer support and be patient while giving them space if needed.

How do I apologize and make up for a mistake over text?

Take responsibility for your actions, apologize sincerely, and show a willingness to make amends. Be open to discussing the issue further when appropriate.

What if my partner misunderstands my texts?

Use clarifying statements or ask questions to ensure your message is understood correctly. Avoid assuming their intentions or jumping to conclusions.

How can I maintain intimacy and connection through texting?

Share personal experiences, memories, or future plans. Use affectionate language and send thoughtful messages to show your love and interest.

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