How To Show Him You Care: 20+ Ways

If you are truly, madly, and deeply in love with your boyfriend, you will do anything to show your prince charming that you genuinely care for him.

Here are some tips that will help you do exactly that in the most intimate and romantic ways possible.

Tips On How To Show Him You Care

Thank him. Some people love to help others and it does not matter to them if their efforts are thanked or not. This is a whole other case, but you should thank your boyfriend for the things he does for you with or without telling. He will love your thanks and will feel that you care for him. 

Hide love notes. Why should you always need to show him that you care by telling or by gestures? It will be very exciting and a lovely way to leave small notes on his tablet, a pocket of his jacket, or in his office bag. It will bring a smile to his face when he finds your note. 

Celebrate his success. If your boyfriend is a person who works hard to do well in his career or his studies and gets successful celebrate it. It does not matter whether it is a small one or a big one just enjoy that success with him. This will show him that you care about him. 

Weekend trip. Days at work or college can be stressful and rough for your boyfriend. But if you care about him you can plan a weekend trip for both of you to enjoy and get relaxed from the busy life. 

Be supportive. No one can rise in their life without single support. It is necessary for everyone’s life. In your case, if you feel that you care for your boyfriend you have to support him in good times and even in his bad times. 

Listen to your boyfriend. Caring does not mean that you have to do something always to prove it. You can just even make him feel that by just listening to him carefully and with full attention when he has something to say. 

Dress. when you are going out with him to attend any events from his work or related to him. You should dress beautifully and match with him. It will make him feel proud and will make him feel that you care for him. 

Pray to god. God is the almighty one who cares for everyone and looks after everyone. when you are praying to the god you should also pray for your boyfriend and if you do that already then you do care for him. 

Do not criticize. Everyone cannot take criticism. Some get offended when people criticize them. If your boyfriend is one of them then you should never criticize him instead tell him in a pleasant method. This will show that you care for your partner. 

Be wise when telling the truth. It is that fact of one’s life that is very bitter to hear or face it. Some people cannot take it only. If you care about him then you should be very wise when you tell him the truth about something. It will help you to hurt him less. 

Make him feel free. A person cannot do things or act according to his liking if he does not feel free in a given atmosphere. You should be able to make your boyfriend feel free when he is with you so that he can be himself. 

Be in good shape. You will always be beautiful in the eyes of your partner. But if you know that you are not maintaining it then show him that you care about him. You should try to keep yourself in healthy and good shape. 

Give him space. It can get a little bit congested, or you can say it can suffocate him if you are always hanging around with him. If you care about your boyfriend then you should allow him some space for some time because everybody needs it even you. 

Watch his favorite program. Commonly, girls do not like the kind of programs that boys see. But to show your care for him you can sit with him and watch his favorite program.  But who knows you might also like it. 

Plan dates with him.  If your boyfriend is not being able to plan something for both of you because of his work and all. Then why should you not take heed and plan beautiful dates for both of you to enjoy and have fun? 

Do not play the blame game. There can be fights between you two because fights are a necessary part of a relationship. But you should not blame them if something wrong has happened to him if it was unintentional. If you care you should be assuring him. 

Wink at your boyfriend. When you are with your group of girls at a party, and you make eye contact with your boyfriend from a distance. Wink at him. This brings that spark in the relationship and it also shows that you care. 

Kiss him. When your boyfriend comes back from work or college after a tiring day and enters the house. You should surprise him with a long kiss that will take away all his stress and tension. It is a lovely way to show that you care for him. 

Understand his needs. To show that you are concerned about him at first you should know or understand his needs. If you do not know it then ask him what he wants from you. It could be the easiest way to show your care for him. 

Mixed DVD. Music has become an important part of everyone’s life. you can make your boyfriend’s more beautiful by creating a DVD full of songs that he will love to listen to. This little act can make him realize how much you care for him. 

Have sex. Research has proved that having sex is one of the best ways to get relieved from your stress and tensions. If you both care for each other and love each other then have sex more often. 

Help him in his work. Sometimes pressure at his work can get a lot more which might affect his health. If you care about him and his health, then you can just lend him a helping hand in his work. 

Do not change him. There might be something about your boyfriend which you have started not to like but that does not mean you will try to change him or will try to pressurize him to be a person he is not. If you care about him then you will love him as he is. 

Make eye contact. Eye contacts between two people who love each other are the most beautiful thing. It shows that they trust each other and care for each other. If this is the same in your relationship, then you should also make eye contact with your partner. 

Brag about your boyfriend. Are your friends talking about their boyfriends? Then why should you just listen? You should also tell them about your boyfriend’s good qualities and how much he loves you. When he sees you doing this, he will feel that you care about him. 

Compliment him. Men love it when someone compliments them or admires them, they obviously will not encourage it, but they want to know how they have created an impact on someone. You can get deep into your boyfriend’s heart and show him your concern about him by complimenting him more often. 

Surprise him. Everyone likes surprises. Even you like it when your boyfriend gives you a surprise. So, why not show your care about him by giving him beautiful surprises more often. 

Stay in touch. Do you both work or have colleges and do not get enough time to spend with each other? Then you can just text him in your free time to know how he is doing. This will show him that you care for him. 

Accept your mistakes. It’s very hard for some people to accept that they can make mistakes. If you have made any mistake, then you should accept it and ask for an apology from him. He will forgive you and will feel that you care about him. 

Do not reject. There may be times when he brings or does something for you which you do not like but he was not aware of that. So, you should not reject or disrespect his efforts. Accept and then make him understand peacefully, it will show him that you cared about him. 

Spend quality time. To maintain a healthy relationship both the people have to invest their precious time otherwise it will not work. You can show him that you care for him by spending more time with him and trying to keep your relation healthy. 

Discuss before taking decisions. If you are about to take decisions relating to your relationship by yourself, then do not do it. You should discuss it with your boyfriend if you care about him and the relationship. 

Make him laugh. Laughing makes one’s heart stronger. You should do some stupid acts when you both are in the same room to make him laugh. This is also a way to show him that you care for him. 

Get him gifts. Everyone loves gifts. But one can get t only one special occasion or on your achievements. Why not show you care by getting gifts for your boyfriend on some random day. 

Personalized card. Cards are used by most people to show love or their care for each other. Express your care for him through beautiful words written on a handmade card by you. 

Be interested in his hobby. One appreciates when others show interest in their hobbies. Your boyfriend will also appreciate it if you show interest in his hobby and it will make him feel that you care for him.   

Learn to compromise. In a relationship, everyone has to compromise at some point in time for their partner. if you care for your boyfriend then when the time comes you should be ready to compromise.  

Introduce your friends to him. It might be important for your boyfriend to know the people with whom you hand around. And if you care about him then you should introduce your friends to him. 

Show respect to him. Respect is very important for everyone and everyone deserves it also. You should never disrespect your boyfriend under any circumstances because it may hurt and if you care about him you will never do it.  

Appreciate your boyfriend. In a relationship, both people should be there for each other at any point in time. So, to show your concern towards your boyfriend you should always try to appreciate him. 

Make him your priority. Your boyfriend should in the top of your priority list. If he is there, then it will show to him that you care for him and love him. 

Give him hugs. A simple and tight hug can do a lot for a person. It has a lot of potentials. To show him that you care for him, you should hug him more often. 

Trust your boyfriend. when you are in a relationship, you should trust your boyfriend more than anyone else and he should also. This will also help him to realize that you care a lot about him.

Ask for his opinion. When you are in a dilemma about which one to choose, you can any time take your boyfriend’s opinion. It will not only help you but will also him that you care about his choices. 

Show affection. One needs a partner who is very affectionate about him. That feeling makes one’s life beautiful. You should make your boyfriend feel the same by being more affectionate towards him. 

Be jealous. Show your boyfriend that you are jealous, and he will start loving you more. These little acts that you will do show to him that you need him in your life and you care about him. 

Learn to forgive. No one can do everything perfectly. Everyone makes mistakes in their life. If your boyfriend makes some kind of mistake, then instead of getting angry you should forgive him like a caring girlfriend. 

Do not easily give up. There may come situations in your relationship that will be hard for both of you. Like a caring girlfriend, you should never give up on your boyfriend easily. Have faith that he will pass through his bad times. 

Go for movies. Is your boyfriend a person who likes to watch movies whenever he gets time? If yes, then show your care by getting tickets for the upcoming movies which he will love to go and watch with you. 

Cook his favorite food. It is not necessary to always go out and give him a treat in a fancy restaurant. You can show your love and care for him by cooking his favorite food at your home only with a bottle of wine. 

Offer a massage. Everyone needs to be recharged and rejuvenated before going for another round of work. It will work wonders for both of you if you offer to give him a massage. And it will help in bringing you both closer than before.

A Scrapbook. A scrapbook may sound quite immature at first. However, once you begin to fill it with your fond memories and pics, it works out well to show your togetherness, and how much you care.

Ask him for a dance. Whether at home or elsewhere, just ask him for a dance and see his face light up with joy. He will always know that you are there for him. And a random dance does relax you two while helping to keep the sparks flying.

Love letter. You do see one another daily. Even so, just writing him a love letter does show how much more you wish to express that you do care for him. Written words turn out more effective than oral as they can be revised by the beholder over and over again. It will make him love you more.

Ask them about their day. He knows you’ve been busy, and vice-versa. Still, asking him about his day will make him open up more to you. And you can also discuss your day with him. It is a very healthy way of unwinding and spending more time showing your care for each other.

Look for his potential. Everyone has many facets. Look for his potential which even he shies away from. Discuss it. Show him the benefits of this potential that he has within. And make him more confident. 

Ask about his favorite stories. Everyone has some story or the other that they cherish as their favorite – from real life or even books and fiction. Asking him to share such a story with you will make him feel how much you care. Expect him to do the same with you as well.

Let him know about his qualities. It is a marvelous way of saying that you care for him when you let him know of certain qualities that he has. It proves that you notice many details in him which even he fails to see.

Help him get dressed. Going out to work? Or maybe on a date together? Wherever it may be, it feels swell if you help him get dressed up for the occasion. And go ahead if he wishes to dress you up too. It’s a great way to make your bonds grow deeper.

Dedicate a song to him. Whether you write songs, or you listen to songs by others, dedicate a song to him, and make it meaningful for him. Let him see the thoughtfulness in you.

Be honest. Honesty is the best policy. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be hard-hitting. You can be subtle too. Your honesty will give him a lot of strength and also make him more confident than ever.

Make a dinner plan with his old friends. Make plans to have dinner with his old friends. Surprise him. He will feel more drawn toward you for this lovely gesture.

Go for a workout together. Staying in shape is the in-thing today. Try to work out together. It brings about a sense of togetherness and belonging in both of you.

Flirt in public. It’s quite healthy to flirt, more so if with the one you love. Flirt with him openly in public and see him take it as an adventure. The sheer pleasure of it will build your relationship grow very strong roots.

Share your goals. Both of you have goals. Share your goals with him, that way he will know for sure what you wish to do and where you wish to be in the short term and the long term. It brings absolute clarity to your relation.

Bring breakfast in bed. Wake up earlier than him. Cook breakfast. Then bring it to bed for him to share with you. See that thankful smile and see him love you more than ever for you are caring for him.

Organize a bath. Organize a bath with him. Get those bubble baths and bath bombs. Spending time together in a bath will bring wonderful feelings for each other.

Get knicks tickets. Although they are quite costly – about $285 on average – get tickets to the next Knicks game and see how much more he loves you for this gesture.

Let him be vulnerable. Allowing him to be vulnerable also brings out his soft side, while making him come closer to you. Vulnerability is nothing to be ashamed of, tell him that. It is the exact opposite as it helps strengthen yourself from the inside.

Find a mutual activity. Search what activity the two of you would like to do together – be it gardening, cooking, reading, or anything else. And then do it together. It will strengthen the trust between the two of you lovebirds.

 Give him a pet name. A personal pet name does work wonders in the game of love. It projects a sweet and special feeling for each other.

Go to the gym with him. Go to the gym with him to boost his determination. In the long run, you will also feel the same way.

Get him a duffle bag. A duffle bag says so much. It will say a lot more about you and how much you care for him when you gift him a duffle bag.

Communicate. Talk. Write. Discuss. These are all ways to communicate with each other. The more you communicate the fewer misunderstandings you will encounter.

Change your device’s wallpaper. Whatever device you may be using, change its wallpaper to something that he relates to easily. It also says that you care for him. He will do something sweet too.

Get crazy. Sometimes it does pay off to be crazy and do crazy stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t do. Like a sudden impromptu dance on the road. Or a sudden passionate hug and kiss in public. It will make you guys think more sweetly of each other.

Do his laundry. You guys are sharing each other’s space, so why not share the responsibility of doing each other’s laundry. This gesture interprets itself into how much you care for one another.

Love language. Communicate with any of the 5 love languages. Words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts – any of these do build up deep love between partners. Try it for yourself and see the magic unfold.

Be proud of him. Be proud of him, and be vocal about this pride. It will make him see that you care. And it will make him love you even more.

Get him a pet. Just you and he may not be enough. Getting him a pet and taking care of it together may bring about a deeper sense of love and care between the two of you.

Wash his bike. Take time off sometimes to wash his bike. He will join in gladly and enjoy it. He will do the same with your jobs and chores. These activities bring about a notion of sharing and caring in both partners.

Apologize for your mistakes. To err is only human. To admit that you have made a mistake shows you are a good human. To apologize on your own proves that you are angel-like – or at least that’s how your boyfriend will view it.

Do not forget special dates. If you remember the dates which are special to him, he will just adore you for it and will make you feel that your lovebirds are one soul in two bodies.

Subscription to his favorite gym. Renew the subscription to his favorite gym to show him you care. And to take it to the next level, get a subscription for two. That will mean you love being around him.

Keep your expectation real. Have realistic expectations of him. He shouldn’t feel pressured. Same with you. You guys love each other. So give each other more room to relax.

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