How to Show Love in A Long Distance Relationship

Couples in a long-distance relationship can find it extremely bewildering almost all the time. It takes them time to get adjusted to the distance and they start finding it difficult to know how to treat each other.

When you are miles apart from someone, you can only guess their mental state and the effect that your words and actions are having on them. 

Ways to make them feel loved

Being in a long-distance relationship is a tricky situation where you might entirely misunderstand the manner in which your partner reacted to something you said or did. This lack of clarity can create problems in a relationship.

As such it becomes imperative that couples in a long-distance relationship do not become complacent.

Do not behave the same way when your partner is a thousand miles apart as you would when they are closer to you.

Precisely to avoid unnecessary confrontations and problems, it is advisable to take concrete steps to show your adoration towards your partner regularly. Obviously, these small efforts on your part matter much more when your partner is far away.

Treat them

When your partner moves away, maybe they are missing their favorite restaurant or maybe they are short on cash to eat out. Why not order their favorite dish for them? Better still, order something out of the blue.

Just imagine them going through their dour day missing you and they receive a delivery of their favorite food ordered by you. 

Very few other actions of yours will let them know as to how much you miss and love them. You can also ask food delivery apps to include some personalized messages for your partner. Just check out the best restaurants near your partner’s place and order away.

Enquire about their daily life

Your concern for them shows how much you care. When they move away, they will definitely miss the reassurances and security that you provided.

This will make them feel more concerned and stressed throughout the day. But you can still make them feel better by being considerate and enquiring about their daily lives. 

It does not have to be major events, but just the daily grind that they are going through. It always feels good to be able to share your daily problems with your loved ones and your thoughtful actions will help them feel better.

Seek out ways to solve their problems

Often times when people move apart in a long-distance relationship they tend to try and become more independent. The reality of being away from your partner hits you hard early on and you convince yourself that you are on your own now.

This feeling can take root in both the partners resulting in them not seeking advice and help from each other. 

This does not make life better, but only worse. You should identify this and volunteer to help out your partner in any which way you can.

Even if they tell you that everything is alright, press on and try to find any lingering issues. You would be amazed at how helpful you guys can be for each other even when you are miles apart.

Send personal care packages

Personal care packages are a very thoughtful way of letting your partner know that you yearn for them. The package can be a customized one with all of the favorite items of your partner.

It could contain make-up kits, chocolates, or even simple items like postcards or wishing cards. 

If you choose the exact brands and products that your partner uses, it will also show how well you know each other.

If delivering packages from your place turns out to be costly, try checking out websites that would do it for you in your partner’s locations. This way it might turn out much more economical.

Do not underestimate the small joys of texting

When couples move apart, they engage in conversations throughout the day initially. They call each other and text almost throughout the day. But gradually the frequency of texts reduces, and the calls start becoming shorter.

It happens in almost all relationships and there is nothing to be alarmed about. But always try to maintain a tradition of sending basic wishes to each other. 

Always remind yourself to send that good morning and goodnight to your loved one. Try to end all conversations with a “love you”.

These are extremely small and subtle phrases that will do much more to make your partner feel adored rather than a massive gift once a year.

A surprise always saves the day

It is easy to get really busy with your lives especially when your partners are away from you. You might imagine the best way to make yourself feel better is to immerse yourself in your work and stay busy.

But even while doing that you should not forget that there are ways to make yourself and your loved ones feel special and make their day. 

Surprises never fail to excite people and what better than a surprise visit to your partner. Do not give them the faintest hint and just land on their doorstep one fine morning.

Their expression itself would be worth all the money and effort you put in to make this surprise happen. 

Do not hesitate to express yourself

Missing your partner when you guys are apart is obvious and necessary. Without that missing, there is no way of knowing how much you love each other. But definitely, it is not always about the talks and the experiences.

Humans are social beings who express love primarily through physical contact. We hug and kiss to let our partners know that we love them. 

No amount of talking can replace the warmth and intimacy we experience when we hold each other. And it is perfectly normal to miss that when you are in a long-distance relationship.

Open up about it and talk about it with your partner. Do not hesitate on revealing how much you miss holding them. It would only make them feel better.

Ensure that you see each other often

Calls and texts are fine, but they do not hold a candle to the satisfaction of seeing your partner on a video call. Imagine being one of those couples who used to stay together or maybe met every day and then moved apart.

You went from seeing each other every day to not seeing each other for months on end. That could be devastating for both of you. 

With the advancement of video calling apps, you can easily connect over video calls with your partners from any part of the world.

When you see each other regularly you get a better idea as to how they are doing. Face-to-face conversations are also better to gauge the moods of your partner than just telephonic talks.

Make videos and send to them

When you are away from your partner what you should always be trying to do is include them in your life. Make them a part of your daily routine. Talking to them and chatting helps but try and engage them more.

Make videos of your daily chores or places that you might have visited and send them to your partner. 

If you find something out of the ordinary in your neighborhood capture them on your phone and forward it to them.

Maybe even seeing a cute old couple can be shot and sent. This does not just serve the purpose of keeping them involved in your life but also reminds them that they are at the top of your mind all day.

Create a playlist of your favorite songs

Nothing spells romance like a playlist of your favorite tunes. Lyrics of songs carry deep meaning. Listen to the songs that remind you of your partner and make a playlist.

Share it with them and let them know this is how you feel about them. 

These songs could also be those that might have been shared and enjoyed by both of you when you were closer.

You could try to sing songs for her provided you are good at it. Playlists can be listened to repeatedly, and each time it will remind them how much they mean to you.

After All, Living Through a Long-Distance Relationship Itself Is a Challenging Task, Let Alone Thinking of The Positive to Be Found in It. Here Are Benefits of A Long-Distance Relationship

Use social media to stay closer

Social media is the major means of communication today. You can use social media to make your partner feel loved. Couples can share love quotes or short videos on social media.

They can also share funny memes and pictures to keep each other entertained. If you post some pictures of yours or visit a place that you guys use to frequent, you can tag your partner. 

Similarly, tag them on a picture of tourist destinations that you have wanted to visit for a long time.

This helps in entertaining each other and letting others know that you guys are still having a great time together.

Do not let trust issues arise

The biggest reason for most long-distance relationships to hit the rough seas is the lack of trust that emerges between the partners. And it is perfectly understandable as well. When two people are so far apart, the communication is not always perfect.

You may find them spending a lot of their time with their new friends and acquaintances. 

This may make you insecure and you might start doubting their loyalty. But do not let these trust issues get the better of you. Talk to your partner about their new friends, get to know them better, and then you will realize all your fears were for nothing.

Doubting your partner’s faithfulness can make them feel small and might lead to the relationship getting affected in the worst possible manner.

Be a good listener

In a long-distance relationship, it is very important that both of you learn to listen well to each other. Both of you will have your own set of very genuine problems.

It might also feel that your partner is having it easy whereas you received the short end of the stick. Instances of you complaining about your respective lives to each other will be abundant and frequent. 

But if neither of you is intent on listening to the other, then these conversations would not amount to anything. Your partner must have been having a horrible day and the only thing they want is someone to listen to their rants. Be that person.

Do not give unsolicited advice and try to make them feel alright all the time. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is nothing but listen to them.

Do not get so busy as to ignore them

Life goes on with or without your partner. When your partner moves away, you are left with much more time for your other friends than you had before.

You start hanging out with them more often and in the process get busy with your life. But that in no way means that you should ignore your partner.

It is very easy for your partner to feel neglected in a long-distance relationship. It kind of is contingent upon you to make them feel wanted.

Even when you are hanging out with your friends, check up on your partner and send them pictures from your night outs. This will make them feel involved in your life.

Send them emails

Emails are boring. Nothing exciting is received over an email. They are usually utility bills or some spam emails from advertisers. And when you send them an email it will be the perfect surprise for them.

Imagine them busy at work and receiving mails from their bosses and clients and in the midst of that, they receive one from you. 

The mail could be about how much you miss them, or you can attach a letter or a picture to remind them of you.

This would be a very random out of the blue experience for them and maybe you guys can make this your own little communication channel.

Be loyal to the core

When you worry about your partner being loyal, do understand that it is only human for them to feel the same way. And just like you would be crestfallen to find them cheating on you, they would be heartbroken as well if you were to be unfaithful in the relationship.

Long-distance relationships can be difficult, and you may find yourself to be lonely and attracted to people closer to you. 

But do not act upon those feelings. Remind yourself every day how much your partner misses you and all it will take to destroy the entire relationship is for you to be selfish.

Make plans for the future

One sure way of showing your partner how much you love them is to picture your future together. Relationships can be uncertain and long-distance ones even more so.

The only way of abolishing such uncertainties is to have frank and honest dialogues regarding the future. 

Talking and planning the future can make your partner realize that you are in for the long haul and are not having any second thoughts. It would also help both of you get over the current difficulties and be optimistic about the future.

Planning for the future will help you realize how the difficulties you face today are totally worth it as the time ahead looks so much better.

Patience is a virtue indeed

It is extremely important to remain patient when in a long-distance relationship. The frustration of not being able to talk and see and touch can get a bit too much sometimes. You come back home from a horrible day’s work and find yourself alone.

All these can be extremely difficult situations to handle. But keep reminding yourself throughout these troubles to be patient. 

Remember that your partner would not have moved away if not for a really good opportunity. You guys are apart only because it was worth it to go away.

Giving up on your job or education to be with your loved one is never a wise option. Be patient and go ahead according to the plans that you guys have made.

Be happy together

Ultimately the relationship can only work if you guys strive to make each other happy. Keep your professional lives apart and be there for each other even if the distance between you guys might look daunting.

A couple that stays happy together, stays together. Find the smallest occasions to be happy.

Remember each other’s birthdays, remember your anniversaries, and try to make those days as special as possible. 

Send gifts to your partner when they are feeling down. Check up on them regularly if they are feeling unwell. The smallest moments of happiness can accumulate to create days and months of a strong relationship.


Expressing your love and adoration towards your partner in a long-distance relationship is not always straightforward. The usual and conventional methods may not be possible or even effective. The ways mentioned here might just prove to be the right ones for your relationship. 

But even while following them, do remember that these are methods that have to be personalized according to the bond that you share with your partner.

Living through a long-distance relationship requires both partners to try and express their love for each other regularly. Keep reminding each other why they fell in love in the first place.

How Will You Show Love in A Long Distance Relationship

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