How to Succeed with Online Dating

Online dating has been popular for many years, and after the pandemic, it has become even more popular. Online dating is a great way to meet someone who could be compatible with you.

It is a great way to connect with your special someone.

Many relationships all over the world have succeeded and proved to stay over the years. Here are some tips to get you started and also help you have a successful dating experience online. 

Tips on How to Succeed with Online Dating

Design a great profile and bio. A great profile and bio will always get you the right person of the opposite sex to be interested. Do not make it too colorful. Be truthful and yet add a little amusing somethings to your bio and profile to get them interested in you. It is this interest that will make them try to know more about you. And it also feels amusing to have so many of them taking interest in you.

Maintain a little bit of mystery. Keep some things a mystery, and share when you meet her in person. Giving away everything may later prove to be a boring experience. So keep some things secret for now. Let it feel a little mysterious for now. That curiosity and longing to know may work wonders later on. Being a little hard to get doesn’t hurt a wee bit dear.

Try and avoid innuendos and unnecessary sexual jokes. Keep your virtual self away from innuendos and sexual jokes. The cleaner you can keep yourself from this run-of-the-mill cheap stuff, the more popular you will become. And it holds in the case of online dating. The other sex will appreciate your clean talk, and intellectuality of avoiding anything unnecessary. Avoiding these things will effectively boost your image and will also keep them interested in you.

Choose the right dating site/platform. There are simply too many dating sites nowadays. Choose the right one. Keep researching thoroughly till you come across the one most suitable for you. It isn’t healthy to sign up for multiple dating sites at random. Being choosy here will pay off later. And you will be happy with your initial decision. That’s for sure.

Know yourself well. Do you know yourself? Can you write a long essay on yourself? If not, first get to know yourself well mate. Do not take the plunge into the world of virtual dating. You should be discerning enough about yourself. And with a clear knowledge about yourself, it becomes easier to play this virtual game well. So, tread steadily into these unknown waters.

Be prepared. Be prepared for both anything positive and also anything negative. You may be invited to meet your virtual date for a real date. Or you may be snugged off almost instantly. Whatever happens, always remember, you must remain a safe distance away from them in the real world – for now at least. Do not take anything to heart. It is all virtual. Nothing real. Keep telling yourself exactly that.

Have an open approach. Have an open approach. Take anything in your stride. It is all virtual. When it will come to the reality you will easily see it as reality. Till then nothing is real. However, keep an open approach and an open mind. Designate your faculties to casual online chats and time pass. Let them want to meet. Even then keep them waiting. Enjoy the virtual time you are having with them.

Do not get easily obsessed. You have forayed into the virtual world. You should amuse yourself. Don’t fantasize too much. And never confuse your fantasies with reality. If you do that, however innocent it may be, you will easily become obsessed with that which isn’t real. Many a good soul has lost it because of this one little mistake that has always invariably turned out to be a massive blunder. 

Be honest. Always be honest – to yourself, about yourself, to others, and about others. It truly pays off because an honest person proves to be of deep integrity as well. People readily trust such people. And it will make it easier for your virtual partner to come out in the open more readily.

Know what you are looking for. You must be clear about what you are looking for. Is it a long-term relationship, only simple harmless dating, just friendship, or marriage? Based on what you are looking for you will be able to sieve the profiles you come across. That way you won’t lose focus from your primary objective. And you won’t create a mess later.

Don’t lead on a person. Never lead a person on when you know it won’t materialize. Be a mature person and let them know the truth. It is better that you make a friend out of a failed attempt, rather than be a maverick with no friends in life. If you are truthful about your thoughts, you will be appreciated for the expression as well. So remember never to lead anyone on when you can see that it will lead nowhere at all.

Post warm and welcoming pictures. Post pictures that show your warmth and welcoming nature. Now don’t misinterpret that as hot and welcomingly sexy pics. Remember what we discussed about innuendos? Avoid it all. Upload pictures that showcase you as a very welcoming, friendly, happy, and warm person. They should ideally show how understanding and compassionate you are.

Smile a lot. If you have posted photos of your real self, or you are on video chat, then make sure your face comes across as an easily acceptable one and of one who keeps smiling. No, don’t put on that plastic smile. Make it look as genuine as possible, and also as welcoming as you can. Project yourself as a good friend. That should do the trick here.

Ask for photos. NOT NUDES. It is quite okay to exchange photos, but please don’t cross the line by asking for nude photos. And do not share your nudes either. Remember you are here for clean dating, not rough sex. Keep everything clean here. It will add up later on and you may even be recommended between users.

Do not respond to every message. There isn’t any mandate that stipulates you need to reply to every message, whether it is from the same person or multiple persons. Be a little choosy here. Research the profile of the sender well. Some may think they like you already. Others may be alluring. And yet some may be trying you out just like that.

Even if the messages are from the same person, you may send a single reply to multiple messages. This method shows that you have other things on your hand and that dating is not your only priority at all.

Have a phone convo before meeting for a date. You have been online chatting, sharing details, photos, and more. Now you two are planning to meet. You should have at least a couple of conversations first before you meet. It is a very safe way to feel sure before actually meeting in person. The date can always happen once you both are sure of each other. And always choose a safe spot for your first date.

Take things slow and steady. Go slow and steady. Rushing into anything doesn’t turn out well most of the time. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember that one? So go slow, go steady and win it all at once when you are there. 

Choose a safe spot on your first date. See what we said a couple of points above about a convo before a date? Going for that first date? Great. Now, please choose a safe spot for the meeting. A spot where you know a few faces and they know yours. A spot that is quite public. A spot that you feel safe in. it is always better to be safe than sure. And you owe this much safety to yourself.

Have a short first date. Don’t pull the date for long. A short first date is a good way for both of you to go back and analyze the situation, and if everything is okay, you can always fix up another date soon enough surely.

Avoid having sex on the first date. Sex on the first date must be a strict no-no. Sex will come later. Why has everything at once? Keep a little for the next one, and the next one, and then the next one. Go slow and steadily here as well.

Keep updating your profile pic. While online most people upload a profile pic and seldom change it. A very bad practice. Keep changing your profile pic quite often. Seeing the same profile pic may be an absolute turn-off. Keep them interested. Keep the visitors to your profile coming constantly. Chances of you getting a soulmate will also be more.

Write an interesting profile. If your profile is dab and dry expect only a few connections. The more interesting your profile is the more people will take notice and try to connect. An interesting profile can always lead to an interesting relationship.

Be interesting. You must remain interesting. If you are interesting, the more interesting the relation may become.

Be open-minded. Keeping an open mind is a great way to be more accepting and understanding. It also lets others regard you as a more appealing personality. After a time it pays off as those others, whom you are dating virtually, will gain faith and trust in you and also confide in you.

Do not restrict yourself to just one person too soon. Don’t attach yourself to anyone too soon. And don’t restrict yourself to any single person alone. Keep trying out the different people and prospects. Give it ample time so that you can go for that one person who you think is apt. and if then also it doesn’t turn out well, you can always continue with the others on the website.

Be ready to fail. You are going online into a virtual world. Be ready to see something quite different in the real world. So prepare yourself to accept any failure. It is only a part of the game. Never expect too much. Expect much less than is being portrayed, my friend. Failures will make you wiser. That’s the bright side of failing. And it is after a few failures that you will finally achieve success.

The first message is important. The first message is pretty important as it creates the ground for the online relation that you will have, and also for the real-life relationship that you may have. It must create the right and positive vibes in the person you are communicating with. It is from there that the interest will keep rising.

Spread good vibes. Be as positive as you can. Positivity will generate good vibes. Good vibes need to be spread around. Good vibes will always bring back good wishes and thoughts for you. So remain positive and spread good vibes all around.

Don’t crib or complain. You are here to date. Don’t crib or complain. Don’t try to get people to sympathize. It never works out in the end. Cribbing and complaining showcases your weakness, not strength. It shows the negativity in you. The inability to take responsibility for whatever has happened. It shows you are an escapist. You’ve come for something good here, so try and spread something good too.

Be gentle and kind. Would you want others to be kind and gentle to you? Whatever your answer, you should be kind and gentle whether you are online or offline. It helps as it shows off your good side. It shows how understanding, dependable and mature you are. It will also be interpreted as you being a protective figure.

And this aspect of being kind and gentle in anyone’s personal trait shows how strong he or she is. People tend to open up more freely in front of such people, and even confide in them.

Showcase your best talents. You are talented. Why not highlight them? It is a great way to become more attracted. Maybe you sing well or play some musical instrument, or sketch – just go ahead and showcase it. Share some of your works and see how attracted they all are to you and your talent. You aren’t showing off. You are making yourself more endearing to them.

Share your true interests. You have certain interests. Share them freely. Who knows you would-be lovebirds may just be soulmates because of this common interest. Even if you don’t have common interests, the difference in your true interests may just be the compliment that both of you need from your would-be partner.

Be honest about your professional life. If you are a janitor, just say it truthfully. There is no shame in being a janitor. Neither is there anything too great in your being a CEO. And in no way should you be too attractive or too repulsive for what rank you work in. if anyone judges you or flatters you for your rank, please stay away from such people. Have a clear conscience and just be truthful.

Learn to understand cues. Sometimes we see some folks who just cannot take the cue – be it a negative one or a positive one. They simply are in their own universe of all immature thoughts and perceptions. Taking a cue on the spot actually shows the intellectuality and intelligence you have. It also is an attractive trait that many will get attached to.

Do not over-compliment. Your virtual date has done something worth appreciating. Go ahead and express your appreciation and compliment them for that novel thing that they have done. Be empathetic. Don’t over-compliment to the extent that it shows you are flattering him or her. Such over-compliments usually don’t hold well with the others at all.

Try and keep things easy going. Keep things as easy going as possible. Don’t make it look lazy though, but maintain a steady easy-going pace with everything. Not too fast, please! An easy and patient pace will turn out as a boon in your search for a partner, and also in your online dating.

Read your partner’s profile. It is a good thing to read your partner’s profile thoroughly and understand more about her. That way it will be easier for you to blend in with her expectations as well. And you will also know how much to open up to her at a time.

Don’t sext too soon. Sexting is okay between steady partners who are more focused on themselves. It doesn’t make sense to sexting with someone you haven’t even met in person. This is where most people take the wrong step and begin sexting too soon, thereby spoiling the prospects in the long run. Your partner may expect more from you because of your sexting, whereas you may prove far less in reality. So why create such misconceptions in her mind?

Fix yourselves a first date. If you and your virtual partner trust each other, go for a first date ASAP. A short first date is okay, but an effective one, where you get to meet each other and find out more about the other while comparing your notes on the other as well.

Beware of fake profiles. Fake profiles are just too rampant to avoid talking about. Beware of such fake profiles and people. Don’t waste your time in these fantastic fantasy profiles. Be discerning, and be choosy at all times. Make sure they prove themselves to be true before you even think of a first date.

Have your own standards. Try to establish a standard for yourself. Never stoop low because you cannot find anyone at your wavelength. Maintain your basic standard. Wait patiently for the right one to come your way. And then proceed equally patient, composed, and at a stable pace. That way you won’t feel down and out or burnt out anytime.

Be patient. Patience is a virtue that no one can deny. Even in your online adventures of searching for a date and a partner let patience play the major part. Searching and browsing patiently, giving the whole process enough time, and building up that special relationship – all that needs a lot of patience. So be patient and maintain your composure. They will pay off in the end.

Keep things brief in the initial interactions. In all your interactions at the initial stages try to keep your replies brief, crisp, and to the point. Let things take a deeper step gradually. And as time goes by, and as you and your partner become freer with each other, your interactions will automatically become longer and more interesting as well.

Know each other better. You and your maybe-partner are here for a relationship. A relationship becomes long-term only when two people know each other well. Before you get to becoming physical, first get to know each other the best you can. Build upon an appreciation of each other. Let the yearning to be with each other build up. And when just the presence of the other feels like you are at home, you may go on to the next step of becoming physical.

Do not judge the other person. Being judgemental or stereotypical are two of the worst traits in any human being. We all have our shortcomings, but that does not mean that we should judge others. Think. Better discuss what you feel is a negative point in your partner and ask your partner to do the same with you. Together, you can eradicate almost all the negatives that both of you have. And give yourselves time to overcome such obstacles and hurdles. That is how any relationship stays strong for a very long time.

Don’t be disheartened. Come what may never be disheartened. Not by any rejection. Not because your partner turned out lesser than you expected. Not because your partner expected more from you. Whatever happens, learn to accept it. And if the relationship doesn’t last, you can always try with someone else. It is a win-win situation for you surely.

Do not send overly long messages. Don’t let your messages be overly long. You may seem like a bore. Make your messages short and crisp. And make them absolutely to the point. Of course, you may add a little something interesting off and on but never deviate from the subject. If you tend to send long messages, you will tend to go out of context too. Pay heed to this point and avoid being stamped as a bore, or sometimes even a show-off.

Read between the lines. Always use your mature intellect to read between the lines. Your partner may be asking about something by not even specifying it. That is because your partner doesn’t wish to hurt your feelings. Or maybe to avoid you misunderstanding the whole thing. The ability to read between the lines will make your partner feel more comfortable with you and gradually you can expect him, or her, to open up more freely with you.

Don’t try to be dominant. Whatever be the reason, avoid being dominant and dominating. It is bound to spoil the relationship. Be more understanding and share a lot more with your partner. Allow room for discussion, be more understanding, listen more than you say, be kind, and be patient.

These traits are bound to win your partner over. And you will be even more successful if you are all of the above, and yet an active and interactive participant in all that your partners are talking about.

Enjoy yourself. Sourcing a date online may take a while. Don’t put too much emphasis on this search. Put a lot more time into enjoying yourself on your own. It will keep you fresh and will also keep you active. In the end, you will be the one who really is a fun person to be around with.

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