How To Support Your Wife: 55+ Tips

When we support and care for our partners, that is the best thing we can provide them. We also want our partners to give us emotional support in our hard times. 

Powerful Tips on How to Support Your Wife

Take her for a romantic evening date. Always try to take out some time for your beloved wife. Take her on a romantic date. Tell your wife to choose her favorite restaurant or any other places where she loves to go to.

Be transparent with your feelings. Never try to hide anything from your wife. If anything bothers you or you have any doubt about her, ask her, and don’t create any scenarios in your mind. Be transparent with your feelings.

Don’t opinion her until she asks. If your wife ever falls into any problematic situation, don’t try to give any advice to her. If she asks for your help, then only give your advice.

Give her space to solve her problems. If she ever falls into any problematic situation, she might be frustrated about it. Give her some time to calm down and think about the solutions. Give her personal space to solve her problems.

Don’t make a mess around the house. Don’t make any mess when you are at home. And don’t dare to piss your wife off with your nuisance acts. Keep your house clean. 

Impress her at times by cleaning dishes if you want to make an impression on your wife. Sometimes try to do those kinds of stuff, which makes her feel good. Make her feel happy by cleaning dishes.

Make yourself fit and perfect. Try to keep your health on a top priority list. Go for a regular walk and do exercises. 

Try to interact with her friends at times whenever your wife’s friends come over to your house. Don’t make them feel embarrassed by not interacting with them. Rather go and initiate a conversation.

Don’t lie to her; try to be honest. Never lie to your wife. She is your wife, and she has all the right to know everything.

Get excited when she shares anything with you. If she goes through any happy situations, try to be happy with her success. Show her how much you get happy when she achieves success in her life.

Don’t let anyone disrespect her.  And tell her to fight for her rights. If anytime anyone tries to disrespect them, she stands up for herself. Give her assurance that you will support her no matter how hard life seems. And tell her how to stand up for her rights.

If she tells you she wants space sometimes, don’t take it either way or anything. There are hard times in everyone’s life. If she is vocal about wanting space, don’t take it otherwise and respect her decision.

Don’t mix your personal and professional life. This is a very crucial point to keep in mind. Never try to mix your personal and professional life. Give separate time to your professional and personal life. 

Try to find out if your wife is comfortable sharing everything on social media. Nowadays, everyone loves to share happy moments on social media. Ask your wife if she is comfortable sharing about your relations on social media platforms.

Discuss at times how you both fell in love. Getting busy with work-life, we at times forget how to express love to our loved ones. Try to discuss how you both fell in love and recreate those lovely memories.

Don’t be harsh while you are trying to fix problems between both of you. Whenever you both get into any heated argument, try to be soft with your voice. Don’t rise or be harsh with your voice when you say things to her.

Give her affectionate hugs. Show some affection when you feel loved by your wife. Give affectionate hugs to your wife at times.

Always hold her hand when you go out with her. Whenever you both go out, try to hold her hand and try show how much you care about her in public.

Don’t make everything sexual whenever she is with you. Don’t always make everything sexual when she is talking or sharing any moments with you. Try to calm down with your sexual intentions.

Both of you go for a walk. Try to take some time and go for a lovely evening walk.

Make her feel special. Whenever you get time, always make sure you make her feel special. Go for a lovely evening walk or take her to her favorite place or gift her those things which she has wanted for a long time.

Always make her a priority. Always remember your wife is a person with whom you can share everything. Make her a priority and make her feel special.

Keep your expectations low from her.  Keeping expectations from your wife is very common. But if those expectations aren’t fulfilled, it hurts. So try to keep your expectations low from your wife and go with the flow.

Talk it out after you make love. This a choice if you want to avail it. Talk about feelings after you make love to your wife. That is the best time when feelings are transparent, and you will get honest answers.

Make some time to talk with your wife. In a hectic load of work, take out some time for your wife. Don’t make her feel unwanted and avoided by you.

Surprise her with a special date. Everyone is busy with work and other stuff. Surprise her sometimes with a special date and all. Treat her like a princess. 

Spend some time with her so that she understands you are into her. Take out some time from your work and spend lovely moments with your loved one, that is, your wife.

Discuss financial status, challenges in life, or ideas for your future. It is the right of your wife to know what you are thinking about the future and everything. 

Don’t try to “fix” everything for her – just listen. If she is sharing any situations that happened in her life, just lend your ears and listen to her. 

Try to understand her feelings. Many times we are confused with our feelings. If you see your wife showing those traits, support your wife by understanding her situation and wife.

Never dismiss her feelings. Never let your wife feel that she is being avoided or emotionally used. Support her in every hard time.

Share special moments. A simple and sweet life can make anything special. Share every moment with your wife and create memories.

Never interrupt her when she’s trying to tell you how she feels.  Dare not to interrupt when she is expressing and being vocalized about her feelings. Listen to it carefully and pay attention to it.

Apologize and admit when you are wrong. Whenever you have committed any mistake, just admit you have done wrong and apologize to your wife.

Be gentle during her monthly cycle. Every woman goes through a periodic cycle every month. Try to support her emotionally and understand her mood swings.

Express appreciation for all she does for you. Try to be expressive and tell your wife that you are thankful that she came into your life and made it easy.

Try to settle peace in your relationship.  Don’t always make a scene for everything. Try to discuss and let everything settle between you two.

Let them vent their frustrations, and don’t get angry about them. Suppose your wife is getting frustrated about everything. Make her sit in one place and talk to her. Tell her to vent her frustration by sharing her problems.

Keep your love life private. Never share everything about your relationship with everyone. This is not a good way to share things. In this way, people can intrude between both of you.

Forgive her mistakes. Don’t hold any grudge or get angry when your wife says she has committed any mistake. Try to be supportive and make her understand properly.

Appreciate her honesty and love you. Always thanks her for being an honest person and she has chosen you to spend the rest of her life with you.

Always give comfort. If she ever says she is uncomfortable with anything, try to understand her situation and give her that comfort zone.

Pray for her. When you see your wife going through any hardships, pray for her that she can get out of that situation as soon as possible.

Prove that you are committed. Show some affection towards her and prove that you are only committed to your wife.

Appreciate her in front of others. Appreciate her good things in front of her friends and families. Make her feel prioritized so that she gets a sense of feeling that she is the most important person in your life.

Try to show that her things of interest, interest you as well. Whenever she tells you about her favorite things, at least try to show some interest and get involved in those things.

How to support your wife?:

● Help your wife shift her perspectives. For example, try to change her viewpoint to something positive and more optimistic.

● Show her how to find opportunities in life’s biggest problems and be her inspiration.

● Motivate and encourage her, especially in challenging moments when she needs it.

● Figure out the right time to step in so that she can step out and let you handle things for a while.

● Let it be known to her that you have pride for her and appreciate her most minor efforts.

● Believe in your wife. Have faith in her, and infuse assurance and confidence like an ideal husband.

● Be available emotionally, and let her cry upon your shoulders.

● Portray physical affection, and don’t shy away from intimacy.

● Listen, listen deeply. Listen more than you speak.

● Don’t let your male ego come in between the two of you and perpetuate hate, anger, and discomfort in your relationship.

Supportive partners encourage us no matter what we go through. They always stick around with us in our good and bad times.

 Tips To Support Your Wife

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