How to Take Care of Your Sick Boyfriend Long Distance: 9+ tips

Being in a long-distance relationship and not able to see your partner and the constant desire to meet them is extremely troubling. Being able to meet them, however, is out of the question. Separated by distance but together with love. 

Tips On How To Take Care of Your Sick Boyfriend Long Distance

The distance should not make you emotionally apart. Things get worse if your long-distance partner is sick. You would just want to go and meet them for real and be there with them.

But unfortunately, due to work and other commitments, you may not be able to make it.  Here is a list of things you can do to show concern from a distance and let them understand how much they matter to you. 

Order their comfort food.

You must find restaurants near your partner’s location and order their favorite go-to food or anything that would make them feel warm. A bowl of soup can be the best option for your sick long-distance partner. 

You can also buy some canned food so that your partner does not have to get up and prepare a meal.  Make sure you call them, ask them what they want, and then go for it.

Send in ‘care packages.’ 

A care package is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful presents you can gift your partner in advance.  You can either search for care packages online, or you can also buy cute little stuff your partner would love. Who does not love a handpicked care package from their loved ones? 

A scented candle, refreshing potpourris, instant soup mix, also you can include a beverage of their choice, all covered in a beautiful wrapper, and add a tiny side note that says “Get well soon.”

Care packages can be sent at the beginning of a new season. If your long-distance partner is located in a country where winter is about to drop, you know what to do. 

What are the advantages of sending care packages to your partner

Listen to podcasts together.

If your long-distance partner is into podcasts or audiobooks, you both can opt for a cozy podcast session together. You both might not be able to cuddle under the same blanket, but, you can plug in your earphones and listen to a podcast you both love equally. 

This is super romantic and can help your partner relax and recover quickly. 

Storytelling for the win.

Some people love listening to stories, and some love storytelling. Even if you love to hear stories, for a change this time, since your partner is not feeling well, you can tell a story or even read one to them, just like how our parents read short bedtime stories to us to make us fall asleep fast. 

This will make them happy and remind them of their good old days. Hearing their loved one reading out loud can be soothing too.

 Why storytelling is important in a relationship

Laugh out loud.

One of the best ways to cheer up your loved one is to share some sarcastic stuff. Sending some cool memes or tagging them in memes will also be a great idea.

If your partner is really into spoof videos or stand-up comedy, you can find some relatable, funny content on YouTube and have a good laugh together. 

Filming a video of yourself cracking a lame or insane joke can also brighten their mood. Being sick and lonely can be frustrating. Take a chill pill and laugh together.

What are the advantages of laughter in a relationship

The OG handwritten letter.

Couples who love to romance the ‘old-school’ way take notes. In these times of fast-moving technology and lifestyle, with social media being the middlemen in any relationship and offering instant messaging, you can opt for a romantic hand-written letter to your loved one. 

It not only generates a feeling of togetherness, but you realize how much you and your partner are in love and enjoy each other’s company. Do not forget to add in some quirky or funny dialogues that your partner would appreciate any day. 

Proper rest is a must.

You can check in your long-distance sick partner but always make sure you do not overdo things, which can be a bit annoying.

Also, texting them is fine, but constantly texting them and asking whether they are fine will not be a great idea as your sick partner might not be in the mood to be in front of their mobile phone answering your frequent questions.

Yes, you would be concerned about your partner, but let them rest properly, and soon the two of you can start conversing again.

 Why rest is important in a relationship

Do not engage in serious talks.

Some very serious developments might happen in your life or your relationship. You can always avoid such heavy talks for a later date.

Your conversations can be light, funny, and relaxing. Talk to them about the kind of medicines they have to take, foods to avoid, or just distract them from feeling lonely or low. 

Reassure them that things will get better.

These tips can come in handy when your long-distance partner is sick and you want to do your best to ensure they are doing well and feeling better in the long run.

When a person is in good health, they would be energetic and full of life, but when they are sick, it would slowly drains their energy and make them feel exhausted. No matter how active a person is, being sick has its downsides. 

When you are sick, you automatically tend to be irresponsible, stating the sickness as a prime excuse. Always reassure your long-distance sick partner that they are loved and are irreplaceable.

It would make them happy and help them get better sooner. Ensuring your partner that they will be alright soon is a kind gesture. 


Falling in love and falling sick are two contradictory statements. As you fall in love, it would make you a better individual and feel a lot better too.

But on the other hand, falling sick can be a strenuous process. There can be two extremes; you might either just want to be alone or be with your loved one. 

But a long-distance relationship is already testing the strength of your relationship, and on top of that, if you are sick, things can get messed up.

So, if you are sick, don’t forget to take your medicines on time, and if your partner is sick, the tips mentioned above will help you. 

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