How To Understand Your Pregnant Wife: 24+ Tips

It is of utmost importance to support your wife during her pregnancy so that she remains healthy and gives birth to a healthy child.

The couple as a whole needs to cope with many new challenges, and both of them need to support each other.

There are numerous things that one should do and should not. But above everything, a man needs to understand his wife during her pregnancy. Here are some tips to understand your wife during her pregnancy.

Tips on How to Understand Your Pregnant Wife

1) Learn as much as you can about pregnancy if this is your first child. You will come across all the changes in behavior that a woman undergoes when pregnant. This will make it easier for you to understand her.

2) Encourage her so that she does not suffer from anxiety. She has a lot of hormonal changes going on inside her when she is pregnant. So, anxiety may strike her during this period.

3) Try to know what exactly she is expecting from you. She might be hesitant about things and resultantly, won’t tell you. So, try to find out often if she wants something from you.

4) Be affectionate as much as you can. When you are affectionate to her when she is pregnant, she will find it easier to express herself to you. This way you will understand her better.

5) Give her long hugs to make her feel loved. You will not understand anyone unless that person wants you to. Once you make her feel loved, she will give you the space to understand her.

6) Talk more than any other usual day with her. As she is undergoing hormonal changes, you need to maintain good communication with her to understand her better. So, try to talk to her as much as you can so that she opens up to you about the smallest thing too.

7) Give her company to visiting the doctors. This will give her the feeling that you are there beside her. This will enable her to think that you are more reliable and you will start understanding her more.

8) Please be patient when your wife is pregnant. Since she is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes, she may have different moods in no time. So, try to be patient with your wife during her pregnancy.

9) She will have a lot of mood changes when pregnant. You need not worry about her getting angry or sad in a matter of seconds. Try to bear these moods because these are the hormones inside her that are making her act like this.

10) Try to be the best listener during this period. Try to bear with whatever she is saying and do not just react. Once again, this is due to the changes in hormonal balances inside her body.

11) Keep your phone away when you are talking to her. This will allow you to be more attentive to what she says. As a result, you will understand her better.

12) Take a break from your social life for a few days. Instead of spending more time outside, spend more time with her. This will automatically allow you to understand more even during this phase of change.

13) Take her to walks. This will give her the physical movements that her body needs. Also, this will refresh your mind, and understanding her will become easier for you.

14) Make her feel comfortable if she suffers from morning sickness. You may think that this is very natural to experience during pregnancy but if you make her feel comfortable, she will express herself more freely to you.

15) Please try to be sensitive. During her pregnancy, mood swings will be there. So, try to be sensitive and explain to yourself that this behavior is natural at this time.

16) Always respond with kindness. Whenever she asks for something or if she screams at you for a small mistake of yours, be kind to her. This will make her more comfortable and less stressed and will enable you to understand her better.

17) Try to be more flexible than you are on regular days. During pregnancy, a woman will need a lot from her husband and this can be difficult for a working man. So, try to have a flexible schedule during the final stages of her pregnancy.

18) Try to reschedule all the informal meetings for later. Understanding her during her pregnancy is the easiest when you spend more time with your wife. So, postpone all the informal meetings for some time else and spend more time with your wife.

19) Participate with her in the planning. You will come across the new version of her when you start planning equally. This will allow you to understand her more as you will observe her more by doing so.

20) Try to make her calm and happy. Once she is happy, she will not have mood swings much, and hence, you will not find any difficulties in understanding her.

21) Talk to your friends who already experienced what you are going through now. Once you listen to their stories, you will be able to work out how you need to proceed. Your knowledge about these will be helpful.

22) Mentally prepare yourself for facing the downs. Since your wife is going through hormonal changes, she will have mood swings and changes in attitude. So, mentally prepare yourself for this and you will be able to understand her even when she is not acting normal.

23) Monitor her as much as you can. Once you have observed her properly, you will be able to find out what is annoying her. You may then act accordingly.

24) Appreciate the small thing that she does during her pregnancy. Likely, her work will not be perfect and there will be mistakes. Appreciate the work and try to ignore the mistakes so that she is with a lesser amount of stress.

25) Do not make her repeat. This may irritate your wife when pregnant. So, try to do what she is asking you to on time.

26) Give her the support so that she opens up to you. When you are supportive enough, she will open up to you without any second thoughts. This will also enable you to understand her more.

27) Do a lot of research. The more you know about pregnant women, the better you handle your pregnant wife. Reading more will enlighten you about the situations that may arise and hence, you will be a more understanding husband.

28) Give her space whenever you think is necessary. This will give her some more time for herself and she will be able to organize herself more. As a result, you will understand her better when she has mental peace.

29) Bear with her childishness and cravings. Understand that she is extremely happy for the new member coming to the family. So, when she is acting childish or is craving for some midnight snack, be patient.

30) She might not be wanting sex but do not stop being intimate. Cuddles and kisses are stronger than you can even think of. So, even when you are not having sex, do not stop touching your wife.

31) Be ready to be a learner if you are going to be a dad for the first time. Everything has a first time and you do not get the experience unless you face it. So, be prepared to do your research so that you can understand your wife during her pregnancy.

32) Be more encouraging so that she is free of anxiety. As you know by now that your wife is going through hormonal changes during her pregnancy, so she may have anxiety too. 

33) Try to dig deeper into her hesitations. Try to find out what she needs and wants you to do. This may be challenging but you need to believe your instincts.

34) Be more loving than usual. This will make her feel that you are beside her, no matter what. She will then automatically tell you about her feelings and you will not find any difficulty at all.

35) Hugging is very important. Once you hug her, she understands that you love her. She will then be less hesitant even during the days of her pregnancy.

36) Increase communication with her. Doing so will enable you to understand her more even during her days of hormonal changes.

37) Never let her go to the doctors by herself. Always give her company to visiting the doctors. This will make you a more understanding partner too.

38) Her pregnancy is the test of your patience. A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of hormonal changes and her behavior changes resultantly. So, be patient when she is angry or sad.

39) Be calm during her mood swings. You need not worry about her mood swings much as these are the results of the changing levels of hormones in your wife’s body. This is one of the best things you can do to be more understanding.

40) You are needed to be a very good listener during her pregnancy. Listen to what she says and try to understand. Do not just simply react instantly.

41) Spend less time with your phone and more time with your wife. Doing so will make you more attentive towards her and hence, you will be a more understanding would-be dad!

42) You need to understand that your social life can wait. Your social life will not run away but this phase may not come again. So, spend more time with her, observe her more and understand her more.

43) You may go out for walks together. This will give her some exercise as well and you two will get to spend more time together. As you spend more time together, you will be more understanding.

44) Make her feel comfortable about her sickness. She will often feel sick and you need to make her feel that you are with her. Once you can do this, you will not find any difficulty in understanding her.

45) Start praising her for whatever she does for you. During pregnancy, she may commit many mistakes while doing a job. Try to overlook them and look only at the good parts and appreciate them.

46) Do the things that make her happy. If she is happy, you need not put extra effort into understanding her. So, her happiness during her pregnancy is important.

47) Try to do the things on time so that she does not repeat them. Making her repeat can make her irritated and you may fail to understand her in that case. So, do not make her repeat herself.

48) Giving her enough privacy and space is of utmost importance. This will keep her undisturbed, mentally. Once she is mentally well, she will behave normally and you will also not face problems understanding her.

49) Contemplate her as much as you can. Doing so will allow you to understand her behaviors in an ameliorated manner. So, understanding her becomes easier when you observe her more.

50) Try to manage more time for home. It is difficult for a working man to do this but you should try. Spending more time with your pregnant wife will make you more understanding.

51) You need mental preparation. You cannot be the most understanding person overnight. So, try to prepare yourself mentally about being more understanding after you get to know about your wife’s pregnancy.

52) The more you research, the more understanding you become. You need to understand the behavioral patterns of your pregnant wife. This is possible when you indulge in proper research.

53) Do not seize to be intimate. Intimacy is not always about having sex. Do not seize to touch her or hug her during her pregnancy.

54) Always be kind during this phase. If she gets irritated with you for the mistakes you commit, do not react. Try to be kind and try to be more understanding.

55) Talk to the ones who have already experienced these days. When you come across their stories, you will know what the things that you will need to face are. Having been accustomed to the situations will make you more understanding.

56) Always show your support to her, no matter what. Understanding your pregnant wife needs you to be more supportive first. So, before anything, support her for everything she does.

57) Do not let her plan alone. You also participate with her in the planning. This will make you observe her and understand her feelings more.

58) Bear with her mood swings as much as you can. Make yourself understand that these days won’t last for long. So, cope up with her mood swings and try as much as you can to understand her.

59) You need to be sensitive to your wife when she is pregnant. Her mood swings can be annoying but tell this to you “this phase will pass”.

60) Be excited about being a father. Once you are happy and excited, you will understand more. So, enjoy the whole phase and think of only good things.

Tips To Understand Wife When Pregnant

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