How To Understand Your Wife Needs: 67+ Tips

A wife has certain needs and desires which she wants to be fulfilled in a marriage. A healthy marriage begins when the wife stays happy and feels proud to marry an ideal husband.

Here are some tips that will elaborate on what a wife needs to cultivate a successful marriage.

Powerful Tips On Understand Your Wife Needs

1. Celebrating a marriage is necessary. Go out, recreate the memories, and love your wife. The husband needs to work hard and earn well-deserved love and care.

2. Say that you love her.  Women need constant approval regarding your love. Say that you love her and this will reduce stress and strengthen the relationship.

3. Win her trust. Trust is an important pillar for any couple and the husband needs to win her confidence. She will be more confident and decisive and will be clear about her needs and wants.

4. Do not cheat on her. Do not risk your relationship with another person. There is no way a wife will trust a husband who is not reliable.

5. Stop comparing your wife publicly. Make her understand her faults, but not compare her with other women. Drawing parallels is never helpful for a healthy relationship.

6. Never take here for granted. Do not command. A wife should not live a life set by her husband. Treat her like a princess and behave like a gentleman.

7. Communication is the key. Do not retrograde and let her talk about something she feels like. Listen to her and understand the problems to find a suitable solution. Communicate the differences.

8. Understand that your relationship might not be perfect. Stop trying to change her. Relationships need to be happy and not perfect. Become her best friend and enjoy the relationship.

9. Arguments happen in all relationships. Learn to live beyond them and move on from arguing over petty issues. Choose your battles and fight logically.

10.  Respect each other. Learn about her favorites and recognize them. Her preference and choices are important and the husband should make her feel important.

11.  Remember all the celebration dates. Celebrate the special days and plan surprises for her. This will make her feel special and wanted. Birthdays and anniversaries are special dates and celebrate them with pomp and glamour.

12.  Sleep enough. A person needs 7-8 hours of sleep to function properly. Women generally need some extra rest and they are pleased when that is possible. They function at their peak when they have ample rest.

13.  Words of affirmation. A husband needs to feed affirmation into her heart through daily compliments and praise. Handwritten notes, loving attitudes can affirm your love and make her happy and content.

14.  Quality time. A wife wants to spend some quality time with her husband. She wants to talk and connect with the husband about every emotional and spiritual topic she wants to. Share some regular intimate moments with her on a daily basis.

15.  Detailed communication is important. A wife has plenty of things to say and hear. She needs to know the details of the day. A good husband must know how to communicate properly and not just answer.

16.  Non-intimate physical affection. She needs non-sexual expressions of her husband and it is the best possible way to non-verbally communicate mutual love. Hold her hands, wrap your arms, and enjoy.

17.  To feel loved. The wives rarely tire of hearing the magical words. It is equally important to show her how much you love her. This may sound cliché but expressing emotions can be helpful.

18.  Understanding and forgiveness. There are going to be days when your wife will make mistakes. She needs you to understand and forgive her. Be empathetic and understanding.

19.  Real conversations are needed. The conversations must not dwindle into the air. There are a lot of topics beyond practical stuff. It is critical to discuss every small detail with the husband.

20.  Spending quality time. Make some special moments to improve the connections by spending time with your partner. The wife is not only a mother but an individual human being with some priorities.

21.  To be heard. It just breaks her heart when she shares her feelings only to know that the husband is not listening. Listen, even if you do not agree and respect her opinions.

22.  Show affection. Thank your wife, kiss her suddenly and be kind and affectionate towards her. These are some keys to a successful marriage. More the frequency, more the commitment and satisfaction.

23.  Help her with daily tasks. She is not the only one to do chores. She should not have to ask for help. You will be a hero in her eyes.

24.  A day off now and then. A wife needs to be free from worrying about the daily duties once in a while. She deserves the break in the schedule and this will keep her economically and physically healthy.

25.  Take care of one. Men are often ignorant about their health. A wife should not mother him every now and then. A better philosophy would be to take care of yourself to be properly groomed.

26.  Give her the security she needs. Both partners should be well established. This will ensure economical and physical security and will decrease the anxiety levels between them.

27.  The wife needs to feel that marriage is worthwhile. The wife needs to enjoy the marriage and feel that she has taken the best decision to get committed to him. The genuine belief should be proud and worthwhile.

28.  Every wife needs to be proud of the husband. She yearns to be proud of her husband and live a happy conjugal life. The entire equation becomes easy.

29.  Every wife needs support from her husband. The wife must count on the husband in good and bad times. She needs to know that the husband is always by her side and she has a shoulder to cry on.

30.  The wife needs friendship from her husband. You should be able to spend time together as friends and go out in groups to enjoy. The relationship becomes amusing.

31.  Make her feel beautiful. Every woman believes they are beautiful but they want their man to recognize it. Many struggles with self-confidence so a little reassurance does the job and goes a long way.

32.  The wife needs some intimacy from her husband. Every wife needs that indescribable close and intimate feeling from her husband. This is a manifestation of deep love and must not always be physical or involve sex.

33.  They need their husband to step up as a father. The husband must act as the leader of the family. A proper role model can be a big reason for the wife to look up to him and respect him.

34.  The husband must take certain stern decisions. It necessarily need not be the ‘alpha male’ type of leadership, but she wants her husband to be a servant-leader. This is not submission but strength and love.

35.  Verbal affirmation. A wife loves to hear verbal acknowledgment about how much she contributes to the different areas and a little appreciation makes her happy and more powerful.

36.  Undivided attention. Everyone has distractions but this should not interrupt the marital relationship. After a long day, one to one communication is very crucial for a healthy relationship.

37.  Time alone. Wives need some time alone but feel guilty asking for it. When the husband does facilitate the alone time, she wants his feel and touch. The support is very crucial.

38.  Romance is in the air. A woman’s need for romance is not a stereotype. The wives feel happy when a romantic gesture is taken care of by the husband. They welcome it and have a hearty celebration.

39.   Help her. Help in various forms is appreciated. Helping your wife in certain jobs or to take day-to-day decisions will solve the uneasiness between the couple. All a wife needs are her husbands’ participation in the activities.

40.  Be a good listener. Most women love talking. She craves for her husband to hear her daily talks. She needs a man who is a good listener and can make her laugh. You must be patient and understanding.

41.  Make her feel safe. A wife needs her husband to stand as a pillar in tough times. She wants him to make sure that she is safe in his company. She must know that he will stand for her dignity.

42.  Support her dreams. Women in general and wives in particular want a man who will support their dream and passion and cheer for them. He should trust her life plans and encourage her.

43.  Be the promise keeper. Do stand tall on the promises done. Wives hate husbands who do not keep their words. This quality can change the ball game in the future. Breaking promises is a big no.

44.  Be an honest and loyal husband. This is one of the most common yet most important qualities. A man who lies or cheats in a marriage does not deserve the love of his wife. This is a huge turn-off.

45.  Treat her parents as your own. A couple does not marry each other but the entire family too. Accept her parents as your own and love them. Embracing your wives’ family is a positive sign.

46.  Propose her in a fairy-tale way. A proposal is a lifetime thing. Many wives want it to be magical and dreamy. Planning a surprise might help the husband seal the deal. It can be done in a big, filmy way.

47.  Discuss money matters without any hindrance. A wife appreciates the clarity when the husband discusses important monetary matters with her. She wants to sit together and have a productive conversation.

48.  Give her some personal space. A wife needs to go out with her friends or have a full-on spa day. A husband who respects his wife’s’ privacy is a true gentleman.

49.  Do not judge her clothes. A mature and sensible wife will have her own choices and style. She will appreciate it if the husband does not judge her and decide for her. The balance between discussion and liberty is important.

50.  Respect her limits when it comes to sex. Having consensual sex is very important. Even after that, respecting her boundaries and not forcing and rushing things has its own charm. Sex should be enjoyed.

51.  Cheer her up. Say her pretty things even when she is having the worst day. A husband can change her mood just by encouraging her. A wife wants a humorous and feel-good partner.

52.  Do not force her to choose between her friends and you. A wife can have a gang of her and will want her husband to know that. He should never put her in difficult situations and expect a biased response.

53.  Make her feel okay with her personal choices. She should live her own life and her husband must not be the barrier. She should be given the liberty to decide for herself and behave accordingly.

54.  Give her the desired wardrobe space. A wife has certain needs and she has a lot of stuff that requires a lot of space. The husband earns brownie points when he allots her the required space.

55.  Never force her to start a family. It should be a joint call. The wife must not bear the responsibility with regrets. She hopes that he understands and supports her.

56.  Give her a beautiful life. Stick around and never leave her. Give efforts to stay comfortable even in odd situations. Support and help each other grow. It will be a dream come true scenario.

57.  Build up the chemistry. The wife must be excited and energized to see you. A wife needs his husband to form a connection and stay attractive so that the marriage is not monotonous and boring.

58.  Stability is required. Both emotional and economic stability plays a major role. When the husband is in a healthy mental condition he has self-control. Again, when a person helps to build a financially independent marriage, it gives rise to a self-sufficient family.

59.  Equality must persist. Women won’t simply bow down to old and orthodox marriage rules and obey them. They want their husbands to see them as equal partners and listen to their aspirations while making decisions.

60.  Protective nature makes them feel safe. Even a fiercely independent woman wants a husband to make her feel protected. They want their husbands to defend their identity, preferences, and goals from the discouraging bunch.

61.  Acceptance in certain areas can be helpful. Nobody is perfect and a wife wants a husband who will not continuously pester her to change. She needs someone who loves her quirky unique nature and embraces the imperfections.

62.  Respectful behavior. No wife wants her husband to be rude, disrespectful, and impolite. A well-mannered and chivalrous guy is a good example to whom others can look up to. Treat everyone equally.

63.  Compatible personality with a suitable set of characteristics. An exact personality may not be found but someone who has certain attributes that balance and complement each other makes the life of a married couple easier.

64.   Reliability. A wife needs a reliable man who does not give empty promises or act inconsistently. She wants to have a helping hand, someone to rely on when required. She decides the right man depending on the support he gives.

65. Compassion. It includes a positive attitude, a feel-good factor, and kindness. A kind-hearted guy is every woman’s dream and if he is thoughtful and forgiving, it is an added advantage.

66. Loyalty and faithfulness are respected. A faithful man will always respect and stay committed to his lady. Being faithful is one easy step to create a lasting marriage. Finding loyalty is rare these days.

67. Resourcefulness. Intelligence and cleverness make a man attractive. But a motivated, confident man who can optimize the use of limited resources is alluring. A man with aspirations and dreams won’t give up easily and that is good quality.

68. Trustworthiness and honesty. A husband who is not overly suspicious and his actions match his words is considered nice. To build a strong marriage, he needs to be trustworthy with whom the wife can share everything.

69. Sense of humor is important. Every couple is different and women have a high attraction towards men who make them laugh. A man who can lighten up the mood is always welcome.

70.  Stay attuned to her feelings. Do not remain unaware of your partner’s feelings. Try to stay connected and handle ugly situations gracefully. Your wife must know that you love her. 

Tips To Understand Your Wife’s Needs

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