60+ Sweet Hug Day Gifts for your Girlfriend

A hug might as well be the most beautiful form of love that you can show to your partner. Hugging her for even a few minutes says all those things that you want to tell her without using words. It helps you connect and even takes all your stress away.

This hug day, gift her something unexpected and extra special besides giving her the usual loving hug. We have a few suggestions for you. 

list of Sweet Hug Day Gifts to Gift Her Now

Blanket – To keep you warm and cozy at all times, blankets are a great gift and if the packing is done right, it is enough to get her excited. Find a blanket that is not only soft and fluffy but also serves the purpose. Find a color she will love and snuggle into as soon as she unwraps it. 

Candles- Candles are a great tool to set the mood right and get the romantic tone going. Scented candles are a great gift idea if you want to express her. Candles that smell like flowers or even something that she loves to eat would make her drool. Find a pack that has everything she likes and she’ll be happy. 

Chocolates- No lady on the entire planet does not get excited at the sight of some freshly gifted chocolates. You already know what she loves and what she doesn’t enjoy as much. Gift her, her favorite box and get the hug day spirit going. 

Hoodie- What makes a hug even better than it already is some warm and cozy hoodie to hug her in. She is always after your hoodie so it is high time you get her one yourself and save your ones. Red or even white might be the color to pick.

Pendant- A pendant to remind her of you every minute of the day along with completing all her outfits. A heart-shaped pendant with a stone-like ruby or sapphire would be ideal and if you are willing to go that far, you might as well customize it with her initials. 

Matching robe- To end your day with a long hug, you need something comfortable to slip into, and what better option to pick when it comes to comfortable clothes than robes. Get a pair for you and the lady and get the cuddling going. 

Socks- She keeps losing them no matter how many you give her. This time around gift her a special set with romantic prints that she would want to keep carefully and be scared of losing. Good luck finding them. 

Camping kit- No more staying indoors all the time, plan a trip to re-ignite the spark, and what better way to do it than going camping. Gift her an entire kit and make sure it is enough for the two of you on a cozy trip outdoors. 

Watch- To help her not only keep track of time but also to remind her of you every time she checks the time. Plus an accessory to complete her outfit and make her feel ready for the day. Pick something slim and elegant, exactly what she likes and what she could wear comfortably all day. 

Sweater- What better piece of clothing to make the hugging even more comfortable and cozy than a fluffy sweater. Gift her a sweater she would happily wear and hug you for the entire day and pick a color she can never say no to. 

Sleepwear- Some comfortable sleepwear to enhance the hugging experience and make the sleep even more comfortable. Try and find a matching pair to step things up a bit. 

Perfume- She already smells like an angel but just for the sake of the gift, give her a perfume that’s he will happily wear and feel even better about herself. 

Deodorant- To keep all the sweat and odor away, some deodorant seems like the ideal gift for a hug day as long hours may lead to a lot of sweat. Pick something that suits her smell. 

Body wash- To make the bathing experience even better, some pleasant-smelling body wash to help her freshly start her day. Some bubble bath would be even better in addition to this gift. 

Skincare kit- This needs no reasoning. She has spent her entire life trying to achieve that flawless skin and you can at least try to help her in the process. Gift her an entire kit. 

Lights- Some dim lights to make the room a bit more romantic and bring in the vibe that gets things going. Set it up yourself rather than just wrapping and gifting it. 

Haircare- She probably loves her hair as much as she loves herself, help her take good care of it with a complete hair care kit that would keep all the unnecessary oil, dirt grease, and frizz away. If she has a good hair day, you have a good day. Look at it as a gift for yourself than a gift for her. 

Pillow- A pillow always feels more comforting after a cuddle session. Customize it with the photos or the words that she loves and gift her a complete set. Don’t forget to pick the fluffiest pillows before you pick pillow covers. 

Teddy- Gift her something to hug when you are not around and what better option here than a life-size teddy bear. It is almost like gifting her a friend in your absence and she would not be able to say no to it. 

Flowers- Flowers have something romantic about them and rose might be the best pick here. Be it a single flower or the complete bouquet, it is just as romantic and pleasant to start the day. 

Jewelry- Be it rings, lockets, pendants, or anything else, she loves jewelry and she loves it, even more, when you gift some to her. Find the most beautiful piece of jewelry that you can find and wrap it up like you are gifting her a piece of your heart. She will appreciate it. 

Coffee mug- A customized coffee mug for both of you. Something that matched your style as a couple and also relates to your vibe. A quote or even a picture that she loves would do the trick on the mug. Start your day together with a tight hug and some strong coffee.  

Photo frame- The tried and tested formula for a successful gift from ages. If nothing else comes to mind, gift her a photo frame that she would love to wake up and look at. Be as colorful and creative as possible and let her pick the photo. 

A small statue- A small statue of a couple or maybe even a caricature would be an amazing gift idea. Unique and special, just like her. She will be delighted with this one. 

Couch- The house needs a makeover and what better place to start than replacing the old couch with a new and exciting one. Get something comfortable and soft enough for you guys to hug around the whole day or for those never-ending movie sessions. 

Room freshener- If the room doesn’t smell good, the romance does not feel right. Get the room smelling right with the correct aphrodisiac in the form of a room freshener. If the room smells right, everything feels right and it would just step up the romance higher by a notch. Always keep the negativity and bad smell away. 

A book- Gift her the book that has been on her reading list for a long time and to step things up this hug day, read her a few pages while she is in your arms. Arguably, one of the most romantic things that you can do for her. She can finish the book later but you are just getting started. 

Make-up kit- This will be appreciated no matter what day of the year it is. Make sure to not go around saving a buck or two on this one. Love does not come cheap and so does make-up. If you pick the right one, you have the best gift that you can give to your partner. 

A card- A handwritten card telling her about all the feelings that you have for her and what you truly feel for her. Let her know what she means to you and what place she has in your life. Don’t forget to attach a small little poem or a romantic little quote, in the end, to make it even more special. A rose is recommended with the card. 

Sleeping bag- For those outdoor trips that include a ton of hugging and even more romance than the normal times. Find one that fits the two of you and plan a trip accordingly, after all a sleeping bag as comfortable as that should not be wasted by just lying in some corner. Make good use of it. 

Alarm clock- The hugs are always never-ending but they need to come to an end sometime soon. To help her keep a track of time and remind her when the time is up as much as she would hate. Try and get it customized to something she would not hate to wake up to. Not too irritating, not too subtle, just the right tones. 

Journal- A journal for her to write all the right thoughts and even a few wrong ones here and there. To write down all those special moments or all those priceless memories in her own words. Make sure the journal feels great to write on and has an authentic feel to it. Get her into the habit of writing with this one. Don’t forget the bookmarks and a few pens. 

Picture- A cute photo of you guys together put in a romantic frame, maybe with a few lights or even a great quote to be put up on the wall that you set your eyes on most frequently throughout the day. Sound like the recipe for the perfect gift. Make sure to pick the best one out of those million great photos. 

A dress- She can never have enough dresses in her wardrobe even if you gift her one every week of the day. She will always run out of things to wear eventually when the occasion arrives. It is almost your responsibility to get her the best dress that you can find and this hug day is no exception. Get her a dress she will be in love with and make sure it fits just right. 

Lingerie- The more, the better, and comfort is the key. Be the man that she wants you to be and gift her the right innerwear. She does the same for you so why can’t you? 

A binge session- Nothing beats a good old binge-watch session with the love of your life. Just the two of you, your favorite show or movie, and an entire day of cuddling and eating everything you love. Sounds like the perfect plan and the perfect gift idea for this hug day.

Ice cream- A bucket of her favorite ice cream or maybe even all the flavors that she enjoys, get her stacked on it and she will love you for the rest of her life. Nothing better than a scoop of ice cream before hitting the sack. 

Gift set- If you are one of those lazy guys who are too busy to think about a well-structured or well-thought gift, there are a lot of options available in the market that compile all the good things that any girl would appreciate on a special day. Make an effort to at least pick the right set from a store near you. 

A surprise date- She loves surprises and you know it. Plan a surprise date in advance and if possible, recreate the situation when you guys hugged the first time. Nothing but magic and love in the air if you succeed and still a lot of romance around should you fail. Win-win situation.

You- No matter how hard you try, how much effort you put in or even the amount of money you spend, it would fall pale in comparison if you just give her your time and complete attention for just this day. Hug her all day around and make her feel as special as she is. 

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