55+ Hug Day Gifts To Bring A Smile To His Face

This valentine’s week hug your man that he will never be able to forget. Make this hug day extra special for him, and let him feel the warmth and care of your feelings for him.

Gift him something that will remind him of those never-ending hugs and make this hug day unforgettable. We have a list of gifts that you would want to go through. 

Hug Day Gifts To Bring A Smile To His Face

Sweater- What better gift than a sweater to make the hug even more comfortable and cozy than it already is? Gift him a sweater that he would happily and proudly wear around the house and even out when he wants to. Knitting sounds like a humongous task so start shopping now. Try and get one with his initials on his favorite color to make it feel even better. 

Hoodie- When it comes to comfy clothing, there are only a few pieces of clothing that are as comfortable as a hoodie. Pick one that you would be able to take over later on, as that’s the plan anyway. A color he loves and a design he will be in love with, all you need for an ideal hoodie and even better hugs. 

Sleepwear- Some sleepwear, or even better, some matching sleepwear for the man and the lady to make the hug day even more special. Get the best-looking pajamas that you can get your hands on and find a similar pair for yourself for a couple of goals. 

Robe- Some matching bathing or sleeping robes to set some new couple goals for the world. Pick a mutual favorite color and surprise him by wearing yours and asking him to wear his all of a sudden. He will be impressed and surprised at the same time. 

Furniture- A new couch, some new curtains that match and maybe even a new table to go with all with it. Revamp the house to his liking and make things feel like a new beginning. You are well aware of what he likes by now and this would be the biggest surprise that you can give him. 

Clock- A wall clock to not only remind him of the time but to customize it with the picture that he would love and a tune that would be anything but annoying. Hug day has to come to an end sooner or later, this clock would let you know when it happens, if you manage to roll your eyes over it, that is. 

A tie- A tie completes the outfit and no matter how many you gift him, it will always be one too short. A good tie is appreciated every day of the year and hug day is no exception. Find him the right tie to keep the hugs flowing. 

Bouquet- Men love flowers too, especially if their loved ones get them some. Why just stick to a flower when you can get the whole bouquet? Get him an entire bouquet of all the flowers that he loves or you think he would love. 

A cake- Celebrate the hug day like it should be celebrated. Give him loads of hugs and get him a cake to get the celebrations going. You know whether to pick black forest or vanilla by now and don’t forget to add the message on top. Let the celebrations begin. 

A GIFT card- A handwritten greeting card along with a gift voucher would be the perfect combo on this hug day. Write down all the things that make you go crazy about him and list all the reasons why he is special to you if you can fit it all in. Don’t forget to hand in a gift card to help him get the shoes or the game he has been wanting for some time now. 

Scarf- It is almost the season of the scarf and they add some unique flavor to any outfit if done right. And, who is going to help him do it right if not you? Pick for him a few great scarves that he would be able to pair with his outfits and step up his fashion game to the next level. 

Work out gear- Some new workout gear to keep all the sweat and dirt away to help him feel as fresh as possible after a tiring workout session. He is always wearing them out in a few months so make sure he has replacements ready this time around. You wouldn’t want to hug a bag of sweat, would you? 

Comfy footwear- Some comfortable footwear for him to roam around in the house in the laid-back manner as he always does. Make sure they are soft and fluffy and are best for his feet. 

Glasses- A new pair of glasses to protect his eyes against any harmful sunrays and even to help him see better. He would like to have you in front of his eyes when he hugs you and sees you smile. 

Your time– This is without a doubt the best gift that you can give your man on any special occasion. Give him your total and undivided attention for this one day and notice how happy it makes him. Hug him all day long and make him feel as loved as he deserves to, this is better than any gift you could ever buy him. 

Matching t-shirt- Get him a matching t-shirt with a logo or a quote that he would love to wear around. Let him know how deeply connected you are to him and that you are willing to follow him wherever he goes or whatever he does. Plus it looks and feels super cute when a couple of hugs in the same outfit. 

Soft toy- This is just for those days when he can’t have you to hug and has to settle for the next best thing. Get him the biggest, the softest teddy that you can find to help him pass his time when you are not with him and he misses you. Get him a new friend this hug day to make sure that he never runs out of people to hug. 

A cushion- A cushion to make the hugs even cozier and to add something for a night of better sleep. Get a complete set and don’t forget to get the cushions customized to what he will love. From superheroes, video games to even his idols, anything that he would not mind seeing on a pillow and even laying down on it. 

A deodorant- You want to make him smell fresh all the time and especially when you hug him all the time. What better way to get all the sweat and smell away than gifting him a pack of deodorants with smells that he would love and you love on him.  

Perfume- When it comes to smelling special and for those really special and romantic nights, gift him a perfume that would make him smell wonderful and instantly make the room romantic for the both of you. 

Quilt-A warm and fluffy quilt to take the cuddling to the next level and make it even cozier. Something that he would immediately want to slip inside as soon as he hits the bed and would hate to get out of. 

Mat-A colorful mat for him to just lay down when he does not want to sleep or sit. He could work on it, work out on it or even play board games. Amazing for some movie sessions with a blanket and some snacks, you have to gift him one. 

A day off- Gifting him a day off and allowing him to relax for a change would make him feel incredibly special. Everyone needs a break once in a while and give him a break this hug day with all the hugs in the world. 

Video game- Make his hug day extra special by gifting him the video game that has been on his cart for a long time. He would hug you the moment he sees it. 

A suit- A man looks his best in a suit and it is never a wrong day to gift him one. Gift him a well-fitted suit and you would want to hug him even more. 

Body care kit- A complete body care kit would make him smell amazing and make his skin smoother, could you resist hugging him after that happens?

Bubble bath- A bubble bath would be the ideal way to end his day after a long and tiring day at the office. Gift him the complete experience by lighting a few candles and maybe some wine. 

Hot Chocolate- No drink soothes the soul as much as a cup of hot chocolate at the end of the day. You and him, a few mugs of hot chocolate and endless hugs, the perfect hug day. 

Turtle neck- The season for turtle necks is here and it is your job personally to get him a few of those, after all, it looks incredible on him and makes you want to hug him even more. 

Sweat pants- Some super comfy sweat pants for him to relax in and just be himself around the house. Be creative with this one because as long as it is comfortable he would never say no to wearing them. 

Socks- These are a great gift all year round and especially on hug day when he wants to feel warm and cozy, these socks would be of much help to keep him and his feel warm. Try and find some prints that show him the love that you have for him and he will never lose them. 

Frame- A picture frame with the design of his choice and maybe even a few lights to add to its specialty. Let him pick the photo of this choice and hang it wherever he feels right. Try and customize it to add the initials of your names. 

Picture- A hand-drawn picture is incomparable but if you are not that creative try and get a hand-drawn sketch from any artist that you know and wrap it up to make it an amazing gift this hug day. 

Showpiece- A showpiece in the shape of a heart or even of a couple holding each other would be ideal for this occasion. You could even get a piece that shows messages in neon lights to make it extra special with a customized message. 

A reading session- Gifting her a book that has been on his list for a long time is a great gift idea but to take it to the next level, sit him down in your arms and read out a few pages to him to make things super special and extra romantic. 

Lights- Lights are very useful in setting the mood of the room and gifting him dim lights would immediately make the environment romantic once they are up. Some romantic lights, you and him and hug day, could you ask for anything more?

Scented candles- Some scented candles make the place smell romantic and the light of the candle itself is enough to get the romance going. 

Fresheners- Keep the room smelling fresh and romantic at all times with these fresheners and do not let any bad smell distract you from the hugs and love in the air. 

Grooming kit- He needs to smell and feel as fresh as ever and you are going to help him do it with this grooming it. You would not feel like letting him go after you hug him. 

Pot plant- They bring in a lot of positive vibes and make the air fresher all the time. Some pot plant would be a great gift to bring in some greenery in his life this hug day. 

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