101+ Hug Day Quotes for Your Love Partner

Every day is a day of love if you love someone. But, there is a special week to celebrate love, i.e., Valentine’s week, and hug day is one of the specific days in it. This particular day is dedicated to feeling the warmth of the one you love.

Here are mentioned popular ‘Hug Day Quotes’ narrated by the world’s top authors, writers, poets, or celebs:

Hug Day Quotes for Your Partner

A devil stays away from a hug a day. –German Proverb

Have you feel the warmth of affection released from a hug. –Robert M. Hensel

Everything that can’t be put in words can express better through a hug. –Kacie Conroy

Hug is the most bizarre type of giving and take. –Carol ‘CC’ Miller

It is my ultimate desire to hug many legs just like an octopus at the same time. Hugging is my favorite hobby. –Drew Barrymore

Let them strive for love; you hug the seashore. –Virgil

Silent hugs can speak loud. –Carol ‘CC’ Miller

Hug is an art to tell people how much you love them. –Anonymous

The best thing I realized is that the various emotions are not intense when we compare them to the power of a hug. –Ann Hood

Just like a flower in the absence of pleasant smell is a kiss without a hug. –Proverb 

Hug is a silent way to let people understand about your feeling of love towards them. –Bil Keane

We need some hugs for survival, many hugs for maintenance, and more hugs for growth in a day. –Virginia Satir

Hugs and kisses from you are my desires. Also, everything about you, and totally you, is my one and only wish. –Anonymous

Hug is an ideal means to reveal the love we feel for others. Words can’t express what a silent hug can do. –Johnny Ray Ryder

If you are annoyed with your lover, just hug him/her genuinely. When we express our emotions truly then it becomes easy to win that person. Love is the only way to eliminate a person’s anxiety or irritating behavior. –Walter Anderson

‘Hug’ is the best medication from the cosmos. –Anonymous

I adopted you as my lover since the time I hugged you. – Anonymous

Have you ever experienced the warmth of love where your heart feels comfy and high in your chest and tingly? That’s the moment when you hug your partner. And, I felt the same when we hugged. – Anonymous

  Hug is the simple and best present to exchange. –Anonymous

Not an expensive gift, luxury cars or money, a simple hug, without uttering a word is the powerful cure to handle my every stress, every tension. – Anonymous

I often feel shy to touch everyone, but hugging you is my favorite part. – Anonymous

There is no perfect time to hug someone you love. Do as much as you wish. – Anonymous

Before we met each other, I was expecting someone to come into my life, to love me, or to hug me in a way so that all the pains or sorrows I felt earlier during my heartbreaks, It would be fixed. And, then you came…and reminded me with your warm hug, yes, you are the one. – Anonymous

I would get a chance then I would never get tired of hugging you throughout the day. – Anonymous

Hug is an expensive gift. Always give in return. – Anonymous

Therapy? Oh! Not at all! A hug is enough. – Anonymous

I never learned how to fit perfectly inside somebody else’s arms. It was out of my knowledge. –Tomi Adeyemi, Kiddies of both Blood and Bone

hug day quotes

I can’t control myself to see your expressions when we are going to do a hug for the very first time. –Anonymous 

I am curious here to allow love and hug you, even I am excited to shower the hugs upon you. Let me do it. I hope you would never stop me from doing that. Promise me you wouldn’t…till the end of our life. – Anonymous

Smile and hug me! Whenever you meet or visit me. That’s only important. – Anonymous 

If my presence becomes dim then light up my world through the shine of your hug and kisses. –Anonymous

I realized I couldn’t get the happiness that I take when you drag me in your arms and I wrapped my arms around you. – Anonymous

Do you know how a boomerang works? Just catch a hug back in a similar way. –Bil Keane

A hug reflects her sense of security and safety from your partner. Therefore, it is important in every relationship. I work like medicine. –Tony Curl

I feel an urge to hug you when I see you in person. –Anonymous

Hugs are better than drugs. –Megan Street

A bundle of books and a thousand hugs are always less than other things. –Gina House 

When we give a hug to someone and when we get a hug from someone…both are best-concerning things. –Diana Rowland

Welcome your loved one to home with a simple hug always makes your heart feel comfy and cozy. – Anonymous 

Morning hugs are simply beautiful. It keeps your partner refreshed throughout the day. – Anonymous  

Hugs come from the heart at my place. –Steve Irwin

Hug yourself more often from now. –Anonymous

Do you even know hug has the power to affect your digestive system? A person desires that kind of hug. –Leo Buscaglia

A love cannot be wrapped in a package. But you can wrap a person, through a hug. –Anonymous

Hugs become a simple way to greet people. But, hugging a special partner can’t be described in words. – Anonymous

The best hug is always long-lasting. –Anonymous 

Hug and stare at your partner’s eyes till you both feel tired…you’re gonna notice, you will not feel any tiredness If love is true. –Anonymous

Hug me tight so that I feel right. –Anonymous

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Hug Day Quotes for Love Partner

Hugging you is one of the most fantastic feelings! –Anonymous

Surprise hugs are a pleasure. –Anonymous

Whenever I think about you, I imagine I am hugging you. –Anonymous

A hug is another name for a heartful handshake. –Anonymous

Sometimes ‘I LOVE YOU’ is replaceable with a silent hug. –Anonymous 

Hug becomes more valuable when the other person hugs you back. –Anonymous

Hug can do miracles where words fail. –Anonymous

hug day quotes

Even a hug has the power to meet that person’s heart who appears as ‘stone-hearted.’ –Anonymous

A hug every hour keeps your arms healthy. –Anonymous

A hug is a silent form of saying; I care for you. –Anonymous

Not just physical hugs, virtual hugs can also work when sent with genuine intentions by your loved one. –Anonymous

A hearty hug consists of ocean size love. It can quickly vanish your sorrows away. –Anonymous

A hug can refill the energy of your body instantly. -Anonymous

Just like a portion of food, a hug is necessary for the body to function. –Anonymous

No precious gift is as valuable as a hug. –Anonymous

To increase your charm, God has blessed everyone with arms. –Anonymous

A hug is just needed to make everything acceptable. –Anonymous

A feeling of having a special one to hug is priceless. –Anonymous

A night becomes bright when you have someone to hug you tight. – Anonymous

A warm, cozy, and hearty hug is precious. – Anonymous

A hug from a soul mate works like the cherry on the cake. –Anonymous

Hugs are a wonderful way to tell our emotions. When we are hesitating to say something in words, simply, hug a person. –Johnny Ray Ryder

Have you ever noticed what the couple actually do to each other? Simply, they love to put their arms around their partner. They love each other even when they have many flaws. –Deb Caletti

Please hug me and give me a smile when we meet each other. Because, That’s important, very important. –Jim Valvano

You often asked several times what I want from you? Today! I’m telling you I want to be in your arms forever so that my ear can hear the sound of your heartbeat forever. – Anonymous

Hug makes the distance shorter in a relationship. – Anonymous

Do you even try to hug yourself? – Anonymous

Hug your partner if you are angry with him/her. It might be difficult to do that but a hug can melt his/her in seconds. – Anonymous

Send the gifts of hugs to people who need them. – Anonymous

I stay where someone hugs me and loves me from the heart. –Steve Irwin

Hugging is my hobby. I love to hug. I want to be hugged. But, getting a hug from the person I love is what I all want. –Lady Colin Campbell

Shake hands are common whereas hugs are specials.

If you know me then hug me. No problem at all! –Jurgen Klopp

Hugging an aged person is an easy thing. Don’t miss it. –Nick Cummins.

Hug Day Quotes

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