80+ I am sorry I am not perfect but I love you Quotes

Is your partner annoyed with you? Do you want to apologize? If you do not have the guts to talk in person with your partner, our beautiful quotes are the perfect way to show your feelings through words. Read all and pick the best one:

Here are I am sorry I am not perfect but I love you Quotes

_Dear! I know I am not as attractive as others are, I am not kindest from heart, I am not smartest from the mind too, I am full of flaws, but I love you from the heart so accept my sorry! -Anonymous

_I often speak a lot of my stupid things to you; I even hurt you several times because I am not full of perfections, but the only thing I understand I love you. -Anonymous

_My lady, I have committed many mistakes and do stupidity in front of you; that’s because I’m not the perfect boy you have desired, but my feelings are real, so sorry, and I love you! -Anonymous

_I adore you from heart, soul, and mind. Please don’t see the perfection in everything but focus on the love and feelings which I carry in my heart. You mean so much to me, my love! -Anonymous

_May be I am not the one perfect guy you wanted in life, but I love you, and I promise to be here forever, love you, babe! -Anonymous

_There can be several things I am not perfect at, but my love is as clean as freshwater. Love you, my honey! -Anonymous

_If you need perfection in a relationship, then I am sorry because I could not be the one, but this is my promise to take care of your needs and love you always. -Anonymous

_I am much appreciated for all the things you have done till now and, yes staying by my side through ups and downs. I know my princess, I am as perfect in love as you are, but I love you. -Anonymous

_I promise to keep you delighted in the world of imperfections. I love you, my prince! -Anonymous

_No one is perfect in this world, and everything is temporary here, but my love is permanent. -Anonymous

_Sweat heart, I want to apologize and want you to know that I am not the coolest boy in the town, but my love is real. -Anonymous

_I understood…from the beginning, I am not the one you always wished for, but mistakes are not to hurt you, so trying daily to bring perfection in a relationship; love you, babe! -Anonymous

_I often find myself immature.. doing silly things, but I love you, so please ignore all this stuff and accept my heartfelt feelings. -Anonymous

_I might be the reason for headaches and pain, but I love you, baby! -Anonymous

_I have given you many disappointments now. I want to please you with my love and care, so stay here, my love, by my side, forever, ever. -Anonymous

_I might not be perfect, but I am not joking in love; my emotions are genuine, so sorry for the past behavior and let me love like before. -Anonymous

_I do fights for silly reasons; I often lose my temper, I am a little stubborn, but one thing is sure I love you, and that’s enough.-Anonymous

_It’s difficult sometimes to handle my attitude, but you should understand I love you, so you have to respect my apology. -Anonymous 

_It might be an annoying thing to handle my imperfections, but everything is fair in love, so sorry and let’s again start the relationship from the beginning. -Anonymous

_You love me or not that I don’t know; what I know is my love is not perfect but pure. -Anonymous

_ World has so many perfections, but no individual is perfect, not you, but my love is pure; my love is authentic. -Anonymous

_I do not consider you my partner but my World where I reside, so I promise not to be perfect, but I promise you to love you with a real sense of feelings, my sweetheart. -Anonymous

_It’s my profound apology because I yell at you so many times, but now I am ready to forget whatever happened because love wants us to be together, so please come in my arms soon, my babe! -Anonymous

_Hey, my baby love, today, I am assuring you to give the best love you will ever wish in life. -Anonymous

_I want to say that I am not that much powerful and brave to fight all your problems, but I promise to be here always to hold you in your bad times, my heart. -Anonymous

_You are my life, my king, my one and only superman, and I might not be the one because I am not perfect, but I love you, and my love needs no reason to stay with you. -Anonymous

_Although perfection is not there from my side in our relationship, I know how to be faithful in love, so accept my mistakes and let me love you. -Anonymous

_It is not possible to present you in person all the time, but my heart beats for you, my mind thinks about you because I love you. -Anonymous 

_You should understand, my love, we are not the perfect pair, but our love is fair, and no power in the world can change that. -Anonymous

_Sometimes I show myself as emotional and childish because I l adore you and know you also love me, so I don’t want to lose you baby, please accept my apology. -Anonymous 

_Ignore all my toxic behavior, my dear love; you mean so much to me, so let’s promise to stay with each other forever. -Anonymous

_Loving me can be challenging, but my love will never change; it is pure so let’s do the fresh beginning. -Anonymous

_I might be the reason for frustration and disappointment several times, babe, but my love is real. -Anonymous

_I will never take a pledge not to commit mistakes or not to fight with you, but I will always love you. -Anonymous

_I am too far from perfection, I will never be perfect in our relationship, but I will love you always; my love has no end, darling. -Anonymous

_My life and I are not perfect, but the day I met you bring perfection in me and gives meaning to my life. -Anonymous

_I never expressed to you, my princess, but I feel perfection in me whenever you are on my side. -Anonymous

_I might fall at my problems, I lose my hope as well, I often feel scared, but I love you, so please respect my emotions. -Anonymous

_I promise to be your partner in flaws, in crime, in work, or in everything you do, my honey. -Anonymous

_I will remain your baby always despite all imperfections. You are my flying bug! -Anonymous

_What if I am not born with an attractive body and beautiful face, but all I have is the perfect guy who is the reason for excellence in me? I love you, honey. -Anonymous

_I never bring shine in your life like the star, but my soul loves you, and that’s all counts. -Anonymous

_I want to be that start of the Galaxy in your life that always shines and spreads its spark all the time so let me do the same I love you. -Anonymous

_I might do arguments several times, but I love you daily, and I will always love you. -Anonymous

_Please forgive me for making you cry and hurt; baby, keep one thing in mind I am always on your side and love you so much, so do not feel alone. -Anonymous

_I do not make a promise to do anything for you, my love, but I promise with you to do genuine things that are right for you. I love you. -Anonymous

_Not even my imperfections could make me stop loving you, so I am sorry, my love, and I need you. –Anonymous

_I don’t want to keep you happy with the material things also; I do not carry the perfect heart, but it beats for you because it loves you so much, my babe. –Anonymous

_My decisions could be the reason for hurt, but it always for your happiness darling, love you abundantly. –Anonymous

_You must remember one thing that nobody is right. Everyone is special and unique, but the thing matter is love should be genuine and fair; that’s what I do. –Anonymous

_I am not the poet to write poetry on you, not a singer to sing songs for you and not a dancer to dance with you, but I love you, which is enough.–Anonymous

_My skills are not adequate to make an impression upon you, but I have pure intentions to love you. –Anonymous

_I am not a perfect heroine, as you see in romantic movies, but my love is more than that. –Anonymous

_Babe, my heart belongs to your love only; although it is not perfect, it beats for you. –Anonymous

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