70+ I Feel Safe With You Quotes

People always long for a partner who is very good-looking or has a very good career but one must search for a partner who could keep him or her away from all the things that could destroy their lives.

A protective partner is very much needed in our lives who can give us every kind of happiness by keeping us safe all the time. Here are some quotes on how one feels safe with somebody.

I Feel Safe With You Quotes

-Whenever I wake up from my sleep and find myself in the arms of yours, I feel like I am residing in the safest place of the world -Anonymous

-My only priority in this whole world is only you because in this entire world the only person who feels safe is with you -Anonymous

-I can leave the whole world for you because you are the only person in the whole world who can keep me safe from all the negative vibes of this world -Anonymous

-You have always been protective and have never allowed any danger or any kind of harmful thing to come near me -Anonymous

-Things that have ruined from within in the past nowadays stay away from when I spend my time with you -Anonymous

-Since when we met, I have started feeling the safest as you protect me and take care of me like a baby -Anonymous

-Whenever I laugh with you, talk to you and spend late-night hangouts with you I never fear because you totally take the responsibility of keeping me safe -Anonymous

i feel safe with you

-I would like to spend the rest of my life with you because you are the guy who gives me the gut feeling that I will be safe from heartbreak forever -Anonymous

-You might not be the most perfect, most handsome, and most good looking person but you are actually that person who cares and bothers about my safety the most -Anonymous

-How tough you may look from your outer appearance but from inside you always worry about my safety and my well-being all the time -Anonymous

-I have chosen you out of all the millions of people residing in this world because you know where and how do I feel safe and you care about that -Anonymous

-Many people have come to my life but they have their limited role in my life but you are the one who will have to stay forever because I feel safe with you -Anonymous

-Many temporary people reside in our lives and break our heart like glass but with you, I have got the assurance that you are going to take care of me and your first priority is my safety -Anonymous

-You are like the bird who sits covering her nest until her babies do not come out of the eggs and in my case I have become just your baby and I love that -Anonymous

-I have always longed to God for a partner who never gets tired of looking after me and prioritize my safety like nothing else and I am thankful to God for giving me you as a gift -Anonymous

-For me the safest place in the heart is in your laps because no darkness, no pain, and no sorrow can reach to me when I lie there -Anonymous

-You have always time for thinking about my safety and worrying about and giving a deep thought about it and that is why I have chosen you out of all the people -Anonymous

-You actually mean the world to me because I have seen you struggling to ensure that I am at my safest and always given me the assurance that I will always feel comfortable with you -Anonymous

-You have always made me feel like blooming fresh flower who has no fear of getting withered by kind of weathering because it has a firm soil that can save it from any calamity -Anonymous

-Whenever I wake in the middle of the night after seeing some really scary and bad dream, I think of you because I strongly believe that you will save me from all bad omen -Anonymous

-There are many of the people in the world who have tried very much hard to scare the shit out of me but you were always there facing all the difficulties before me -Anonymous

-I fell in love with you only because of the fact that you have never even cared for your own life and always has given my safety the greater priority -Anonymous

-I owe my whole life to you and I would definitely like to share my entire life with you because I have seen how much you have cared for my safety in my danger -Anonymous

-The way you give a concrete effort to ensure that I am safe in all the situation and in all the locations you are perfect for being my life partner for the rest of my life -Anonymous

-I can totally be free and be myself when I am with you because deep down my heart I have no fear that I will ever get cheated or I will ever break  my heart -Anonymous

-I can trust you with my eyes closed because in these few days I have myself witnessed that you are the only one in my college who genuinely cares about my safety -Anonymous

-I was deeply shattered from inside and my heart was broken into pieces but then you entered my life and given me the hope that my heart will be protected with you and you proved it -Anonymous

-People always keep on asking me that how I stay happy all the time and I always reply to them that it is only because of your efforts of keeping me safe all the time -Anonymous

I Am Safe With You Quotes

-I believe that God always plans something special and unique for everyone and it has been proved for my case because I have such a protective partner like you in my life -Anonymous

-I promise you that I will never ever complain and never get tired of taking your care because you have almost forgotten about your well-being and have solely taken care of my safety -Anonymous

-I am like the flame of the candle which burns without any fear and any kind of hesitation and you are like the candle who is sacrificing yourself for the sake of my safety -Anonymous

-I would like to spend the rest of my life and more than seven lives together with you being your better half because you can happily give away all your favorites for the sake of my safety -Anonymous

-In a relationship, one remains only happy and cherish the affair if the other half takes responsibility for the safety of the other, and in my case, I have got the right one -Anonymous

i feel safe with you quotes

-I have always cherished my relationship and fallen in love with you again and again because of your very hard efforts from keeping me away from all the fears -Anonymous

-I really enjoy the jealousy my friends and my cousin suffer from by seeing how safe you have kept me in all these years and still you are not a bit tired -Anonymous

-People always say that we fall in love once in a lifetime but I have fallen for you a thousand times because every day you surprise me by keeping me safe -Anonymous

-I feel that I am the luckiest one and have achieved the best thing in my life by making me yours completely because nobody could keep me safe and take care of me like you -Anonymous

-Whenever your arms make a move to give me a tight hug, I get overwhelmed with the warmth and have the assurance that I am in the safest hands -Anonymous

-The sound feelings of safety comes from the beating sound of your heart whenever I place my ears over your chest and hug you while sleeping -Anonymous

-Each and every people is not as lucky as me because I have got to witness heaven which is the safest place of the world and the heaven is within your arms -Anonymous

-Whenever I am in tension or worry about a thing a lot, I always run to you because your nurturing words and your forehead kisses make me feel that I am very much safe -Anonymous

-I have a terrible fear of heights but when I am with you I feel like even if I jump off a cliff, you will definitely catch me and save me from falling down -Anonymous

-When my heart became a cloud of dust like sand and I was suffering from many kinds of insecurities, you have come into my life and made me realize that there is nothing to worry about and I am safe with you -Anonymous

-When in the chilling winter, during the night walk, you have given me your jacket, despite you feeling cold, I realized that there is no one better than you for me and I will be the safest with you -Anonymous

-I must have become mad and would have done something wrong to me if you haven’t come to my life at the right time and saved me from all darkness forever -Anonymous

-Life would not have been that much easy if you were not with me because you have picked all the thorns from my way and kept me safe from all the things that could have hurt me -Anonymous

 I Feel Safe With You Quotes

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