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Do you like someone but are unable to express it to them? Then, you are just at the right place where we are here to help you in framing some really interesting ‘I like you’ quotes for that particular person in your life.

These will surely help you to impress them. Just remember to send it to them at the right time. 

Here are Beautiful I Really Like You Quotes

-Even the simple things that you do for me make me like you even more and more. -Anonymous

-The way you make me laugh and the way you make me forget all the sorrows of my life make me like you even more. -Anonymous

-I cannot stay mad at you for a long time only because I like you so much. -Anonymous

-In my spare time the only thing that I think about is all those times that we have spent together and that makes me like you more than you can ever imagine. -Anonymous

-I like you the most because I know that you are the only person who knows me and treats me so well.

-I like you girl because you have made my life. -Anonymous

-It is an honor for me to have such a loving and caring person like you in my life. I like you so much! -Anonymous

-I like you only because you see me in a way that no one else can or does. -Anonymous

-I am grateful to you for you always make me happy, love me, and care for me in ways as no one else did. -Anonymous

-I wonder if it is reasonable to fight for love but when I think about you I think I am ready to be in a war and I also know that I will win the war. -Anonymous

-I never expected that I will be with you but it happened anyway and the thought of me losing you makes me mad. –Anonymous

-As he was reading, I started falling in love with the way you were falling asleep. At first, it happened real slowly and then it happened all at once. –John Green

-I have loved you yesterday and I love you today and I shall love you forever. –Elaine Davis

-I saw you as the most perfect person and so, I started liking you. Then I realized that you were not perfect and then I started loving you even more. –Angelita Lim

-I like you for what you are as a person but for the person, I become when I am with you. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

-I like you for not what you have made out of yourself but I like you because you have made me a better person today. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

-When I think of you I stay awake and when I dream of you I fall asleep. I like you the most and that feeling has kept me alive. -Anonymous

-I like you and I want you just like my heart needs to beat. -Anonymous

-When I say that I like you it only means that I like you more than the worst times that are ahead of us. -Anonymous

-You must know that your hands are meant to fill the spaces between my fingers. I like you more than you can ever think of. -Anonymous

-I love my life because I have you in it. -Anonymous

-It is often said that love is painful but I am ready to bear the pain if I am in love with you. -Anonymous

-I wished for someone who will stay by my side forever and just then I met you in the form of my life partner. -Anonymous

-Your happiness means the universe to me and it is also the biggest achievement of my life. -Anonymous

-Despite all your flaws, you will always have me by your side to like every inch of you. -Anonymous

-I am really lucky and blessed to have a person like you in my life and I like you so much for that. -Anonymous

-When I met you on the first day, I knew that I have started liking you already. -Anonymous

-Just call out my name anytime even if it is past midnight and I shall be there by your side. -Anonymous

-I do not have to be the perfect person but all I need is someone who will love the weird side of me along with everything else and I know that you are the only one who can do that and I like you so much for that. -Anonymous

-My love, just say my name and I am ready to cross any hurdle just to see you. -Anonymous

-I have been waiting for this day when I would be able to confess that I like you a lot. –Anonymous

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-There is nothing in this world that will ever stop me from liking you. I am sure this will turn into love really soon. –Anonymous

-The only thing that I will ever know is that I started liking you yesterday and I will end up loving you tomorrow. –Anonymous

-I don’t know what makes me like you. I just know that I do and I will continue to do so forever. –Anonymous

-I hope that you will stay with me forever because my heart cannot stop liking you. –Anonymous

-I like you yet I am asking you to do the same. But I do want you to respect the feelings I have for you because I never planned on falling for you. –Anonymous

-No matter how hard I try not to like you, the more I start loving you. –Anonymous

-I like you and the world will never be able to stop me from liking you. -Anonymous

-We meet every day but still I fall for you every day. You cannot even imagine how much I like you and it is beyond comparison. -Anonymous

-I have discovered a lot of new and interesting things about you and it has made me like you even more. -Anonymous

-I think you are a bit sneaky because you just made your way into my heart just like that and I just love you for doing that. -Anonymous

-I did not like you because you are perfect. But I liked you because you accepted my flaws. -Anonymous

-There is no particular reason for me to like you. I started liking you the day we met and I promise you to do so forever. -Anonymous

-You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I cannot be grateful to you enough for this. –anonymous

-I like the way you are and I do not want you to change at all. I don’t need anything precious from you other than your heart. -Anonymous

-The moment I start thinking about you, I start grinning without any reason. It is just because I like you the most in this world.-Anonymous

-It is not hard to like a person but it is hard to like the right person. I think that I have found the right one and that is you. –Anonymous

-You are just like the drug that makes me addicted to you and I don’t want to free myself from this addiction. -Anonymous

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