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‘I love you’ are the three simple words that have deep meaning. If we want to tell it to the person, it becomes difficult for us to say verbally. So, quotes are the best way to share it with the ones we love.

We have assembled some famous quotes written by the world’s popular authors, poets, or personalities. Please send it to your close ones and tell them what you are holding for a long time.

list of I love you Quotes to Share

_Without understanding, I love you how, or if, or by wherever. I like you, without problems or pride: I really appreciate you like this as I don’t know some way of loving but that there is absolute no you or me, so intimate your hand on my chest is my hand. -Pablo Neruda 

_Love doesn’t know its deepness until it’s getting separated. -Gebran Khalil Gebran 

_I didn’t know how we should live until I loved. -Emily Dickson 

_When we see someone’s dark point, then we understand what they really are. When we forgive someone, only then understand what true love actually is. -Marianne Williamson

 _Now you Know you are in love if you never desire to get to sleep because reality is finally superior to your desires. -Dr. Seuss 

_If one is loved, he/she is loved because love needs no reason. -Paulo Coelho 

_True love never needs a particular time or place. It all occurs Unwittingly, through heartbeat, that too at a single flash with a  meaty minute. -Sarah Dessen

_I understood the Beatles made it erroneous. We don’t need love, but love is everywhere. – Morgan Matson 

_ Perhaps you don’t require the whole planet to like you. Do you understand? Possibly you simply want one, that special someone. – Kermit, the Frog 

_Do love so deeply although whoever loved us is gone, gives us some

protection indefinitely. It’s inside your skin. -J.K. Rowling

_I adore you personally, also that I shall love you till I perish, and even when there is a Life then, I will really like you afterward. -Cassandra Clare

_My love has power, and that power is beyond words. I opted to shut my mouth up. -Nizar Qabbani

_I love to see you at the time when you fall asleep, gradually, then suddenly, when you fall into a deep sleeping state. – John Green

_I admired you yesterday, love you now, and I’ll love you forever ever. – Elaine Davis

_You never love someone because he/she looks nice, or they have the right to wear, or they have a stylish car, but they can sing a song which only you can hear. -Oscar Wilde

_There is no great replacement for love that states nothing matters what is happening in your life at this moment, but my heart welcomes you here. – Tom Hanks

_If you have a hundred years to stay alive, then I chose to live ninety-nine because I can’t live a single day without you. -A. A. Milne

_Loving you is insanity; without reason, that feels really perfect. -Leo Christopher

_It is love that helps you explore the hidden places in your loved ones, even those that they did not understand what they really are, and yes, that too, never thought, they call themselves as beautiful. -Hilary T. Smith

_I understood that moment when we first saw each other, there has been something around you needed.  It was not something around you personally whatsoever.  This had been only you. -Jamie McGuire

_ I’m in love, That’s with you only, love is simply a shout into the emptiness, also that oblivion is inescapable, and now all of us are doomed. There will soon come a day, once each of our labor comes back into dirt, also that I understand that the sunlight will absorb the sole ground we will possess, and now I’m deeply in deep love alongside you. -John Green

_ life’s greatest joy comes when we find we actually have feelings for someone. -Victor Hugo

_At this night, I can declare, I love you, to get peace in mind, and it’s like death if we are not together. – Honore de Balzac

_It is immaturity when someone says ‘I love you’ because he/she needs you, but mature love asks you to stay because he/she actually needs you. – Erich Fromm

_My love has no boundaries on earth. I love you, which is much better than everything present on this planet. – E.E. Cummings

_You will never get time to love people if you spend time judging people. –Mother Teresa

_I found you perfect, so that’s the reason I love you so much. I then saw you weren’t the best, and I love you even more. – Angelita Lim

_I do not love you for what you really are, but I love you because I find the real me when I’m with you. It’s you who brings out the part of me, that’s why I love you. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

_When I understand the true meaning of love, it’s as a result of you. – Hermann Hesse

_ I dropped so deep in love with her guts, her sincerity, and her self esteem. Also, it is those things I would have confidence in; even in the event the entire world indulged in crazy feelings, she was not all she must really be. I do like her. It is the starting of everything.  I really like her; also, it’s first of everything. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

 _ That I Adore you as certain dark things must be loved, in secret, in between your Shadow along with the spirit. -Pablo Neruda

_We can’t call ‘Love’ as ‘Love’ until love’s weak. -Theodore Roethke

_Love is really something that’s saturated in care and anxieties. – Ovid

_When we are in love, then we should never be resistless at the time of pain. –Sigmund Freud

_You should keep separate from those who want to belittle your aspirations. They are the small-minded people who do that, but you can become great too. – Mark Twain.

__I am declaring this to you now, without beginning or end. I love you. I love you the way a girl loves a boy without having any fear or expectations. – Jamie Weise

_ Everything I know or understand because I love. -Leo Tolstoy

_I would send lots of showers of kisses if they were raindrops. I would send oceans if seas were hugs, and lastly, if love is not a thing but a person, then I would definitely send me. – Emily Bronte

_Love merely is trusting, and trust is based on love. That’s rarely a beautiful feeling when people confide in their partners, without fear, what people actually think. – E.A. Bucchianeri

_I am in love with you. I am on rest with you. I have reached home. -Dorothy Sayers

_ Love is when we consider the happiness of our partner as our own. -Obert A. Heinlein

_There is no moment of doubt to love you. I trust you completely. You are my lovable person, an actual reason for life. -Ian McEwan

_We come into this world alone, we stay alone, and then we die. It is our love and friendship; we can create the illusion that we are not really alone for the next moment. -Orson Welles

_Love for now and always, but the missing part is coup de grace that is actually a passion. -Clarice Lispector

_Love is nothing but a single soul that inhabits two different bodies. –Aristotle

_If love is there, no room seems little. –Talmud

_ world needs less paperwork and more love. -Pearl Bailey

_Love never makes the planet round, but it makes the ride worthy. -Elizabeth Browning

_It is love to see her; she matters, but the most important thing is to love her forever. -Robert Burns

_It is love which is not less than a master key that is competent to open all the doors of happiness. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

_Loving is the only way which teaches us how to love. – Iris Murdoch

_Love is all about sharing popcorn. -Charles Schultz

_Love is a wind, people can’t see with eyes, but they actually feel it. -Nicholas Sparks

_We can give love away if we keep love by ourselves. -Elbert Hubbard

_Organized love is nonviolence. -Joan Baez

_You will never hurt like me on the entire planet. You will get love like me. -Maya Angelou

I Love You Quotes To Share

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