187+ I Want You Forever Quotes for your Partner

When you are in love, it is obvious that you would want to have them in your life forever. Want to impress them even more?

Then, you must take a look at these romantic ‘I want you forever quotes which you can say to them or send them as a message to make them feel really special.

I Want You Forever Quotes

I Want You Forever Quotes

-Yes, it is true that I am not your first but I definitely want to be the last man whom you love. –Anonymous

-For me, life is all about living happily with you. On the contrary, death means when you don’t live with me. –Anonymous

-I don’t know if your smile can change anything in this world but it surely changes my world. –Anonymous

-Life is similar to a beautiful garden that is full of beautiful flowers. Since the day you walked right into my life, it has become like a garden too. You made my life magical and I feel so good when you are there with me. God has gifted me the best thing in the form of a beautiful angel and it is you. –Anonymous

-I promise that I will stay by your side for the rest of my life and you can be sure of this. I love you and will do so forever. –Anonymous

-Whenever you touch me. It sets fire all over my body. I think you and I are meant to be with each other forever. –Anonymous

-You are the only reason behind my smile. I am alive because of you. I just want to live my life with only you my prince. –Anonymous

-To love you and to be loved by you is the only thing that I want in my life right now. –Anonymous

-I love you and I will do so for the rest of my life because I know one thing for sure that my life would be impossible without you. –Anonymous

-I don’t like waiting. But if I have to wait for you then, I shall wait for you as long as I have to be. –Anonymous

-I love you not because you are perfect but I love you because your flaws attract me even more. This is something that makes me want you even more. –Anonymous

-When I get up in the morning, I get up with the only belief that you are my life and you shall be my life forever.

-I just want to share my entire life with you because now I know that living without you has become impossible for me. –Anonymous

-I am ready to face all the hurdles in my life just to be with you. –Anonymous

I Want To Love You Forever Quotes

I Want To Love You Forever Quotes

-We had to face several obstacles in our life. Yet we are together and I strongly believe that we shall be together for the rest of our life. –Anonymous

-I wanted you yesterday. I want you today and I want you for the rest of my life. You have always tried to keep me happy like no one else can. –Anonymous

–I can never associate our love with anything or anybody else in this universe. I know and I believe that our love will last forever. –Anonymous

-I need you every hour, every minute, and every second. In short, I need you forever in my life. –Anonymous

-I have always believed that you are mine forever and that is something that gets me going in my life and also makes me get up with a big smile on my face in the mornings. –Anonymous

-From the day we walked into each other’s life, you are the only person I think about every day. You are the most precious gem of my life. –Anonymous

-Sticking to you for a lifetime can never be a lack of better ones or a waste of time, it just meant that I have found my own place of eternity. –Anonymous

-You don’t have to promise me the moon and the stars. I just want you to promise me that you will be with me forever. –Anonymous

-I promise that I will love you deeply and forever. I want to hear your voice and watch you smiling forever. –Anonymous

-I love you because you have trusted me enough and thought that I am capable of taking care of you. I am responsible for keeping it safe. I promise to do so forever. -Anonymous

-I have loved you yesterday and shall do so for the rest of my life. -Anonymous

-Forever is indeed a very long time but the thing is I do not mind because I will get to spend it with you in my life. -Anonymous

-If it’s you, I would want it forever. I will never want to be alive again if it’s a life without you. –Anonymous 

-Even when I have a million reasons to leave you, I would still look for the one that compels me to stay. –Anonymous

I Want You Forever Quotes For Him

I Want You Forever Quotes For Him

-Forever is an eternity that I won’t mind spending if it’s with you.-Anonymous

-All my time with you makes me want you even more for the rest of my life.-Anonymous

-You are like the Sun in my life, without whom I cannot come out of all the darkest situations

-All the roads that have been messed up eventually just lead to you.-Anonymous

-The heart beats for the person without whom the world is dark as a solar eclipse.-Anonymous

-Every part of me craves for you in different ways.-Anonymous

-Ready to get burned by the love of yours.-Anonymous

-Even all of my forever will just not be enough in front of you.-Anonymous

-Living every second to just hold you in my arms for the rest of my life.-Anonymous

-Even the days beyond the horizon are seen only with you as we stargaze into the night sky.-Anonymous

-You are my only soulmate that ever existed, and how can I let go of my soulmate ever?-Anonymous

Since the day you walked into my life, I started to live, not merely breathe and exist. I owe you my entire world. –Anonymous

How about we prove them wrong by showing them that forever does exist when both individuals are never willing to give up on each other no matter what? –Anonymous

It’s better to die than to see yourself with someone else. To see someone else in your arms, to see someone else kissing your lips, to see someone else living the life of my dreams.-Anonymous

I loved you the day before, I love you now. No matter what comes my way, I’ll always love you the same. -Elaine Davis

-I will forever be indebted to you for the love that you show to me.-Anonymous

Forever might not be too difficult when I have you by my side.-Anonymous

I Want You In My Life Forever Quotes

I Want You In My Life Forever Quotes

Love never felt so easy until it was with you.-Anonymous

My eyes shine whenever they see you like the stars.-Anonymous

The ray of sunshine in my life is for you only.-Anonymous

May you find the will to be with me for the longest of times.-Anonymous

-I am ready to fall for you every day, provided that you are willing to pick me up and shower me with love and care. –Anonymous

Do you know why you can’t fall asleep when you’re in love? That’s because this is the first time you live a reality, better than your dreams. -Dr. Seuss

-I didn’t really like you when I saw you for the very first time. When I liked you for the first time, I didn’t love you. When I loved you for the first time, I didn’t want to lose you. –Anonymous

You are the one all of my love stories are about. You are the one; all of my fantasies are with you. –Anonymous

I would never, even in the worst of my dreams, be able to see you happy with someone else. –Anonymous

Even if I’m not your first kiss, your first date, or your first love, I surely want to be your last. –Anonymous

I have always believed in love with my entire soul. -Beth Dutton

I can hardly wait to start over my life with you again, and this time, make us last forever. –Anonymous

I wish to laugh with you, make you smile, wipe your tears, and give you a shoulder to cry on, but most importantly, I want you forever in my life. –Anonymous

I don’t care about the future wherein we are nothing more than just strangers. I want a future where we are together forever. –Anonymous

-I wake up and sleep every day with one thought in my mind. The thought that you are forever mine. –Anonymous

I can never give up on you. I can never imagine leaving you for somebody else. I want you, and only you, and I’ll love and cherish you for time infinitely. –Anonymous

No, you don’t have to save me. Just stand by my side while I’m trying to save myself. –Anonymous

I want you for the rest of my life today, tomorrow, the next week, the next month, the next year. Is it so hard to be mine forever? –Anonymous

I Want You Forever In My Life Quotes

I Want You Forever In My Life Quotes

You were and will be mine forever. No one can change it. -Anonymous

When I say I want you, it means I want all of you. Not just your good sides, love, and affection. I want your negativities, anger, agony, and fears. I want all of you. –Anonymous

And today, I promise that I’ll be with you till the very last day of my life. I’ll be with you forever. –Anonymous

The rising Sun brings me the ray of hope which says, “You’ll be mine again, and this time forever.” –Anonymous

You can ignore, transmute, or muddle love, but one thing is for sure, you can never pull out the love that’s inside you. The poets are never wrong. -E.M. Forster

-Had the water been a kiss, I would give you the sea. Had the leaf been a hug, I would give you a tree. Had love been forever, I would give you an eternity. –Anonymous

I wish I had the power to pause time because when I’m with you, I want the world to freeze and us to carry on together till infinity. -Megan Fleming

-I have been through hell many times. This time I want to see what paradise looks like, and I want to explore it with you by my side. -Holly Stephens

-When you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it means it is yours forever. -Doug Horton

-When love grows older and our heart matures, the flame of our love becomes like a piece of coal, unquenchable and deep-burning. -Bruce Lee

-Two hearts and two lives, united forever in love, through space and time. –Anonymous

My heart in your hands, and yours in mine, is mine forever home. Nothing in this world can ever change that. -T.A. Chase

i want you forever quotes

-No matter how long you hold my hand, just hold my heart in yours forever. –Anonymous

Love is eternal. Love is free. Try to cage it, and you’ll be imprisoned forever. –Anonymous

I found the one my heart beats for. I have got hold of him and will never let go of him. –Anonymous

She falls in love with the moon every night, while I fall in love with her. She is my moon, and I hope to be the stars protecting her. –Anonymous

If you love me as I do, no one other than death can part our ways. –Anonymous

Words can barely express how much I love you. I love you, now and forever. –Anonymous

There’s pleasure in loving you, but getting your love back is a valuable treasure! –Anonymous

Forever isn’t just a term; it’s where two lovers go when they follow the path of true love. –Anonymous

When you trip over love, you can get up easily. When you fall in love, there’s no way out of it. –Anonymous

Only a true lover has the patience to wait and endure the pain of a lifetime while he waits for his lover to return to him. –Anonymous

We might be miles apart physically, but we are together forever in our hearts. –Anonymous

The rose I gave you might have faded and wilted away, but the love I have poured inside it is still fresh and forever for you. –Anonymous

Sometimes You Would Not Want to Let Go of The Person You Love. Love Should Always Happen from Both the Person and Should Always Last Forever. Check Out Together Forever Quotes to Keep Your Partner with You

I Need You Forever Quotes

I Need You Forever Quotes

-When I fell in love with you, always remember that I love you with all my heart I just want to be with you forever now. -Anonymous

-I have always wanted to have someone like you and since the day you walked right into my life, I knew that you are going to make me stay with you forever. -Anonymous

-Darling, I just want to hold your hand and kiss your lips to remind you that you are mine for the rest of my life. -Anonymous

-To be able to look at you each and every time I wake up in the morning is one of the best dreams I could ever see. -Anonymous

-The only thing I want right now is for you to be mine till the last breath of my life. -Anonymous

-Will you be my life partner for as long as I breathe? -Anonymous

-When you have loved someone from the core of your heart, always remember that no one can ever separate the two of you. -Anonymous

-With you in my life, I don’t think there is anywhere else I would ever want to be right now or in the future. It is only because I am totally lost without you and living without you is next to impossible for me. -Anonymous

-Waking up beside you in the morning is the most precious thing in my life. I want to wake up to see your smile and also before I go to sleep forever. –Anonymous

-I will never forget the love that we both share and it is because all I ever wanted in my life is to be with you forever and ever. –Anonymous

-Whenever we stay away from each other, it feels like someone is pricking my heart with needles. So, the only way is to stay with you forever. –Anonymous

-Together we have spent so many years and together shall we spend many more years that are yet to come, my love! –Anonymous

-So, I just tell you that your heart is the best and safest place where I want to be and that I love the most in this universe and I shall never leave this place. –Anonymous

I Want You Forever Quotes For Her

I Want You Forever Quotes For Her

-Baby, can you just hold me as tight as you can I do not want you to let me go ever, and this is all that I want from you. –Anonymous

-In the end, all that I would ever want from you is for you to be next to me so that I can get to see the beginning of each new day only with your lovely smile forever. –Anonymous

-Together and forever, we shall face any obstacle that life decides to throw upon the path of our life. -Anonymous 

-Today I want you to assure me that for the rest of your life, you shall always stay with me and keep me loving forever and I shall do the same. –Anonymous

-I know that forever is a long time but trust me I won’t mind spending it with you and I know neither would you mind. I just want to stay with you forever just like this and I will never leave your side at any cost. –Anonymous

-I’ve never been loved so passionately, I have never been protected so fiercely, and I haven’t felt so complete lately. You are the most extraordinary thing in my life ever. -Beth Randall

-Even if loving each other isn’t easy at times, I want us to promise never to give up on each other. You are the one I want to have by myself, always and forever. –Anonymous

I’m not sure about forever, but I always want you by my side. A life without you won’t be worth living. –Anonymous

I want to be your best friend, laugh with you, make you smile, hold your hand, and kiss you under the stars. I want it all just with you. I want you forever. –Anonymous

Your way of talking and your way of walking. Your way of annoying me and your way of getting annoyed. There’s something special in you that I get lost in every single time. –Anonymous

No measure of time can be enough for the two of us, but if you ask me, I would suggest we start with forever. –Anonymous

All I want is to live next to you, always and forever, wrapped in your arms. –Anonymous

I don’t just want your love or care; I want your anger, sadness, and pain; I want everything. I want the whole of you, with me, forever.-Anonymous

I Want You Forever Love Quotes

I Want You Forever Love Quotes

There are twice in my life that I want to be with you and love you; that is now and forever. –Anonymous

I wasn’t prepared to fall for you, but now that I have, I want to be with you forever. –Anonymous

And at the end of the day, I know that my love for you is always bigger than my fear of love. -Drishti Sharma

-Time will tell you what you mean to me. Time will tell you how badly I want to be with you forever. -Shivangi Sharma

-If our love is not forever, it is never pure enough. -Priyanka Debroy

-Forever might be a very long time, next to infinity, but if it’s with you by my side, I wouldn’t mind spending it. –Anonymous

As long as I get to wake up next to you and your pretty smile, I wouldn’t mind how long forever persists. –Anonymous

Forever is a very long time, and I’ll also be loving you for a very long time. –Anonymous

Forever is too long a time to spend with someone who doesn’t make sense or doesn’t deserve your love. –Anonymous

No amount of time I spend with you will be long enough, but let’s, for now, start with forever. –Anonymous

It’s the heaven that brought us together in this life, and it’s up to us to carry on our love forever. –Anonymous

I want to make love to you so that your soul can embrace and comprehend the words my heart cannot reciprocate. –Anonymous

I had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever. But look at me now, trying to put all those incomplete moments together. Maybe this is what forever is, and it doesn’t last forever. -Lil Wayne

-When I’m with you, I forget all my life’s worldly affairs and miseries. When I’m with you, I get lost in your soul and wish to be lost forever. –Anonymous

Hold my hand and fly me to the moon above; let the whole of humanity be a witness of our love. –Anonymous

I just want to be with you throughout this lifetime, the one after that, the one after that, and for eternity after that. I want to have you forever. –Anonymous

-If that day ever arrives when you can’t have me in your life, just keep me in your heart, and I’ll happily stay there forever. –Anonymous

i want you forever quotes

I Want To Stay With You Forever Quotes

I Want To Stay With You Forever Quotes

-Giving my heart to you was the best decision I have ever made in my life because you really stayed and I know that you will never leave me. –Anonymous

-Sometimes I feel like we were made for each other. Loving you is the most important thing for me and I want to stay with you forever. –Anonymous

-If being famous implies that we cannot be together, then I would rather give it up. –Anonymous

-The love and the joy that I got from being with you will last in my memories as long as I am alive. –Anonymous

-Thankful is what I am to you because you have made a special part of your life. I shall be thankful to you forever and ever. –Anonymous

-Together and forever make two really sweet words as long as it implies being in love together and forever. –Anonymous

-You are the most valuable person to me and in my dreams, I can never imagine being with anybody else other than you. –Anonymous

-I can never imagine living without you that just proves how much I need you in my life. –Anonymous

You are the only one I wish to hold on to forever. You are the only one I wish to be happy with forever. –Anonymous

Why does life have to surprise us now and then? Remember how we promised never to leave each other that day? But look at us; we are miles apart today. –Anonymous

-I fell in love with her a few years ago when we were together. Then, I fell deeply in love with her when we were apart. For me, it forever existed, but differently. –Anonymous

Any man can love thousands of women, but only a true gentleman can love one woman in a thousand different ways, for a thousand long years. –Anonymous

No woman has ever been able to change the man she loves. The man changes himself because he loves her and wants to love her better. -Steve Harvey

-Only a real man can make a woman fall in love with him without even touching her physically. All he does is touch her heart. –Anonymous

All men can win the hearts of women, but only the truest of gentlemen can cherish those hearts ever after. That’s when you know forever exists. –Anonymous

It is natural for every man to protect his heart, but when he gives his heart to the woman he loves, he protects it even harder. –Anonymous

When you love someone, before anything else, learn to listen. It is very easy to present your opinions, but listening is harder than merely hearing. -Michael Green

-Every forever demands a relationship wherein you can just sit, figure out what’s wrong, and sort it out. –Anonymous

Your ego and attitude won’t lead you anywhere except toward another heartbreak. Learn to labor in your relationship, and most importantly, learn to love back the same way. 


The best friend of every woman is a good man. He will reassure her. He will stand up to fight for her and never let her down. Most importantly, he will be with her forever. –Anonymous

Forevers exist, but only when both individuals are ready to give it their everything and never give up on each other. –Anonymous

A true relationship isn’t where you hold hands only while understanding; it is where you never stop holding hands, even during misunderstandings. –Anonymous

The most important phase of a relationship is when you both are going through extremely hard moments, yet you decide to stay strong and never look away from each other. –Anonymous

True love is the one that happens suddenly, like a flash, like an instant throbbing moment, and stays with you forever. –Anonymous

Heartbreaks are part and parcel of every relationship, but never giving up on each other is what makes it everlasting. –Anonymous

I miss you every day, I need you every minute, I cherish you every second, and I love you, and will love you, forever. –Anonymous

When you knew I needed you to be mine forever, why did you leave me alone and shattered? –Anonymous

The greatest thing you can be sure of is my love for you. –Anonymous

Even when I spend the entire day with you, I start missing you the very moment you leave me. –Anonymous

It’s true that I miss you. I indeed miss your love. But I can feel you every day trying to appreciate me for the long way I have come without you. –Anonymous

I want all that lasts to be you and all my lasts with you. –Anonymous

Not every promise of forever lasts forever. Some will teach you that you’re way stronger on your own, forever. –Anonymous

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