101+ Best I Will Always Choose You Quotes For Endless Love

Love, a force that transcends time and circumstance, has the power to shape our lives in profound ways. Amid life’s myriad choices, a promise resonates deeply within our hearts: I will always choose you ?.

These heartfelt Quotes encapsulate a commitment that withstands the trials of life, celebrating unwavering devotion and the cherished moments shared between souls.

In this exploration, we delve into a collection of poignant quotes that capture the essence of this promise, illustrating the beauty of choosing love, commitment, and togetherness ??.

Best I Will Always Choose You Quotes

Best I Will Always Choose You Quotes

-Every day I come across thousands of people, but I always know we are destined to be one another’s. -Anonymous.

-When I found out your beauty, I fell in love with you, when I found out your flawed parts, I fell for you more and more. -Angelina Lim.

-Like a diamond needs the light to shine, I need you in my life to shine. -Anonymous.

-When we are together, I love you, but that is not unknown. What remains unknown to you is that I love myself way more when you stay with me. -Anonymous.

i will always choose you quotes

-God showed me many options, many smiles, and many hearts but none of them was my type. Little did I know, he kept you as the last surprise. -Anonymous.

-It is my utmost privilege to be chosen as your life partner. I want you to know that you are always my choice, the best choice of my life. -Anonymous.

-You are my first option and my last wish. Oh God, how do I dare to live my life in anyone else’s arms? -Anonymous.

-You actually listened to me and my silent cries. You know when I laugh the loudest, it is your name I call in my heart. -Anonymous.

-I have chosen your company for the rest of my life. I have chosen your smile, love, flaws, and everything. -Anonymous.

-I have loved you with a promise that I will never ever think of not being by your side. I will never leave you because I choose you. -Anonymous.

-You are a person who deserves to be loved everything and cared for all the time. You deserve to be chosen every day. -Anonymous.

-I will never be able to explain to you how blissful it is to have you by my side all the time. I do not have the courage to live a life without you. -Anonymous.

I Would Always Choose You Quotes

I Would Always Choose You Quotes

-The thing is you are the best and most beautiful part of my life. I am so lucky. -Anonymous.

-If you can trust, love, care, and respect each other from a distance, you will be incredible when you are together- Anonymous.

-I will not be I and you will not be You when we meet again- E. M. Forster.

-Every tear for you, every night of loneliness, every pain of not having you physically by the side come to an end when we meet again- Anonymous

-Having you by my side physically is a luxury, but having you in my life is a necessity. I love you- Anonymous.

-I had already fallen in love when you were with me. I fell deeper in love when you were not with me- Nicholas Sparks.

-God may test my tenacity but I will never give up on you because you are the one, I choose every single day of my life. -Anonymous.

-Listen, you are the one and only thing in my life I am so proud of. I can boast about this privilege of having you by my side, every day of my life. -Anonymous.

-The best part of my life is that I get to share all my happiness, sorrow, pain, and secrets with you. Remember you are my favorite person and I choose you every day. -Anonymous.

-You have taught me the true meaning of love, affection, and care. I do not have enough courage to leave this comfort or bring it with you. Anonymous.

-Just ask me. There are countless reasons for me to love you. There are a thousand reasons for me choosing you. -Anonymous.Choose Who Chooses Your Quotes

Choose Who Chooses Your Quotes

Choose Who Chooses Your Quotes

-Every day I look forward to meeting you again. -Anonymous.

-Your love and support lead both me physically and mentally. I cannot afford to lose you and so choosing you every day is the best thing I do every day. -Anonymous.

-No matter which end of the world I am at, I will always go back home. You are my home. -Michael Kilby.

-How can I not choose you? How can I want such a miserable situation for myself? Dear, you are my ultimate destination. -Henry Ford.

-It is because of you that I feel alive and joyful and the happiest in the whole universe. -Gilbert Parker.

-Your joy happens to be more vital to me than anything else in the world, even me. I cannot do anything else but choose you as my partner. -Robert. A. Heinlein.

-The one who does not adore, love, and take care for the rest of the life, does not deserve to be called a person who loves. Euripides.

-Love is only extinguished when the lovers forget to nurture the relationship, i.e., there is no inevitable death for love like humans. But even if it had, don’t worry, I choose you and only you every day. -Anais Nin.

I Choose You Everyday Quotes

I Choose You Everyday Quotes

-Love feels like a bright flame that extinguishes us. I am ready to be burnt for the rest of my life. -Jane Austen.

-They say love is about caring for each other and the fury of losing each other. I can do the first one for the rest of my life. But I cannot afford to experience the latter. -Ovid.

-It is the purest form of love where two people can show their vulnerability. I agree to show mine and say that I cannot do without you. -Theodore Roethke.

-Love can be compared to the breeze. It surrounds your body when it is around. I knew what this was when you came near me for the very first time. -Nicholas Sparks.

-It feels like I have woken up when you are near me. My heart feels like the loudest thing. You bring all kinds of excitement. -Noah from the Notebook.

-Your love has unchained me from all kinds of sorrow, grief, and confusion of life. I love you and you, are my only choice. -Anonymous.

-You feel like that one magic that everybody waits for. So, I have no option but to choose to be with you every single day. -Sophocles.

-My choice will be to be with you in a heartbeat, without any confusion, without a second thought. -Anonymous.

-In every lifetime, in every ‘beat of my heart, I will want you and nobody but you. -Anonymous.

i will always choose you quotes

I Will Always Choose You Even On The Days We Don’t Understand Each Other Quotes

I Will Always Choose You Even On The Days We Don’t Understand Each Other Quotes

-Do not worry, if I had the option of making a choice of whom to be with, I would be you again. The answer will be the same whenever someone asks me. -Anonymous.

-I want you like nobody has ever wanted anyone else. -Anonymous.

-I choose you to be the owner of my soul. I choose you to rule me with your sweet kind love. -Anonymous.

-Because I have you, I can conquer the universe. You are the best person in my life. -Anonymous.

-I have not wanted to choose you. My soul has. You know men have no control over their hearts. -Anonymous.

-It is not out of any fetish that I want you, it is my destiny that has made our pair. -Anonymous.

-I have chosen you to be a part of me. I have always wanted us to be together and now our relationship is a big reason enough for me to live happily for the rest of my life. -Anonymous.

-The one decision that I have made in my life and the one I will never regret is choosing you. So never worry about that. I want you. -Anonymous.

-You are my Sun; I am the Sky. As the sky can never have an alternate sun, I will never replace you. We are meant to be together. -Anonymous.

-I someone ever gives me an option to look for someone for me, I will look for your smile, even in the crowd. -Anonymous.

-I see there is plenty of reason for being sad in life, but again there is you who has the power of rubbing all my sorrows. You are like my happiness machine. How can I not want you, my love? -Anonymous.

I Will Choose You Over And Over Again Quotes

I Will Choose You Over And Over Again Quotes

-It was a miracle of the universe that I got a person like you. Otherwise, I do not remember doing anything so good to deserve you. -Anonymous.

-God has sent you to me as a form of a blessing. They say you never return God’s gift. I got to keep you safe in my arms. -Anonymous.

-I love you like it is inevitable. I do not love you as a responsibility, I just love loving you. -Anonymous.

-I love you like there is not a thing called tomorrow. So, even if there is no tomorrow, you will be my tomorrow. -Anonymous.

-The ultimate truth I abide by is you cannot be replaced in my life. That is true because you are my serenity, my necessity, and my luxury. -Anonymous.

-May that day never arrive when I have to leave without you. I will live a thousand years with utmost happiness if you are there to be by my side for the whole time being. -Anonymous.

-Choosing you is not my decision. The sun, the moon, the universe, and the almighty chose our bond. -Anonymous.

-On my last day, I will look back and recall the best thing done by choosing you as my everything. -Anonymous.

I Still Choose You Quotes

I Still Choose You Quotes

-In a world full of choices, I still choose you.

-No matter what life throws at us, I still choose you every day.

-Even on our worst days, I still choose you because you’re worth it.

-Time may pass, and circumstances may change, but I still choose you, now and forever.

-You are my past, my present, and my future. I still choose you.

-Through all the ups and downs, I still choose you as my constant.

-I choose you not because I have to, but because I want to.

-You are the love I’ll never stop choosing.

-With every sunrise, I still choose you to be by my side.

-In a world full of uncertainties, you are my surest choice. I still choose you.

-Life is a journey, and I’m glad I get to choose you as my traveling companion.

-No matter how much time goes by, I’ll always choose you as I did on day one.

-Through thick and thin, I’ll always choose you.

-You are my today, my tomorrow, and my always. I still choose you.

-In a room full of people, my eyes will always search for you. I still choose you.

 I Will Always Choose You Quotes

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