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People say love will last forever if it’s true. Nowadays, it is hard to find true love, but if someone makes up their mind to stay with the person or respect their partner’s faith, Romeo or Juliet’s stories can be repeated. Some people are more realistic in love.

No matter whether your love is with you at this moment or staying apart, these ‘I will always love you quotes will fill you with the spirit of love in your heart: 

Here are the Best I Will Always Love You Quotes

What I’m today because of you; that’s why I love you. You’re the cause, hope, and dream I have ever had, and regardless of what happens to us in the long run, every day we are together is the best day of my entire life. I’ll be there. I’ll be yours forever ever. –Nicholas Sparks

When you will understand you are my favorite hello and toughest goodbye. –Cecelia Ahern

That low and intense voice comes from my heart to love you till the last breath of life.-Stephanie

If you would ask me to speak something at the time when I was taking my last breath, I would put my all efforts to say I love you. –Anonymous

If I need to stay, I’d just be on your way so that I’ll go, but I understand I will think of you every step of how And that I will keep loving you. –Dolly Parton

I’m taking all bittersweet memories with me. Please do not get emotional. We all understand that I am not everything you require. Still, I have taken a pledge to love you as much as I can. –Dolly Parton

You are my inspiration to grow, so I decided to love you more and more with each passing day. – Anonymous

Despite all your flaws, I am here to love you every day. – Anonymous

I noticed some difference in my life since the day we met. Life becomes easier and fun so why should I control myself to love you. – Anonymous

I’m courageous enough to move mountains or big storms of life because I love you. – Anonymous

No more need to take care of you because I’m here to care for you and love you. – Anonymous

A shine on your face is enough to make my day bright. – Anonymous

The extent of my love is like I will never ever let you down at any cost. – Anonymous

I promise you to lit the candle of my love in your life always. – Anonymous

I am glad to find you as my partner who makes my life easy than before. – Anonymous

Singer always puts his hands on his heart when he wants to signify love. –Charles Baudelaire

I say I will always love you. But you said it is not like that. Have you moved on? Should I move on too? –Richelle Mead

Every sunrise reminds me to love you more than the previous day. – Anonymous

My every breath, every heartbeat, and every step of life declares my love for you. – Anonymous

My feelings are unexplainable; I tried to resist many times but it is hard to open my heart and accept you as my life partner. – Anonymous

I’ll remain thankful for this superb performance she’d on my tune, and I can really say from the bottom of my heart, my love will never last. I’m going to miss you really. –Dolly Parton

You never admired me once I considered it, and you never liked me. But, I am like the parent, and you are like my kid, and it’s not your task to appreciate me how I should love you. My love for you is unconditional, and regardless of what you pick in your lifetime, I shall love you. –Janet Mock

It is the physical distance between us that realizes how much I want your presence in my life. – Anonymous

My love is unconditional; My love is out of your vision. Let me love you like never before. – Anonymous

I value every second of my life because it gives me one more chance to love you. – Anonymous

That I’ll love you really far, most likely a lot more than anyone can love somebody else. – 50 First Dates

However, I will love you. I am fully in love with you. I really don’t care if you assume that it’s also late. I am suggesting anyway. –No Strings attached

Should I inform you; I will always love you. Will I keep you forever? –Casper

I assure you I will always love you, every day, every minute. –Stephenie Meyer

I always try to do the things to show you; I’m here to love you, No matter what is happening or what is going to happen. – Anonymous

I will always love you with an open mind as men try for right. I enjoy thee with the passion put to utilize in my grief’s and my childhood religion. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

Let find one who will love you always despite your differences rather than have you search for a person for life. –Leo Buscaglia

I truly don’t understand what “I really like you” or I will love you always signifies. I do believe that it indicates “do not abandon me alone.” –Neil Gaiman

I really do love nothing at all in the entire world as much as I love you. –Neil Gaiman 

Not with a heart, not with the mind, my heart could cease, my thoughts may neglect, I love you from my soul because my soul will love you always and never forget. –Rumi

My darling! When you do love, be like the one whom you will love forever. –Honoré de Balzac 

I will love you always in many forms, numberless times, age after age on a forever basis. – Rabindranath Tagore

i will always you quotes

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I Will Always Love You Quotes for Her

I wish to walk with you by holding your hand in mine, forever with love. -Fawn Weaver

If you get someone whom you love unconditionally, then wait for this love-affair. –Princess Diana

Love is a kind feeling. Love teaches us to be patient. Our love shows to remain real. Nothing catastrophe will rip or violate up the love. –Jessica Wheaton

It is love when you wish to provide them the very finest of stuff you’ve, and you also choose to devote yourself. That’s my love for you. –Octavian Paler 

Oh, my morning star, my love of life, my love will be the same forever. – Anonymous

I can sense the sunshine of love upon my face whenever I look at you. – Anonymous

I shall love you really forever and every day! –William Rose Benet 

Loving somebody is like finding magic invisible to the others. –Francois Mauriac 

I adore you with no recognizing just how, or if, or by wherever. I really like you directly forwardly, devoid of having complexities and pride. Therefore, I will always love you because I don’t have another way. –Joel Benton

I’m feeling much delighted to find you as my love. – Anonymous

Let’s move on to another step where only a single thing exists, and that’s my love. – Anonymous

 No matter It’s what makes you or how you would become, that is exactly what I really like. I will love you always. –Amy Vincent 

Let me shout, fall, harm, and neglect, what all matter? I truly love you. – Anonymous

The words like I adore You or I will always love you are nothing but creates only sound. But this is exactly the reason we kiss. To state together with all our lips that which we could not before. The sight of individual ties spreads his light wings, and at the moment, strikes. –Iain S. Thomas 

My heart speaks concerning nothing but you because of love alive within. –Albert Camus 

I never thought I would miss you that one day because I love you. I had been ready to overlook a nice thing. –Vita Sackville-West 

There is no cure for love but to love more than before. –Henry David Thoreau 

I fantasy you when I fall asleep when I wake up; I want to carry you within my own arms. In case of any such thing, our period aside has made me sure I wish to devote nights on your side, along with my times together along with my own heart. It happened because I love you always. –Nicholas Sparks 

I presume it superb to possess the expectation of sharing space with you coping together because I love you, and it leads me to love you always. –Charlotte Bronte

Sometimes, your closeness takes away my breath because I love you, and I will always, along all of what I wish to state, may discover no voice. In silence, I am only able to hope my eyes will speak my soul. –Robert Sexton

Although, we have two different hearts but those two are bound with one thing; that’s simply called love. – Anonymous

I have only one choice; that’s to surrender my life to you. – Anonymous

As long as I live, I command my heart to beat only for you my love. –Anonymous

I Will Always Love You Quotes

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