48+ Sweet Its Over Messages for Him

It is tough to say goodbye to someone who was once a part of your soul. Actual words can be unsettling. You would rather be polite with him when saying goodbye to him forever over a text message. So, here are some examples of ‘It’s over messages for him. 

Sweet, It’s Over Messages for Him

-I was really lucky to have you in my life as a partner but now when it didn’t work out still I feel that it is really to say goodbye.

-It is really hard to say goodbye to this relationship forever and it hurts my throat.

-As promised earlier, we were supposed to stay with each other forever but now that you are not ready to do that, then I suppose that we have to end all of it here.

-We tend to leave the person with whom we are not compatible anymore and so, here we are doing the same.

-I thought we would go on together but I guess it was simply not meant to happen.

-I would never regret those times when you and me were together, but that will not encourage me to stay back.

-Even though you have to leave me and there is no other way by which we can mend this situation but still I will remember you.

-You shall be in my memories forever even if we are not together.

-Let us be brave enough to say goodbye to each other and wait for a new life to begin.

-Our love meant something really pure where we both promised to stick to each other till the end of our lives but now that it did not happen, it would be better if we both moved on with our lives.

-For me, love never meant saying sorry to each other and I am not at all sorry for being with you. It was really a great time but all good things end at some point and this is the end for me.

-Both our lives have to move on even when we are not together. I feel sorry that this has come to an end for me.

-You were really a great person for me but maybe we are simply not meant to be together.

-You have to know that I am not the right person for you and hence, we have to end all of this here.

-Over the past years, we have loved each other beyond any limits but now things have changed and I guess we have to separate our ways now.

-You already know that my love for you was always pure but now I feel that things are not the same like before and it is not possible for me to continue this so I am really sorry for that and I hope that you will forgive me for this one day.

-When a relationship ends, it is never the fault of just one person and we are both at fault. We really tried hard but it would simply not work out. Let’s just end this on a peaceful note because it cannot go on like this.

-Neither was it my fault nor was it yours, but it is not something that our fate wants. So, I have to end this here with a heavy heart.

-We tried our best to be with each other but I guess God does not want us to be together. It is better for us to end it peacefully while we can. 

-I know it’s really hard for us to say goodbye to each other forever but there is no other choice left for us because this is what had to happen. 

-Didn’t I try my best to save this relationship? But it was not my responsibility alone and you failed to understand this. So, I have to end my role here and I am really sorry.

-I had feelings for you and maybe to some extent I will still have it even when we are not together. Yet, I would say that my feelings have changed and I cannot be with you anymore.

-If anyone knew me really well then it was none but you. But what you failed to understand was that I needed the same feelings that I had for you which you did not reciprocate. Hence, this is it for me.

-The feelings that we had for each other has changed to something which we both cannot identify anymore. I cannot continue this anymore but I still care for you and will always be there for you if you need a friend.

-This is really hard for the both of us but we have to say goodbye to each other now. We had spent a good time together and the good memories shall always have a special place in my heart. 

-The time has come when I should move on because I cannot be with you anymore. Please forgive me if you can.

-I never thought that I would have the strength to say goodbye to you permanently but it seems like I have had to gather this strength because there are no other option left for me.

-It is difficult for me to leave behind all the trail of happy moments that we had spent together and I shall always cherish them with a smile. 

-The day we met was magical for me but now even I feel sorry to say that your words and actions have left me with no other choice but to end this relationship here.

-I would never forget the day when we met and I wanted you now and then and forever. But this feeling has changed only because you did not value it. So, I am sorry for breaking the promise.

-The feelings that you once had for me seems to have changed for some reason and that has made me take a really hard decision which is to end this relationship here. 

-I have to take the decision of saying goodbye to this relationship mainly because of the fact that you do not have the same feelings for me as you had before and that is simply unbearable for me.

-You made a lot of promise that you could not keep and a relationship is always based on promises. It is impossible for me to love a person who has no feelings left for me. I am extremely sorry but I have to end this relationship here.

-Your feelings and attitude have now changed for me and I cannot bear this anymore. So, I have decided to move on alone and it would be better if you do the same.

its Over Messages for boyfriend

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