How To Keep Your Man Happy: 30 Ways to Must Try

Are you ready to discover the secrets to maintaining a strong, fulfilling relationship ?with your man? Look no further!

This article will unveil over 30 tried-and-true strategies that will help you ? keep your man happy, faithful, and satisfied.

Whether you’re in a new romance or have been ?‍❤️‍?‍? together for years, these practical tips will empower you to nurture a deep connection and create a lasting bond.

Get ready to unlock the keys to relationship success and watch your ? love flourish like never before!

1. Praise him in public.

There is no bigger joy than knowing that your partner loves and appreciates you and is not afraid to do so publicly.

So, when you are with each other’s friends and family, speak openly about how great a partner he is and how lucky you are to have him.

2. Tell him that he is secure when he is with you.

Men might appeal to us for their strength and ego, but they are vulnerable emotionally. They are bad at expressing their emotions and need someone to know their feelings.

So, tell your partner you are always there for him, and he need not feel lonely or insecure.

3. Lead him in bed.

Sex is definitely a very important part of any relationship. To provide your partner with the sexual satisfaction he needs, don’t be afraid to experiment in bed.

Know what your partner likes and be willing to try different things. Monotony in bed will be reflected in your relationship as well.

4. Be his strongest support system.

Before anything, a guy must know his woman is always there to support and motivate him in all endeavors.

As they say, behind every successful man, there is a woman. Assure your partner that you will always support him in his journey to achieve success and prosperity in life.

5. Surprise him.

Make it a priority to buy something nice for your man every now and then. If you are out shopping for stuff, buy something your partner will love and surprise him.

Break the notion that only women deserve to receive surprise gifts from their partners. Men do too.

6. Cook for him.

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through good food.

So, if you can cook a delicious meal for your partner once in a while, be assured that he is going to keep loving you forever. You don’t need to cook perfectly; your efforts and love matter.

7. Let him feel how lucky he is to have you.

Your charm and grace are enough to keep your man hooked on you forever. Always be the loving and understanding person he fell in love with so that he constantly reminds himself how lucky he is to have you in your life.

Always carry yourself with confidence, elegance, and kindness.

8. Make unexpected special gestures.

Being extra nice to your man can never go wrong. So, don’t just save your special gestures for special occasions.

Plan an impromptu date night or a vacation to keep the spark in your relationship alive. Your partner must always know how invested you are in this relationship.

9. Keep your inner child alive.

No matter how old you are, the child within you should never go away. This affects your relationship as well.

No matter how mature or understanding you and your partner are, harmless jealousy, possessiveness, and madness are important to keep the spark alive.

Have as much fun as you can!

10. Let him realize he needs you.

Every man needs a caring and understanding partner, especially in his vulnerable moments. So, let your partner realize how important you are in his life.

Let him recognize his emotional dependence on you because he must feel good knowing someone is always there to help and support him.

11. Don’t forget to give him space.

Men are more introverted than women. So, they take personal space more seriously. Always respect his boundaries no matter how close you are to your partner.

Accept that he might have other aspects in life where you don’t belong. Always know where you belong, and don’t try overstepping your boundaries.

12. Support him without being critical.

When we try to help someone in a difficult situation, we tend to be critical of their thoughts and actions.

If you support your partner, criticizing or accusing him can worsen the situation. Don’t be judgmental; instead, assure him that you will support him, no matter what.

13. Seek help from him.

Men think they are great problem solvers. So, it makes them feel good when you ask for their opinion/help and use them in your life.

When your partner realizes that he has been able to help you out with something, it gives him a sense of pride and satisfaction.

14. Go to him when you want comfort.

If you are feeling depressed or hopeless, go straight to your man and ask him for a hug.

Tell him how you are feeling or how you need him badly at that moment. Knowing that he is your go-to place of comfort and strength will bring him closer to you.

15. Make an effort to look good.

Yes, looks don’t matter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to dress nicely for your man now and then.

Let him appreciate your outer beauty as much as your inner beauty. Make heads turn at parties so that he knows how lucky he is to have you.

16. Don’t forget to compliment him.

Men pretend as if they don’t care, but they love being complimented as much as women do.

So, if you are heading out to a party, tell your partner he looks handsome. If he cooks something for you, appreciate it wholeheartedly. Your heartfelt expression is enough to make him happy.

17. Don’t try to emasculate your partner.

Men are more vulnerable than women. So, never do or say anything that makes him feel less of a man.

For example, yelling at him in front of your family and friends just to prove your superiority might hurt his feelings. Never try to cut your partner down from under.

18. Never strike below the belt.

Men will be hurt when you unnecessarily attack them by bringing up uncomfortable situations or topics.

For example, never bring up your partner’s past relationships, family issues, or job insecurities unless it’s absolutely necessary. Respect his self-esteem. Even if he has hurt you, don’t try to take revenge.

19. Stand up for him when he needs you.

You must never be afraid or ashamed to stand by your partner and let everyone know you support and love him unconditionally.

Your partner must be able to feel your validation and commitment towards him in every situation of his life and realize how lucky he is to have you.

20. Never disrespect him.

All relationships are based on mutual respect, love, and commitment. Before you love your man, learn to respect him.

Honor his presence in your life and respect him for the person he is. When a man sees how much you respect him, he will surely do the same for you.

21. There’s no need to be a drama queen.

Women are emotional by nature. But you don’t always have to create drama, especially with your man. If you overdo your childishness, it is bound to irritate your man.

While some madness is essential in a relationship, you must also know how to balance it with enough maturity.

22. Be fair when you fight.

As a couple, you will have disputes. Don’t play blame games or act childishly.

If you know you are the one who has messed up, don’t hold on to your ego and avoid apologizing for your mistake. If you do so, your partner will also apologize when he is wrong.

23. Don’t come in the way of your man and his game.

Guys are obsessed with sports. So, don’t try to stop him from watching games.

For example, if you have a date night on a crucial match day, tell him it’s okay and you can always reschedule. This alone will make him happy more quickly than you can imagine.

24. Don’t be a nagging person.

Nobody likes a nagging person who fixates on things and just doesn’t know how to let go. You may not always have the things you want right away.

That doesn’t mean you can nag people around you. Be mature and understanding so that your partner never feels frustrated with you.

25. Be self-confident.

If you want your partner to love and respect you, you must do that to yourself first. Make self-love a priority because you will validate and appreciate others when you love yourself.

Your partner will be happy to know that he is with someone who feels good about herself first.

26. Be logical about things.

Some women tend to see everything in their lives from an emotional perspective. They fail to be logical with things that cannot be handled based on feelings.

This is often a troubling thing to accept for men. So, maintain the balance of logic and emotion, whatever you do or say.

27. Don’t give him deadlines.

Some men are not as organized as women. So, if your partner is a bit indisciplined, don’t try to get things done by giving him ultimatums/deadlines.

Be understanding and share responsibilities; help him out in areas he is weak in. Allow him to be disciplined at his own pace.

28. Be careful with your words.

Yes, you are very close to him and have a level of comfort. But don’t forget to note what you are saying mentally.

You should not say anything that hurts him, even when you are too emotional or upset. Mutual respect is very important in a relationship.

29. Have a life of your own.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you always have to do everything together. As already discussed, giving each other space is very important.

Enjoy your life, do things that make you happy, and remember that this relationship is just another part of your life. This will also motivate your partner.

30. Don’t be a bossy partner.

You are always welcome to motivate and support your man but don’t act extra commanding when it’s not necessary.

Never try to tell him what to do; instead, tell him you have enough faith in him and will always support him in everything he does. This is enough.

Key Takeaways

  • Show appreciation and support: Praise your partner in public and let him know that he is secure when he is with you. Be his strongest support system and stand up for him when he needs you.
  • Keep the relationship exciting: Surprise your partner and make unexpected gestures to show your love and investment in the relationship. Keep your inner child alive and have fun together.
  • Respect and communicate effectively: Give your partner space and respect his boundaries. Support him without being critical and seek help from him when appropriate. Be fair and mature when resolving conflicts.
  • Foster self-confidence and individuality: Take care of yourself and make an effort to look good. Compliment your partner and respect his role and masculinity. Have a life of your own and avoid being bossy.


How do I maintain trust and keep my man faithful?

Building trust takes time and consistency. Be trustworthy yourself and establish open lines of communication. Reinforce commitment and work on your relationship.

How important is maintaining independence in a relationship?

Maintaining independence is crucial for a healthy relationship. Encourage personal growth, pursue individual interests, and respect each other’s boundaries.

Is it important to give my man space and alone time?

Yes, everyone needs personal space. Respect his need for alone time, encourage his hobbies, and foster a healthy balance between togetherness and independence.

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