55+ Kiss Day Gifts to Impress Her

You can hardly resist kissing your partner on a typical day let alone on Kiss day. Make this day extra special than it already is by gifting her something that will be as memorable as your first kiss.

The bar is quite high, but you need to try and do your best. Spend this day with a kiss of the gift. We have a list you may want to go through for some ideas.

Kiss Day Gifts to Impress Her

Lipstick- Kisses, and lipstick go hand in hand. There are more shades of lipsticks available in the market than there are actual colors, and undoubtedly, she wants it all. Add to her collection this kiss day and get her as many as you can name or find. Undoubtedly, the perfect gift for kiss day. 

Fragrance- A perfume that she loves might not be that easy to find but it is worth all the effort. A good fragrance sets her mood right and if she feels right, the room feels romantic. Keep trying until you finally find the Holy Grail and are willing to stick with it. 

Chocolates- Chocolates are the best aphrodisiac out there and in addition to that, no girl on the planet would ever say no to a box of chocolates and would appreciate it no matter what the date. Get her a box this kiss day and receive all the kisses in return.  

Skincare- A skincare kit would make her immensely happy to see how much you care about her. She loves her skin more than anything and would do to make it glowing and flawless, you could try doing your part and help her a bit on this one. 

Breakfast- Cooking her breakfast on kiss day would guarantee you kisses throughout the day. Cook something she would not be able to say no to and would enjoy in bed. The perfect way to surprise and impress her at the same time, don’t miss the opportunity. 

Photo album- A photo album with all your memories and all those beautiful moments brought into one special place. It is more like walking down a memory lane and reliving all those moments that got you guys together. 

Phone case- A customized phone case with hearts or even the photo of you guys together would surprise him. Even if he does not use it regularly, he would surely cherish it and keep it close to him. 

Fruit basket- A fruit basket on kiss day would be a great gift as certain fruits have also been proven to be great aphrodisiacs and you might just get lucky on the right day. Get all the fruits you can get your hands on, especially the red ones and don’t forget to attach a personal note. 

Scented candles- Some candles with just the right scent to get things moving into a romantic direction would be the ideal gift this day around. When the vibe of the room feels right, love will be in the air and romance will flow all around. 

A rose- Even something as simple as a rose is sometimes enough to tell your girl how much you love her and what she means to you. A rose along with a good morning kiss is enough to make her rose day a success and she would ask for nothing more. 

Showpiece- A romantic showpiece with a message, maybe a heart, or even anything with red lights would fit right in the occasion. You’ll know what to pick when you see it and she would be surprised the moment sees it. 

Haircare- Kissing might get messy and her hair might take a hit. Make her care a little less about her by gifting her a complete hair care kit to make her hair feel fresh and smooth and frizz-free like she has always wanted. 

Gift set- The last resort if you can’t find her a gift. Sets like these are very popular and are an on-the-go gift idea should you fail to find something personalized. Nevertheless, they are a great gift idea and would do the trick any day. 

Curtains- Some curtains to change the vibe of the room and especially to surprise her with these little changes. She would be delighted to see you taking interest in décor and you will surely earn yourself a well-deserved kiss. 

A drink- Her favorite drink waiting for her at the table along with some lights and romantic music playing in the background, spells romance to the core. 

Make up- A make-kit is appreciated by a lady every day of the year. However, it is equally difficult to find the right one with all the right tools and accessories, not to mention the price. However, it is worth her happiness, so why not? Start finding one now. 

Flowers- Some flowers or a bouquet would make her happy and would surely make her feel romantic. Some roses, maybe a few more colors and not to forget the note that you must write yourself. Be as expressive as you can and she’ll be in tears. 

Romantic lights- Some dim lights always do the job of making the room romantic and leveling up the romance in the room. Get her a few of these and you are guaranteed some romance and lots of kisses. 

A dress- Finding her the right dress is a hassle but is worth all the effort. A dress that matches her taste and fits her just right could only be found by her but that does not mean that you won’t give it a shot. If she likes it, you are in for a treat and even if she does not like it, she will appreciate the effort. A win-win situation for you, start looking now. 

Body care kit- A complete body care kit is a must-have for any lady and especially because it is kiss day and you should not let go of any opportunity to impress her, this would be a great idea to get started on. 

Mouth fresheners- Some mouth fresheners would not hurt no matter what the situation. Keep your breath feeling fresh and do not miss out on any chance for a good kiss. They always come in handy in tricky situations, keep them close. 

Salon session- Book her a session at the salon and treat her to a beauty session. She would appreciate it more than anything and you would be in for more than a few surprises, kisses are guaranteed. 

Oral care-Some oral care tools to keep the mouth clean and fresh at all times and ready for kissing. From mouth wash, dental floss to even an appointment with the dentist would all be appreciated and there is no better day for it than kiss says itself. 

Lip gloss- Lip care is necessary for everyone and lip gloss not only protects your lips but also makes them look glossy and ready to be kissed. Pick a few flavors, especially the fruity ones and get experimental. These are special gifts for kiss day and should be high on your list of gifts. 

Lip balm- Lip balm moisturizes your lips and prevents them from drying out. They even come in a lot of flavors and serve various purposes. Pick various flavors to keep things interesting and fun. Gift her as many as you want and make sure her lips are always in great condition, as they should be. 

Cake- What better way to start the celebration than with a cake that she loves? Try and bake one yourself for maximum effect. Don’t forget to add a message on top, happy kiss day, works. 

Cookies- Something sweet to start the day before the actual dessert. Get her all the flavors she loves to munch on or try baking a few yourself, this one guarantees kisses. 

Lingerie- Never a wrong day to buy your woman lingerie. Get her some new lingerie even if she does not need any. Bonus points for this, kisses for sure. 

Ring- A ring to add to her jewelry collection on this kiss day. Get a few stones involved that she is fond of and try and get her initials inscribed on it if possible. Ruby or sapphire is are always a great option. Get her something she would love to wear around with all her outfits. 

Locket- A locket for her to happily around her neck whenever she is with you or maybe even without you. Get your initials or maybe even a small photo of yours inside it, if possible like those old school lockets to add to its uniqueness. Something that will constantly remind her of you and would make her want to kiss you even more. 

Chokers- These have been in trend recently and would make for a great gift this kiss day. Kissing is a romantic activity that also involves the neck and it would only add to the overall experience plus girls seem to be madly in love with these. 

Matching mugs- A couple of mugs with a personalized message such as I LOVE YOU or maybe even a couple photo would be the ideal gift this kiss day. Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and lots of kisses with this mug. 

A wall hanging- A wall hanging that looks like hears or maybe even looks like blowing kisses would add a nice touch to the room and make the place a bit more romantic. Something to add a touch to the décor and make it even more magical than it already is. 

Wind chime-Wind chimes are mysterious and magical. They not only tell us about the direction of the wind but are also said to bring in good luck and fortune. While good luck or fortune is not guaranteed when gifting a wind chime, loads of kisses are, if it happens to be kiss day. 

Dream catcher- Dream catchers are always special no matter how and where they are made. Said to catch dreams, in reality, they look super cool on the wall and add a magical touch to the décor. Don’t know about catching dreams but you will surely be catching your dreams of kisses and turning them into reality with this gift. 

A movie date- Surprise her with a movie date on this day. Enjoy a complete movie fest with her with all the romantic classics. All the classic kisses and romances at one place with her and lots of snacks to munch on while on the movie train. Do not miss out on this and make sure you realize this dream sequence with her. 

Fountain- A small fountain would bring peace and calm along with it and make the environment even more peaceful. You can feel truly romantic when you feel peaceful and at ease, and the fountain does just that. 

Candies- Some candies, especially the ones that we used to have in our childhood will surely make her happy. Taking her back to that magical time would make her feel lighter and she would be able to enjoy the day better. Candies for her and kisses for you, get her all. 

A lamp- An authentic-looking lamp for the dim light and the romantic vibe on kiss day would make for an amazing gift. Look for something that would not only step up the romance in the room but will also prove to be useful later on. Be very patient with this one. 

Soft toys- Soft toys are those friends that stay with us no matter what and never complaint about anything. Something for her to kiss and cuddle when you are physically not present with her as much as you would like to be. There is a special connection between women and soft toys that only they understand. Gift her the biggest and fluffiest soft toy you can get your hands on. 

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