60+ Kiss Day Gifts to Make Him Cheery

You might want to kiss him every time he is in front of your eyes, but on kiss day, it is a different feeling altogether. Kiss day might be the most romantic day of valentine’s week, and there is no reason for you to not make it super special.

Give me more than just kisses and find him the gift he will reminisce about for the years to come. There are a few gift ideas for you.  

Kiss Day Gifts to Make Him Cheery

Mouth fresheners- There are only a few things that can spoil a good kiss, bad breath being at the top of that least. Make sure he is always carrying some mouth fresheners to never spoil the moment when it is about to happen. There are plenty of options available with this one and mint is always a fan favorite. 

Lip balm- He needs to take care of his lips, at least for you if not for himself. Gift him the softest and most caring lip balm available to keep those lips of his from drying out and always remain fresh and hydrated. Get a few fruity ones too if he is up for it. 

Perfume- If he smells good, you would automatically want to be close to him and when it comes to making him smells better, you have got to pick the best fragrance that you can. Gift him a perfume he would be comfortable to put on and you would be delighted to smell on him. 

Pastries- To add some sweetness to your relationship, get him a box of pastries and make this kiss day even creamier than it already is. Pick all the flavors he enjoys and bring it all inside a box to surprise him. Sometimes some pastries are enough to get things started. 

Chocolates-Chocolates are always a life savior no matter what the situation and kiss day is no exception. Gift him a taste of the chocolates that he loves the most to set his mood right. Chocolates are the solution to every problem. 

Candles- To make the room smell romantic and get that romantic vibe going on. Everything looks way more beautiful under candlelight and if the candles are scented, you have the complete package in your hands. Get him a pack with all the right scents and you would have to make no additional effort. 

Pajamas- Nothing spells comfort quite like pajamas and the only thing that you need this kiss day, is comfort and care. Why not gift him a pair of comfy pajamas to be comfortable in around the house when he does not feel like doing much. The romance can get started only if there is comfort. Get colorful with this one and don’t forget to buy yourself a matching pair. 

A photo frame- A photo of you guys kissing would be the perfect gift for this day and would start the day off in the best way possible. Get some lights added to the frame and maybe a few beautiful words to finish things up. 

Skincare kit- He might not care much about his skin but you surely do. Get him the right skincare kit and hook him up to a skincare routine. You would want to kiss him even more if his skin gets glowing. Be careful with this one, it is a trial and error process with skincare. 

Beard grooming kit- Beard might be a problem while kissing and he would not shave it off so the next best option you have is to help him keep his beard organized so that it does not come in the way as much. A complete beard grooming kit would be the most thought-after gift this kiss day if he happens to be a beard fanatic. 

Diary- Gifting him a diary on this day would make him want to write about all the wonderful memories he has with you, starting with your first kiss, your first fight, and so on. Get him into the habit of writing with this habit. Customize the diary to his liking with a cover that he might like or the texture that he is fond of. 

Balloons- Some crazy balloons to lift his spirits and make him feel the love floating in the air. Get a bunch of these and create a show of balloons by asking him to come out. Set them free once he sees and enjoys the view. Get as colorful as you can with this one and remember the more, the merrier. 

Showpiece- A showpiece that would remind him of the love between the both of you. Some cute little statue, maybe a memoir from a place you guys have been to, or even something that sparks the love between you two. A heart always does the trick here. 

Lip cream- Help him take good care of his skin and keep them moist at all times. The right lip cream not only keeps the dryness away but makes them plump and especially even more kissable than they already are and we know how much you would love that. Get him one now.

Lights- Lights are always a great option whenever you want to turn the environment romantic within a short time. Gift him some romantic lights to not only change the atmosphere but also because he would love to set them up himself. 

Movies- Pick out the most romantic movies that you can think of and plan out a binge session with your man. All the right movies, all the iconic kisses and loads of romance all around, sounds like the ideal kiss day one would have dreamed about. Don’t forget all his favorite snacks. 

Playlist- Music is always a great medium to turn up the romance. Compile a playlist of all the love songs you enjoy as a couple and re-create all those moments that you have with those songs. With some great music, some romantic lights, and lots of love, this kiss day feels too short. 

Glasses- A pair of glasses to not only complete his look but also to help him look as sharp as possible. Plus it is a different feeling itself to kiss a guy with glasses, won’t you agree? 

Pillow covers- Customize some pillow covers to something romantic to like all hearts, maybe a love song or even cupid if it feels cute. It is always special to make such small, exciting changes to stir things up. Might as well be the step this kiss day. 

A book- A book is always a great gift no matter who the person or what the day it is. Pick something romantic as it happens to be the kiss day. You could try reading him a few pages yourself to make things even more romantic and set the tone. 

Creams- Be it lip cream or face cream, they are always a savior. They keep the skin soft and moist and aid in kissing a lot more than usual. Get him a few that work well with this skin and make kissing even more fun. Getting him the gift is not the hard part, encouraging him to use it is. 

Room fresheners- Some room fresheners to keep the place smelling fresh and romantic throughout the day. Also to keep any bad smell at bay and not allow it to get in the way of the celebrations of kiss day. Pick a freshener that adds to the flavor of love. 

Table lights- Table lights are not only a great tool for work but also are of great help when the normal lights don’t cut it. For something romantic, table lights are a great option as they are usually not too bright but are very pleasant to the eye. 

Stickers- Some romantic and cute stickers for the fridge, his diary, his gadgets, or even his books to add some flavor to the things he spends most of his time with. 

Coasters- There is a lot of room for creativity here from size, shape to the text on it. Get a whole set with a special message just for him and surprise him. He would never see it coming. 

Watch- A classic analog watch has no substitutes. It adds elegance and class to any outfit and makes a man stand out. Gift him one so that he will always be on time for all the kisses. 

Red shoes- Red shoes are offbeat and have something really special about them. Get him out of the boring black and brown territory and add some color to this shoe collection. 

A mirror- Replace the old mirror with a new bigger one. This one would be life-size, perfect for the couple of Instagram photos that he has been hiding from. 

Ice cream- A bucket of ice cream has two properties. It takes a second for it to bring everyone in good spirits and it never remains full the moment the lid opens. Something sweet never hurts on such days. 

Wooden photo- A photo carved out of a wooden plank, sounds like a great idea but requires a lot of effort. However, one can easily get one of these made online and have it delivered. Or, if you would like a more authentic version, look for a skilled artist who can make it happen. He’ll be delighted and cherish it for life. 

Matching wrist bands- A pair of bands for just the two of you. It could have something written on it that only the two of you are aware of or is a couple of things for you guys. Silver is always a great option but you are free to experiment with this one. 

Led speakers- Some incredible music plus you get some amazing lighting to add to the feel of the room. These are worth every buck spent on it and will be of great use this kiss day. Don’t wait too long, get one soon. 

Calendar- A customized calendar with a special photo for every month and special signs for special occasions along with all the important dates marked for the both of you. Might take some time to compile but would be a life savior for him. 

Glow-up bottle- What is cooler than glowing water? These bottles have been in trend recently and are only rising in popularity. You can easily find one online and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors plus the lights can be customized to your liking in most of them. 

Neckpiece- A neckpiece, a necklace, or a pendant to add to his jewelry set and also to send him a message this kiss day, how much you love him. Anything heart-shaped would be a great idea and try and get his initials etched on it to make it extra special. Even a dog tag would be great. 

Red tie- Ties are always welcome every day of the week as a gift but just because it is the kiss day, a red tie makes complete sense. Satin ties look great with everything and the only pattern allowed is hearts, good luck finding one. 

Hoodie- A hoodie is never too far away from any gift list. Get a pink, white, or even a red hoodie with anything romantic printed on it. A heart anywhere would just have all the eyes rolling on the hoodie. 

Smartwatch- A smartwatch would be a great gift on kiss day as it keeps a count of all the calories being burnt and you are well aware that you are going to burn a lot of calories on this day. 

A wallet- Tried and tested, the age-old gift that wins every time no matter what the occasion. Get one that has a place for him to keep a picture of yours. 

A surprise date- Nothing spells romance quite like a surprise date. Taking him out for a date without a proper plan or his knowledge would blow him away and make this day even more special. Don’t forget to end the date with a kiss. 

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