70+ Kiss Day Messages for Your Love Partner

Kiss day is a special day that is celebrated during Valentine’s week. The couples celebrate this day and show their affection by kissing each other.

You can make this day even more special for your loved ones by sending them a romantic message, and it will also help you to express your feelings towards them.

Kiss Day Messages for Him and Her

-Can we make this kiss day even more special by kissing each other till the end of this day? Happy kiss day!

-I feel better when you are there by my side to kiss me and heal my miseries. I miss you, even more, when I don’t get your lovely kiss. Happy kiss day my love!

-A kiss from you is more than enough for me to stay happy on this day. Happy kiss day!

-The purest form of love and affection can be shown by a kiss and today is just the right day for this. Happy kiss day!

-Your kiss makes my day more beautiful and every morning when you give me a kiss it brightens up my day even more. Happy kiss day baby!

-Just like the sun meets the sky every day, I hope that your lips will meet mine every day. Happy kiss day!

-Kiss me regularly and I will fall for you regularly. Wishing you a very happy kiss day to you my love!

-When your pink lips touch mine I feel like I have tasted heaven right here on earth and I would love to feel the same every day. Happy kiss day!

-I just want to pause the moment forever when we kiss each other and never want to let go of you. A very happy kiss day to you, my darling wife!

-The best and the most favorite moment of happiness arises when we kiss each other and I do not want it to stop. Happy kiss day! 

-On this Valentine’s Day, I just want to tell you that I love you to the moon and back and I want to kiss your forehead just to let you know that you are the most precious one in my life.

-Nothing is sweeter than your kiss in the world and I prefer to have your kiss than to eat chocolates. Happy kiss day my sweetheart!

-This is our first kiss day and I would just want to spend it with you starting it with a sweet kiss. Happy kiss day dear!

-Your kiss lights up my world entirely and I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy kiss day!

-When your lips touch mine I almost forget what time of day it is. Your kiss is the only delicacy I love to have the most. I love you and happy kiss day!

-We are away from each other today yet I am sending you lots of kisses and love for you and I promise that I will be with you for the entire eternity. 

-I am eagerly waiting to see you and every second gets longer whenever you are not with me. And my lips are also eagerly waiting to touch yours. Happy kiss day!

-I miss you a lot and I hate it when you are not there to kiss me and make things alright. But today I just want to kiss you and I don’t want to think of anything else. Happy kiss day!

-A day without your lovely kiss is like tea without sugar in it. Baby, make my day special with your kiss. Happy kiss day!

-I am addicted to your kiss and even if this addiction kills me then I am ready to die for it. Happy kiss day my love!

-Your kiss is like an addiction and I know that this addiction will never kill me but instead it will help me to survive. So, baby, I want you to kiss me more often. Happy kiss day love!

-A day without your kiss makes me sick. So, will you make me feel better with a peck on my lips? 

-If I ever get a chance to show how much I love you then, I would show it by kissing you every second and I will never let go of you. I love you and wish you a very happy kiss day.

-I always prefer your kiss over anything else. Happy kiss day my love and I love you so much.

-I miss you so much and I want to kiss you to make you feel special. Happy kiss day!

– When you touch my lips with yours, the feeling stays forever. I love you, baby. Happy kiss day!

-Will you be mine and kiss me forever? Happy kiss day darling!

-When two people kiss each other, it makes their bond even stronger and helps to get close to each other. I know we share a really special bond and let us make it even more special with a kiss. Happy kiss day!

-The moment your lips touches mine I feel that my soul has connected to yours and it will never leave you. Happy kiss day!

-I forget about everything the moment you kiss me and it helps me to focus on your even more. I love you a lot darling!

-You leave no chance to create a magical effect on me with your lovely kiss. Happy kiss day!

-Your kisses are just like the light that shows me the way in the dark. Happy kiss day!

-No matter how much I kiss you I feel it is not enough. I want to kiss you more and more. Happy kiss day!

-Nothing can be compared to the kisses that I get from you. I love you and happy kiss day!

-I am sending you thousands of kisses and I hope you will do the same. I love you more than you know and I miss you every second. Happy kiss day my love!

-The moment you kiss me I forget all the differences that ever existed between you and me. I want you to kiss me even more. Happy kiss day baby!

-Just like apples keep the doctor away, I think your kiss can also keep the doctor away for me. Happy kiss day darling!

-Your kiss is the best medicine that can heal my sickness every time. I love you a lot!

-No matter how much you kiss me, I don’t think it is enough and I need more. Happy kiss day sweetheart!

-It is said that kissing keeps us healthy and I think we should do it more often. Let us kiss each other now!

-I can never miss kissing you on this very special day. Here I am, wishing you a very happy kiss day, my prince!

-Lots of love, kisses, and a big hug to my man. No matter how much I kiss you, it will never be enough and it is the same with me as well. This means we should kiss each other not only today but every day. Happy kiss day!

-I heard that kissing the person you love can strengthen the relationship. I would not have believed it unless I had kissed you. 

Kiss Day Messages For Your Love Partner

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