29+ Kiss Day Paragraphs for Your Lov Partner

What better day than Kiss Day to express your love to your partner? Here are a few sweet Kiss Day paragraphs for you to tell your loved one. 

Kiss Day Paragraphs for Her

Showing affection to your partner is just another way of saying that you love them and these little signs only make the relationship spicier and more enjoyable. When it comes to showing affection, kissing your partner passionately has to be at the top of the list. Although every day should be a kiss day, kissing your girl on the kiss day has to feel different and has to be the most special of them all. Try whispering a few words of love in their ears while you’re at it, we have a few suggestions for you in that matter.

-You have always been the valentine that I have always wanted. You were the person that I wanted to hug and kiss and say I love you too. You are the person that makes me feel romantic and plucks just the right strings in my heart. You were my dream girl and I could have done anything for you to be mine. This valentine’s, this kiss day has to be the most special one as this time around I get to call you mine and finally get to kiss you as I have always wanted. 

-Where do I even start this fairy tale? From being complete strangers to becoming friends to being madly in love, we have come a long, long way and it is only forward from here. You understand me like no girl or even no guy has. With the things that you do, you make me feel like you were meant to be mine and we were meant to be together. There is absolutely nothing about you that I don’t like or I would like to change, you are perfect, simply perfect. Can’t wait to kiss you on this kiss day and for the rest of my life.

-Be it a forehead kiss that tells you that I am proud of you and I feel lucky to be with you, be it a kiss on the cheeks that show how much I love you and how much I care about you, or be it a kiss you on the lips that shows how passionately I want to be with you and I cherish every moment that I spend with you. No matter what kind of kiss, no matter where do I kiss you, the message is always simple. I love you, now and forever, without any inhibitions and demands, unconditional love. Happy kiss day Love.

-You have no idea how important your Yes meant to me when I proposed to you. You have no clue how important that first date with you was for me, all the memories and moments that I still look back with goosebumps. You might still not know what place that first hug with you holds in my heart and how nervous it still makes me. Speaking about being nervous, you might remember how I was shivering what I kissed you for the first time and how great it felt later, it might not have been the perfect kiss but it was the best one. Love you lots and sending you loads of kisses.

-There is no valentine’s week without you, there is no valentine’s without you, and there are no kiss days without having you in it. I am pretty sure there won’t be any love or romance in my life without you being around. You bring so much life in my life that I owe you my life for it. You are where my happiness comes from you, you are the source of joy in my life, and kissing you makes me feel like the king of the world. Kiss day or not, you are the person I want to kiss for all the days of my life without a doubt.

-Every time I see you, I want to just hold you close to me and tell you how much I love you. I want to tell you that I love you and hug you so tight that you won’t be able to breathe. I want to hug you before finally kissing you and letting my emotions have the better have me. Your face is what I want to keep looking at. I want to keep looking into your eyes and letting you know that I love you and that I will kiss you just like this without ever losing even an inch of passion for you. You mean everything to me, I love you, and happy kiss day.

-Even when we have had a fight, even when we are not talking terms, even when I get irritated with everything that you say and do, just know that I will never leave the house without kissing you and I will kiss you the moment I come back. Fights are an inevitable part of any relationship but that does mean that I am going to allow these fights to bring down my kiss count with you. That is how much I love you and that is how strongly I feel for you, I hope you know that. Happy kiss day love.

-You are the most beautiful person that I have ever seen in my life. I can happily kiss all of you and I can kiss you for as long as the cycle of time keeps running. Your forehead wants me to kiss it, you can ask it yourself. Your eyes choose to be shut just because they want me to kiss them and what do you think is the reason behind your cheeks always being red. I would love to come to your lips but they seem to taste like me these days, I have kissed them so much. Just wishing you a happy kiss day, nothing special.

-I don’t think there is a day more special than the kiss day in valentine’s week. It not only is the best way to express emotions but it has all the right ingredients to make things work and there’s a reason it is closest to Valentine’s Day. I can hardly resist kissing you on normal days so let us not even start about this day. Just know that it is going to be an exciting week full of love and filled with affection. I love you and sending you loads of kisses.

Kiss Day Paragraphs for Him

There is only one feeling better than kissing your man, it is when your man kisses you and there is nothing in the world that could be a substitute for it. Valentine’s week is just around the corner and we know how excited you are about it, especially the kiss day, in particular, has you going head over heels. Make sure to show the best kind of affection to your partner and tell him how much you love him while you’re kissing him. We have a few lines that you might want to go through.

-I am in love with you, I have told you a million times and I will say it again, I love you. I love you the way you understand me, I love you the way you hold me and I love the way you kiss me without caring about the thing in the world. Most importantly, I love more to kiss you and I love all those little affectionate things that you do for me. You have never let me feel alone even when you were not there with me and I don’t know in what other ways can I love you. I promise you a lifetime of love, happiness, and kisses.

-The only other thing that I love more than you is kissing you. It is my way of letting you know how much I love you and the place that you have in my life. Kiss day has always had a special place in my heart for I hope you remember that it was on this very day that you kissed me for the first time and I have never been able to either get over or get enough of that feeling. That feeling is irreplaceable in my life, just like you and the love that you show me, will always be reciprocated manifold from my side, happy kiss day.

-No amount of wealth, no amount of money or property could ever bring me the happiness that you bring me with just a kiss. Nothing in the world can make me feel as happy as you do when you say that you love me. My day ends and begins with your kisses and it is the only definition that I have for a perfect day. The way you look at me melts my heart and I just want you to keep looking at me like that. I promise to keep loving you like this and keep kissing you for all the days to come.

-Even if the world changes, even if all the people that I know change, even if the weather changes, even if the day and night changes, even if the sun never shows up, I know that you will be there right beside me to kiss me and tell me that everything will be alright and that all of it will pass in no time. You are the light that brings hope in my life and I just want to fall asleep in your arms every night after you have kissed me good night only to wake to see you the next day. That is the kind of life that I want for I love you and I always want you to kiss me. 

-I have fallen asleep many nights just looking at your photo, your face was the last scene that I have seen before falling asleep. I have kissed my phone screen thinking it to be you only to kiss you again in my dreams. Looking back at those days, I realize how lucky I am right now that I get to kiss you every single day but even those days hold a special place in my heart and I would not change anything about them. From kissing your photos to getting photos clicked kissing you, life really took a turn for the best and I can’t wait to complete that album with you. Love you loads.

-Looking at the moon in the dark star-less sky and thinking whether you would be thinking about the same thing was how I spent most of my nights without you. I used to send small messages to the messages, small messages about how I imagined being with you, how I imagined kissing you; thinking you’d be on the other receiving end of the moon. I don’t really know if you were really receiving those messages but some powerful force managed to turn those messages into reality and I get to kiss you on kiss day, everything does work out in the end I guess. 

-I have fallen in love countless times. Let me repeat that sentence, I have fallen in love with you countless times. I fell in love the first time that I saw you, I fell in love again when I got to know you and I fell in love yet again when you confessed your love to me. You kept making me fall in love with you with all your hugs, kisses, and all the little things that you did. You never let me fall out of love for you and I don’t think I ever will. Even today, I fell in love with you when you kissed me first thing in the morning and I think I am going to keep falling in love with you every single day to come, keep giving me kisses.

-Kiss day, arguably the best day of valentine’s week and definitely my favorite day of the month. I get to kiss you throughout the day even if you get sick of me and I love to kiss you more when you don’t want me to. You already know that I can never leave a chance to irritate you and what better day and way for it than the holy kiss day itself. Best of luck love, have a good time. 

Kiss Day Paragraphs For Your Love Partner

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