115+ Romantic Let’s Go on a Date Messages for Boy

Are you eagerly waiting to go out on a date with your crush? Maybe you are not able to find the right words to ask your crush out on a date? Then, you are just in the right place where you will find some really cute texts to send him if you want to ask him out.

Here are Romantic Let’s Go on a Date Messages for Him

-Don’t look at me like that because I will end up asking you out.

-Would you ask me out or shall I do that?

-Flirting with you is fun but the real fun is in asking you out.

-I love talking to you over the phone but it would be more fun if we go on a date.

-Dinner is on me and it means I am asking you out on a date. Are you up for it?

-You and me will make a great couple for a date. Don’t you think so?

-Can you grace the night with your presence?

-There is no way I can wait for you to ask me out because waiting is not my thing and so, I am asking you out today. Will you go out with me?

-We have had enough of talking and texting and I am officially asking you out on a date with me.

-Let us go on a date and maybe we can confess our feelings for each other on that date.

-Let’s go out for a movie tonight and it will be our first date together.

-We both know that we have strong feelings for each other and that will grow stronger if we go out on a date tonight.

-If you do not stop flirting with me, I will definitely ask you out now and you will have to say yes.

-Instead of texting each other all the time, I would like to ask you out on a date tonight so that we both get to know each really well.

-I have waited long enough and now no one can stop me from asking you out on a date.

-Don’t you think that our feelings for each other will get stronger if we go out on a dinner date? I think that will be a really great idea. 

-You, me, and a romantic dinner. Up for it?

-Come over to my place so that we can hang out with each other over a cup of coffee.

-Will you come over and help me out in my studies? Well, we’d do more than that.

-If you are free then we can hang out together.

-Are you busy today? I was thinking that we should go out for a romantic dinner tonight.

-My psychic is saying that you would ask me out on a date tonight. Is she right?

-I dreamt last night that you had asked me out on a date and I think you should try to fulfill my dream.

-I have been thinking only about you too much these days and I cannot wait to ask you out.

-Hey handsome, I was just wondering that maybe we could see each other at night over dinner.

-I know you are shy and here I am who is asking you out. Are you ready?

-I still cannot believe that I had asked you out. I cannot wait to see you.

-You know how much I love you and I am ready to ask you out first.

-It’s just a reminder for you that I had booked us a table at the restaurant and you should be ready by 8. I am so excited.

-I hope you are eager just like I am to go out on this date.

-I could not wait any longer and now that I have finally asked you out on a date I am really looking forward to it.

-Care to go out on a dinner date with me?

-We have waited for a really long time and now we should start going out on dates officially.

-I am asking you out at the last minute because I know you will never say no to me.

-I heard that there is a great restaurant and it is just perfect for couples and I was also thinking maybe we should try it out.

-Hi handsome! Want to go out with me?

-Are you up for a dinner anytime soon?

-I am just going to ask you out on a date simply and I know you will not deny it.

-Would you rather stay back at home and get bored or do you want to have fun with me tonight?

-I am asking you out and you have to agree on it and I know you will.

-I know it may sound a bit too forward but I cannot resist asking you out.

-I want to ask you out but I don’t know how you will respond.

-Tonight’s a date night and please do not keep me waiting.

-I am really in a great mood today and if we go out together you might just as well get lucky.

lets Go On A Date messages for boy

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