65+ Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas for Him

It is always a difficult time when your man is away from you, and if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can feel the pain almost every single day. You miss him; you want to be with him but are separated by distance.

Make him feel your presence with a thoughtful gift to help ease the situation. 

Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas for Him

Watch– a watch would be a fantastic idea to gift your partner when you are in a long-distance relationship. You can give him a nice digital watch, or you can always go for the traditional look. He will be reminded of you whenever he wears it early in the morning when he goes out for work. 

Pillows– You can give him pillows and pillow covers so that he can rest whenever he returns from a long day at work. Give him soft and comfortable pillows so that he can relax when he goes to sleep. He will be happy to get pillows and it will be complete if you also choose some nice pillow covers for him. You can also write a letter and get it delivered.  

Bedsheet– You can see online bed sheets with pillow covers and gift him an entire set. You can also buy more than one at once and send him because boys generally do not invest their time in choosing pillow covers or bed sheets. It will be an amazing idea to make your partner feel loved and happy, and he will know that you care for him and you miss him.  

Tshirt– You can buy a nice T-shirt for him and send it to him. Do not tell him about it by surprise. Get it delivered right to his doorstep and he will be in shock and later when he comes to know that you had sent it, he will become happy for sure. Buy him his favorite color T-shirt so that we can wear it at casual parties with friends.

Cases– You can look for some handy cases which he could use to keep his daily essentials and not lose them. You can also make some cases for him, different cases for different things like one you can make for his watches and wrist bands, one you can make for his wallet, and maybe other essentials. It will be really useful for him. 

Camera– If your man loves clicking photos but never buys anything for himself, a camera would be the best thing you can give him. He will be awestruck and will love you for the gift. He will be grateful if you send him a camera to continue his passion for photography. 

Polaroid– a Polaroid is pocket-friendly and a very nice gift that you can gift your long-distance partner. With that, he will be able to collect all his favorite memories and keep a picture with him to make it always memorable for him. It would be a very thoughtful gift. 

Broach– you can buy a beautiful broach to make him look elegant when he wears formal or also on traditional occasions. It will be a nice gift, and he would love that. Do the packing nicely so that he becomes excited about seeing the box. Write a letter with that on how you are waiting to see him in formals along with that broach that will make him miss you and you never know; he might even come to surprise you just to know how he looks. 

Cookies– bake some delicious cookies of different shapes, sizes, and flavors, and pack them in a gift box. You can also add some chocolates and deliver them to his doorstep. If you are clumsy at baking but love cookies, buy his favorite cookies, which he might not get where he presently lives, and send them to him. It will make him miss his old place and of course you. 

Diary– you can buy a diary and write all your favorite memories together and paste pictures of you two living your most favorite memory together. Write all the things which you still plan to do with him. Later, when you send the diary, he can note down all his essential works in that diary, but whenever he opens it, he will be reminded of all your wishes, and he will find a way to full fill them. 

Pen– you can look for an expensive and good-looking pen on online shopping sites and gift it to him, and along with that, you can also gift him a fancy pen stand to keep all his pens there. 

Surprise visit– a surprise visit will be the best gift you can give him. Somehow get to know his address, wear his favorite dress, the one he finds to look best on you, buy some fresh and beautiful flowers, and pay him a surprise visit. The smile on his face would be priceless. 

An album-a photo album will be a really good gift idea as it will remind him about all those happy hours you have spent together. He would be able to cherish all those good memories which you have made. Collect all the weird pictures you have clicked together and make an album out of it. It would make him smile even when he had the worst day at work. 

Speaker– You can gift him a cool speaker; he would love the idea if he loves music. You can spend your Saturday nights together on video calls listening to your favorite playlist. You can plan online dates and ask him to play some good music on the speaker which you gifted him.  

Bracelets– you can buy a nice customized bracelet for him and also a normal one. You can make it customized by writing his or her name on it, or you can also pass on a beautiful message. Even a simple I love you will also do. Along with that, gift him a bracelet case so that he can keep it properly and it does not get lost. He will be happy to get your gift.   

Scrapbook– A scrapbook may sound like a very childish gift, but it will be a really cute gift idea if he is a bit emotional and loves living in the past, he would love your gift. You can fill up half of it, and the rest you ask him to fill up and then send to you. 

Candles– You can buy some beautiful scented and colorful candles online and send them to him to decorate his room with the candles. Ask him to lift them whenever he misses you or to set up the vibe when you two plan online dates. 

Mugs– a mug customized with his name or pictures of both of you would be a great idea. You can also get yourself a mug customized with your name, and you can have your coffee every morning together on a video call. It will make it more fun when you two will have matching mugs. 

Photo frame–  by a beautiful photo frame and put your best picture together and frame it, or you can also make a collage of all the weird pictures you have together and put it inside the frame and send it to him. He will be really happy to keep it with him so that it constantly keeps reminding him of you.  

Hand-written notes– You can write how you felt when if he left your place and went to work outside. Write about how you miss spending time with him and look forward to being together. 

Letters– Hand-written letters are the best you can gift your partner. It will always keep him motivated to work and return to you as soon as possible. Share all your feelings in those letters starting from how you spend your day without him and the nights cherishing all the memories you have made together. The letter will make him emotional and grow your bond stronger. 

Lamp– You can buy a beautiful lamp for him and send it so that he can decorate his room with that and always remember how you have brought light into his life. A night lamp always creates a peaceful ambiance, and when some really good music is played, it helps to refresh your mind. Help him relax after getting back from work by giving him a beautiful lamp. 

Cutlery– Cutleries are daily essentials, but men generally do not find interest in buying those. You can gift him a cutlery set to make his everyday life alone a bit easier. It will be a really useful gift for him and make him realize that you care about his well-being. 

Digital photo frame– a digital photo frame would not be a bad idea to gift your long-distance partner. It will be a fancy and a very decent gift idea. You can put a lot of pictures in the memory card of the digital photo frame, or you can also leave it on him and let him choose his favorite pictures to keep in the digital photo frame. 

Capsule messages– capsule messages are a really cute gift idea. Handmade always carries a special place in the heart. You can write a lot of small messages in the form of capsules, put them in a glass jar, decorate them and send it to him. Ask him to call you when he opens the gift so that you can see his expression while reading the messages that will make your efforts successful.  

Drinking glasses– drinking glasses would not be a bad idea as a gift. You can select some fancy drinking glasses to gift him. With that, write a letter and ask him not to put much pressure on himself and it is good to take out some time for himself and relax. He will be really happy after seeing it and will start taking out time for himself. 

Touch bracelets– touch bracelets will be an amazing idea for you two. It will not just be a gift for him but also for you. You can tap the bracelet whenever you miss him and let him know that you want him to talk to you, and he will quickly finish all his work and get back to you. Ask him not to open the bracelet so that you two always stay connected to each other. 

Greeting cards– You can buy or make greeting cards for any occasion, or you can also give him greeting cards without any special occasion but just to remind him that you love him and will always be there with him. Small things always remain close to one’s heart. So make some beautiful greeting cards for him and deliver them.  

A candy jar– if your partner loves sweets, then a candy would be an amazing idea for him. Collect all the favorite candies of your partner, keep them in a box and send him. Also, ask him not to have much one time, or he will get a sweet tooth. 

A love book– a love book is a gift that can make anyone feel loved. Create a bucket list for you two in the love book, and you can add things that you want. It will be a full thought gift. 

Card game– You can get him his favorite card game so that he can spend his free time playing cards and keep himself occupied. If he has no roommate and stays alone and decides a time when the two of you will have no work, you can give each other some time every day. 

Travel bag– Gift him a cool travel bag so that it is easier for him to pack his belongings whenever he has to go somewhere. It will be a useful gift idea, and at the same time, your partner will also be happy to get a travel bag. Look for his favorite color and buy it; it will make it more special.   

Tripod– A tripod stand will be a nice gift idea if he loves clicking photos or making videos. You can gift him two-three sizes of a tripod stand so that he faces no problem while shooting or clicking pictures. 

Webcam– buy him a webcam so that he can attend all the office meetings without any problem whenever it is scheduled online and also plan online dates with you. A webcam will be the most useful thing to get a clear picture so that you do not feel like you two are far away from each other.

Key chain– You can give him a customized key chain with a nice message written on it. You can also give him a key chain which has a light in it and has I love you a message on it. It will always remind him of you. 

A chain– you can make a pretty gold chain for him, or if your budget is not that high, you can always go for a plain and simple chain. Buy a nice case for it and pack it properly with colored paper to make it look beautiful. 

Movie DVD– Gift him his all-time favorite movie DVD and make him happy. Or you can also give him a DVD of the film he always wanted to watch but never got a chance to, that would be a great idea. Make a DVD box and gift him all the movies that he wanted to watch, but he could not. 

Playlist– Make a playlist of all his favorite songs of his favorite singer and favorite band and send it to him. Make a playlist with the songs which will help him feel good and relaxed after returning from work or while going to sleep. Send him love songs so that he can recall the good times you have spent together. 

A poster– you can make posters of his favorite movies, bands, and television series which you have watched together. You can also make him a poster of his favorite artist, which he would put up on his wall and decorate. 

Flight Tickets– Book a flight ticket for him to come to you, and he will not be able to refuse. You can also plan a trip together to a nice place. Give him a surprise visit and tell him about all your plans and that you have booked the tickets and he will not get a chance to say no to you. It will be a refreshing time for both of you, and you will feel good for some time. 

Perfume– Gift him his favorite perfume and he will be really happy. Along with that, you can buy a new perfume which he has never tried, and you can ask him to try it. It will help him keep his confidence on top all the time. 

Blanket– Get him a cozy blanket and make him miss you and the time which you have spent together. It will also protect him from cold during winter.

Sock– Get him a cute pair of socks of his favorite color. You can look for socks that have a design of his favorite marvel or dc character if he has any or any of his favorite cartoon characters. Along with that, buy him some socks which he could wear and go to work.  

A compass– A compass nowadays is just used for decorative purposes but can also be useful sometimes; therefore, a compass would not be a bad idea to gift your long-distance partner. 

A picture– Buy a picture of his favorite artist and give it to him. If he is a lover of art, he would love it. If he has no favorite artist, no worries, you can buy him a nice picture of your choice and gift it to him so that he can decorate his room with it.     

A recipe book– staying alone can be a big problem when you do not know how to cook. And if he is one of them who faces a tough time deciding what to eat and sometimes skips meals because he does not know how to cook, a recipe book will be the biggest help for him. Gift him a recipe book that contains recipes for a variety of dishes and is written in simple language. He will be grateful to you for this gift.  

Passport case– a passport case is a useful gift that will help him securely keep his passport. You can also give him a cardholder along with that, and it will be of great help to him. 

Electronic toothbrush– Gift him an electronic toothbrush, it will help him get ready in the morning fast, and it will keep his teeth in good condition. An electronic brush is better than a normal brush, so you can gift him one. 

Poem book– If he is a lover of literature and loves reading poems, buy a book which contains all the famous poems of some great poets, or if he has some specific favorites, then you can buy a book of one of his most favorite poets. He will love that gift if he is a true lover of reading poems. 

Coffee– Gift him a coffee jar along with a coffee mug so that he wakes up fresh in the morning. It would be better if you could make him the morning coffee for him, but this will make him learn to make good coffee, and when he returns, he could make coffee for you.  

Oximeter– So what if you two do not stay in the same place? You can always find ways to take care of him. An oximeter will be a good gift idea to make him take care of himself and keep a daily check on his health without visiting a doctor, so give him an oximeter and ask him to keep a check on his health regularly. 

Wall art– A beautiful wall art can be a great gift idea to make him happy. Choose a nice picture; you can also go for some abstract art. If he loves art, he would like your gift idea. 

Face mask– Buy a chemical-free refreshing face mask. Ask him to take out some time for himself and pamper his skin so that it does not lose its glow even when leading a busy life. You can also give him a full set of skincare products to help him take care of his skin.  

Calendar– You can gift him a calendar so that he can keep a note on his day-to-day life and does not fail to reach his targets. It will help him remember all the essential dates. 

Gift box– Prepare a nice gift box carrying all the essentials. You can also add food packets, self-pampering kits, and some handwritten letters. Pack it nice so that he gets excited after getting it.  

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